Baker Overstreet


Painter said...

Baker Overstreet @
Fredericks and Freiser
536 W 24th Street

zipthwung said...

reminds me of Tal R but thats because some of the work looks look very simular not because they were on the same UFO I was on.

God loves a miracle, and i do too, go figure. Its all one continuum, me and god, god and the devil, the devil and undisciplined painting.

What is discipline anyways? Sitting in your seat while rome burns? Eating all the donuts in a box at one sitting can be as disciplined as eating just half of one, cut slowly with your leatherman allin one utility knife, while you wait for rescuers to come but they never come, so you have to cut off your own leg, because trees take longer to cut in half. Not like donuts. WHere is the middle?
Not here, not there. Probably becoming something else - maybe in another stomach, an alien stomach.

And so you see through other peoples gastric juices, the inevitability of ass imilation.

He who dealt it smelt it.

Farmgirl said...

I don't know if I see Tal R. These are much more sexual and much funnier. After all, I think this is a painting of a tongue and two nipples. This is more like a weird, tantric Carroll Dunham. The Times compared him to Keegan McHargue, but that doesn't work for me either. The big face he had at the Armory show was very trippy. It was one of the only paintings there that I liked. How about Cobra meets Chicago i
Imagist, meets primitive?

burrito brother said...

If this work is "sexual" then I'm doing it all wrong...

Ursula's Dad said...

this makes me want to make cafe press shirts that say "I Rainbow Alfred Jensen".

Sometimes I think Picasso's blue period was the result of not being able to purchase any other colors.

Maybe Baker just can't afford to buy a tube of Dioxine Purple?

fordgrass said...

its the muthershipconnection muthafuckers...

SisterBee said...

Ooh. This is interesting but a wee bit too symmetrical for my taste. I'm having a hard time looking at it directly (! need to partly shield my view of my monitor when this painting's on screen). Strange.

gumersinda said...

Personally, I think the work is amazing. I see a little resemblence between him and Tal R, but Overstreet is a far better painter. I also hear that Saatchi's been looking at the work - I really hope to see more of his stuff, and soon!!!!

operation enduring artist said...

let me weigh in:

it the 11pm. post utopian, neo psycadelic riverboat...deep in the tangles of a full on party.

jenergy said...

clearly chris martin

and not so not tal r

don't mind the nipple riff

even olivier mosset is going for face recognition these days

go figure


III said...
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apenest said...

looking at the other work i definately agree with the aliens hypothesis

III said...
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III said...

Something tells me that the contributors here are quite young (as is the artist). And excuse me for critiqueing the critics, but it is also clear that the artist is more sophisticated than the critics here.

Who cares if Saatchi is looking? This is the rubbish market-driven thinking that is too common among young artists, especially painters. Have you looked at the Saatchi site lately? Who isn't in the Saatchi collection these days? Its really no achievement... its as easy as having a chelsea show.

As an occasional spectator (first time contributor)of this blog, I'm asking the contributors to please stop this wide-eyed, market struck, name dropping, shallow and boring conversation and next time, go to the show, see the painting, think about it and have something reasonably intelligent to say.

I keep wanting to ask my students to have a look at this blog, but every time I read it, I ask my self "why bother?"

This blog is such a fantastic idea, that is why I care enough to write in. Don't take me the wrong way, I'm not asking "painter" to control the content... I am just asking the contributors to stop being lazy and gossipy.

zipthwung said...

III =- well look here we have a big fan base for this artist!!!! WHere were you cheerleaders the last twenty paintings? Its hard to tell where you are coming from, you all new and wet and bubbly for this space oddity.

You should know that none of the regulars are under 70.

Tal R is not the only point of reference but there was a painting very simular in look and feel to this one in the armoury show - ill find it if you insist.

But look - COBRA
is not just a snake, it was an art movement.

On my end I see big bold shapes, crude "fresh" looking paint application and a general sense of playfullness. Am I not describing both artists? Could I not be talking about any of a number of faux naive painters?

