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Painter said...

John Lurie@

ec said...

John Lurie, the musician?
I enjoy the smeared tactility of the paint and the simplified schematics for clouds and grass, like children's drawings. With all that's going on in the world, this kind of work seems irrelevant and indulgent. It has no tension, no pull. I feel similarly about Richard Prince's joke paintings. If the content must be emblazoned on the surface of the painting, what is the purpose.

no-where-man said...

loved the show at Robeling steve buscemi was at the opening, he is so cute.

averywhitelabels said...

oh please, this shit is to make money. why are you even posting it, painter?

ec said...

Checked the Roebling site, thanks NWM. There is a fresh and open quality to the paint, a sweet fizz in the color. But no tension. The paintings conjure the insularity of the international art market: look at what this untrammeled, outsider artist can tap into without the constraints of formal training! There's basis in that, all we have to do is think of Darger. But outside of the taut, fetishistic compositions oif Darger, Rodriguez, et al outsiderism doesn't produce a high level of quality or do anything new with paint.

ec said...

In this case, I should add.

PinkandlacePony said...

The show at Roebling Hall made me laugh.

operation enduring artist said...

yes laughter! at ps1 people were laughing out loud (i heard). how many times have you been to a gallery and heard genuine laughter? tension? why must art have tension. i find luries work refreshing.
what if lurie isnt trying to tap into any "outsider style", what if this is as good as he can do?

burrito brother said...

This crap is terrible. More proof that everyone in the 'artworld' is a fame-whore.
They're not even funny!

closeuup said...

makes me want to go ice fishing...with willem dafoe

or do anything with willem dafoe actually

JD said...

Yeah, this is a little embarrassing. Nothing going on formally, and nothing going on conceptually.

no-where-man said...

i read it as an extention of his punk, jazz theatricality - sure its not a 'painters, painting' but that does not mean it is not hot Art, - however i also seriously enjoy David Shrigley,

burrito brother said...

Shrigley's poetic, formally playful, often hilarious...
This work isn't.

no-where-man said...

and a bit more academic, DS is still wrapped in alot of 'Art' questions - how about David Kramer, david byrne.

Baron von Rashke said...

Not so good Skinny. Even though you are a horse I think you can do better painting than this.

zipthwung said...

"Fishing With John" the TV series (cable, out on video) is funnier.

David Shrigley is funnier - and more profound, at times.

Dudes didnt invent humor though.

Andy Kaufman rules.

wod zar xam said...

I love John Lurrie's work in movies and music. It seems to me that these have a similar look to some of the paintings of David Lynch, sort of a interest in the narrative quality of objects. Possibly just a coincidence, but off the top of my head, a lot of musicians/film makers that turn to art seem to have a similar way of working. David Byrne and Vincent Gallo also often work in this way too. Text + Image paintings, almost like comic or storyboarding. I guess working with film long enough just sets your mind in a certain way of thinking that comes out when you paint.

zipthwung said...

I had a horse named skinny once.
I renamed it shithead.

Martin said...

this makes me feel sick and depressed and frustrated and angry.
not funny, not good, not even bad-good. it is horrible, maybe the worst thing on paintersnyc yet. has there been anything less deserving of attention? i can't remember. doesn't seem possible.

and i like david shrigley.

exu said...

I be a neigh-sayer too

niki said...

I saw the show at PS 1 and i thought it was refreshing. Yes it was hilarious (and i was laughing out loud in the gallery) but the text and drawing is decisively awkward and confident at the same time - not self-consciously constructed or faux naive but fresh and surprising. Like a first draft that somehow works, but just not how you expected it..

operation enduring artist said...

luries work IS just as witty as shrigleys. there are over 100 drawings at ps1...something for everyone. the sophmoric humor (which does not mean it isnt informed and smart) couples nicely with the sophmoric drawings...this one isnt my favorite but i like the "bear surprise" drawing a lot.

jim torok comes to mind, another great artist. leaves pretention at the door in favor of communication, intelegence, wit, message and entertainment.

kelli said...

I don't know why this cracks me up. I think it is the horse's nose and the "okay". I probably wouldn't want to own one or a Richard Prince either though.

Cross said...

