Fred Tomaselli


Painter said...

533 West 26th Street
New York NY 10001

batswap said...

Is Fred Tomaselli just phoning it in these days? He is certainly not pushing. Can someone choose a piece from this show and stand up for its attributes as being better or worse than any other piece in the exhibition? I had a friend in school who did this type of work and he was completely dismissed. That said, craft is excellent, compositions are not as spatially oriented as previous works. It seems kind of like a filler show. you know what I mean?

no-where-man said...

The Fig Tree times article said it all - he is approching his work like a Garden

closeuup said...

I find his imagery delightful as always. I have some problem with the surface of his work. It's just too tight and closed in. Surface quality just seems like one of the most important things in painting. Surface needs to sparkle and be pourous, to let you in. These sanded and buffed resin surfaces don't breathe--they keep me out. They remind me of a surfboard or a car. Too industrial?

closeuup said...

Re the garden: Double dig Fred--I guarantee its worth it!

bluebalz said...

his worst show yet, seems like he is phoning it in in my opinion, and some of the painted surfaces looked dead to me, way way too much work in the show, and those small portraitss in the front room, just looked like cash. i think he needs to take a break and rethink some stuff. too bad hes a good artist, but success has not helped his work.

artgirl said...

it would be nice to see some real work posted on this site instead of halloween masks and the how-many-eyeballs-do you have painting. there is good work out there. there are artists who are really thinking about space, color, form. they are few and far between but it would be nice to see a little of that instead of the mindless nonsense that is unfortunately getting more gallery time and space.

exu said...

the pill stuf was exciting,especially the sort of sub atomic designs-its hard to maintain that novelty-this one reminds me of a 70s junoir high schoolers self made room decoration,but some others in show are ok-er

Painter said...

Who would you like to see specifically that I have not posted yet?

batswap said...

What about Kaye Donachie?

Things tend to be extremely chelsea centric, which makes it difficult at times to discuss painting.

I would be interested in seeing what people had to say about Josh smith seeing he has Glam status at the moment you could do the christopher wool george condo albert oehlen thing.

of course you will do the fiona rae?

The horror of the arturo herrera show?

The royal academy show?

a mix up would be nice,

what about the Thomas Cole show at the historical society

The vollard show?

I just feel that at times there is so little substance to discuss with all of the shows in chelsea, it just becomes gut: like it or hate it

van gogh at the neue next year.

is the blog specifically designed for what was painted yesterday?
by that I mean literally like 5 minutes ago

Things that "arent cool"

batswap said...

katy moran at stuart shave modern art london?
I suppose we cant "see" that though

how do people feel about discussing so much of this work without actually seeing it?

It doesnt seem to hold people back from making "authoritative"comments.

Thousand Points of Light said...


having it be ny centric is important from my perspective. the constraint makes it more meaningful, focused.

on the downside, chelsea figures so prominantely in the ny artworld, and more often than not that's a dissappointment from an artist's perspective.

Painter said...

Thanks for your suggestions.
I have just posted albert oehlen and I posted Condo twice. I like posting shows that are currently up in NYC in hopes that people will go see the shows. This blog is focused on work being shown and made in NYC.

You said Things that "arent cool"
I don't get that comment. Is that meant for things shown in Chelsea. I do post work shown in Brooklyn and downtown and uptown. If it being shown in NY and I hear about it and think some discussion can be had on it I will post it.

SurvivorNYC said...

This site is called PainterNYC
NYC stands for New York City the art capital of the world.

batswap said...

ah yes, my bad.

Dont misconstrue my things that arent cool comment, by that I mean things that dont fit into the hedgemony. I think Larissa bates was a good go at that etc. It is not a dig, just that there are things out there that dont necessarily fit the correct context. Certainly not a dig at Chelsea. As a newcomer to this blog, I supposed that (as there is no definition or description on the title page) that painters nyc meant painters from nyc.
I was incorrect.
I dont think the royal academy show would be too far a stretch as people know the work, and could see what the rest of the world thinks america is about.

I suppose when I say not cool I mean things that are just random sometimes, that arent supported to death by correct references, rather than the merit of what they are.

Or the name might well be changed to "Fashion painters nyc."

dangerous territory to be sure.

gazinia said...

