Georges Seurat


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Painter said...

Georges Seurat @
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY

Nomi said...


shinsky said...

so amazing that helium hoop skirt

CAP said...

I think that was called a bustle. I wonder if it will ever come back?

Do The Bustle!

Mark said...

Seurat seurat, love the silhouettes in the foreground

zipthwung said...

Perhaps it is this seeming ability to walk into these paintings that leads one to remember them as larger in size than they actually are. I don't mean to imply that the air in the paintings seem breathable because the works are so detailed and "magically" real. I feel the quality of air in a painting has little to do with tightness of technique. One can see good examples of paintings that seem full of air in the works of the Impressionists whose use of the vibrant color can be studied and applied to realism. As tree trunks grew progressively blacker, however, it became easier for birds to see and prey upon the speckled variety of the peppered moth. The once-vulnerable black moth, becoming indistinguishable against the darkening bark, found it easier to survive and multiply. By 1900, black peppered moths outnumbered the speckled variety by 99 to 1.

rmut said...

The reproduced image looks better than the actual drawing.

zipthwung said...

THe actual show has several of the same image - leading one to assume that perhaps it was a money maker.

My fantasy has turned to madness And all my goodness Has turned to badness My need to possess you Has consumed my soul My life is trembling I have no control

I will have you Yes, I will have you I will find a way and I will have you Like a butterfly A wild butterly I will collect you and capture you

zipthwung said...

Chevreul was also influential in the world of art. After being named director of the dye works at the Gobelins Tapestry Works in Paris, he received many complaints about the dyes being used there. In particular, the blacks appeared different when used next to blues. He determined that the yarn's perceived color was influenced by other surrounding yarns. This led to a concept known as simultaneous contrast.

emil said...

Man wikipedia is the best! The information there is like a conversation. I prefer the Seurat drawings and oil sketches to the large works. The big pieces feel like the chemistry that Chevreul was known for, like big science experiments with excellent compositions (calculated and rigid) Those drawings have flipped my lid ever since undergrad. They have an incredible command of value and the edge quality between shapes make you see the values as powerful statements thta are nearly colorful. It seems he was able in the drawings to make greys glow with more light than the whites! the lady's dress is like a glowing coal...those fucking edge shifts! Wow. In any other person's drawing the silhouettes would feel fuzzy but in the seurat world of comparison they make such a strong statement. Sorry for the prolonged wet spot on my keyboard but the work is for real this time.

webthing said...

film grain
lets the brain brain
feel better about its own memories
and dreams
perforated by necessary loss
of detail
as they are
i said it before i'll say it again
people like the gaps and soft focus
because it hits them in the private
dreams and memories


loss is the realest
(at least for the noetic)

webthing said...

oh and this is for our previous friend tron

and this for seurats great great grandchilllldren

and this for you

shit, o.d, but one more

go sewerat! splinter wasn't it?

CAP said...

Even before film/photo the eye granulates by rods and cones. Colour and B&W - high and low intensity.

Memory works with what it's given.

webthing said...

yeah true cap
isn't it color is cones, in the center
and rods around the edges are mostly black and white receptors, better at noticing motion, like when that tiger is jumping out of the bushes at protohuman, who with the rods in his eye detects motion and reacts. color is in the centre. there is also a blindspot right in the middle where the optic nerve is. you can do a little drawing test that reveals it, a strange sensation to see part of the drawing disappear from view.

old media - vinyl records with pop and hiss, celluloaid films with jump and fleck.

safe to say that time has been mostly about noise reduction from signal based entity. but the romantics and analogue pouters lament...

while my noise gently weeps.

Nomi said...
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Nomi said...

Oops, typos. Again:

Agree with emil. Very well put. Thank you.

zipthwung said...

Mosaic is the art of decoration with small pieces of colored glass, stone or other material. It may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration or of cultural and spiritual significance as in a cathedral. Small tiles or fragments of pottery (known as tesserae, diminutive tessellae) or of colored glass or clear glass backed with metal foils are used to create a pattern or picture. Gates excelled in elementary school, particularly in mathematics and the sciences. At thirteen he enrolled in the Lakeside School, Seattle's most exclusive preparatory school. When he was in the eighth grade, the school mothers used proceeds from Lakeside's rummage sale to buy an ASR-33 teletype terminal and a block of computer time on a General Electric computer.[12] Gates took an interest in programming the GE system in BASIC and was excused from math classes to pursue his interest. After the Mothers Club donation was exhausted he and other students sought time on other systems, including DEC PDP minicomputers. One of these systems was a PDP-10 belonging to Computer Center Corporation, which banned the Lakeside students for the summer after it caught them exploiting bugs in the operating system to obtain free computer time. Now place the object in its context. Set up your own still life by choosing a location where the object might be found. Then place related objects around it to create an interesting still life that tells a story about the object, or gives clues about how it is used. For example, if you choose a spoon, it might be places in the kitchen next to food or dishes that create a theme.

zipthwung said...

The threading of a Jacquard loom is so labor intensive that many looms are threaded only once. Subsequent warps are then tied in to the existing warp with the help of a knotting robot which ties each new thread on individually. Even for a small loom with only a few thousand warp ends the process of re-threading can take days.

zipthwung said...

You will be graded on:
The close observation of the shape and tone of your object
The careful depiction of the context
The clarity of the still life composition
The correct use of tone drawing technique

Due Wednesday June 29:
2 gesture drawing of the object from different angles (5 minutes each)
2 contour drawing of the object from different angles (5 minutes each)
1 tone drawing of object (15 minutes)
2 fingernail gesture sketch of possible still life composition (10 minutes each)

Due Friday July 1: Final Still Life drawing (1 hour)

paintskin said...

INTENSE!!! like his paintings better

shinsky said...

yes I have to say this piece has the most insane unnerving wonderful left to right to left to right balance

Idon'tbathe said...

what can i say, critical discourse was more valuble than the object; his discourse made it seem like sale;that all commodification of art;was problematic.... interest in experamental film, in a way that partoook of this double bind. the first stuff had in it quasi/documentury so it was a mixed bag, Actualy... because they would think that it was formaly bankrup and was looking to content, so for instance I guess he put the readerly apeal in the prospect both of gaining documentiry information scrupalously researched and plausibely interpreted, and of experiencing the aesthetic pleasure. well done!

zipthwung said...

