Charles Garabedian


Painter said...

Charles Garabedian @
Betty Cuningham gallery
541 West 25 Street
NYC 10001

hlowe said...

I like charles Garabedian. He taught me a great lesson one day while I was drawing a well-lit paper bag in a UCLA class (we were doing the the shadow, form thing.) He came up and started forcing my hand to draw a different way--it mad me bloody made but then I realized he was just trying to get me out of a "pattern" or habitual sort of moronic copying technique--anyway was a great lesson that has stayed with me. That being said, his early works were too much of the light touch for me. His classical subjects are always interesting.

Mark said...

I enjoyed the show, unique compositions. I don't like the use of several sheets of paper; breaks up the plane too much, for no good reason. Liked this one best.

zipthwung said...

another repeat offender.

DOnt paint drunk, because thats the only way Im ever going to differentiate myself in this wilderness of paint.

We are all star stuff. Thats a big problem, in my opinion.

But this faux naive stuff. Its getting on my nerves.

It begins with the idea - probably stemming from some sort of enlightenment/anti-enlightenment dialectic - that naive-is-fresh-is-good. Ergo Cave painting by candelight is the height of the deep.

But we know from experience that naive gets you ridiculed (see first faux-naive painter Henri Rousseau)and that art is not for babies nor whiners.

Art is for winners and crafty machiavellian strategists.

SO we have faux-naive. You might say you are what you eat, and the only real faux is an incumbent Republican.

Thats my position, you may assume, but it is not.

I dig the deeply humanistic element of this while decrying the ready populist "New Yorker magazine cover" (indeed the height and of all that is faux and naive!)

Touch and be touched (that sotheby's video is SWANK speaking of covers)TOuche!
People want to be touched. Its the ZEITGEIST, as they say in the biz.

In the seventies people wanted to be punished. In the eighties people wanted to punish themselves. In the nineties it was discipline!

Now its all about altered states and regression. No shit.

zipthwung said...

No wait its about synthetic personalization and polysemic messages within the broadcast panoptic con.

Or decorating your summer home.

Either way, someone wins.
Does god play dice?
You bet.

zipthwung said...

As an afterthought - i offer this anecdote-

I spent a summer at a Sigma Chi House washing dishes and one day I found a "Paddles" magazine:

"Paddles Magazine is produced by authors and illustrators who speak and understand the language of spanking."

and it kind of made me wonder about the purity of the ritual, if you know what I mean.

PrettyPablum said...

I've heard this man is among the older set, which makes the art-school look of this off setting. I wonder if the display of this work (thumbtacks) is meant to enforce that association? After all BC is a fairly swanky gallery.

I have been tired of adam and eve figurative tableaus for a long time, you could say it's built in, but in art school I remember there was this girl who did them a lot and the teacher just loved it. Something I'm not aware of? Anyone?

SurvivorNYC said...

Stop making art school comparisons it is so F-ing boring. It is lame to but artist that have been out of art school 50 year in Garbedian's case or 15 years in Anrather's case in that context.

zipthwung said...

yeah, keep it real!

PrettyPablum said...

Not sure what you mean Survivor? Grammar?

zipthwung said...

put put


Its lame to wear la-may but if you wear it out its fabric, all the same

Plain as spain?


hlowe said...

Unfortunately or fortunately for him, Garabedian's faux ain't faux at all.
He was a very late starter and technique is not his metier--more a concept fellow.

zipthwung said...

So but so then is he an outsider or a visionary like Grandma Moses or Ed Gein?

I never understood that. Because I know some people who can go through the stadt schule and not be changed a bit. Not even after the belly widening freshman fifteen. They just sort of waddle on down the hall.
Kill Kill Kill!

And then the party's over.

Is it the same reason that peopel go on second rate winery tours - to get the aluminum vat swill?

Next we'll be drinking wine coolers with names like "archimedes screw".
You know, when summer is out and theres NO CLASS.

Anonymous said...

Dear Zippy

As a more casual browser of Painternyc, one can always count on you single-handedly one-upping any dialogue with your endless blather. Your level of narcissism is so off the charts that it threatens to turn Painternyc into a one man wank-fest.

On the one year anniversary of Painternyc, you must be tired. I would emplore you to take a breath, remove the digital diapers and turn off the f*ckin computer like the big Beuys do when they need to be productive.

In the interim (with all that spare time), you might try to develop a real practice of painting yourself. Then you could put your work online for others to critique and change your name from Zippy to Brittany... or Brice.

cathy said...

I don't mind it. Why is it minded?
I don't think its faux persay, just another way of painting. Its kind of inbetween die-hard realism and not-giving-a-shit.
How can something be a faux-faux? When you do it for purely monetary and trend reasons.
And it seems like alot of "outsiders" now who sell on ebay are doing it for monetary reasons, which is as bad as any other artist.
Then again am I wrong in general for looking at painting and art as a visual experience and only looking for concepts when I can't see anything going on visually?
Photography is forced to be concept heavy.
I enjoy underdeveloped breasts in painting.
naive painting does astheticly please.