I remember the 1995 or 97 show of his at Jack Tilton in Soho (of all places) and in walks Peter Schjeldahl who wonders aloud what the street value of the paintings is. I was naive enough not to've noticed the pharmaceuticals. I seem to remember a few artists using resin in their art at the time.

Decay Image said...

David Row, Gary Stephan, Cheryl Donegan, Alexi Worth, Suzanne Joelson, Elena Sisto,Chris Martin (have you shown him?), Elizabeth Peyton (have you shown her, I can't remember?)

zipthwung said...

"there are artists who are really thinking about space, color, form. "

There are also artists thinking about time, wavelengths and sanity.

Anyone walk through the Kosuth maze? It was painted, or sternciled letrasetted or whatever. How is that different than using collage and sanded resin?

Tomaselli allways reminded me of the seafood restaurant with the starfish and scallop shells embedded in the cable-spool tables. Or the route 66 tourist trap made out of empties and concrete. Or the funky bar with silver dollars and toy six shooters framing the liquor altar. Top shelf. You know what Im talking about.

Lots of artists use resin, for a day a week, a month or a career. SOme people make fancy surf boards or props (dont call it a movie). Theres a whole set of long Island surfers out there. Gives me a sculpture idea. I'll need a wave tank.

I see resin as a way to make collage valuable. Thats interesting in a sort of Gyro Gearloose meets Scrooge McDuck kind of way.

Another way to make something valuable is to invest time (obsession, love, paranoid schizophrenia, LSD) in it.

Permanence. That makes sense in the sense of mortality, but most people use resin non-metaphoricly I think.

WHich brings me to the topic of language.

Apparently there were some people locked in late modernism who thought of painting as a "language".

How do you FEEL about that?

kalm james said...

As of today, PaintersNYC has posted examples of nearly three hundred artists work. Break downs could be made along lines of gender (roughly female 52%-48% male) figurative (approximately 75 % - 25% abstract).

Geographical locations featured have included California, Japan, and Germany among others.

Certain galleries are featured at higher rates (Leo Koenig, Zach Feuer/LFL, Gagosian, Boone and Lauring Augustine) which might be justified because they represent the “cutting edge” or at least they show works that are favored by the denizens of this blog.

Other statistical anomalies might be explained as current cultural norms and tastes (which can’t be explained scientifically, though some of us might try)

At the current rate, in a mere 26,666 years, and six months, every artist in New York City (8 million) will have been featured on PaintersNYC.

Thanks painter for the concept, a lot of time spent out of the studio.

P.S. batswap, have patience, some time in the next 26 millennia you and your favorite artists will all be featured on PaintersNYC.

P.P.S. I’ve got exact figures on all this stuff, just don’t have time to calculate and diagram every thing do to Miami.

batswap said...

That is what I thought, a pissing contest not an actual discussion.

Ill log back in in 26 millennia

zipthwung said...

I am the third node up and left, on the right

fractals brah, digame!

zipthwung said...

its not piss, its "virtual urine" and im marking the rhyzome, but not rhyzome.com because those dudes are wack.

kalm james said...

Just the facts mame.

My days of pissing contests are long over. (You don't want to know.)

no-where-man said...

i thought only collage students thought the Artworld should be egalitarian.

if you liked kelly likes shoes you'll love text message breakup

you won't beleve the shit i will blogg about you.

zipthwung said...

Insn't it the law of the jungle that all animals shall be able to drink peacfully at the watering hole?

these kids these days think their hunting al queda

camron said...

this is totally a oainting of Beyonce!

camron said...


zipthwung said...


The colber report Herbie Hancock one was great too.

zipthwung said...


Martin said...

alexi worth just closed, david fertig recently opened. sarah mceneaney is also good, but it has been a while since that show closed.

kalm james - wow, that is something! are you writing a paper? what about race? very interesting.

operation enduring artist said...
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operation enduring artist said...

kalm james,
how many years before this site discusses me?

in this time of the art wars, i will endure. occupation is the only successful tactic. the trenches are long and deep (some short and shallow, no doubt) but once your head rises up and is exposed to the cross hairs no one is safe.

operation enduring artist said...

