Judy Ledgerwood


Painter said...

Judy Ledgerwood @
Tracy Williams Ltd.
313 West Fourth Street
New York, New York 10014

Decay Image said...

my dog could do that

Anonymous said...

Again, why undervalue what a dog has to offer? Engaged immediacy, it's worth something, innit?

zipthwung said...
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zipthwung said...


why is modernism still around?

zipthwung said...

"The tradition of the oppressed teaches us that the 'state of emergency' in which we live is not the exception but the rule. We must attain to a conception of history that is in keeping with this insight. Then we shall clearly realize that it is our task to bring about a real state of emergency, and this will improve our position in the struggle against Fascism. One reason why Fascism has a chance is that in the name of progress its opponents treat it as a historical norm. The current amazement that the things we are experiencing are 'still' possible in the twentieth century is not philosophical. This amazement is not the beginning of knowledge--unless it is the knowledge that the view of history which gives rise to it is untenable."

--Walter Benjamin, "Theses on the Philosophy of History," (Spring, 1940) trans. Harry Zohn.

burrito brother said...

I was a big Clemson Tigers fan growing up... Go Tigers! I'm not sure why Judy had to go and sissy-fy their logo, but I still think she's a good painter.

zipthwung said...

otemism (derived from the root -oode in the Ojibwe language, which referred to something kinship-related) is a religious belief that is frequently associated with shamanistic religions. The totem is usually an animal or other naturalistic figure that spiritually represents a group of related people such as a clan.

Totemism played an active role in the development of 19th and early 20th century theories of religion, especially for thinkers such as Émile Durkheim, who concentrated their study on primitive societies (which was an acceptable description at the time). Drawing on the identification of social group with spiritual totem in Australian Aboriginal tribes, Durkheim theorized that all human religious expression was intrinsically founded in the relationship to a group.

Anonymous said...

Go Tigers is a cute little film about the Massillon Tigers. Tracy Williams always is very wallpapery to me.

Anonymous said...

First Date? the titles on this one are really a stretch.

exu said...

her work is light and happy an d balanced,easy but not dumb,and it thus quite threatening to me-

Anonymous said...

in case you get lost

btw this doesnt look like a paw print to me. more like a clover.

poppy said...

" Those of us educated entirely in the west may be at a certain disadvantage for appreciating this multiplicity; out complacent engagement with the most familiar traditions- even where we imagine that engagement to be a critical one - may blind us to important aspects of art whose sources are more distant. We are too quick to affect the typical blase attitude of a comsopolitan inspecting the efforts of a provincial: very nice, but it's all been done before- the kind of attitude that led the outstanding English critic of his generation, on seeing his first Jackson Pollock painting, to dismiss it as an immature rehash of Wols and Raoul Ubac. What at first seems farmiliar may have different sources and a far wider compass than one had imagined. How canone fulfill the task of the critic- which is to say, the dedicated viewer- when the range of traditions and references that artists are likely to call on extends so far beyond what a single individual can know? When is it acceptable to be not just unfamiliar withwhat an artist is referring to, but unaware of my own ignorance? Perhaps never, or perhaps only when one accepts art's gift of openness and paintings invitation to direct experience." - The keys to the VIP

Anonymous said...

Melt Down, Jungle Fever, Insomnia, Big Fun, Pink Black Cherry, Moody, are the works that work best for me, online.
What they all have in common is that each title is different. Each tell something very simple about the painting. They work a few simple motifs, and really the focus--the shifts in the structure, sense of space, and the paint handling--show the stuff--what I call good promise.

The painter and decoration pieces, the repetitive motifs, wandering off the wall, while suggesting Ps & Qs are less playful, slow, and nostalgic.
There is this feeling of skating along with the artist, no-one has their blades on.

For the moment, my opinion: the square is where it's at for Judy Ledgerwood.

Cooky Blaha said...

anybody go out tonight? They had furniture at gagosian instead of taffe, I guess he's opening on the 15th..Chelsea museum show was a joke

bluebalz said...

i went out tonight, it was just cold and not worth the shows i saw, chelsea art museum, generic kind of. judy ledgerwood is usually better than this blue pawprint, too simple, i think i made this painting a long time ago.

mschool said...

Kim MacConnell

zipthwung said...

I like this painting. Maybe its the Simplicity. I saw it in Architectural Review, I think. I could live with it, as long as I had some Aztec domesticity to balance the zen of it. drawn and quartered, the magic or combustion.

The Chelsea art museum also had that food show - which wasnt terrible - Some art jokes and some class consciousness - body image stuff maybe I dont really care about except when the models are hot. Then it perpetuates the problem, which is interesting if you are a nutrition major, which many people are. Not me. I eat like a rat. The colgate collection is like that too - was also at the CAM- visual pun heaven - just a gear in the wheel. -nothing bad but nothing that makes you jealous for an idea/strategy or doubt the institution of art - whatever side of that institutional fence you are on. Im in the middle muddle scrum.