Theres a dvd out about Seraut $13.99 - "To better understand the artist, Seurat's life is set in a historical context, allowing the viewer to better understand the inspiration for his works. Seurat's creative process is also examined. Commentary and analysis by Seurat scholars who focus on non-publishing-related activities (such as instructing undergraduates), or who publish too infrequently, or whose publications are not clearly connected to one another in topic, may find themselves out of contention for available tenure-track positions - just think of the story "The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf!'" and the fatal danger of repetition. Today, I am less inclined to grin - later they captured and dismantled one of the weirdest V.C. gimmicks yet: a giant crossbow, rigged with an 8-ft.-long arrow aimed to wing a helicopter. The "Light-Space modulator" was finally realized in 1930, after many years.

zipthwung said...
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zipthwung said...

Goya is cool too - have you seen his drawings? I saw them on OvationTV. I think he's a better draftsman - by far. talk about tonal ranges! And he didnt depend on the textured paper for the quality of his line. In fact, I'd argue that Seraut, as represented in the MET, may be a painter, but hes not a very good drawer. That's interesting because you think of painters as having to go THROUGH drawing, where clearly, depite Seraut's academic training, he remains as stiff handed as a corpse at the crossroads gallows.

rmut said...

Seurat's figure studies where far more interesting/appealing. After a newly purchased ticket to see this exhibit, 2432 miles (3914 km) away from home, I couldn't help but to notice a gated off section of the museum. Amoung the museum staff, members, and those that were allowed within the special area, one particular person was of special interest. Locked dead in my track, it was him, the man, the myth, the legend. No one other than Martin Puryear in the flesh. For approximately five seconds, eye contact was made... A day to remember.

CAP said...

Sounds like love.

emil said...

i agree with you zip about Goya. He was by far a better draftsman. His lines which are arguably what drawing is all about are fluid energetic and ruthlessly clear. Paula Rego,one of the many artists indebted to him, shares this "painters who draw better than they paint" style. (Painting in this context dealing with value and color shape relationships.) Dont get me wrong Goya paintings rock!
the thing about Seurat it seems to me is that he never defined forms with line in the majority of his work i have seen. The textured paper is almost like rough canvas that is ideal for building value shifts and subtle edges. No doubt Goya is the superior here, but I almost think that Seurat drawings are better than Seurat paintings because they play to the artist's strength. It all depends on what you like I guess. His "stiffness" is not the stiffness of someone faithfully copying a photo, but the stiffness of someone deciding shapes in there own way that happens to be a little stiff and klunky. That is partially why the tonal range is so convincing... the drawings are compelling in their mastery of space and light but at the same time a little cartoony. I think it adds to there authenticity. Goya drawings are the same way but add mind blowing lines to the equation.

emil said...

whoops THEIR authenticity.

webthing said...

it is a striking style he has. the top of whatever it is in the bottom right bothers me. it needs to be there for the composition, but is it the top of another bass, or a tiny goblin about to shoot lightning from his palms. is the pov from the band. the lamps are outstanding.

I remember looking at La Grand Jatte once and seeing the guy in the bottom left sitting on the grass and thinking he looked so out of place, like a time traveller with his feet in the light of a time machine, while everyone else froze in this similar pose he had for people, stiff and unmoving like trees. there's even a sinking ship in the lake, while the dogs run to the time traveller. dead at 31, artschool dropout. a much better painter than drawing, but still both have his distinction.

CAP said...

I think the stiffness to the line is not so much Seurat deciding ‘shapes in their own way’ but - given his commitment to color and tone diffusion to points or dabs – he has to make room for that in the drawing (or the drawing stage), so that the first sacrifice is really detail or focus to an object – in order that the artist can exercise the color/tone blending over a simple – and necessarily static – volume – hence the stiffness or clunkiness. More detail or motion simply doesn’t allow room for what Seurat wants to do with a scene.

And obviously the more subtly you want to break down color/tone definition, the simpler and more recognizable the volumes treated have to become – hence the cartoon or stereotypical aspect. And if you go at it like Monet, the diffusion soon starts to eat away at depth or distance as well, so that the whole picture is in danger of falling into two or three shimmering clumps.

So Seurat ends up with these token-like figures, that social historians love to analyze – usually detecting prostitutes somewhere - but in terms of the role color atomizing plays in perceiving these types, the effect tends to rob the aim of any real purchase – we get our diffusion but only so long as it leaves us with cutouts and caricatures.

zipthwung said...

The name "stump" is older than stomp, yet the name "stomp" refers specifically to cigar-shaped compressed paper cylinders, while stump has more than twenty other meanings. I forget exactly. It appears to be of Southern Black origin.

Quisquilloso said...
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emil said...

Cap, I am with you. I stand corrected. the overall vision is dictating the "cartoonish" look.

zipthwung said...

if you want to make this image in photoshop there are several ways -

one is to create a layer, fill it with a color and use the "add noise" filter - you can scale this layer up to controll the size of the grain. If it;s too blurry, you can up the contrast (adjust>curves) or conversely, you could use a blur filter.

Once you have the grain you use the adjustment laye ror transfer modes in the layers palette to create some interesting effects - remember you are dealing with additive color.

Anothe interesting thing to do would eb to scan in the paper of your choice (photoshop has some pre made tiling texture "fills") and then do the same.

Another trick is to select the highlights of a texture using the magic wand tool set on about 10-25 (non contiguous) and then change layers and cut (Cmd/option+C) This creates a neat distressed look, popular in amny movie posters and promotional flyers, t-shirts and so on.

You can design these patterns as you wish - for example one guy made various cracking patterns for vintage looka and feel t-shirts. If you ever had a puffy iron-on type deal you know what Im talking about - sort of cracked paint meets acid wash.

This is all sort of computerized frottage actually. Historicly Seraut may be important, but that show at the Met sucks so badly you just want to go walk in the park - very nice this time of year as the trees still have leaves.

