Chad Marshall


Painter said...

Chad Marshall @
Priska C. Juschka
547 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

painterdog said...


discharge said...

I kept thinking of scott taylor.

I remember noticing a neat constellation of dots between two figures -- like an absence registered and acknowledged and drawn -- like giacometti's abscence between hands at the moma.

this whole mask theme.

I thought the colors were kind of refreshing.

no-where-man said...

looks like my apartment

Palooka said...

god that is ugly. bad ugly.

poppy said...

why do i agree so with palooka?
can someone explain?
the way its been painted is somehow nauseating...

to nowhereman: your blogspot is a blank page, thought you should know, either that or i've been booted from your site.

zipthwung said...

Head Cheese.

this reminds me of the art deco type mural in my hometown inside the movie theater. This guy is getting jabbed in the eye or something...overwrought academicism.

Not convinced by the contorted wrestling - very mannered in a classical sense where it is supposed to mean something. But all it really means is bull sex. Well thats pure sensuality, and ugly at that. Who wants ugly bull sex?
Bacon (the painter not the meat) was estheticly more pleasing, meat wise.

I like the bulls "waddle" or jowl or whatever.

Is that a gas can or a phone shaped gummybear at the top?

Call me. 1-800-hot-bull

Reminds me, also, of the fad for cutting things out neo-geo wise - something very eighties about this painting.

closeuup said...

its a bull market but he's still just yankin on his tie

painterdog said...

like I said this is ugly.
Not sure if he is trying to send up the Baroque or what.

no-where-man said...

humm... can u see it now i removed some "content"

no-where-man said...

is this a breeders blog? cum on this is fantastic.! thx. painter i never saw this Chad Marshall before. love it. it goes well with this also a first for me to see tonight

poppy said...

shoes- that was hilarious..
is this painting really as good as that video?
i still say yikes, perhaps that is best way to equate the two
i need to spend some more time with the bull

blog is back

so clever and beautiful said...

Hi! We just tried to post but your crazy setup is CONFUSING. ANYWAYZ we just wanted to say: Why are you so angry, and why are you so obsessed with mark tansey and badmouthing others? do you really hate paintings so much? WHAT IS THIS BLOG. Please let us know, we want answers.

no-where-man said...

i think they are both "fun" and ment to be so.

closeuup said...

yuhno...i think its a sheep, not a bull

so clever and beautiful said...

Ah, what is "both". Both anger and hate? Both obsession and badmouthing? ok! So we know these things are fun. What we wanted to know was maybe more like, Why is it fun and What is fun about it. because! We are painters and we love to see the paintings. we love to type the special blog comments. we want to overcome the first four kinds of fun mentioned here and present NEW lovely ideas! and we shall
SCAB (the elder)

poppy said...

both is referring to the painting and the video link that nowhere man posted
both are fun.
i took me longer to see the fun in the painting.. maybe you see fun right away
video def fun
that leg looks like a big bloody chicken wing
i once painted a chicken wing for fun
i had some bad experiences working with meat in the past

JpegCritic said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cha said...

Hi guys...I like this painting although I feel that I shouldn't! It's kinda kitsch/raw but at least there's an energy there that's lacking in so many others!

JpegCritic said...

baroque? More like updated Tieplolo.
btw I deleted last jpc comment cuz I thought
it might read as too angry.

Ahh meat.
Fuck donuts -- go to the manhattan grill on 63d to get the biggest hunk of meat you'll ever see on a plate.

Brangalina said...

I think these are well painted. A bit different that everything else going on right now in figurative work. They are a little ugly but very distinct images. No one else comes to mind with this work.

painterdog said...

Well its not about hate for me.
Its about giving your opinion on a painting.
If that is noe word say crap or this is a load of crap(said in the voice of strong bador you can say that's so awesome(in the voice of home star runner
that's ok by me.

Now one can of course be more erudite an write about post-modern references and all, which is great and informative.

In some cases its just best to keep it simple. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck than the chances are it is one.

Of course this all subjective so if say that this painting is ugly and it is in my humble opinion, than I hope that its respected for what is worth.

Is this not the point of this forum?

painterdog said...

great video.

poppy said...

some painters definately come to mind when i see this work,
i didn't mention anything partially because someone said we were referring to the past too much..and I was curious to see what new things might be said about this. someone mentioned the 80's and postmodernism..
How about Otto Dix and George Grosz? I think this is meant to be a meatier and sweatier version of that.

poppy said...

ps, the most obvious reference being picasso.

no-where-man said...

i like the idea of the "uber both"

no-where-man said...

Greek Statue Sculpture Art - meets Ellen Gallagher

brian edmonds said...

Its a cut and paste job, like photoshop with brushes.

JD said...

