Stef Driesen


Painter said...

Happy Valentines Day.

closeuup said...

I smell sex, candy (chocolate) and babies--all OK with me.

Happy Valentines to you painter and all.

Like June Jordan says:

These poems (posts?)
they are things that I do
in the dark
reaching for you
whoever you are
are you ready?

These words
they are stones in the water
running away

These skeletal lines
they are desperate arms for my longing and love.

I am a stranger
learning to worship the strangers
around me

whoever you are
whoever I may become.

Anna said...

Is there a Stef Dreisen show up right now?

Brangalina said...

I don't think there is a Driesen show up right now in new york. Never seen his work before but I like this painting.

zipthwung said...

polymorphous perversity. Alien sex. We know it an love it.

I dont think this has enough -relys on the wash too much, should have more of the Lucian freud bagel with cheese effect to be convincing as a masterpiece. Suitine over Joe Andoe , Frankenthaler, Morris, et al.

Not that I fault economy. Oil paint is eeeeexpensive. Thats why all the ab-ex stuff is so thin I think. Well you got to paint like a millionaire? Sure if you are one.

WHy fake money when you dont have any?

So you can crash the soiree?
The soiree isnt that interesting - no glamour anymore right? The glamour is gone daddy gone.

CAA conference in town - speaking of glamour - the elephants called me and told me the big top is going up at the Sheraton again.

As an alumni of the Miskatonic University I can go swill some wine with fellow psycoelephphants. I guess.
Hello my name is mellow yellow.

Thing is this resurgence in academonic fiber art is not going to fly and I still maintin that the meloncholia of the season will pass like morning sickness. Check this joi de vivre out:

delaunay I mean it has a limited palette but it doesnt kill you with austerity measures. Whos afraid of looking tooMiami? Too Flemish? Too serious. Not serious. Insincere. God its a mindfield out there.Anyone have the keys to heaven?

High times hard times but these times, it are be a ranged.

me im thinkin clown said...

middle ground not active enough; fleshy blob flies off the surface too much.
close, but no cigar.
did high times hard times open yet??

zipthwung said...

I, who rage against the demon dulness! Belgium makes a fine beer, and a fine umber ground, prefiguring the figure, dark, twitchy and hard to get to know - aye, we know.

This painter is young. Fee Fi Fo Fum.
Thumb Rules Thumb.

zipthwung said...

Can you build a career on figure ground? Sure you can.

3. “High Times, Hard Times: New York Painting 1967-1975” — National Academy Museum
Feb. 15-Apr. 22, 2007

zipthwung said...

Whos the melancholy landscape dude? not nerdrum - earlier. Not Turner or Whistler. French comparable to victor hugo.

Anyways poetic sensibility gets short shrift - too sentimental. We out here beyond the perimeter are hard edged and beak-like.

PrettyPablum said...

Is that flesh colored paint?

looks like the figure on the right is wearing panty hose on his face.

Concrete Phone said...

We had a bath in chocolate yesterday. And today I'm telling you, we're shining--shining like the full moon. howling too! Very popular in Tokyo!
Maybe this is what this painting is about!

sloth said...
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sloth said...

I really like Nicola Tyson, and the sublime Munch "kiss" theme is a classic, and a whomping cock is always appealing, but. The composition is, well, not strong enough. Shoulda been cropped or something? & or I agree with the clown about the middle ground idea.

A purposely held-back and reductive painting can be conversely satisfying but it's hard to pull off; Nozkowski manages to do it, Tuymans too, but it doesn't quite work in this case, & ends up looking a bit undercooked. (Insert the usual disclaimers about JPEGS here...)

JasperJanx said...


JasperJanx said...

I insert the coma of understanding into the image and it says no I am too dark, too simple, less of an idea, more of a substitution for inadequacy, like a piece of chalk or a slug on the highway.

poppy said...

yes, something is not right with this painting and it has to do with the washed out baby thing. Image is not that sharp so i wonder how the object thing was constructed. Maybe something was rendered then washed over in similar neutral tone. Not much strength compositionally with that thing and i wonder if this aspect is suffering for a concept that is trying to be obscure anyways.

closeuup said...