Light-space modulation indeed.

artgirl said...

just lovely~

deferol said...

Impressionism is the newspaper of the soul. I played the Oregon Trail computer game in ninety-four in my fourth grade classroom. That had atmosphere you could breath. Wikipedia... The open-source model is very important to us, but it's not a panacea. It's much more of a wild west kind of world, with huge opportunities and huge risks.

zipthwung said...

Did I mention I saw the show? All I remember about it was -- a figure had to run through a castle and avoid pitfalls, falling stalactites, and bats. I can still hear those bats. No point mentioning those bats, I thought. The poor bastard will see them soon enough - reminiscent of Odilon Redon, going in for imagery of ghosts, bats, and owls. I was entranced by skulls and bats, along with furs and wraps - also chips, dips, chains, whips...You know, your basic high school orgy type of thing. I mean, uh, I'm not talking candlewax on the nipples, or witchcraft or anything like that, no, no, no. Just a couple of hundred kids running around in their underwear acting like complete animals. Now we can read Pavia’s own record of the beginnings of the New York School in Club Without Walls: Selections from the Journals of Philip Pavia, recently published by Midmarch Arts Press.

waste said...

I think the stiffness people are talking about has to do with Seurat's desire for timeless, platonic form. His contours have their roots in ideas about the classical and in egyptian and cambodian sculpture.

JpegCritic said...

ok i might travel into NY from the republik of the bush over the weekend...

Is the Seurat show worth 20 bucks?
Is it worth the cold?

Anything in chelsea?

Is that gavin brown big-dig worth a look?
or is it gone?

CAP said...

Your Majesty!

zipthwung said...

Happiness is not an abstract, timeless, Platonic form, but an activity, since if it were a mere state or capacity, it would be meaningless, for living, breathing, moving human beings "connect the dots" in these ways:

We connect the dots in an associative-statistical way that works much like the way Latent Semantic Analysis works - and extracts very good guides for guessing about meaning based on what things associate with others - and how closely - you! follow the white rabbit !

JpegCritic said...

i know cap, i may not be the kingpin
of bushwick yet, but a few more deals,
and i'm in yo. Til then, it's the L to get
my fresh herb and wine at union square.
Any tips on good shows?

zipthwung said...

jpeg - I honestly think the gormley at Marx is the biggest abng for your buck - no attention span required. I;m not a huge fan of the sculpture - repetition rubs me the wrong way, maybe because its the one trick that I never get tired of.

I also want to make a case for reverie - what soem people call spacing out - thats huge for me, and so much work puts you back into your own space,requiring you to do all your own work, and thats just not where I am at right now - I'm intor escapism and not being here, or there, even - this makes for blood on the fence but at least I don't have to crawl through the broken glass of art historical pretext.

The new Rambo movie looks good as a ham fisted allegory for whats wrong and right about Amrican culture. The posters are stencils a la Banksy who incidentally, but not coincidently I presume, is opening in NY Sunday? I dont care for mad houses so I guess I might skip the opening and hit all the dead artist corpse fucking shows and Banksy in one go.

When closeuup came to town I was not so forthcoming (I didnt have a clue), so consider yourself privileged - this shit is gold you hear me? GOLD!!!!

zipthwung said...

Tonight was big - I guess they are pillow fighting in Bushwick and stuff. Good times. I stayed in and had steak and potato with vodka martinis - its the way its done right now.

Mudhoney plays tomorrow in the burg - I hope to attend.

zipthwung said...

Moma is worth 20 if you spend a long time there - remember to flush every toilet several times and grab some complimentary paper towels.

The Met is probably a better dea, even if you pay the full recommended donation (I paid a dollar last time). They have a show of very sophisticated a+ african shit, mostly of Fang tribal origin since thats the only place the priest dude went, apparently. What;s cool about it is you realize that many avant guard artists had these objects and hadn;t a clue as to what they meant (or so I presume, because I still don;t).

Ine thing I wonder is if you had an abusive parent, did you make a scary devotional figure or did you use a surrogate like an ossified turd? The met has some other stuff, also.

JpegCritic said...

Guess it's nyu open studios if nothing else.
And the dollar de Hooch' at the met.

No Rush said...

I think I paid 5 at the met, so generous--and u told me to see julie heffernan but if theres one thing weve seen in sf its julie.

i had an abusive parent--whats the ?
I try to be free. like tears in the rain

zipthwung said...

dont listen to me I'm nuts. Go where you want to go, so what you want to do, as the song goes - but do check out the 27th street renaissance, which blows the money galleries out of the water with their dead corpse fucking blue chip art. I guess I am deeling youthfull - what with the cynicismth that pervades the 20 something or other demographic, cynicism sprinkled like arsenic on ginger snaps.

I'm hoping for some crystalization, some sense of a center to hold the splinter cells together. A leader is uneccessary at this point - though flash mobbing is an isdea (but who controlls that?)

Sending chain letters is good. I think it needs to evolve past yahoo groups to be an effective tool in the revolution.

Do I sound delusional? I am, not and finally, mall culture is not art, even if you recontectualize it. No. No. No. No.

No Rush said...

peg: check it?

zipthwung said...

no link - im not practicing ambiguity there,,,though I am seeing many abusive parent fallout type dealios (my parents made sure to keep me out of any tyoe if irrationality based on their problems (sounds worse than it was) but every child loves sponge bob, so there must be some correlation beteween their actions and my personality and further, my peers suffer falloutor residual effects from a variety of experiences. I think there is a tendency to discount the effects of trauma, no matter how severe. SOme would call this the bootstrap or stoic sense of rugged individualism and self reliance - very protestant or calvinist or whatever, please chime in.

- im not a psychologist, so I think just introducing mentalities - say - survivor types is interesting,. Im not an extrovert either, nor am i in a possition to socially engineer mass migrations based on personality (brave new world) - but the thought occurs that indeed society is structured along lines of pathology or at least mentality, that are inherited - interesting in that patterns can be restructured - but also that identity is threatened.

My god. is an awesome god. oh yes.

zipthwung said...

african figures - all icons - I forget the tern - like reliquary's - but memento mori or whatever.