Exactly, Brian. The figure/groundrelationship is inert.

no-where-man said...

hum.. went thru the other images on site, read something into this one jpeg, about a kitch homoerotic struggle,

i don't see it in the other pieces.

cha said...

cut and paste look because it's...phone sex. Deep in fantasy land, where environment isn't important. It's just about mood!

Susan Constanse said...

How can you tell if it's well painted? digital images can hide a lot of flaws. I'm sure that has been discussed in this forum to no end. Please forgive a first-time poster.

I took a moment to look at the gallery site and at least his style is consistent. But it seems to me that he is really flat, that there isn't much exploration of the depth of the canvas. The scale of the works listed seem rather large. I wonder if that would effect their affect.

Umm, there's this totally disturbing decadent quality to the works, too. Given the twisted, evil, decadent quality of the work, I think I would find myself cringing when I am in the same room as these paintings.


cha said...

susan look at his statement on the gallery site. ..all these elements are conscious moves for him. being in a room of his paintings would be a very strange experience... huge emotion !

Brangalina said...

I went to the show that is how I know it is well painted.

Cooky Blaha said...


people are giving the 80's ref, I think cause of contorted figures on blank ground looks like Robert Longo in a small way...
kinda reminds me of the apology line...that was dope.

cha said...

brangalina, what was the feeling at the show?
How were other people there..reacting?

zipthwung said...

had some zepoli - the giglio is pretty pagan/fertility rite thing. zepoli are great

albino radio1 said...

all the colors make sense and the collage decisions yield direct correspondence. it's not really abstract, everything is representational.

so what is marshall eluding to? some sort of sexual orientation? i feel excluded from his fantasy. but i might be ok with that.

Anonymous said...

it's historical appearances/references and it's canceled out point of views...this historical view slammed against this and that, is what painting does well... as does much of todays culture making..it's just recipe making, you need some knowns to then combine in unique ways. Occasionally there is the big break, but if that was all that was worthy... we would be left talking about a handful of painters, maybe a couple of handfuls. Granted it's a JPEG and I cannot see it at all.--Quick aside, dimensions and media might help fill in some of the pixels--I like where it seems to be coming from and my quick take is the painter seems to be trying to get some space to paint in...They have set up somehow a way to paint flesh and also allow for paint to look good ... that apple green eye shadow into the ripe apple of the cheek...it's contemporary and allows for some of the real niceties of painting found in the darker recesses of the museum. It seems a good bit German--Northern renaissance meets early twentieth century Dix et al... the recent sprinkle may be Currin and the english guy whose names escapes...ugh... he does the Frank Auerbachs, Dalis, Sci-fi, in melting photoshop detail--nice work me thinks. Francis Bacon cleaned up his old masterished hued figure with that mod straight from the tin backround...I like how all the variables are juggled.

Cooky Blaha said...

alright dude, his names glenn brown.
I think Brown's shit got craazy boring real fast, its just an f--ing parlor trick after a while, but c'mon Brown's technique blows this guys stuff out the water.
I see the comparison in a very tiny way but really, thats like apples and oranges

and who the hell in the Northern renaissance painted this wack?

consensus is the shoe song is better

mr.wakeup said...

this is awful,

i cannot barely gather myself to properly comment,
to compare to Dix and Grosz only shows how far one con stretch comparison when this person is nothing but poor; and that that person only wishes they had a talent as full as the germans mentioned....

reminds me of an intro i read in an Eric Fischl retrospective book that compared him to Velasquez, these parallels are embarassing...wake up.

france played better in world Cup... with the exeption of zenedine; I love Italy ...I only wish France won to piss off the prime minister...

no-where-man said...

o god here is a better version of the video" with an into if you go to some of her other video's (on her my space) and this artists paintings there seem to also be similar tropes, - food, so forth, as well as some stylistic similarities. - whatever i only saw both in 2 days and over the interweb.

kc cat said...

cookie blaha, are thinking of Richard Patterson, another English guy? Cause that's what I'm getting.

Anyway, I'm in agreement with cha, jd, and brian edmonds about the figure-ground relationship. It seems arbitrary and not well considered. I've seen this sort of thing with M. Ivan Cherry, Julie Fahrstad, and others, and it seems like a worn out trope.

poppy said...

you can look at the shittiest paintings in the world and see what painters they are referencing. i'm sure you can think of many piss poor wannabe's of this and that. Subject matter? The references stand. Would this stand up next to these painters - me think not.

painterdog said...

I was rooting for the Italians, saw the game it was good. The italian Goaly was realy on his game and they played great defense.

I agree with Mr. Wakeup 100%.

Dix was out of his mind, and a very good painter.

By the way he was a hell of a war artist and everyone should google Der Krieg.

The guy did 3 tours in the trenches of WW1, couldn't get enough.

He used to do water colors and draw in his down time of the war.

