Caleb Weintraub


Painter said...

Caleb Weintraub @
Jack the Pelican Presents
487 Driggs
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

closeuup said...

i will survive

funny how the kid in this picture looks like that guy in 24. i dont watch it. sarah silvermans show was somewhat funny though.

David Coffin said...

Jeesus, I’m tired of “Look how smart and pissed I Am!” paintings...

C’mon, paint-toilers! Save that message for your forum/blog posts and yer bar rants, and stop eviscerating the work with it. EVERYbody’s smart and pissed. Got anything else?

Dennis Matthews said...

what's smart about this?

its like being told a really interesting story full of extranenous details, the teller starts to ramble and say there was some "little people" there, an ugly dog was sitting there looking at me, my mom's van was parked over there. Like hearing a boring dream being retold.

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

The smartest work knows when to stop talking.

exu said...

bubble gum hammer

no-where-man said...

well im not very angry, but i guess im not very smart either. this piece makes me think of an exploding met lab and this quote - "When meth ingredients explode and glass containers burst, hot sticky chemicals splash outward in every direction. Meth labs don't "catch" fire, they're instantly placed into a state of violent, raging fire climbing up the walls and ceiling of your trailer home or apartment complex. So wear an apron. Nothing beats a picture of a burned-out Volkswagen bus meth lab with an upside-down teddy bear in the corner."

i would prefer to see an image of this meth launching rocket however - something with more hope... or
"If stopped by law enforcement officers en route to their destination, they planned to open the trunk of the vehicle, raise the methamphetamine-filled rocket into launching position using a string and pulley system, and launch the rocket into the air"

now thats something else!

heidilolatheayatollah said...

Well what about that he is one of the few didactic painters out there?

Even if you don't like the message....I give him props for not making a "moody, ambiguous, suggestive, or open to personal interpretation painting, in so many ways that is easier to do.

Does it take away that he is so in your face with his message? Or is it just the content you are referring to? So many artists seem to have messages that I never get, I don't know if it is better to eschew it all together or just go all in your face with a painting story.

heidilolatheayatollah said...

PS-this was a general inquiry-not in direct response to anyone.

exu said...

you are alive -thats all you can say.there is gunk encrusted blood sloshing in there-thats all you better say.

realdeal said...

I think its safe to say that this IS a painting with a message most people wont get including myself.
The only intriuging thing here is that its just as goofy as the name of the gallery as is most of the stuff the "Pelican" shows.

artgirl said...
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artgirl said...
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artgirl said...

He's got some good technique. I feel like I could hop in that VW bus and drive away.

stephen said...


What the hell is going on?

the last stretch outside of Bovasso (in which she seems to have sapped all inflection and accident from her work) has been miserable.

Including this.

realdeal said...

who do you think is worthy of painters nyc blog thats up now ?
whats wrong with having a conversation about miserable work its not any less productive than one about "good" work

poppy said...

personalized subjective ambiguous didactic approach. This is open to interpretation. I mean I do wonder why that kid has got the controls to to this chaos and why they are acting like grownups with the vacation suit and a cut out car.. Comeon what is happening here, up with the story!!

Mark said...

Fabulous, wild, and crazy paintings! I love them.

zipthwung said...

Yo I checked this shit out. As that Kelli William says - its hard being a Juxtapoz artist in an artforum world. Im still stuck on the ryan steadman down there - he wants to be all juxtapoz but hes stuck on artforum paint chips.

Everyone should take some barbiturates to celebrate the overdose as a concept.

The painting telegraphs the lack of psychological depth one gets from simply being in the millieu, of exploring the idea that there might not be an easy Black and White answer like infantilization or arrested development. That in each of us lurks an inner cybertron, a deathstar, and a red caramel apple of mirrored pain all rolled into one. In short, we are all mixed metaphors, shilling our egos for gain on the open market of hopeless desire.

Not unlike a Northern Exposure Episode monologue, we each strive to entertain, to entrain, to chain ideas together in endless threads of meaning with which to weave the fabric of our collective rubrics together. An Adidas quilt we call love. A mesothelioma counter strike. A ten dollar word for unexpected vision.

So let Yi with the latest stone throw it at your own glass edifice. And if yor edifice standeth and shine with Wattage, let it be commuted to a historical fact, and zoned thusly.

In populism voibiscum.


zipthwung said...

Every color in the crayon box: check.
Busy balanced composition: Check
mannered brushwork: Check

Yep its pop, people.

I argue that this is bad enough to be good. Just ad sex parts to the kids or a pegasus with a hard on.

Then send it to UC Davis and see what they can curate around it. Maybe some viola frey. Does she have some 9-11 response type stuff?

heidilolatheayatollah said...

Yes what zip said.

I was reading an article in ny times about the tv shows "lost" and "heroes", lost was put down on account of loose ends not being tied up.

That kind of criticism is so frustrating,

I wonder why that fact alone constitutes the shows failure? It's interesting in light of this work that I think really ties up all loose ends plus any debris in the way too. Hmm , loose ends....or narrative on a platter...???

zipthwung said...

Thats why David Lynch's Twin Peaks failed to gain a wide audience I guess. People wanna know who wrote she murder. Thats why people hate Jazz. its all one five seven augment ed ninth or whatever. Me, I like gregorian chants and Tuvan throat singing. Gets me PSYCHED!! for the thrill kill. You know what Im talking about.

But my advice - and this applies to most painting - is to focus on the kitchen sink - one basin or two? Thats the diffrence between the hood and suburbia. That and a washer dryer combo.

Simplify. Sanctify. Semper Fi.

Children of the Corn Rocks.

closeuup said...

Well, I'm just glad that Triple Diesel is back on the mast-head as it were. I'm resting easier tonite.

BTW Laura Palmer's father killed her-first he was fucking her (that's why she was all psycho) and then he killed her. All you gotta do is pay attention, Bob.

zipthwung said...

"There's a bathroom on the right".

realdeal said...

there is a strong aroma in this work and it smells like garbage pal kids he needs to lose that.
Loose ends are fine though.

dotor kunst said...

I dropped by this show, and although I’d have reservations about many aspect of the work, I applaud the ambition. This piece is perhaps one of the better pictures, less confusing and scattered. As I told Don (Carroll), if you really want to try and convey a narrative, stick to the narrative, if you wana show off your paintin’ chopps then just paint. This is one drawback. Also there’s “gasp” no atmosphere.

zipthwung said...





Kate said...

I am a great appreciator of didactic painting and artwork in general. I think ambiguity is highly over-rated. Robert Williams is a god. However, this painting kind of sucks. It's full of leftist political cliches and is painted in the style of a million other illustrators. It's attempting a societal critique with no self-awareness about it's own complicity. The Justin Lieberman painting knows better.