SOme of the african stuff - sharpened teeth like queequeg. But that happens mostly when metal shows up - I could be wrong. But htere are a lot of frighterning wire and metal clad sculptures.

Weird right? It jsut occured to me that the arrival of ou tsiders might have created tension.

In anthropology class I learned about the yanomamo - that they were warlike and cannibalistic as an adaptive measure to scare resources. That is, apparently irrational behavior had a deifnite cause and effect relationship.

What may draw many people to contemporary art is the esthetics of discovery, where art is a record of a pathology.

For example, Jeff Koons makes a great case for a disfunctional (or hyperfunctional) value system. WHat would drive such an ass?

I dunno, but Chris Johansen is not all that - though I know his work attracts the attention of many who I cannot discount offhand. Indeed, I am forced to reconsider my assessment of him as a trendsetting graphic designer or simple illustrator.

No Rush said...


mentality is inherited-mos def
learned too--so a dubble whammy from the fammily

letting go of identity is the best thing that can happen 2 1.

all i know is that it hurts forever. the degree to which i've avoided replicating that is my greatest acheivement--but I just couldnt--not serbian enough thank fukin god

zipthwung said...

Theoretically, so long as the center of power remains unaffected, anything is allowed on the margins, where serious culture mostly operates (Russian pop culture seems not to ruffle any feathers, or maybe it doesn’t want to, and television is firmly under the Kremlin’s thumb).

Just hinking about propaganda and such - demonize the enemy is my motto - im not into the game - hows the weather man, fucjk that shit. I want to hear how you have cured cancer or at least are sticking to big business for being so oriented to the bottom line.

So glad the US got into a war with Iraq. Really fucking cool. If I could blow myself up and end the Bush bloodline, I think I would.

zipthwung said...

I mean the NY times article on russia reminds me of the idea of nations having a lifespan and also more importantlyu, a level of maturity in mentality - tha the sum of the parts ads up to a personality.

That national character is shaped by it's literature is not a new idea - but that this literature has a level of sophistication that evolves can be compared to the stages in human development - adolescence perhaps.

But the propagation of the moral culture across cultures is a sort of Christian idea to me - prosletyzing secularly or non-secularly. Most recently we see the idea of memes - and in art that ideas themselves (ideas about behavior even) can be commodities.

I promise to buy coke. Please feed my tribe.

zipthwung said...

For example the russians are always protrayed as adolecents - sort of primitive people being fleeced by con artist-gangster-politicians. and I wonder if that somehow mirrors some people's views of the US governement, or if theres some sort of objective measurement I can use to comparatively evaluate the corruption in the US vs that of other first world democracies. Im thinking here of France, with its vested interest in war profiteering.

Where is the press on this? War contractors made news for a week, in my mind, despite serious concerns. And in the presidential debates I only heard one supposed concerned citizen ask a tangential question regarding relative pay scale between soldiers and contractors.

Its like talking to the fakest faker in the art world. And I know the art world is political, its not an issue for me anymore. But the vapids use of this power (with arguements that plurality is threatened when consensus is reached) bug me. Its nihilist at its core. And even though I dont care about nothing, I find this brand of nihilism particularly pointless, even as a parody, satire, burlesque or critique. WHere is the moral courage to change things? Or is the status quo acceptibe, or better, awesome?

I;m here voicing concerns I read about an art world that is experienced as profoundly dysfuntional, for some.

Personally, I look at the beacha nd wonder why its just a picture on the wall rather than a regularly scheduled interlude in an otherwise qutedienne life. Could not the entire art world be transported to the beach? I must selfishly confess that I too desire to be transported, despite my outsider blogger status. Reverie!!!!!

Idon'tbathe said...

reicycled services, you know the nerve of this?
the oxgyen gone, you neevr heard of it from the forest firemovin out from the elemnets you know my central inteligence is Llke the elephants @Information is more concaeled Papers get printed Trees may be extinct.You know the advancemeet for the elegancedow ;jones Industrial, real like my reels You know the environmental change and its appea lInformattion is more concealed
Scientific study, ask your chemical buddy Cut McGillicuddy,dispatching out to you imagine,
Use material for Christmas,

zipthwung said...

And it landed in the sand
Where the pyramids blaze
And this is how the dictionary defines such a place
A polyhedron with a polygonal base
Median and common vertex
Triangular face; I know my demographics
See how this was crafted and drafted
There's precision in the incision; There wasn't one before hasn't one since me
A gangster of love
I come from up above
I give the mic a tug
I give the world a hug
I give skies a kiss
I give suckers a kiss
Some people like my old styles better than this but; I catch rec and
Tangle in circles with squares
Triangles to test if indeed you're prepared
This is the shape of things to come
This is the shape of things to come

Idon'tbathe said...

mdeitative attention is an art;and shit or a acquired skill whch brings clarity an a inteligence that sees the true nature of stuff, Among the variety of techniques in.... budhist meditation, the art of
atention is the common thread underpining all schools of ,budhist; meditation: mahamudra in the tibetan traddition, zazen in Zzen budhism
and vipassana meditation in theravada and shit. Its ubiquitousenes is illustrated by this zen story and shit..let me adjuts my binocculars real quick she's putting peanut butter all in the dog's mouth the dog is wearin lingerie;
wow... this is differetn,

no-where-man said...

a membership to Moma is cheap
(Tax-deductible amount: $75) includes PS1 and film program.

im going to check this out 2morrow an hit up the 4clock
The Godless Girl. 1928. USA. Cecil B. DeMille. Approx. 128 min.

Idon'tbathe said...

I found the poor souls coming away thence, so I took them back, and eat and drank and shit,very strange to obsierve and shit;I left them praviding for his stay there tonight and getting a pettition against tomorow and the ;conditions doing nothing tomorrow. besides taking a bubble bath reading and eating the whole time I'll probably just wear my pujamus tumorrow. yes that sounds good aproc.tenhundred min.and st0uff;

no-where-man said...

there exists no such thing as "nothing" schnabel wears his pjs everyday... all day...

zipthwung said...

Mudhoney rocks. Grunge is not dead. I blew my museum membership fee, oops. I hate the either/or shit. Don't you?