It reminded me of this but better. I like things that float but yes maybe this is too floaty.

Better too much than not enuf.

no-where-man said...

Happy V-Day, Happy V-Day everyone... my company sent me 2 "training" to manage people bootcamp (as i lack in that area with my Art degrees). At one point this woman said that what makes us different from Animals is our ability to understand symbolism - and then put 4 shapes on a chalk board and told us "who we were" based on the one we picked. far out.

zipthwung said...

did you pick the square? Iused to take these questions from the gifted talented teacher - one was a page with a grid of circles. YOu were supposed to draw something with the circles.

It turns out it was a kind of test to see if you colored inside the lines. If you drew smiley faces inside the cirdcles you were an average tard. if you coneccted the circles with a whole cosmology you got to attend gifted talented classses and be called a tard by anyone that wasnt gifted talented.

So anyways Im looking for a chick who is gifted talented so I dont have to be a tard.

Concrete Phone said...

Digit doodled while on the phone and always had a note pad handy. They did thousands of these doodles, back when people used the phone and sat by it. They had 400 hundred doodle pads used STORED IN THE CABINET WHICH THE PHONE SAT ON. THEY WERE ALL EMPTY!

'Where's the doodles', asked Apack.
Digit replied, 'outside the pad'.
Apack asked where the record was outside the pad.
Digit replied, 'inside the phone!'.

Mark said...

back at ya painter, keep spreading the paint love.

zipthwung said...


is like a box of chocolates.

poppy said...

brings back some still life memories, notice the edit,
it skipped past the painting of 2 nude men with their legs apart really quick. like oops how did that get there.was funny.
Anyway there were some pretty damn good paintings in that video clip and I would like to see some posted on this site if possible.

zipthwung said...

Re-gendering Public Practice
Suzanne Lacy, Chair of Fine Arts, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles

So i hope that means making work that has sex in it, because i miss that about public art.

notquiteyet said...

please, keep your doodles.

notquiteyet said...

baby is pussing out the nose.

zipthwung said...

get it?

Grootenboer asks – “what is the painting thinking, what is it philosophizing?” – inspired by Poussin (who was among the first to talk of thought in painting) and by Damisch’s famous book on perspective. According to Deleuze and Guattari, another of her touchstones, thought in art is a confrontation of chaos, a restoration of the infinite to the finite. Painting is “mute philosophy rather than mute poetry.” Can we go beyond subject matter, beyond narrative, even beyond meaning – to the painting’s thought? She says we can, by “returning to the work of art as such.” One of her final questions, which remains tantalizingly open-ended, is: If the thought in the painting precedes or stands apart from its composition, subject matter and meaning, where does it reside?

Seeking Graffiti Artist for Lecture and 1-day Workshop

Category: Residencies, Workshops, Exchanges [View all]
Posted by: Rainy River Community College
Deadline: 02/16/07

Seeking Graffiti Artist for two-day workshop and lecture on our small rural campus in northern Minnesota. As part of a month long exhibition of graffiti based art at RRCC, the selected artist will present a one-hour long lecture on a Thursday evening and a one day workshop/demo on Friday. The planned dates for these events are April 18 and 19, 2007. A mural painted on Masonite panel will be permanently installed at RRCC with recognition given to the artist.

Selected artists will be compensated a $300 travel stipend. The college will pay for room and board during the workshop, and provide all materials.

Interested candidates can send a resume, and digital images of their work to hmcdaniel@rrcc.mnscu.edu or to:

Rainy River Community College
ATTN: Harley McDaniel
1501 HWY 71
International Falls, MN 56649

Deadline is February 16, 2007 to receive materials.

Phone interviews will be conducted for finalists February 19-23,

heidilolatheayatollah said...

Is the floating baby fellating itself?

zipthwung said...

for your edification

so banal. so bourgeois. so College art association. Apparently feminism is big everywhere, including the book fair. How do they coordinate these things? Must be the Secventies witht he fascination with ESP and all things extraterrestrial. What's your sign baby?