The pony has a nice smile. Like I've seen on some art critics. :-}

bada said...

this makes me feel sick and depressed and frustrated and angry.
not funny, not good, not even bad-good. it is horrible, maybe the worst thing on paintersnyc yet. has there been anything less deserving of attention? i can't remember. doesn't seem possible.

I agree with martin. And yes, there was something less deserving. the artist's name is zak smith.

...and if there is any question to whether this art is legit...roebling makes it a point to say "The Museum of Modern Art recently acquired five drawings for the permanent collection." yes, yes, so there ya go...

interesting observation by wod, re musicians/film-makers turning to art...noticed a similar pattern also. I came from a music/film background myself, and I had to fight the urge to make art like this...it was sooooo hard...

okay, maybe not.

and how the hell is this fresh? this is not fresh...

zipthwung said...

i am going to go eat some hay

exu said...

its better than Ronnie Woods work

your humble congregant said...

lurie is toxic

fuck your wife -- the bird is stupid -- my assistant's a fag -- kill the bunny -- this is the shit he throws at you via his stupid captions

the colors are pretty, sure, just like vomit in fluorescent light -- it's that fucking turtle with the jewels glued to its back crawling across the floor in that fucking dark apartment in Against Nature

people think this is funny don't know when someone is dumping on them

but the art world just sucks this crap up because its full of clowns and tools and that's what they do, eat shit and grin

operation enduring artist said...

eat shit and grin

or we could just sit quietly and cry

or we could melt-down our mental furnace trying to wrap our mind around some grand context challenging instalation (so moch intelectual pleasure)

or we could genuflect at a miro

or we can just be amused

or we can participate by reclining in hammocks in Oiticican extacy

or we can simply enjoy the met.

or we can complain on blogs

{continue list}

no-where-man said...
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no-where-man said...

or we can suck it up and disco.

wow, just read the Zak Sabbath, thats harsh! i really apprechate his work as well as Lurie's i am not going to try convince you to like either of these guys - but would like to share with you y. when i ever i see something in a museum or gallery that makes me feel really mad or disappointed in the system, or confused, or i enjoy but wonder what makes THIS so special, i ask myself "y y is this here - who put it here? who is this Artist? how could the rest of there lives contribute to these pieces? are these a part of another "conversation" that i may not have heard yet or understand? i have learned a great deal doing this. these Artists are both very "punk" not in the sense that they are in hamburg 77' jobless... (well that had its elements of fashion as well) but in there relationship to the system i don't think either are really "studio artists" or concerned with "arty" lines of questioning into there work or having much of a conversation with the Art World at large, - rather these 'drawings' if you will are windows into the rest of there lives, - which may be more the nexus of there work. further they both strike me as allot of fun. fun in a witty not a 'get over' way. i am sure they are both happy to see there work canonized but i get the feeling that if it didn't happen they would still be perfectly happy living full lives doing what they love and making some paintings - some of that joy comes thru. the world could use more of that now if you ask me.

sorry if that "alienated people" people anon who dug oddly far down into my blog to tell me off and not answer me back - some of the comments on this blog "alienate me" and i feel the need to say something about it - wow - i don't feel alienated anymore.

Cooky Blaha said...

lurie once tried to tell me that basquiat copied his style in the 80s..........?!!
the only reason any of us have seen this work is his connections.......
For cryin out loud if painter posts vincent gallo's works next Im gonna boycott this site..but not until after reading a bunch of you guys laud them for their artistry.
This dude gets slaps on the back and you guys rip open Hernan Bas??????

zipthwung said...

Lurie's schtick has been done, and been done better. But i'd argue that most stuff has "been done" so that paintings become more like phrases or even just words. I'd argue that Art and Language was the last real cool breeze. Dig?

Zac Smith has been done too. I learned to draw the Marvel Way, same as everyone else. THen I graduated High School (not Laguardia or FAME or whatever) and I started usig Conte Crayon and shit.

After that I pretty much blew out the crotch in my underoos.