The raider submarines were specially designed as long-distance bases for gas warfare. They carried no guns nor ordinary fighting equipment. They had practically unlimited cruising range, and within them from five to nine aeroplanes were packed with a formidable supply of gas bombs. One of them carried thirty long-range air torpedoes with all the necessary directional apparatus. The smallest of these raiders carried enough of such stuff to 'prepare' [euphemism in the original] about eight hundred square miles of territory. Completely successful, it could have turned the most of the London or New York of that time, after some clamour and running and writhing and choking, into a cityful of distorted corpses. These vessels made London vulnerable from Japan, Tokyo vulnerable from Dublin; they abolished the last corners of safety in the world.

CAP said...

Sub Pop


zipthwung said...

The A.B.C., that semi-elected, semi-nominated body of a few score persons, controls the Planet. Transportation is Civilisation, our motto runs. Theoretically we do what we please, so long as we do not interfere with the traffic and all it implies. Practically, the A.B.C. confirms or annuls all international arrangements, and, to judge from its last report, finds our tolerant, humorous, lazy little Planet only too ready to shift the whole burden of public administration on its shoulders.

zipthwung said...

Weren’t artists just a short time ago fretting about how art is devalued by all mechanical reproduction? And now the art world is doing its own forgeries and letting collectors pass them off as real? I mean look at Basquiat used color photocopies in some of his works - is that legit? Pluralism doesn’t equal peaceful coexistence; it just means more sides to the argument and shit.

webthing said...

if mechanical reproduction is used in a process that involves the human intuition somehow, value remains?

idontbathe, the art of attention, supertrue...

i smoked dmt on the weekend, sitting by a river looking to the trees and the stars, full on tomaselli/riley/grey/vasarely visual stuff immediately with eyes closed, a total writhing lattice, i couldn't help but chuckle at the sight.

the brain is a pattern sensor. and the heart likes surprises. to first suggest a rhythm, and then provide a surprise - the basis of all good composition.

CAP said...
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rmut said...

Kelley's "Garbage Drawings," 1988, have their origin in the depiction of garbage comic strips. One might compare them to Bertrand Lavier's "Walt Disney Productions" series, 1985, in which the paintings and sculptures that form the backdrop of a Mickey Mouse adventure in the Museum of Modern Art, published in 1947, become real works. Kelley writes: "Art must concern itself with the real, but it throws any notion of the real into question. It always turns the real into a facade, a representation, and a construction. But it also raises questions about the motives of that construction." And these "motives" are expressed by mental frames, pedestals, and glass cases. By cutting out cultural or social forms (votive sculptures, cartoons, theatre sets, drawings by abused children) and placing them in another context, keeley uses forms as cognitive tools, freed from their original packaging.
The idea of newness was merely a stimulus.

Now what is at stake is to positivize the remake, to articulate uses, to place forms in relation to each other, rather than to embark on the heroic quest for the forbidden.

B-movies,the art of shopping and display....the tensions between commonplace elements. A kitchen chair is placed under an abstract, geometrical painting, spurts of paint in the style of Larry Poons run alongside an electric guitar.

The main difference between European New Realism and American Pop resides in the nature of the gaze brought to bear on consumption.

No Rush said...

I just can never get enuf camp

zipthwung said...

touch me Im sick

zipthwung said...

which camp you in?

No Rush said...

hey kurts wearing the pjs like schnabel

did mudhoney grow up? i doubt it but thats ok. nostalgia for dudes

saw the bob dylan movie yesterday. it was pretty good. kinda obvious but ok. we sat next to wavy gravy. old people in the audience laughed a lot--especially at julianne moore playing joan baez. my little dotter liked it. she is a bob fan at 15. she likes the mod period. the one that cate blanchett played. Me, I like the heath ledger era with the wifey. Thanks for the gratuitous frontal nudity on Heath, Todd. Mmmmm-yeah. Beautiful. Oh and I love Richard Gere too. Billy the Kid HA.

No Rush said...

how bout "Bands I forgot about" That reminded me of fang. i think i saw them a barrington hall? iono was i drunk? so yea thanks

CAP said...

Did Mudhoney do the one about haircuts of the 70s being the hair of the future?

zipthwung said...

No but I could be wrong. I used to listen to Seaweed and Green River on the radio, so yeah, nostalgia. Still, Mudhoney is a good live act.
Mudhoney has some new young fans not all dudes - I don't go to concerts for a mellow good time unless I can sit down. I guess I'm old. In manhattan reserved seating sit down venues are reserved for big names and priced beyond my budget. Ideally I could sit on a couch, smoke a joint and watch bands from the balcony. One can dream.

I get on my feet for Turbonegro (Nokia theater is a mindfuck) and Sonic Youth. I can see where the ironic pose stuff (alt.country) gets old - but I prefer it to the kids with Casio wimpalooza - or even pared down electro. Not cathartic at all and it reminds me of thrift stores in a Napoleon Dynamite meets reality in a big way. You need good deep bass or gravelly distortion to really rock the joint - like Chicago Blues. That stuff frightens some people.

webthing said...

if you wanna get nostalghia...

Idon'tbathe said...

fuckin admrers of seurat often regret his method; the little dots.and shit Imagine, he said, veronese's marriage at Cana done in petit point. I cannot imagine it,and shit but neither can I imagine eurat's pictures painted in broad or blended strokesor something. but dots are not a technique; they are a tanguble surfase and the ground of important qualities, including hisfuckin finese. T. The question whether they make a picture more or less luminous. A painting can be lumanous and artisticaly dull, or low/keyed in color and radiantthe mind and shit Besides, to paint brightly is no secret requiring a special knowledge of science.and stuff

CAP said...

Seurat's smaller studies are usually in broader strokes - while he tested color harminies.

The giant Bathers (Nat. Gall. London) actually uses cross hatch strokes - methodical like Cezanne, but non-directional like Monet. Luminosity was thought tantamount to visibility (what hits the retina) but not to be confused with mere brightness.

