Barbara Friedman


Painter said...

Barbara Friedman @
Michael Steinberg
526 West 26th Street
Suite 215
New York, NY 10001

Dumbpainter said...

I love Pthalo Blue out of the tube.

poppy said...

I love cerulean blue out of the tube.

- This is throw down, a show down, hell no I can't slow down, Its gonna go. Drop the needle.

Pthalo Cerulean?

poppy said...

Found this interssting as part of the almost gallery mandate.
- A significant number of those represented (gallery artists)produce works that investigate the interaction of digital information and the artist’s hand.
These requirements seem a little specific and a little boring. Anyone find this odd? Is this what happens when you have 500 galleries in one place?

zipthwung said...

FLIVVERi saw the new zodiac movie


FLIVVERi i i , i got a girlfriend, whos better than that

FLIVVERwho took the money awaaaaay

FLIVVERi got a girlfriend with bows in her hair

FLIVVERand nothing is better than that

FLIVVERthe zodiac movie was like the woodward and bernstein movie - in fact there are many EEEERIE parallels

Guest677goodnight and thanks Flivver.

Guest677 left the channel


FLIVVER10 little indians...and then there were....nine?

FLIVVERso back to "all the presidents men" vs "zodiac"

FLIVVERboth feature obsessed news reporters tracking down the story of a lifetime - muckraking!

FLIVVERback in the day, there were these "yellow" journalists.Yellow journalism is a pejorative reference to journalism that features scandal-mongering, sensationalism, jingoism or other unethical or unprofessional practices by news media organizations or individual journalists.

FLIVVERwell that stuff sells papers - look at the hearst empire - circulation battles man!!!!


FLIVVERso but the Watergate scandal sold papers and made careers for the journos -

FLIVVERwhich is sort of a little theme that runs through the movies - id like to see that sort of thing developed more - like in "Shattered glass" where fabulits actually CREATE stories so they can get the scoop, natch


FLIVVERnowadays they are called publicists or worse

FLIVVERso i see that happening with artists - and i dont know what that deal is - though its been commented on, lord knows.

FLIVVERbut if the whole art deal is a fabrication or even just collapes under the weight of its uperficial tissue on the scaffolding of the art martyr - well then good riddance right?

FLIVVERno, evolution, not revolution. Help me deep throat, help me. zipthwung@gmail.com you know, help me or some shit

FLIVVERat least make up a good lie.

FLIVVERi mean its a self perpetuating ecology - like the lie that tells the truth, but the truth isnt out there, its made up, in here, and thats why i need outside verification - otherwise im hjust some schizo wannabe, imagine, watergate without nixon, zodiac without the killer. Nocenter man. Nada.

FLIVVERi mean thomas pynchon can do it. Kurt vonnegut can do it. Barthelme, Joyce...its all there, just add water.

zipthwung said...

the blu e is the weakest part of this painting - the ferris wheel is pretty dynamite - uses some obvious tricks , but those tricks are tried AND true. Go figure. The las painting could learn a thing or two from this painting.

zipthwung said...

and this painting could learn a thing or two from James McNeil WHistler, maybe.

zipthwung said...

i mean but blurrred paint...is soooo awwweeeeasome.................
richteresque in the consciousness of the current historical get go.

zipthwung said...

this is not bad

but its not outsidery enough for my taste.

Alana said...

its totally manganese blue from gamblin.

Cross said...

ferris wheels scare me a little. 'specially underwater ones.

zipthwung said...

General Stilwell meanwhile watches the madness as everyone heads for the coast, learning that Birkead and Stratten have crashed into the tar pits. Wild Bill follows on motorbike and, along with the tank, are doused as they crash into a paint factory and then end up striking a turpentine factory, where they are cleaned of the paint. Meanwhile Ward Douglas and the other people at his house move the gun dropped off by Tree early to the cliff and begin firing at the Japanese submarine. The Japanese return fire but soon see the Amusement park and the Ferris wheel. Believing that to be an industrial structure they destroy the Ferris Wheel as it rolls off the local pier. The tank with Wally and Tree arrive and attempts to sink the submarine, but they too are ultimately sunk as they drive to the end of the pier and are blown up. Wild Bill also drives his motorbike off the pier and swims to the Submarine, whereupon he is captured by the Japanese, who, believing their honourable mission accomplished, now return home.

youth--less said...

sunset on the ferris wheel. zzzzzz.

But I'll tell you this, man, I'll tell you this.....I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames.

amy boras said...

round and round

Multi-Media Artist said...

If only I could paint like that... then what would i be?

youth--less said...

The birds they sang at break of day
Start again, I heard them say
Nor dwell on what has passed away
Or what is yet to be.

The wars they will be fought again
The holy dove be caught again
Bought and sold and bought again
Until we set them free.

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
The light behind to see.

Add up the parts, not yours the sum
Strike up the march, there is no drum
Every heart to love must come
Like a refugee

Dumbpainter said...

Ranking of blue:

1. Manganese
2. Cerulean
3. Cobalt
4. Prussian
5. Ultramarine
6. Pthalo

out of financial reach
a. lapis lazuli
b. azurite
c. indigo (fade away)

Anonymous said...

How about "blue hue' Or is that not legitimate?
This would be a blue green teal hue with some ferris.
In London I've heard 'painting for pounds' and found out that the pound is not only a weight it's a currency. So for dollars how would that translate?

I'm sure Barbara's work is good, and I've done a combo with these three:
1. Manganese
2. Cerulean
3. Cobalt
and zinc, only zinc
and it brought good dollars, and I liked it, still do.
So on reflex: this pound of blue, this dollar of due
reads perfect in its cross current.

PrettyPablum said...

This gallery is the worst. Makes me wonder if Mr. Steinberg's eyes are broken.

youth--less said...

I'm in love

zipthwung said...


I sense extreme ddiissillussiioonnmmeenntt....so then why not move on and just paint? Why make these pseudo-conceptual art-historical-nod-to-off-zzzzzzzz deals?

Really people, art history is a blank slate at this point.

Its like the art world is full of boiled frogs!

Linda Griggs said...

Please forward.


E32 is looking for Group Shows and Art Videos to be presented on a dual vision projection screen in the window of Lotus, a popular Lower East Side bar. The work will be seen on the sidewalk of this highly pedestrian trafficked corner on the Friday and Saturday nights preceding the Third Tuesdays. On Third Tuesdays the projections will include an artist's talk, all welcome.

For consideration, upload your three - eight person Group Show to MySpace or Fotki. Upload your three minute art video to YouTube or Motionbox .

If chosen your Group Show will be made into a three minute film with
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Artists videos, if chosen, must be mailed in on a data CD.

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