If Lurie is toxic I'm CHUD.

operation enduring artist said...

lets not rip on what has or has not been done because dude, its all been done to some length...sure maybe lurie hasnt taken anything further, and yes maybe i like him as an actor...but these still ring the funny bell.

bada said...

funny bell? no, this is NOT funny...and if it is...then we have to question why in this society we would.

actually, it's not surprise since this kind of humor is ALL OVER MEDIA. This supposed outcry against conservatism, against tradition, and with that ooooh, "shocking" value. in short, it's the humor of the day, the same gnawing, disrespectful, decadent, nihilistic view of our society, skeptical of its own rooting of being a member of society, and eating itself...

If there is "Joy" in this, once again, what kind of "joY" is it? and with so many ways of finding "joy" why do it by painting a horse that is telling someone he/she wants to fuck that someone's wife? this is NOT about joy.

And if it were about breaking barriers, the barriers have been broken time and time again...and with what? only the growing retaliation of the conservatism? There has to be something more than this useless battle in itself restrained towards the usual barriers of aesthetics, morals, and existential worth...

Humanity has a tendency for depravity and decadence, but no one said this is to provide for a better soul. how can it? It's too busy ravaging at it's enemy, but for no good reason except to blindly destroy the foundation of how many decades ago...

I'm not speaking about spiritual new age bs, the human need for beauty, and uplifting, and striving for transcendence is as real as our attraction towards decadence.

if we laugh at this, if only the laughs we got were out of a greater inspection of ourselves, our society. afterall, the entertainment industry is covering a lot of bases these days... and if making art was simply to enjoy yourself and have fun, not only does that detract from the merit of those "serious" artists that are completely, utterly devoted to their visions, but also lays waste the significance of actually "doing something new", and therefore, progress.

this art certainly doesn't add to progress, in the art field or any other realm of society... to me, how it adds to progress, is in an utmost consideration to the criticism I offer to a piece of art.

wod zar xam said...

Bada... I solute you. Excelent post.

operation enduring artist said...

bada, good post but seeing humor as only being 'funny' is an incomplete understanding of the power of humor. i admit, my imediate reaction to these is ha ha. however, humor isnt only 'ha ha', humor is a form of intelect. it is when we begin to disect why we laugh that we begin to see the structure, and the ugliness that is too often the foundation of this humor. i think your critical read is correct....why is it funny that this horse wants to have sex with my wife, he must know it is wrong?...we know it is wrong.

if we laugh at this, if only the laughs we got were out of a greater inspection of ourselves, our society.


i guess i challenge you in that i think lurie IS a serious artist and to say thast his work detracts from the merit of "serious" artists...i say, dont take yourself too seriously or youll lay waste to yourself.

closeuup said...

I think you're way wrong bada.

Lurie's work is like a hipster hallmark card. It's not funny because it ISNT MEAN ENOUGH.

Whether you like it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, we are in a war against the forces of repression. Any ammunition we have must be used. Be above it all and produce life affirming work -- fabulous. Get down in the ring and punch away at the fuckers --great. We have to do it all.

Watching Steven Colbert rip Bush another asshole, and watching Bush have to sit thru it and squirm made this week bearable.

operation enduring artist said...

mean is easy.

steven colbert wasnt mean, he was smart and subtle, which was much more effective.

all praise st. steven colbert

closeuup said...

He cant have been THAT subtle. Bush understood he was being visciously mocked. And he didnt look too happy about it (isnt that mean?)

Or maybe, do ya think, Bush isnt really that dumb?

operation enduring artist said...

mean is not clever...st. colbert was clever.

i do not think bush is dumb.
i do not think bush is smart.

getting back to lurie not being a 'serious' artist...have you seen his movies??? have you seen him in a hollywood movie??? he does what he likes and he does it in a serious way.

closeuup said...

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cam'ron said...

if you don't like this painting its time to go visit granny

BernardHopkins said...

Hooray for your intellect! Congratulations on your education. Now shutup.
John Lurie never even went to college and he has created more beautiful works of art in various fields than any person i can think of.
Lurie's work comes straight from his soul. His show at PS1 is stunning. It is exciting to see work by someone who has really lived life, someone whose work has energy and beauty and naivete and an amazing sense of humor.
Nothing is less interesting than artwork by over-educated, self-concious dweebs like some of you.

Christopher said...

Some people paint paintings good and/or bad.

Other people wax pretentious on web-blogs.

The end.