Obviously Georges thought it was never going to be enough to test it on rural serenity or still lives - figured he could take it to where the action was - cabaret night for the riff raff. Only problem was stacked up against Degas or Lautrec, little dots and dashes tended to zone out the excitement, can’t get a line on motion or music, leave even the grungiest acts looking stilted or too karaoke.

Speaking of true grit -


CAP said...

Actually this is a great page to scroll down for sheer variety of posts, at the moment.

well done Painter!

rmut said...

To give shape to what is disappearing before our eyes.

Not as objects, which would be to fall into the trap of reification

But as mediums of experience

By striving to shatter the logic of the spectacle

Art restores the world to us as an experience to be lived

A successful encounter of histories

Idon'tbathe said...

not for nuffin' pointaillism refaers to the fuckin technique of using dots of pure color in such a way that;seen at the apropriate distance, they achieve maximum lumonosityand shit. a pointillist painting is no more “luminous than anything else that is printed with small dots, or something such as a magozine photogruph. and shit.Whatever happened to Leon Trotsky? He got an ice pick
That made his ears burn
Whatever happened to dear old Lenin?
The great Elmyra, and Sancho Panza?
Whatever happened to the heroes?
All the Shakespearoes?
They watched their Rome burn
Whatever happened to the heroes?
No more heroes any more

arebours said...

my favorite animal is the liger

webthing said...

the heroes needed hearsay to perpetuate the whispers of their legend, until instant and on demand access to information came along and sliced the hyperbole. for some reason the act of global knowledge systems have the effect of sending things back local, local heroes, local stories. local fame. probably because there's just too much now in the airwaves for any signal to gather strength over the others. letting us all publish creates a flattening effect. but there are still spikes. possibly coming from collectives moreso than the old traditional solo genius wanking in splendid insanity, nicola tesla style. long shall live the solo genie in the bottle. i really like what your sayin rmut. u all heard about the poor surfer dude who has made the most recent breakthrough in physics? check out his work on the old E8.

webthing said...

the dude surfs a big one

rmut said...

Images perish in their effectiveness and are considered to be living and dying fragments; gone is the ideal of painting for assurance. All too long one had preserved a bankrupt metaphysics in aesthetics. We renounce all purified existence; vulgar barbarians. The perfection-hype has gone out of business. Now images serve to increase unrest and disorder instead of wasting away as musty ghosts.

But still we muse dare to comprehend every new form as an augmentation of reality or at least as a tendency for sensing a new reality.

Every totalization creates discontinuities and in this lies the chance for human freedom.

CAP said...

Is it still a total if allowing discontinuity?

rmut said...

The discontinuous is total but ephemeral as the passing totalizing of the moment is never completed or perfected.

zipthwung said...

An hour after candling, I developed a terrible earache and experienced hearing loss. This phenomenon can occur because the medium is moving in the opposite direction to the wave, or it can arise in a stationary medium as a result of interference between two waves travelling in opposite directions. There is no net propagation of energy, so the receiver actually doesn't see any signal.a wave that comes to focus in a small region of space and then disperses. This is followed by another similar wave that focuses in a slightly different position, then by another and another and so on indefinitely until a “track” is formed that resembles the path of a particle. Granularity is a measure of the size of the components, or descriptions of components, that make up a system. Granularity is the relative size, scale, level of detail or depth of penetration that characterizes an object or activity. It is the "extent to which a larger entity is subdivided. The smooth surface can be calculated from the coarse mesh as the limit of an iterative process of subdividing each polygonal face into smaller faces that better approximate the smooth surface. Boy, it's amazing to think Hopper did Grit in the same year he made Easy Rider! As the athlete falls or slides on the ground, friction causes layers of skin to rub off. and shit

rmut said...

The defense of reality is achieved through the temporal shift in the matrix of the continuity of time interrupted by ceremonious acknowledgment of the present as continual change. Realism as creation of the world is the active and explicit epochal production, a rift in the continuity of the progression of history which, similar to the hallucination, is characterized by both the nebulous uncertainty of its limits and the pragmatic materiality of its singularity.
It remains to be seen if the problem of the jurisdiction of any unique order can be maintained in the face of the common process of society, as the duration of certain formalisms will inevitably, and perhaps paradoxically, continue to constitute the context for the production of culture.


As forms become styles, as groups become institutions, the problems of the congruence of expression and actual experience begin to become confused with the fate of the collective.

Alienated labor and utopia
The diachronic and synchronic
The reconcilliation of object and subject
The choice between subservience and autonomy

A collage of differenct possibilities has been pasted together both in order to point out the holes in the comprehensive totality, and simultaneously to complete the work at hand (to point out that there are, in fact, no holes).
Corresponding to the final cusp of now

Artworks and research have been construed as effective and fundamental moments of autonomy, which in their fragmentary and necessarily momentary appreciation/creation present us with a (defense of the real) as ubiquitous and timeless posibility for utopia.
But inspite of this potential, these progressive and hope-promising ideals are confronted with the simplistic realism of a violent alternative. These fragmentary and local totalities are surrounded on all sides by the permanent counter-revolutionary power of the totalitarian unsurpation of reality.

The Fabrication of Fictions

zipthwung said...

The methods of option pricing introduced in the 1970s led to the Black-Scholes formula and a number of extensions, but they are not able to handle things like stochastic volatility, jumps, or non-Gaussian innovations in any convenient way. In the 1990s, researchers began to model these features using powerful mathematical techniques based on Fourier transforms and similar methods, that allow closed-form valuation equations for much more general returns processes. But once again, the new technology seems pretty daunting. IN SHORT:Because lava cools and crystallizes rapidly, it is fine grained. If the cooling has been so rapid as to prevent the formation of even small crystals after extrusion, the resulting rock may be mostly glass (such as the rock obsidian). If the cooling of the lava happened slowly, the rocks would be coarse-grained. As a result, Shell was able to anticipate the Arab oil embargo, and
later to anticipate and prepare for the dramatic drop in oil prices in the 1980s. Not only do the black sails act as a sort of intimidation tactic, but the Pearl's crew can put out the deck lamps for added stealth at night. There is no reason why you can't have a new kind of vacation. An exciting getaway- the kind you hear about, read about and your friends keep telling you about. It's your turn this year.
Discover the pleasures of the Outer Banks.

