Frankie Martin


Painter said...

Frankie Martin @
55 Chrystie St
(between Hester & Canal),
NYC NY 10002

closeuup said...

In light of the ann coulter "schoolyard taunts" I guess this is where everything is going. I kill your dignity with my childishness.

Maybe it will work, or uncover something. Let me know.

I was a very serious child.

zipthwung said...

1974 was not my year

Brangalina said...

I just had a hell of a time signing in here. Why does blogger make it so hard now?

These remind me of Joyce Kim's show years back. That was a really good show at Jurska. Hanging paint.

closeuup said...

I liked those Joyce Kim's you're talking about, she really made a kick ass painting in a new way. They were iconic, motley and ineffable.

These just seem knowingly and aggressively stupid which I understand, but I don't really like. I am around 16 year old girls every day, and they are stupid but in a searching way that is OK.

Brangalina said...

16 year olds that is a hard age. This artist work seems to be very obsessed in her teenage years. Its like one of those cheesy movies where everyone else grows up but one character is stuck 20 years behind. That movie with Jennifer Garner on her 13th birthday and she wakes up and she is 30. Or Never Been Kissed.

Wil Murray said...

After spending th night wondering who the fuck uses a lot of yellow, I come to this?
Maybe some babyshit brown will balance it all out.

Steven said...

without context, i thought it was a handsome enough thing. and it is, i mean. upon realizing who made it... i couldn't shake whole warehouse apartment/art school spring break 2002 vibe about it. aggressively stupid sounds right. and, though i'm sure it's harmless, i can't help but think this sort of thing evidences some sinister underpinning.