Yayoi Deki


Painter said...

Yayoi Deki @
619 B West 27th Street

zipthwung said...


im breaking all my crayons right now.
Nothing to do with the work, its great, just great. Not for me, for you.

zipthwung said...

sumimasen, gaijin "kuturu-shoku" - nihongo ga wakarimasen!!!!!

zipthwung said...

if the Rarah Morris was Tangrams, this is Tetris. Duston Spear is paint by numbers, melissa brown is a hippy coloring book, anj smith is getting pecked to death, tala madani paints, mimi gross is in a class reunion for whitewomenpainterswhoknoweachotherswork.com

zipthwung said...

albers squares colours and bears
we know everyone cares
a little or a lot
my Poneys like to trot
The clouds in the sky all transform
Robots like to never be born
Patched with cabbages -dolls made of mud
but did you hear the one about
Elmer Flood?

Rains it pours its arte pauvera we go with the flow on the Chelsea Riviera.

Dumbpainter said...

Nice poem.

Byron Kim for the "ME" generation.

Can't decide if this is French...as a former professor liked to ask...

zipthwung said...

THE Enlightenment is not dead...

Oil Painting Course

To draw a picture considering the meaning of life
In this course, students verify the 20th century's expression of pictures and study the scheme of pictures while connecting it to the social background and phenomenon of the time when the work was produced. In drawing oil painting pictures, it is encouraged to do so while being strongly aware of a relationship with the modern society, and considering the meaning of life besides delving into internal stock. In fine arts research, each writer's ways of thinking and work process are studied, and making a portfolio and presentation training are performed.

The new technique of expression is explored on the basis of the molding consciousness born by body feeling.
In order to explore the new techniques of expression, new materials and media techniquesare taken in on the basis of the molding consciousness born by body feelings such as seeing, hearing and touching. Furthermore, views such as law of perspective or chiaroscuro after Western Renaissance aren't thought as absolute truth and each plane expression is pursued while touching expression form such as the meaning of the line, margin and space and contra-perspective and movement of viewpoint the East and Japan have cultivated. From the third year, after drawing intensive training course, students are divided into three classes for every theme and produce works.

go to school

zipthwung said...
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Cross said...

"...little boxes made of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same." ...Pete Seger

Unknown said...

is this style of not art still popular. i work for a contemporary art centre in scotland. i have to write the explanations for this kind of thing all the time. there is a problem; when the description of a piece is more labour intensive than the artwork it describes, was the piece a collaboration or or is it now two seporate works. one which cannot cannot exist without the other?

or am i just bored.

Cross said...

Good point Paddy. Comes down to whether the piece makes you want to look at it more, or read about it. And worst of all, if you want to put on headphones and hear about it, well just choose iTunes.

Unknown said...

you just had to go and post that Fonz thing didn't you. And why does he want to run over children's legs with his bike?'
I haven't been here in a while, looking anyways. shame.