Arturo Herrera


triple diesel said...

Untitled (#B3), 2006
Graphite on paper
69.5 x 52 inches

Keep In Touch, (from Set #4) 2004
Mixed media on paper
1 from a group of 13 works:
18 x 17 inches

don't know

zipthwung said...

These would go well in a hotel lobby or a rooftop club type space. They catalogue a bunch of stuff - so I guess they are indexicly post modern.
I allways thought a senile DK was thinking about disney toons cus of his line and because he watched a lot of TV.

Kinkade is a terrible figurealist.

I think thats the only figure hes done? Something about inhabiting the logic of the space and stuff.

I could live with these in a way I couldnt with a lot of the stuff posted here, but man, its pretty conservative.

I thought I liked the second one, with it's grant wood perspective. But that passed like a bon bon.

closeuup said...


AH's process is very reasoned.

I like the idea of cutting things up and putting them back together into an abstraction. But isn't that basically what all abstractionists do? Cut up their perceived reality and make a new composition? Gumbo.

AH's techniques and his lack of a feel for drama make these works a bit dry.

I like the dirty disney stuff. Was that a reference to 1997 cartoon work, TD?

triple diesel said...

Word up, closeuup.

zipthwung said...

"To bring together the strands: Thomas Kinkade, who has met with George W. Bush and apparently prays for him, is not a "conservative artist" because of his political connections or his Christianity, but because he reinforces a strain in modern conservatism that brings out the worst in its adherents. His art is a paltry and more easily digestible weak misreading of basic tropes that have been around for a long time. It is done with the intention of not requiring thought, and perhaps enforcing a lack thereof:

"He really is an accomplished painter," Raasch asserts. "He can out-Monet Monet, but he's chosen to make paintings that people can relate to."

Which is a euphemism for, as Larry Kudlow might have it, art that doesn't make you think. It is the art of the very worst of the know-nothingism that is inherent in the modern republican party.


apparently kinkade rips Caspar David Friedrich, which is pretty cool, except I like Caspar David Friedrich better.

no-where-man said...

the installations work for me, scale plays an elevating role in this work so they don't read as doodles

kalm james said...

Kind of like the paintings. The top one has a nice “grimy” smudged surface and recalls Matta via 1996 Condo, with bad Disney snippets. Also like the bottom one, kindda rough and scruffy, but nice color things happening. I’ve see his large felt pieces and they were interesting once or twice but become gimmicky after that, though the reference to painting is always appreciated. Is Disney somehow more “kitsch” comic imagery than say Warner Brothers or Marvel Comics, and why? This guy’s got several very different bodies of work and I’m amazed that the New York art world cognoscenti and marketing system would embrace him so willingly, the prime directive here seems to be “one artist, one idea,” no second acts. Maybe because he’s South-American and splits his time between here and Berlin they cut him some slack.

Zip, this Kinkade obsession is like farting in church, loud, stinking, wet, reverberating farts, and I, for one am gonna move to the other pews, (avoiding all puns) thanks.

James Wolanin said...

I don't know if I would call these pieces conservative. The artist does seem to be taking some chances.

Kinkade does not take chances.

("Out Monet-Monet", I have to remember that one, very good!)

zipthwung said...

I can dig the disney inspiration,

Old fairy tales have people being rolled down hills in spiked barrels. That used to be conservative. Just saying.

I love creepy suburban houses decorated in "bavarian disney"

Grumpy is my favorite dwarf.

zipthwung said...

Kinkade puts you in another place. If that's not art I dont know what is. I'm not saying I like the place it puts me in, or that it puts me in a place I cant go by stepping into the manhattan mall, but even the manhattan mall has air conditioning, which can be great on a hot day. The air conditioning takes the smell of rotting corpses away.

Just like church.

closeuup said...

No matter what anyone says, Grumpy is against it. This know-it-all naysayer has the disposition of an old boot: tough, craggy, and resistant to anything. When the dwarfs first find Snow White lying asleep across their beds, Grumpy gripes, "Angel, huh? She's female, an' all females is poison! They're full o' wicked wiles." When Bashful asks, "What're wicked wiles?" Grumpy admits, "I don't know, but I'm agin 'em." Like many an old boot, however, this one's really a softy inside. When Snow White kisses him on the forehead despite his complaints, he even smiles for a moment before regaining his mal-composure. Could it be that Grumpy may be grumpy partially to see who cares enough to put up with him? Whatever its source, his stubborn determination eventually proves invaluable. When the forest animals warn of trouble so dire that even his bossy rival, Doc, stammers, "What do we do?" it's Grumpy who leads the charge to save Snow White from the Wicked Queen.

During the party sequence, Grumpy plays an elaborately carved pipe organ designed to look like a row of totem poles. To achieve the organ's deep tonal quality, the soundmen blew into bottles partially filled with water. Unfortunately, the ingenious solution created as many problems as it solved: As the recording sessions went on, slight temperature changes and natural evaporation kept altering the pitch of the bottles' notes.

kalm james said...