Visit the Sea Foam Motel -
One of the most popular spots on the coast today!
Sea Foam is listed on the
"National Register of Historical Places".

zipthwung said...

A gap is the difference between where you are now and where you want to be.

CAP said...
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zipthwung said...

Yes! Anything I can stick my dick in!

CAP said...
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CAP said...

I think that's what Duchamp was trying to say.

CAP said...

E8 - a complex, eight-dimensional mathematical pattern with 248 points first found in 1887.

But to me it will always be plain old Hackney...

zipthwung said...

"He said, 'You up there in the North, why don't you build me another subway station?'" recalls Nohal.
Continue Article

"'OK', I said, 'But we don't build in concrete there, we do it in logs', and that's what I did."

Nohal built the station next to his hotel, which Kippenberger actually visited once.

"He liked [Dawson]," recalls Nohal, especially a bar known locally as the "Snake Pit."

No Rush said...

what do you wimps know about laying it on the line? evil knieval. not random, dum dum

zipthwung said...

Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them, fucking cowards.

zipthwung said...

Did someone mention things that have a history of "social relevance" in defining culture, but have become highly coded genres and purely theatrical gestures? Every encoding is an decoding. To put the point more generally, and in more basic ontological terms, if we are to understand anything at all, we must already find ourselves ‘in’ the world ‘along with’ that which is to be understood. All understanding that is directed at the grasp of some particular subject matter is thus based in a prior ‘ontological’ understanding -- a prior hermeneutical situatedness. On this basis, hermeneutics can be understood as the attempt to ‘make explicit’ the structure of such situatedness.

rmut said...

What am I looking at and for? What Knowledge does my look desire? Who am I when I look at this?

gaping wound
dark hole
open gap
central cavity
inaccessible hollow in the midst of chiasmus
formed by a process of folding and unfolding

No Beast is there without glimmer of infinity,
No eye so vile nor abject that brushes not
Against lightning from on high, now tender, now fierce.
Victor Hugo, La Legende des Siecles

Even though information provides the basis for much of contemporary society, it is never present in itself. Through the development of information technologies, however, the interplay between pattern and randomnes became a feature of everyday life. A common site where people are initiated into this dilectic is the cathode tube dislplay. working at the computer screen I cannot read unaided the magnetic markers that physically embody the information within the computer, but i am acutely aware of the paterns of blinking lights that comprise the text in its screen format. When i discover that my computerized text has been garbled because i pressed the wrong function key, i experience firsthand the intrusion of randomness into pattern.

It is also sensory and kinesthetic, as Freidrich Kittler has demonstrated in Discourse Networks 1800/1900, typewriters exist in a discourse network underlaid by the dialectic of presence and absence. The keys on a manual typewriter are directly proportionate to the script they produce. One keystroke yields one letter, and striking the key harder produces a darker letter. The system lends itself to a model of signification that links signifier to signified in direct correspondence, for there is a one to one relation between the key and the letter it produces. By contrast, the connection between computer keys and text manipulation is nonproportional and electronic. Display brightness is unrelated to keystroke pressure, and striking a single key can effect massive changes in the entire text. I know kinesthetically as well as conceptually that the text can be manipulated in ways that would be impossible if it existed as a material object rather than a visual display.

As I work with the text-as-image, I instantiate within my body the habitual patterns of movement that make pattern and randomness more real, more relevant, and more powerful than presence and absence.

Once image that woman imagines and the object loses its fixed, obsessional character. As a bench mark that is ultimately more crucial than the subject, for he can sustain himself only by bouncing back off some objectiveness, some objective. If there is no more "earth" to press down/repress, to work, to represent, but also and always to desire (for one's own), no opaque matter which in theory does not know herself, then what pedestal remains for the ex-sistence of the "subject"? If the earth turned and more especially turned upon herself, the erection of the subject might thereby be disconcerted and rist losing its elevation and penetration. For what would there be to rise up from and exercise his power over? And in?

CAP said...

Do you have a problem with student-quality paints, though?

zipthwung said...

Like many postmodernist novels, Snow Crash has a chaotic structure that might confuse readers unfamiliar with the genre. It contains many references to history, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, religion, computer science, politics, geography and philosophy. Set in a world with a political-economic system that has been radically transformed, the novel examines religion along with its social importance, perception of reality versus virtual reality, and the violent and physical nature of humanity. The book also reflects ideas from Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind (1976).

Stephenson explained the title of the novel in his 1999 essay In the Beginning...was the Command Line as his term for a particular software failure mode on the early Apple Macintosh computer. About the Macintosh, Stephenson wrote that "when the computer crashed and wrote gibberish into the bitmap, the result was something that looked vaguely like static on a broken television set — a 'snow crash.'

Stereotypically, high-level languages make complex programming simpler, while low-level languages tend to produce more efficient code. In a high-level language, complex elements can be broken up into simpler, though still fairly complex, elements for which the language provides abstractions, keeping programmers from having to "reinvent the wheel."

Social theorists of the Frankfurt School in Weimar Germany like Theodor Adorno had also observed the new phenomenon of mass culture and commented on its new manipulative power, when the rise of the Nazis drove them out of the country around 1930 (many of them became connected with the Institute for Social Research in the United States). The Nazis themselves were no strangers to the idea of influencing political attitudes and re-defining personal relationships. The Nazi propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels was a synchronized, sophisticated and effective tool for creating public opinion.

Today the triumph of this type of social personality is complete. If one applies the outer-direction criteria to everyday actors as portrayed in modern culture, for example, Death of a Salesman or How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, or the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, the other-directed person is easy to identify.

zipthwung said...

Thus, as you move along the spectrum, it becomes more difficult to distinguish the data from the algorithm. Whenever you advise a ruler in the way of Tao, counsel him not to use force to conquer the universe. For this would only cause resistance. Thorn bushes spring up wherever the army has passed. Lean years follow in the wake of war. Flashing rings on their fingers to inspire respect, they traveled up and down the vast plantations of the South. They would pick out a wretched black and offer him freedom. They would tell him that if he ran away from his master and allowed them to sell him, he would receive a portion of the money paid for him, and they would then help him escape again, this second time sending him to a free state. Money and freedom, the jingle of silver dollars together with his liberty - what greater temptation could they offer him? The slave became emboldened for his first escape.