My lack of sophistication MIRRORS Baker's and why not? Its a free country. And if you read what I wrote seriously, I offer several good points. But too each their own and from each, their own, right? Karl M would be proud of me, but not you.

I will leave you with Roberta's excellent analysis - spot on with the UFO artist.

Whats the frequency kenneth?

BAKER OVERSTREET: NEW PAINTINGS Like Keegan McHargue and Devendra Banhart, this young artist has a penchant for tribal motifs, which he flattens into symmetrical compositions and renders with an outsider roughness. The works in his debut show evoke the imagery of the space-ship-obsessed, self-taught artist Ionel Talpazan, as well as Alfred Jensen and Forrest Bess. Their notion of the visionary is both self conscious and familiar, but they are painted with energetic dispatch and a sure sense of scale, color and wit that encourages you to stay tuned. Fredericks & Freiser, 536 West 24th Street, (212) 633-6555, through March 17. (Smith)

Roberta smith wrote a review comparing

zipthwung said...

me to you in a way right? You all anal, painting between the lines, me all reading between the lines, posting across barriers. Its CRAZY!!!!

zipthwung said...

Comment deleted

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8/3/07 11:40 AM

WIshfull thinking??

closeuup said...

Teachers...what are you gonna do with them? They're like cops. What kind of person gets into the profession?

Start your own damn blog with yr students. It's easy. Jeeeez.

zipthwung said...

The defense lawyer suggested the boy changed his tune recently because he felt jilted by the teacher. He sent "threatening" text messages to the 5-foot-4, 125-pound instructor on Thursday, according to LoPreto.

And the messages were no serenade.

"I told you you better watch your back," LoPreto said the boy typed to the teacher.

"We were concerned for her safety," she said, adding, "He either was told something about her or heard something about her that upset him . . . One could say . . . he indicated that he had been dropped."

The judge released Streb without setting bail, but he issued a full order of protection, barring her from contacting the student.

zipthwung said...

rome ovid oreo void

burrito brother said...

does anyone know if this guy is really into aliens like mccracken or even boobs? can someone post a statement. sure, they're pretty good minus the drips...

SurvivorNYC said...

iii I am with you. I think the point of this site is to see the shows and talk about the work posted. Simple idea simple rules.
I still like looking at the paintings here and seeing what is going on and sometimes reading the comments if I see a new name posted. Like today!
I really liked these paintings. This work is like a lot of work right now but it comes across bolder and fresher.

III said...

Thanks, survivor, and Z, no need to get your panties in a wad. Rather than getting all ranty with you ("I'm not a teacher I just occassionally work with grad students, blah blah blah...") Let me just try an actual contribution:

I did some minor research and found images of a previous work: http://www.marypaulinegallery.com/html/Detail.asp?WorkInvNum=2196&whatpage=exhib

(I hope that link fits)

These images reveal a play with narrative that isn't present in this painting or in the show that the painting is in. The characters in the other paintings bring a playfulness into the work that is missing in this more serious-looking show. As a result of the diverse imagery, the painter is forced to come up with different solutions for applying paint... the painting in the one above is so even, as if he just wanted to get painting done. The lack of narrative or "characters" pushes the painting toward the decorative.

I think the paintings in the show are fine, not bad, but too self-conscious. They need to be more challenging. The older paintings are diverse in imagery, paint handling, narrative... they are more psychological, social, whatever you want to call it. The new paintings are too comfortable, not dynamic enough.

And all this tribal stuff, I don’t know. Picasso was into it, but in the 21st century one should be aware of post-colonial theory, etc… (maybe Overstreet is?)

Anyone see that “primitive” show at Sean Kelly?


Overall, these abstractish paintings are okay, but the figuration was so fresh in the earlier work that it is hard for me to get into this tamer more conservative work.

zipthwung said...

Bolder and fresher? Like Scores or more like Priviledge? Your commentary isnt any more intelligent or interesting than a bowl of cool whip.

zipthwung said...

i knew you had it in you iii. Im into food and food related criticism right now. Its a dietary issue.