Im an aquarian, and in a few hundred years my age will dawn. Then all this silly fetish stuff will seem quaint. We'll all be having sex with elder beings, clouds of electrons and dwarf stars.

Fifteen eons of fame. That sort of thing.

no-where-man said...

ok another outside the mainstream artist dude. i love this this!

zipthwung said...

fox news has a comedy show.

Extra, extra, read all about it!
News flash, read all about it!
Here comes another scam and don't you doubt it
May make you laugh, but it aint funny
I can't believe the things they do for money
Another show that needs to get rated
Just gotta alittle bit more hatred
We interrupt this program to tell you
Disco's out, Murder's in
Kill it!

zipthwung said...


poppy said...

cool vid nwm,..

..Funny, i was just thinking about that scuicidal tendancies album the other day. Was listening to basic FM stations on radio and hearing similar themes repeated by different mainstream bands that used similar lyrics as ST (alone in a crowd)and was thinking how cheesy you have to be to get radio play. Just gotta gloss over themes like that.

zipthwung said...

satelite radio does a good job of programming - gotta pay to be alienated. You know, cable TV is unavailable in the projects. Culture is like that. Funny how art is free if you make it yourself.

The latest Vice magazine (free!) vol 13 #12 has some of the sort of "honest voice" fiction (slice of life, profanity, sex, kids the movie) you might enjoy if you were a Bushwick proto-yuppy sowing your wild oats in advance of a job designing sneakers or creaming your pants over that movie "you and yourself and you know" or whatever.

In vice (free!) they promote a renovated bar that I think used to be a better bar not sure havent been. God. i went to the fifties in midtown to meet a friend - i dont go there sober is all i can say. Bunch of business types from jersey - all the personality of wet cardboard. Giver me an old school hipster anyday.

But I mean if anyone wants me to gush about a generic emo-rock band for a dollar a word, send me a fucking album.

zipthwung said...

The world is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;
Little we see in Nature that is ours;
We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon!
This Sea that bares her bosom to the moon,
The winds that will be howling at all hours,
And are up-gathered now like sleeping flowers,
For this, for everything, we are out of tune;
It moves us not.--Great God! I'd rather be
A Pagan suckled in a creed outworn; (1)
So might I, standing on this pleasant lea, (2)
Have glimpses that would make me less forlorn;
Have sight of Proteus (3) rising from the sea;
Or hear old Triton (4) blow his wreathed horn.

fordgrass said...

that paintings head blob is blowing a bubble

no-where-man said...

yeah poppy the vid is done buy cult net artist Han Hoogerbrugge his project Hotel is unparalled level of genius skill and crazy... i found that thru Ouchy the clown (He is a real S&M clown)

watched that video so many times this weekend that i had to download the song for my i-pod & the piers.. only to find out everything they have done is RAD Young Punx and they have gone everywhere from this video with Han to remix the Scissor Sisters and this insane Electric Six's Gay Bar.. you can get get free downloads Here

no-where-man said...

thats odd sorry


SM Clown

Young Punx's

zipthwung said...

power of pop

fordgrass said...

thats the surprise...

Concrete Phone said...

Wow all these ideas about u-tube, and not a thimble drop of blood close to even attempting to have a dialog with this painting. Painter posts are fun when they are off-track, but off-track continually is just a simple way to say goodbye painter.

I don't have a lot of ideas about this painting. And really it's not the sort of thing that I'm interested in, but geez...
probably about some idea about the creative act, the kiss, the birth of an idea, mixing fluids, light dark beer, softly biting the lip of aggression-- all the things that take to get an idea out, that move the fingers across the keys from esc to end.

zipthwung said...

concrete in concrete out. I was just reading some Joan Didion. She's rad!!!!!

Im not being paid to decode this painting. Call me a mercenary but I dont DIG it so Im not going to DO it. Every writer murders by numbers, as JD says - you know media poison. Well Im all for selling in, smelling good and overcoming my birth defects - namely lack of status, class, and concentration. Oh and lack of empathy for the damned.

It is what it is, which is a thin wash of mood - I believe I mentioned Whistler, and no one got back to me on the other dude - or at least not the right answer I was seeking - which is to say I'm over it like a short heave of nausea.