Kenny Scharf, rehabilitated Hanna-Barbera during the rise of the EV scene. Even inspired a group of followers called the “Hanna Barbarians”. Some how the H-B toons seemed flatter, blander, more ready-made for modern exploitation. Gees they even had those repeating backgrounds, (kinda like recent art history in New York). This no doubt set the stage for much of the anime based work of the last ten years.

Zip, holding out towards you in my paint stained hands a wreath of garlic, and two paint brushes forming a cross while chanting: “ Dana Schutz, Dana Schutz, Dana Schutz, Dana Schutz, Dana Schutz , Dana…………..

Favorate dwarf, Sleezie by far.

zipthwung said...

I pissed on the Scharf Shack. I was lost in the woods.

Natalya Goncharova
i my favorite Snow White. For a few minutes.

painterdog said...

Kinkade is not an artist!!!!!
He's a business man, period, who happens to use a formilaic painting technique to sell his wako gararge sale pictures.

I guess you could say the same for Koons, but at least he is thinking like an artist.

no-where-man said...

Koons is an Artist who thinks Like a Business Man... not the other way around...
once someone told me he killed an indian. that could have been the lines talking.

I was wasted in a "gallery" in Vegas and went to price out "work" the "dealer" showed me how when you turn the light up and down on a Kinkade it creates the ILLUSION of night fall. peter max and sharf are big there as well SWEET BRAH.

"Kinkade is also accused of urinating on a statue of Winnie the Pooh outside Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, saying "This one’s for you, Walt."

god thats good.

zipthwung said...

"'Paras is a unique talent,' says Reeder. 'Using brain waves, the activity of her mind, to create new expression is really innovative. It's a whole new canvas. It's very exciting. It's a way of escaping gravity, so to speak.'

Nor will Kaul be done experimenting with brain waves anytime soon. In fact, she considers herself not just an artist, but a 'neural artist researcher.' Her goal is to work in multimedia education development.

'Some day, we will all be communicating non-verbally," said Kaul. "When that happens, our communications will be much more truthful and emotional.'

I find this really amazing

Modulating space and time - thats art. But mdulating brainwaves?

There was this movie on the tube about a DJ that goes deaf. After a period of self abuse he comes out of it and learns to DJ again. If Kinkade went blind and then learned to paint again, I think he should be cannonized.

closeuup said...

You can easily get into the alpha state by watching TV.

I had this prof at Cal who told our class that he made his paintings in front of the TV and the whole class laughed but Im pretty sure he was telling the truth.

zipthwung said...

the first time I saw fat albert the color was off and it was all orange. It was awesome.

I'd like these paintings better if they were inspired by Fat Albert.

I mean you got Bill Cosby!

my alpha

painterdog said...

why are we wasting so mamy words on Kinkade?

no-where-man that's what I meant, Koons is an artist who thinks like who thinks like a business man.

Although he got hosed real good by that Italian wife of his, shes from Rome right?

Well there is an interesting article in the NY times about how the turista gets over charged for everything when going out. They think its funny.

kelli said...

Zip more dwarves less Kinkade. Which artists go with which dwarf? Sleepy? Grumpy?

Cooky Blaha said...

I once wrote an undergrad paper on kinkaide for someone, + got paid for it. I cant remember much, but I recollect I was equating the otherworldy light present in the interiors of all his houses to the sentient planet of Tarkovsky's Solaris, where an alien intelligence resconstructs one's fantasies and perceived memories, much like kinkaide himself. Oh yeah, plus Baudrillard. the paper sucked but got an A I think.

closeuup said...

painterdog -frumpy
triple diesel -soapy
nowear man - humpy
kalm james - winky
cooky blaha - twinky
zip - thinky
kelli - bossy
closeuup - dopey

kelli said...

Awesome. I will let you be my bitches. Agnes Martin can be Snow White. Somebody has to be pure.

no-where-man said...

i think he is fantastic, it is sad about the wife but it resulted in great Art the toy pieces are very bitter sweet.

oh! i am pure. pure of heart and mind.

Dennis Matthews said...


the second one is really nice.

wade said...

This Kinkade is aahyight.

bluebalz said...

nothing wrong with painting to tv, most artists do it.

triple diesel said...

How bout radio? Dana Schutz paints while listening to conservative talk radio. It pisses her off - "those fuckers," she says - and gets her going.

zipthwung said...

Im sure plenty of people listen to NPR - This American Life"

So anyone want to comment on

Sigmar Polke, David Salle, and Elizabeth Murray in relation to this work and neo-geo in general?

Maybe tie in Brice marden and Arshile Gorky in relation to the modulation of the line weight. Oh yea. Line weight. So I make these loopy loops David Reed David Rowe and its all like Im in the flow but you know sometimes its nice to interrupt the flow
so and then you know its like row row row.
Boat. Ship. Fools.

kalm james said...

No one like Rush to make you move your brush!

closeuup, goood, I still wana be Sleezie.

zipthwung said...


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