Im down witht he tribal too - I think its a more interesting way to go than fey/slacker watercolor that is also in vogue. Just seems meatier.

kalm james said...

You tell em closeuup

SurvivorNYC said...

Zip I am aware that my commentary isn't that intersting that is why I rarely post. I can spot interesting commentary however.

kalm james said...

Rather that Tel R I think this work looks more like Alan Davies, whose got a show up now at ACA. I loved his stuff back in the late sixties early seventies, fun British Abstract Expressionism with an Eastern almost Zen kind of whimsy.

Overstreet’s surfaces are much thinner, runnier, where Tel R’s are thick and chunky. The symmetrical compositions recall some of the “Outsider” works shown at the fair at the Puck building in January (better than most of the Armory, PULSE and scope stuff)

Whats wrong with drips? (so long as their don't get out of hand.)

closeuup said...

And yet Roberta lumps this guy with devendra banhart & keegan mchargue -who both do fey slacker watercolor plus keegan does tribal/computer painting too. im all confused. Fey/slacker/tribal/computer watercolors and painting. I like it all, actually.

Speaking of Devendra..I really didnt like Joanna Newsom until I heard her latest album--its totally convincing. I think its because she finally got a good producer.

But I've been completely into Pop Levi this week. Fuckin awesome.

burrito brother said...

I actually don't think Devendra's that good, Keegan, yes. As for drips KJ, I never said all drips were bad, I just don't think BO's ptngs benefit from them- don't recontextualize me!

poppy said...

Its funny that you wouldn't tell your students to come and have a look at this blog, since conversations happen here, many people visit here, and it only takes a couple of intelligent remarks to get the ball rolling. You can skip over what you don't like or things you find nonsensical... The great thing about this blog is that it is a BLOG, anonymous, and people don't have to be academically correct in their approach to critique. You should try focusing on the positive aspects of it and less of what you find offensive.

Personally I find his figuritive work a little more conservative than this approach regardless of its capacity for narrative and its dirtyness. It is random, incoherent, and seems like it could be dismissed rather easily. I think he could marry the two.

III said...

Poppy, I'm glad you are here and regret I haven't read your comments before.

I respect your point about recommending the blog to my students. You do have a few good points. However, maybe you can also see why I would not bother telling grad students to read comments that are so often limited to "drips are good/drips are bad" or simply "this looks like..." it becomes like one of those baby games of matching similar colored blocks. My point is that sometimes it seems like there are too many weeds to bother picking through...
But I suppose I'm here now and its not all that bad.

Anyway, who am I to come into an existing blog and imposing my opinion of how it should be done? It is what it is.

And I should correct myself... "young" was not the right word to describe many of the commentators... I should have said childish. There is nothing wrong with being young!

Now to comment, Poppy, I know where you are coming from with the figurative work, but I don't know if the word conservative describes what you are saying. I'd say perhaps it is just less resolved. The fact that it is incoherent is exactly what I think makes it more interesting. The abstract work seems TOO resolved, too sure of itself and I'm not exactly sure what there is to be sure of. That said, I still think its one of the stronger more interesting things on the page in the last few days.

poppy said...

iii, thanks for responding. an Unpopular opinion is also a good way of instigating conversation and can be beneficial. A good approach. An unresolved, anything goes approach to narrative content can prob make for an interesting painting, but does little for the narrative aspect. I think it detracts. I tend to look longer at work that is sure of itself and wonder about the content and if there is actually any. When i think of conservative i usually think of popular approaches and try to avoid this myself. I'd like to see the figurative a little more in this work, just more sure. I think the reason it is soo easy to move away from the figure (Baker) is because content is secondary. So this makes me think the real content is his approach and less about what is depicted.

closeuup said...

Happy international womens day to you all-kj, zip, poppy.

Remember this one KJ? Billy Al Bengston was a good painter sometimes...

III said...

OK, Great point. So if the content is the approach, then what is up with the "tribal" references. I couldn't get at the prss release from the website... I want to know where he is coming from with this. And what is it exactly about the approach that is interesting?