Not to rain on Steve Mumford 's parade but Dix was the real deal as a war artist. (Mumford was brave going to Iraq, don't get me wrong, don't think I would, but come on lets see some interesting work. Its so Joe Friday, I mean his approach to it all, just the facts mame.

To compare this guy( Chad Marshall) to the Germans is a stretch.

mr.wakeup said...

an additional note concerning imagination and experience:

there comes the synthesis of imagination and talent. the synthesis of the two without having been through war is more than possible.

one sees it more in writing these days- writers who can write brilliantly via imagination/ talent and life (i.e., nabokov, updike, roth; z, smith etc...)

visually ,i find, little parallel to writing.

mumford is flat and boring and poorly illustrative... it is mediocre... it is his schtick... good for him... .

JpegCritic said...

I agree with Brag.. They were well painted.
And Cha, it is strange, esp when you are
the only one in the room. It felt perverse.
That's the best word I can use to describe it.
Not overwhelmingly so, but it seems to
have come from the tension between the
somewhat pleasureable surface/brushwork
and the somewhat repellant pictorial gist.

Ultimately, for me, the pleasure won over
the repellant. Lastly, I mentioned tiepolo
because of this painter's apparent mastery
the painted form.

T. had the gift of being able to invent his figures
because of his mastery in drawing. It seems to me,
that this guy has that same talent... Though I can't
really confirm cuz I know nothing of the guy except
from the work hanging on the wall.

cha said...

jpeg...he talks of exploitation in society and power struggles. Not a nice subject but as valid as all the feelgood, warm fuzzy ones. So very relevant in the current political climate. He also talks of personal experience so maybe that accounts for the really in your face style! Lack of background pushes the "story" harder [and the colours]. A painter in the current Sydney Biennale has a similar theme.....hardhitting, masks etc.

painterdog said...

well I agree with some of the statement and also think that it depends on the talent of the person.

Michael Herr could not have written Dispatches without having been in Viet Nam. Yes writers can give us worlds through their imagination and skill, but know one could have made up that stuff. Intresting note Herr was an adviser on Coppola's Apocalypse Now and some of the more surreal scenes in the film are from his book and did happen.

Dix could not have done Der Krieg without his war experience as it seems to me that this was part of his DNA so to speak.

There are always exceptions of course and you mentioned quite a few.

Just as a good painter can. I think it depends on the situation.

There is a documnerty coming out in which the director stayed home in New Hampshire, gave the cameras to a few solders to film on their tour of duty and from what I saw of the footage its pretty riviting.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a visit to a ventriloquist!

Let's face it this guy, he run-guns foibles and that's three christmases from then to now. I will not choke if you don't, but... sigh... guy, passionate gifted artist needs to think not the line choir harpsichord rhetoric 'd' pledged upon retire. Instead moos y, IIIII's confab illations arrive gate 4 morning departure; who has tea breaks in this earthly hour--lids of porcelain jam crusts the door.

The thing is, you do what you do!

painterdog said...

how profane.

painterdog said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James Wolanin said...

Well painted, but I'm not crazy about the subject matter.

no-where-man said...

there is a wierd 50/50 split as to if this is "well painted" or not which is odd... pls. tell me that is a handy vacuum in his hand.

poppy said...

if you can sum dix and grosz up simply as war painters - then i can see why you think the comparison is a stretch.
its like it is personally insulting to hear a painter with mediocore talent be compared to someone that has had a full life to develop his skills and talents as a painter. dont take it so hard. His subject matter is dealing with a similar theme - like it or lump it. is it as well painted? nobody has made that claim.. nobody seems to have minded the picasso referrence,, I guess you think this painter is as good as picasso and not dix or grosz? anyone making a claim like this would be doing so from a coma... subject matter? study grosz a little closer.

zipthwung said...

If this painting was classical music it would be Yanni.

this painting is less pretentious and ultimately more interesting, if no less homoerotic, in its own way.

Nice eighties perm on the lady.

Since someone brought up mark tansey again.

zipthwung said...


painterdog said...

Dix,Grosz, and Beckmann are not just war painters, they are definded by that war as anyone who was around then was. It was the scale of death and the horrors of it that defined a generation, often called the lost generation, of course the flu epidemic of 1919 killed more people and went around the world. Practily wiped out whole towns in this country.

As the Viet Nam war did that generation.

As for the Picasso reference, while I am not a big fan of all his work this guy does not even come close.

This painting is just a bad painting period.

Anonymous said...

To name an artist is not a comparison of quality it's simply to relate a world that this person knowingly or not is wandering about in...the fact that there is Picasso World and Dixland speaks of the possibility of creating a cultural landscape that can be inhabited by those to come, that painting is inevitably a cultured craft based on it's history... it's constantly reevaluated, remembered past is the only thing that makes it a great dialogue.

painterdog said...

its still a bad painting. whatever its dialogue, it has no craft, and the history its based is suspect.

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