26thousand years....

no-where-man said...

omg, party. its fun. its a fun relaxing image that it looks like whomever had fun with. fun.

PrettyPablum said...

I just came from this show. Basically just more of the same FT, as much as I like his work.

Are these paintings?

The resin surface always annoyed me a bit. I also wish he would move away from the black/dark grounds. Bring it into the light.

no-where-man said...

this seems like a ligher work i swear i saw sum of dis before, the larger ones...

You will find the road

Cooky Blaha said...

how long we gotta wait? he's already 50

Mark said...

As mentioned a long time ago....the surface, the surface. Too impersonal for me and I'm a fan; I like his imagery.

hlowe said...

I thought this piece was about plastic surgery. I like the hairy hand and the eyes as floating bubbles.
ZIP said:
"Tomaselli always reminded me of the seafood restaurant with the starfish and scallop shells embedded in the cable-spool tables. Or the route 66 tourist trap made out of empties and concrete. Or the funky bar with silver dollars and toy six shooters framing the liquor altar. Top shelf. You know what Im talking about."--- Yes!I always liked looking at those table tops under my beer.

no-where-man said...

Chelsea: The Art and Commerce of One Hot Block

shhh money


James Cohan Gallery
533 West 26th Street, Chelsea
Through Nov. 11

Another virtuoso performance by contemporary art’s most technically gifted purveyor of psychedelia, Fred Tomaselli’s new suite of complex collaged paintings extends a career-long fascination with the kaleidoscopic profusion he detects beneath the familiar surface of things.

As always, Mr. Tomaselli’s new work suggests a trippy descendant of the Italian Mannerist painter Arcimboldo; his richly decorated, increasingly figurative scenarios (here featuring trees and flowers, birds, snakes and even humans) are built from literally hundreds of tiny found images, carefully excised from their original contexts and integrated into intricately painted compositions.

These new works still occasionally employ the artist’s signature incorporation of actual drugs into the thick layers of high-gloss resin that encase his pictures. These dazzling arrays, with their cannabis-leaf rosettes and garlands of candy-colored pills, draft the very tools of pharmacology into images that evoke the perceptual enhancements they produce. Yet the current work gestures less toward the pharmaceutical than usual; the mind-altering substance here is unadulterated sensory saturation.

The 18 works on view include a lovely suite of altered photograms, in which tiny painted and collaged eyes float atop soft grisaille fields like unidentified deep-space objects. There is also a series of less convincing portraits whose lurid color schemes and fashion magazine source materials lend them the unfortunate air of a mutant Duran Duran video shoot.

The five big pictures that anchor the show include some of Mr. Tomaselli’s most fully realized works. “Avian Flower Serpent,” for instance, a 6-by-7-foot panel from this year, features a fierce-looking raptor clutching a snake. Set on a tree branch against a sky exploding with painted and collaged floral blooms, the bodies of both predator and prey are constructed from painstakingly sutured images of bird and snake parts.

In the show-stopping “Abductor” (2006), a Technicolor tornado writhes in the center of an eight-foot-high panel. It fills the sky with spinning mandalas whose painted forms and collaged elements — images of butterfly wings, blossoms and body parts — produce an exquisite carnivalesque canopy of wheels-within-wheels, like the gears of some colossal celestial machine. JEFFREY KASTNER

SisterRye said...

It reminds me of the remainders of a warehouse sized garage sale being hawked on the Santa Monica pier in a plastic frame.

dotor kunst said...

Though I love the collage medium, this particular piece recalls Hannah Höch’s “Cut With a Kitchen Knife” and seems bland in comparison. Where Höch retained the ruggedness of funky materials and drive of spontaneous creation, the Tomaselli is slick and preconceived.

Although initially struck his gimmick of the inclusion of pills and cannabis leaves, I didn’t think an artist could make a serious career out of it. I was wrong, people like gimmicks.

The new work is more ambitious, though I’d like to see a grittier surface without the homogeneous mediation of the resin surfaces. Maybe some hand made imagery.

zipthwung said...

i think the surface should contain flavor crystals, if you know what I mean.

rentboy said...

another incredibly overrated artist, one-trick pony - the trick was interesting the first time around, more than ten-years ago