Allison Schulnik


Painter said...


Painter said...

Robert Feintuch at CRG Gallery,

Greg Bogin-at Leo Koenig, Inc.,

Wendy White at Sixtyseven

Brian Calvin + Jim Lambie at Anton Kern,

Here are some painting shows that open tonight that I will be seeing.
Any suggestion of painting shows opening would be helpful. There are so many openings tonight I can't keep it all straight. Thanks. Maybe I will see you tonight. Congrats to everyone opening a show.

Mark said...


kalm james said...
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kalm james said...

Jim Long, curated by Rachstraw Downes at QUE Foundation.

Erik Benson at RoeblingHall.

Also a full list of openings Friday in Williamsburg.

kalm james said...

Horses, cats and earth tones, looks like we’ve got a trifecta winner here! (Just need to get some sex stuff in there somehow.)

kelli said...

Kalm James considering the figures in this painting sex stuff would be pretty wrong. Rothenberg?

zipthwung said...

I think KJ was arguing FOR sex. I agree. Rothenberg has sex, right? Anthropomorphized horses?
Wild Horses?

Not my dealio Im not into the rolling stones, maybe just Paint it black.

Hoof vs claw!

That horse has nooooo chance.

SisterRye said...

Brian Calvin's new work looks good. I wish I was in NYC to see it.

I like this clawhoof painting. The horse's fur looks sweaty, coated in stable mire. The cat, literary. If hoof battled claw, breasts would win. Breasts always win.

zipthwung said...

coming up with your own ideas is hard work.


this sort of article is fluff, but it points out the attempts to differentiate indivuduals from the crowd.
TO create (manufacture) originality in a sea of derivation.

Allison is au currant, no doubt, but her sort of Karen Kilimnik dealio is done to death and not in a regional charming sort of way - same goes for Nicole Maynard.

Maybe its different outside of NY, but I cant figure out how to get the exploding collar off.

BTW - in that article it features Jennifer Steinkamp, who is APROPRIATING canned software effects.

In the same way JS is APPROPRIATING A COMEDIC TONE which is not anyone's property, but should be addressed with regards to her ouvre. Does she KNOW shes part of a long TRADITION OF COMEDIANS?

SHe must - and therefore we must conclude she has an AGENDA.

Dont fall asleep.

no-where-man said...

looks like the kitty is rideing the horse, and the horse does not seem to be bucking.

Wild horses couldnt drag me away
Wild, wild horses, couldnt drag me away

dharmabum said...

I thought of Rothenberg's bisected horses and I like this one a bit better. More mysterious in a good way. Without the pussy.

zipthwung said...

In a way, dont we anthropomorphize paintings? It has a skin, a skeleton, and its about my height. Lets get it on.

martin had this link on his site

Martin has a leak in his ceiling that looks like Jesus. Dont we all, in some way?

zipthwung said...

You will no doubt recall:

Marcia Tucker, from Bad Painting 1978: "The freedom with which these artists mix classical and popular art-historical sources, kitsch and traditional images, archetypal and personal fantasies, constitutes a rejection of the concept of progress per se. . . . It would seem that, without a specific idea of progress toward a goal, the traditional means of valuing and validating works of art are useless. Bypassing the idea of progress implies an extraordinary freedom to do and to be whatever you want. In part, this is one of the most appealing aspects of "bad" painting - that the ideas of good and bad are flexible and subject to both the immediate and the larger context in which the work is seen."

Not to flog a dead horse,
Im more into seal clubbing myself.

mr peeps said...

is that a cat or an owl, or what the.....?

mr peeps said...

by the way if this is from california it must be influenced by (or associated with) mari eastman.

albino radio1 said...

i like that this image calls for the use of imagination around things that are real. or, the putting together of familiar things that don't mix. i'd like to see a painting of the horse & cat's love-child.

kalm james said...

This relates to the work of Joe Andoe, another horse artist who did very well for Joseph Helman Gallery. When compared to the horse paintings of Rothenberg, Andoe stuck with a fairly realistic rendering in a limited palette, nice horsey pictures, fairly large but slickly painted avoiding the raw feel and abstraction of the Rothenbergs.

Maybe sex wasn’t the right word, rather sexy, thongs and spiked heels, sparkeling blush.

JpegCritic said...

daddy, the horsie ated my cat

alex said...

this is a really interesting format. I'm amazed by how many people dialogue on these images.

Thought some of you might be interestingin peeking at my ongoing experiment with using the blog as an art medium

Lately it's a dialgue with fluxus

drop by

no-where-man said...

love cats
alex. this is best served as space to try to understand the image at hand.

bruce said...

That horse is weird enough with out the cat...in fact I think the cat ruins it. Although the picture of the pony smelling the cat did help me understand it better.

JpegCritic said...


blogs are interesting formats, yes, and
as far as mediums go, blogs are successful
because they further extend the transparency
that the internet first proposed, developed
and revolutionized. The problem with the
site you posted is that it practices the exact
opposite. Couldn't find any usefulness in it,
let alone a place to post, explore and exploit.
(i gave it 20 seconds).

Please tell your organization to re-read
Jakob Nielsen's books for a lesson on why
transparency is so *key* to a successful medium.

It is ironic, though, that here is a group
so involved with the virtual -- yet committed
to the physical. In essence -- the future of the
book remains on paper. (well until we come up
an interface better than iTunes/Audible.

Until then, ruminate, if you will
on the cat.

Anonymous said...

The Sasnal image is a little slower, better--a less junk OMG-production read.
I'm dreaming better 'ism' or better canvas/cavonous dichotomy where junk and the steam obliterate each other--the twist of apéritif--where the after-the-night-swizzle gets found--in pocket.

I noticed the twist back of the head to meet some structure concern and painting sense (nice). The scratchy cat is scratchy pulling a scratchy hole in the image picture plane (clever). Next time. probably, it's better to pull the whole deal off--or the next time after that!

If horoscopes are read right, there's good possibility ahead--if not hard liquor!

wade said...

My first thought was it reminded me of Fuseli
meets Ryder

Don't get reference to rothenberg or other more contemporary artists.