Nayland Blake


triple diesel said...

Equipment for a Shameful Epic, 1993
mixed media
life size

Server, 2000
tar, angel food cakes and metal
108 x 42 x 42 inches

Feeder 2, 1998
steel and gingerbread
7 x 10 x 7 feet

no-where-man said...

love blake's aphexy wierdness & odd intimacy you can tell so much about an Artist thru the shows they curate, 'something anything' is in my all time best shows ever list

Uncle Jesse said...

i haven't seen a lot of this guys work, but every time i see one in a museum, it's always a highlight. the works seem personal without being overly self-referencial.

kelli said...

That show you posted. Pruitt and Early. Old School. A lot of people owe those guys.

bluebalz said...

more like pruitt and early owe cady noland

kelli said...

There are formal similarities but not content. I met them when I was 17 1n 1989. They were first.
However art for teenage boys was fabricated so maybe they owe the genius airbrush artist.
Just a reminder of what hard core art used to look like before all the product.

closeuup said...

That first one is a masterpiece.

zipthwung said...

From Top 10

4) Pruitt * Early It's one thing if you're black to act flip with black cultural property. It's another thing when a couple of white guys think they've got equal rights to play fast and loose with "black" representations. Guess what? Wrong! Pruitt and Early were riding high when they staged their big "black experience" event at Leo Castelli in 1992, with authentic Black Power posters, dashiki cloth, and tapes of soul music they picked up in Harlem. Well, they got kicked straight out of the art world for their "problematic" license. In retrospect, their double blaxploitation show, which deftly exposed the limitations of "acceptable" critique, was way ahead of the PC times.


People throw around stuff like "problematize" and "blur the boundaries" and "call into question" like complete fucktards.

Just saying.

kelli said...

It's true they crossed a line they shouldn't have with that show. Alost as obnoxious as the people in the art world who pretend the line isn't there.

Cooky Blaha said...

I'm glad you guys brought up the Pruitt Early show. I love some of their stuff; pruitt's stuff. I saw one little slide of that show at a talk Rob gave, and it looked awesome...he was still reluctant to get into it, even mentioned that an artist friend had punched him in the face over that show. Reminds how wack part of the 90s were..
Does anybody know where one can find flicks from that show?

zipthwung said...

I like this

im sure you can tell me who its like. At least its not a fucking stupid jokey pun.

One problem with group shows is that there arent a lot of shows that show formally analagous work - the excuse being that it would be boring or stupid.

Recently there was the "low grade mystery" show of red paintings - thats actually a good idea. Sort of a redrum room.

Cooky Blaha said...

sorry in advance if my use of the word "awesome" in relation to that show offends anyone

zipthwung said...

"the excuse being that it would be boring or stupid"

should read:

"the excuse being that its hard to differentiate the product when you do that"

Remember Libya's "line of death"?

"We have fifty million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe - without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims."

Muammar al-Gaddafi

closeuup said...

Gaddafi: Its hard to kepp em down on the farm --or in the burkah-- once theyve seen the big city. so lets see who takes over who

zipthwung said...

you gotta keep 'em separated

kelli said...

Zip listen to Muslimgauze's mint tea with Gaddafi. Techno music about Islam. Don't underestimate the ability of Western culture to turn everything into product, get people to put it on their credit cards, refinance their houses and buy more crap.

zipthwung said...

Im a fan of the tanpura - fills the void. Publish or perish.

no-where-man said...

does anyone here follow Blake? what do u think of the bunny? hot button issues only getten hotter with this administration and how it won over the votes. how about that he uses most media with great effect - rare mix of conceptual and craft skills and a lot of collaboration.

really does not bring up "commodity" or "crap" this is one of the Artists on this site who i rest fairly assured work steams from a deep honest need.

zipthwung said...

all artists alter egos

My dad had an alter ego named Ramone who was sort of a punny dude. He would tell us stories about Wendel the Wretched rabbit while my mom was in the grocery store. I could probably sell those stories. Merchandising. That sort of thing.

You could do a show with Ray Johnson and Matt Graining and some other dude and have playboy bunnies serve drinks and cigarettes. Greg the bunny. Bugs Bunny was pretty gay right? Then you got pat the bunny, but that gets a bit twisted.

kelli said...

My god on artnet news Jason Rhoades died at 41. Rest in peace. No jokes anybody.

Dennis Matthews said...

might as well be pardo, except for the first image that one's interesting