Karin Davie


Painter said...

Karin Davie @
Mary Boone
Mary Boone Gallery
745 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10151

Desert Island Painter said...

Oooh I likey!
titillating. Anyone seen this show in person yet? I think I must.

zipthwung said...

karen Davie is going new media? Is nothing sacred?

Tom Anderson had some nice LED paintings.

"In creating works that are at once subversive, romantic and materially seductive, he moderates an inner debate between ironic sophistication and poetic sentimentalism. That's a psychic dialogue with which many of us are intimately familiar."

You could say that about a lot of work though, right?

cadmiumredlite said...

these are really drawings with holes in them and then she inserted little lights they are beautiful framed with light coming out of them, i saw them in person, and are effective, the large floor sculpture not as evolved as her two dimensional yet.

artgirl said...

I think this is definitely something that must be seen in person. We can talk about how we see it online but it is going to be a completely different experience in the flesh. But I'm not sure I get the use of the electric light in the painting. I suppose it's taking impressionism to completely new levels.

Anonymous said...

Karin Davie had to move on and well she has. Nothing indeed is 'nothing' sacred. Punch in if you will anyone who has seen these, on paper right!
I'm looking into the christmas ball, and hang on there is a corridor, no two, forking for Karen. One from what I can make out at the far end looks to fur...MMMMadison... something. The other corridor at the end is a stack of florescent canisters being moved around on the back of what looks to be slashes of red paint with tiny little legs. Wooble, wooble, the corridors are moving back, one line, one take, with the minions, the future at stake.

I think these are OK!

zipthwung said...

We have within our reach the promise of renewed America. We can find meaning and reward by serving some purpose higher than ourselves—a shining purpose, the illumination of a thousand points of light.

Makes you want to cuddle up to the bllack mass with a cup of hot cocoa dont it? Like water for hogs. Like slop for slops sake. Like picking the corn out of the shit at valley forge...so real...so magical.

closeuup said...

It just struck me as a gambit allright? I can see how they might be pretty in real life.

These guys make similar statements, and I find them more interesting
Martin , Moses

I really like this drawing of KD. Is this not enough? Do the fairy lights add much?

poppy said...

intensity of light at top of KD drawing seems to equal that of the fairy lights in this one. I kind of like the drawing but don't like the balance so much. Her work seems to be about a gesture and less about color even though she uses color, it seems less of a consideration even though there are some color choices being made. These fairy lights seem to be a way of avoiding some of the problems that might arise in her earlier work when the more intense areas might get covered over in the process and the balance lost.

PrettyPablum said...

balance, color, intensity, gesture
Melissa Meyer does it better

Anonymous said...

Ninjas parade,
they fought Godzilla, and happily celebrating!!! very nice

basti said...

I found this show to be really surprising - like I have a hard time believing its the same artist that made her prior great paintings. I've followed her work closely for years. I saw the work in person and its really really inert, like what happened here? Slowly blinking plastic lights? I'm shocked. This work reminds me of really bad student work - she had better climb her way out of this hole or she wont be showing in a couple of years -no joke. Not trying to be a hater, loved her prior work a lot, but this is like WTF? Astounding the range of certain artists. I hope she can turn it around.

himarla said...

Yes, this work is less powerful than the work she's previously done. I've seen this in person, it would be more interesting without the lights, to just let the darkness be. I know she'll make amazing things happen from this departure point, she always does. Looking forward to seeing what's next.