Melissa Brown


Painter said...

Melissa Brown @
134 Tenth Avenue,
New York, NY 10011

heidilolatheayatollah said...

Is this the same Melissa Brown who painted people lounging around and drinking martini's at pool parties???

heidilolatheayatollah said...

oops that was Delia Brown. She flared up and burned bright in the media for awhile, what ever happened to her?

closeuup said...

she's spending her money

Ursula's Dad said...

Painter, you have a good sense of humor.

zipthwung said...

im reminded of schemes to replace the government currency with trade bucks.

What you got here is an alternate economy.

But these dollars have mre of a in your face kind of provocation. Me, i'd go with puppies and flowers - that way when the opposition tries to demonize you, you can point to the puppies and ask them if they hate puppies, and if so, maybe they hate god to.

Money rewuires trust, trust that the gold standard in all its forms means something and is not simply a mcGuffin created by an angry or cynical god.

Do we trust in this money? Its "just folks" design could mean something. Its wheel of fortunutuna can of sardines might unpack an arsenal of high minded mighty money - but I doubt it.

Too whimsical. TOo hand made. Too of the people.

Who are the people anyways?

zipthwung said...

So busy trying to make a living i forget about life

The best things i found in life were my birthright
Green fields mean more to me than a brand new car
Will you swap your hi-fi for a clear blue sky?
Will you cash in all your shares for Gods clean air?
Is your answer yes,or no,to these painful truths?
Is your answer yes,or no,to these painful truths?

Ursula's Dad said...
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Amy said...
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