Do people not like things when it becomes mainstream? Are there hipsters in the mists?

zipthwung said...

thanks ed, I'll think about what you said.

Speaking about narcissism (dont call it a movement!)
i really like this painting by rousseau:


It really draws you in, and then it gives you tea and oranges and a hug from a loveable bear.


Reminds me of when I was little and my parents were renting four rooms, boxed, near an orange orchard. My pops was designing tents and somewhere int here my brother tipped the tv over and almost died.

Well the orange orchard had an area set aside for the people -free ornages!
DO you know what REAL ripe orange juice tastes like? No, I dont suppose you do.

cathy said...

rousseau's paintings make me want to stick my head in a toliet and vomit.

George said...

I for one like Zips comments, while not always on topic, they weave a web of personality which can be both entertaining and interesting. I find them no more disruptive than any other disruptive post. (How’s that for logic?)

I haven’t seen him in several years but I know Garabedian.

There is nothing ‘faux’ about Guardian’s paintings, nothing. To the contrary, they are about a truth, they are precisely representative of his vision, his way of thinking. This is a primary characteristic of great painting. Garabedian is an iconoclast.

So to the idea of reigning Zip in, I say nonsense.

George said...

Oh well, everyone's asleep or painting...

Zip, I'll see your oranges
and raise you apricots.
There is nothing like a
tree ripened apricot.
Apricots don't travel well
but they jam nicely.

hlowe said...

That is well put (about Garabedian, et al.)

J.Cross said...

Sorry "discuss Ted" but but Zip is the real deal and only reason me and all of my other friend lurk here. He might be a genius, I can't wait to read his every post, I wish he was my friend. Nobody else comes close to entertaining me the way he does it's true. I look forward to his gems of insight like I look forward to the pizza man knock. Don't hate Potentate, bro c'mon.

zipthwung said...


I had a dream, I had an awesome dream. You say you say you me you me. Ich und du. Naturally. Louder than bombs. Louder than words. Dancing on the ceiling. Electricc boogaloo for two.
I lost on jeaopardy. But I did not shoot the deputy.
Three legs in the afternoon.
I choose life, Liming, fiesta, forever cover to cover
all night long.

cha said...

What's he contemplating? What's she looking at? Better without the paper lines.... JC I read Zip too....

closeuup said...


zipthwung said...

They were the best of times and the worst of times.


Full bleed.

hlowe said...

Banksy Sets Auction Record

closeuup said...

...who coughed on the sixth floor of Harlem crowned with flame under the tubercular sky surrounded by orange crates of theology,

who scribbled all night rocking and rolling over lofty incantations which in the yellow morning were stanzas of gibberish,

who cooked rotten animals lung heart feet tail borsht & tortillas dreaming of the pure vegetable kingdom,

who plunged themselves under meat trucks looking for an egg, ...

JpegCritic said...

always and forever...

Anonymous said...

Zip we love!

clement said...

Yes Zip: vernisage

cathy said...


Anonymous said...

Zipthwung...Flavor Flav is the one...Public Enemy number one. You wear the clock well. This painting is horrible...I'm sure he's a wonderful teacher. What make's this anything to look at...anything. It ain't cool...it ain't well painted... it seems more like not aging well- twenty year old Clemente than anything else. I don't know the body of work...honestly why would anyone wish to spend any time with this work. How does one enter this kind of work...am I missing something?

zipthwung said...

I was looking at some angst-less work the other day and it occured to me that the show was just a conceptless put on.

But no, I looked heavenward and saw that its ALL just a put on.

Even the serious stuff.

Even god.

SO when people tell me to stop goofing around, I wonder what their damage is, man. Life is groovy enough without some cop giving you a bummer. Grock that?

Some of it is seriously about making money.

SOme of it is seriously about having models in the gallery while it makes serious money.

Thats called synergy.

A prefect storm is like money cocaine, booze drugs, sex and art.

You can then cut out the art when you feel like it and just live the lifestyle.

JpegCritic said...
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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth mugginess, from where I'm standing, and that's way off, the composition is engaging: the tilts; the triangular formation wedging in at the right top developed from male gaze's inquisitiveness line down across to the female's crutch straight up to the dislocated neck (the female's left arm, her left, bows this). There's even a rhombus in there.

There are chairs scattered and other odd bits.

Not sure, either, about the joined sheets, but the image Mark supplied is very neat compositionally--has all the calm, reservoir, and chops one is used to expect from a seasoned artist, who is not breaking every sound barrier known on record, nor engages in the cymbals clash, like one should, yet there is oomph enough.
Not all needs to be reckless, to take advance of what's stored up.

no-where-man said...

and all the joy with in you dies thx for the paparazzi add painter.

zipthwung said...

avez vous le grey papillon?