I dont go to the CAM with a thorazine suppository or anything. Its like going to see highbrow crafts. Read some proust or some other sickly or sucidal poet type. listen to the Velvet Undergoround on your I pod and immerse yourself in the pradigm. Do some drugs. Or not. You Tube is pretty fucking good if you tune n - and you dont have to get the references really - it comes to you like a horse in the fog.

Anonymous said...

Oh i went out - great night!, I thought Gago perfect for the high baroque Art is in.. there was a video installation in the front room the the right and i kind fun light sculpture in the room to the left front - it was funny because everyone was standing flat against the wall as if it world do somthing instead of approching it in the round. I also heard he was going to build up some insane amount of stories on his gallery on 21st. I-20 was interesting - i liked the artist previous show more with the viewing holes on the sides... but the video program at Deitch was really what last night was about, hot work, fab people and hes a lovely host.

Anonymous said...

Cooky, The Philip Taafee is on Madison Ave. not till Feb 13, last night was Marc Newson.

Cooky Blaha said...

why is gagosian selling furniture?

zipthwung said...

The cognitive dissonance of the divide between art and design is causing a ripple in the space-time-celebutard continuum. We need more designers - more weapons mostly, but theres room for everyone - lots of things you'd never think could be weaponized can be, in fact. Even chairs.
Gagosian is providing leadership by setting a curriculum forming example. You cant teach creativity, he is saying. Only Marc Newsom can create. You can teach people to make chairs though. Let them sit on the floor.

Is my answer.

kalm james said...

Yeah I went out last night and yeah it was cold. The Gogo show was sweet for furniture. Why’s he selling it? Just check the prices and the fact that these pieces are multiples, do the math. What’s with the poor “Bunny Protesters” out front? Gee’s a Gagosian opening is like a fete at the Royal Palace complete with paparazzis (no offence), street beggars, and a group of 1960s holdovers across the street with guitars and bongo-drums pouring paint and chanting for harmonic convergence.

The Chelsea Museum show wasn’t that bad. It is frightening the things people (mostly women) do to themselves to get “beautiful”. This stuff makes what ever happens at Abu Grab, or Guantanamo look like kiddy play, mutilation, starvation, torture. Ugly and fat never looked so good.

Coming home I rode across the Brooklyn Bridge, very strange. The whole thing was illuminated along with the Manhattan Bridge for a night-time film shoot. Driven across the bridges thousands of times, this was pretty weird and cool... hell cold.

zipthwung said...

THings you can do yourself:

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gazinia said...

Wasn't Charles Cowles showing furniture in November?

Anonymous said...

& sonnabend, the gugg architecture, Moma is no stranger to either. At this phase in Art history i would rather scope amazing design then so trustfunders "slacker" doodles.

Anonymous said...

anyone notice the new store across the street from GoGo?

Cooky Blaha said...

furniture over trustfunders "slacker" doodles? you're right I'd take Gagosian warehouse sales over Deitch porn anyday

zipthwung said...

I want a maserati. Anyone with me on that? This painting would go well with my ranch style hacienda on the beach. I'm thinking Chile.

Im going to consult on bayesian algorithms for predicting the market. You need taste? i got it in spades. you take specific factors like buzzwords in the press release or MFA school, location, square footage, light source, alcohol, month - and then it spits out...human voices wake us, and we drown.

Anonymous said...

who are you thinking about at Deitch? does he not normally focus on performative elements?

zipthwung said...

WOuld Willy WOnka qualify as an artist? Tesla? Edison? Buckminster Fuller? Harry F. Harlow?

Does risque pass for edgy these days?
Anyone can hire a donkey. Not every artist does.

The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting. ~Gloria Leonard

Paris Hilton has a case where she may sue for "right to publicity"

"The right of publicity is generally defined as an individual's right to control and profit from the commercial use of his/her name, likeness and persona, which shall be referred to in this article as the "individual's identity". Protecting the individual from the loss of commercial value resulting from the unauthorized appropriation of an individual's identity for commercial purposes is the principle purpose of this body of law.

How about Harry F. Harlow brand baby food? Sort of a reverse psychology dealio.

Anonymous said...

In Design and Crime (and Other Diatribes)
Hal Foster takes a interesting look at the ever changing Hi/Lo perspective.

zipthwung said...


What defines an era? This painting probably will not.

zipthwung said...

Stuff that maserati does not stand for:

hand made candles
sandalwood incense
alpaca wool sweaters
cheese whiz
lentil soup
above ground pool
pot luck casserole

zipthwung said...

take this course

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