The funny thing is that I sort of like this work. I just want to know if I like it because it is decorative and likable or is it a "good" challenging painting.

poppy said...

good question. I haven't read anything about this work myself. Maybe hes making a point, who knows?
I just think you can have the facade of both and often one can get lost in the other. Thats why I want to see a little more clarity in the other work. Check out cristoph ruckahberles primitive mask paintings. I see a sort of resemblence.

great, I love women.

closeuup said...

This painting is connecting the body and the spirit, heaven & earth thru the use of symbols, color and geometry. Whoever said tantric is on track. Updated tantric? Can something so ancient be challenging? I think it can.

kalm james said...

Women, Gotta love em!

kalm james said...

In many cases the comments made on this blog function as a kind of shorthand for intentions and sensibilities which would take too much time and space to convey (except for zippy). Also there are numerous contributors who are of various ages and limited views of what has and hasn’t bee done before, (nothing new under the sun). I would have been more involved recently but we upgraded our system and for some reason haven’t been able to sign in lately

poppy said...

true that, and easy to misrepresent yourself..
I think this is pretty strong painting and I like his other paintings but I don't think this has less content than other work. thats sort of my take.

zipthwung said...

I can spot interesting food. THis looks like Tal R because of the african palette. Hows that?

people tend to reference the people that give them power - hence robertas referencing the artists she pays attention to. Same with everyone else.

itts who on what block and thats the way you choose the blocks - because thewy are after all just blocks. Nothing new under the sun in my book.

Africa, its all black and orange and yellow, with some other colors, but mostly loud, because disenfranchised people tend to talk louder. That and deaf people.

Im not deaf. Def. You know.

I was reminded today that being childish is prefererable to being disenfranchised.

I blew through all my chakras in an onanistic rage the other day.

Hail Bop.

no-where-man said...

omg im not in the saaaatchi collection ;( i so want to be. his site iz so full of sparkling young intellcutaliz - well what point of Chealsa is not full of the young, bohemian and dezerving...!!!

tumbleweed said...

the sophmores at risd are really into neo-tribal bullshit. heigh-ho hipster.

zipthwung said...


now theres a name i havent hear in three minutes.
Help us barak obama, you are our only hope for the rebel allianc same as it ever was business as usual, shooting at wamp rats just doesnt give us the force the way it used to.

you are our only hope barak obama, help us.

beeep bob wheep chiiirrrr.

poppy said...

Id like to see some of this neo tribal bullshit, which i'm sure it is. but also because I'm sure these radical hipsters are gearing up for Saatchi and the likes. Nothing like acting like a freak for money. You kind of turn into another kind of freak that we all look at with embarassment. There is a specific German word for that I think.

JpegCritic said...

what's this i hear about getting
a chelsea show? cuz they're closing
my pay-n'-go account and i needs to know.
any tips and i'll even kick-down a finders fee.
do you have to be 21 or older, or just act like it?

zipthwung said...

jpg all you need to do is coke. I dunno, you know its about hair attitude and killer licks. Brand of 1
colon of many. Tape worm to the stars.

Im actually on the tribal dealio simply because its full spectrum light, and im all about sun - im nearly eight feeet long now, and im starting to shed pieces into the composting toilet.

zipthwung said...

is anyone else an "art community member"?

JpegCritic said...

shoots bra, i get that way washing brushes.
and thinking about saachi.

zipthwung said...

this apinting has lnding gear grah - it lifts, it separates - yeah.

im looking for a gallery with a roof deck. Now thats living.

zipthwung said...

this painting/
has a landing gear bra/
it lifts/
it separates/
mothership, oh mothership/
can you relate?

zipthwung said...

ean Baudrillard, 77, Critic and Theorist of Hyperreality, Dies

the grey mist is closing in.
I cant see my keyboard anymore.

Stanley said...
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purplybob said...

On the purplybob Scale of "cool to look at while high" I give this a "6".

a tobacco farm in NC

thriftstoremodernist said...
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