Anyways I think its been established that this shot is a still life with money. The phallic stocking line is of course an obvious read, and it pains me to be so didactic but concrete is what concrete does. Shrimp boat bro! Yeah, you know I know so why dont you flow? Turn on tune in or drop out, I don't even have 250 micrograms of care, square.

zipthwung said...

i mean the best institutional critique people can come up with is "are artists whores" - thats like reading "cat in the hat", the abridged version - the one without words. A seussical for retreads.

zipthwung said...

Core values bro!

no-where-man said...
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no-where-man said...

Hi concrete phone - your dismissive attitude towards the conversation at hand and what that would apply to painter is very liner & achedmic - blogs are apart of a web 2.0 world and way of thinking i found this very helpful when trying to understand what that means. Key Word - Environment.

Apologies to Painter however if thatz the way yall role.

Concrete Phone said...

just an opinion and observation and prediction in the environment nwm, just that... not dismissive, I click... anyway you were responding to poppy, right, bout 'out of the mainstream' with a vid of life classes drawing from the right side of the brain. Yeah web 2.0. Heard of it, stay cool and keep you feathers on.

no-where-man said...

no - i was on symbolism and systems which make up our ideological framework to understand a concept of Art at large, its function in our society and as a market (The super structure of this site). I then and put a link to a Flash Artist whom i feel is outside of this frame but still relevant.

i gather poppy liked that Art...

this is where i went into a total tangent because when I started downloading the music from the band the Flash Artist did for the video for I got all exited.

Over all your prob. right after this one i will keep that end of things on my own pages., i urge you really to watch the above posted video a wee bit more clearly then my posts it goes into the back end of our current paradigm shift and is not a glib comment.

leave you with.
"feathers on

zipthwung said...

This painting is femmy.

Kaspar David Freidrich is the dude I wanted to reference (thanks Brooklyn Rail! (free!)) is getting pumped a lot reently I think its the melancholy deal, as I mentioned . Its like that sappy photographer Doisenau that all the coeds dig - its like weegees world and shit - get it on sale at Barnes and Noble after december.

The poverty of imagination never ceases to amaze me. Tepid treacley valentines? Burlesque shows? Bad sitcom satire? Pop music that ionizes the poles of ho and hum?

Devo did it better a long time ago. Wheres the beef chief?

zipthwung said...

ad nauseum

Concrete Phone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Concrete Phone said...

It's me who is a little uptight!

no-where-man said...

CF, Don't get me wrong i understand where your coming from & will keep your comments in mind while working towards a middle ground. The net makes it hard not to sublimate into often useless self indigent chaos.

Re: "feathers - chicken" Some times "done before" takes it down a notch when it is repetition of style and content for the same means. However clearly this video is a bold step down the chicken performance Art avenue. Don't get me wrong i respect devo's roots, but a documentary on a tranny mascot chicken in a cage above Disco 2000 with crack burns on its beak - thats pure Red Meat.

closeuup said...

thot you meant KDF but the "french" made no sense

yeah femmes lack imagination, and brown is melancholy, and devo made fun of love.zzzzzz

This painting seems to be about hetero desire, everyone's least favorite subject--so essentialist u no-but when u wake up in the morning yr dick is still hard. mine too.

zipthwung said...

flaccid. Too many steroids.
Im doubting the emotional truthiness of this painting because its artyness is all. Same with Gerhard "blur me" Richter.

The doisneau - you know the sailor kissing the girl, James Dean et al. Blech. If art is just a mood Give me a crime scene any day.
Pure Muzak. Its like the "jazz" piped in to the lobby of the Algonquin.

zipthwung said...

i just cant be happy today

mark your James Ensor calendars people.

zipthwung said...

also - "SCOPE" the art fair is a double entenre right? Im a autism spectrum kid, so you know, I take things kind of literally.

closeuup said...

This painting is referencing romanticism--not exactly being romantic. Someone's got to do it.

There's more imagination in romantic love than in all the sci fi you got.

Kids gave me a Ronald Reagan calendar for 2007. Gives me the willies every day

zipthwung said...

i reckon

zipthwung said...

you belong to the midtown

closeuup said...

anybody see the bill jensens at cheim and read? The look good to me online, but what do they look like for real?


Attentive visitors, however, will notice the way Moma has now reopened the story of the modern. Instead of Rodin's St John the Baptist Preaching, which used to stand outside the galleries, pointing to -Cézanne's- The Bathers,Lowry has decided to start the collection with Signac's 1890 Portrait of Félix Feneon. This, he says, is "a great magical gesture that essentially raises the curtain on the very idea of modernity. It is Signac's greatest picture, though he's not the artist you'd usually pick." Dispensing with the Cézanne (Lowry claims it is a "rétardaire picture, still wrestling with Poussin") and highlighting instead Feneon - the Parisian critic, collector, impresario and anarchist - is a telling move. "It's about showmanship, the masses, about a fundamentally different moment," he continues. "It's almost the same date as The Bathers, but it's about the curtain coming up on popular culture, breaking through the screen of avant-garde art. It pinpoints the notion of celebrity and offers us references to Warhol later in the hang."


zipthwung said...

ha! I was just going to post something about JZ Knight Ramatha channeling warrior shaman stuff. You know, the statelessly romantic magician magicly summoning up the mirage of life - the pied piper piping at the gates of dawn or doom, depending. The clarion call of the corrupted cold calculating cuckold. The harpies shriek uppon the dying embers of beach head fire sand cast coin of the realm.

“Beware when any idea is promoted primarily because it is ‘bold, exciting, innovative, and new.’ There are many ideas that are ‘bold, exciting, innovative, and new’ but also foolish.”

—Donald Rumsfeld

Cooky Blaha said...

saw the Jensens, werent that cool...stuff at Zwriner;genzken,toba khedoori;was better...Kevin Zucker uptown looks kinda good too

no-where-man said...

Anthony Mccall at Sean Kelly, Brazil show in Art Mall on in 529 West 20th - 9th floor maybe.

Zwriner should up the disco - and video.

Tony Oursler is up a notch (loved the early work - hated what it evolved to) he broke out.

- was Boone the "painters painting show"?

cheim and reads opening was like very owenable pieces for the "it set"

zipthwung said...

I read the Brklyn rail interview with Jensen and I must say anytime I hear someone talk about channeling or being in ernest about the painting stuff I generally dislike the work. I guess I like a little more sophistication in the showmanship. Like if you actually care about painting would you put it a gallery with the other orphans? WOuldnt you send it to an aunt in the Hebrides?

i kow its not practical but Jensen was quoted as saying art is all channeling and shit, so I got all fantasy. thats ok right?

I guess I got weirded out cuz I heard some aolder artists talking shop in a bar and they had that odd manic intensity that passes for edginess these days.

closeuup said...

i dont get the oursler or the karen davie. They should call that "intermission." It looks pathetic to take your signature gestures, moves, imagery and just add lights or pop plastic brushstrokes.

The isa ghenken on the other hand is awesome. Thrilling combo of formal with material, history, symbol, poetry--its all there. Doesnt need to pander to disco.

zipthwung said...

"Hatred strikes me as one of the few signs of life remaining in the world. This is another thing about the world which is upsidedown: all the friendly and likable people seem dead to me; only the haters seem alive.
Walker Percy

i ve got for words for yo

zipthwung said...

iska genken seems to be in the same genre as rachel harrison and other found material/object totem builders.

WHenever I see a pile of trash on the sidewalk I allways think its a sculpture - i got a I Ching book the other day - it was conceptually paired in a plastic bag with another book some kind of chinese decoration thing. I didn't document it or anything. I dont know who the artist was, but i took the I Ching book but I dont think ill read it.

I noticed one of those stickers - a sun with the word "smile" underneath - in my friends apartment. I have one just like it - im going to apply it and see if they notice the renewal.

WHimsical of me I know, but its almost spring.

closeuup said...

i hate steve ballmer. he is unconvincing.

closeuup said...

”It might sound cocky/but is it really cocky if you know that it’s true?”