CAP said...

Hermeneutic me some more!

CAP said...

Was Schnabel Grunge?

(Disco Remix)

zipthwung said...

Seurat was not a struggling or impoverished artist who could not afford medical care. At a time when the average industrial worker was paid 150 francs a month, Seurat received a monthly allowance of 400 francs. He wore expensive top hats and black suits, which led Edgar Degas to dub him "le Notaire" (the Notary). As his power grew, he appears to have become mentally unstable. He increasingly ordered the deaths of his men for no apparent reason.

A world where you must work or be discarded.

Madeleine herself died of cirrhosis of the liver at age 35. Not much later, diphtheria was to touch and shape the life of another great artist. Picasso's 8-year-old sister died of the disease. While she was sick, Picasso vowed that if she survived, he would give up art. The relief he felt upon her death for not having to keep his promise left him with lifelong guilt.
He organized his society for warfare and developed an effective style of fighting that involved the use of short stabbing spears.

CAP said...

Van Gogh described Degas as a notary as well.

zipthwung said...

i'd say grunge was late (post) modern in the sense that the cast off detritus of mainstream modern life and radio was available at thrift stores and record bins everywhere.

Indeed when parents and children wanted to know how to dress their kids grunge they were in essence asking for lessons in thrift store shopping - a skill any poor but knowledgeable (Woolrich!) individual or "grunge" musician (Casio!) might pick up through peer pressure and personal idiosyncracy (Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House).

Well before well known artists started detourning thrift store paintings in bulk, there were plenty of collectors of everything from paintings to coffee cups. I find it ironic that Jeff Koons made it ok for the rich to "thrift shop" as it were, or is. This trend seems to be in full bloom (still!), wile or because most of the best thrift shopping has gone e-bay.

I recently saw an excellent e-bay collection (all of a set) and was impressed with the rigour.

Grunge was not Glam. Remember, disco still sucked, both as an expression of class (Disco had not and to my knowledge never hit the fabled thrift stores of Burien)

People were doing german expressionism in schools around 1988 (or earlier) on, roughly when Nirvana and Pearl Jam were on their ascendancy.

You don't have to know how to draw to achieve something roughly resembling an expressionist work of art - that is even a naive student could hammer away at a canvas and make a picture.

That's what Kurt Kobain did, and thats the kind of work you find in thrift stores.

I think most people agree that Julian schabel is not a good painter, that he doesn;t try to be, but that ultimately he is not grunge because his work, while referencing german expressionism, is not concerned with the kind of abjection spawned in the appliance section of the local Salvation Army.

zipthwung said...

Actually I dont recall much expressionist art in thrift stores, and I do remember a lot of stuff with wide collars and weird dry clean only fabric - so I guess I am talking out of my ass. When you go into a thrift store (or Chelsea) sometimes it's best to go with blinders on.

zipthwung said...

I read a letter Van gogh wrote shortly before he was assassinated. In the letter he was raving incoherently about local color - something about how the background reflected on the subject and he should very much like to have some grey and brown cloth as a backdrop. Fucking crazy!

His allowance was only 150 francs or whatever. He spent it on drugs, hookers and Holbein paint.

CAP said...

Van Gogh could be colorful, by picture or word. And he may have been crazy but he was no fool. He could see how Pointillism missed the point and culture codes schooled the retina well before light frequencies were sorted by nerve endings. You could read a lot of his late work as a demolition of Seurat. But if the color particles are never big enough, close enough, long enough, for a first impression, on the other hand le motif he cannot surrender verr much to the moment without losing identity, either. Alors!

So we ‘experience’ the thing remade up to a point, even when point is stretched to a line and the line is drawn at volume, where volume needs projection or perspective with no fixed vanishing point or angle always available. Merde!

Expressionism soon has trouble holding onto even tribal affiliations there.

But let’s face the music.

I like the equation between grunge – feedback, distortion – and atmosphere to painting, even at its most molecular. I thought of Schnabel’s plates as doing something similar, spreading out the surface, slowing down the picture. But strictly, he’s a bit early for grunge – closer to punk – which I think is quite different. Punk definitely is like Expressionism, in that it’s after deliberate simplification, emphatic recklessness. The Schnab’s stuff is slower – wall of feedback (Dust Devils, anyone?) as opposed to Ramones’ urgency. But without the ‘grunge’ surface, his stuff definitely looks poor. He’s probably no less skillful than say Dubuffet (also big on surface action), but you never get the feeling that Dubuffet is just inept.

The thrift shop thing is different again. There was this dress code side to grunge, but that just subverts or blurs fashion the way that grunge spreads the melody – a close S/N ratio. But thrift store/junk sale paintings as you note, are different.

You do occasionally (very) see some fantastic/hilarious paintings in thrift shops – as you do in high school art exhibitions – like a dentist hitting a nerve without knowing – but you actually need a pretty refined sensibility to pick them up. I can’t imagine anyone doing it to much profit other than painters.

If everyone thinks they can pick up cool paintings at thrift shops, the return diminishes double quick.

zipthwung said...

"You could read a lot of his late work as a demolition of Seurat."

Yes, yellow means death. I looked at the Barnes Collection - maybe I'm hallucinating but the shadow of the paint strokes creates volumes - but also GREY or local colored shadows - and neutralized grey makes the colors pop. It amounts to a sort of grey demi-cloisonee, and that makes the glitter golder over all.

optical illusion is important I suppose.

Julian Schabel is the Soul Asylum or Pearl Jam of Grunge - a big act but not really loud and fast enough to be Grunge.

Faux sentimentality or arch conceptualism without revelation or catharsis (what truly high art is sentimental?) That's why Jules is better as a filmaker tugging the velvet wings off of lowbrow drama about glam subjects. Not that I demand heart and soul, just that I give as much as I get.

Sonic Youth Put Raymond Pettibon, Richter, Mike Kelley and so on and so forth on their album covers. They are nuts if you ask me. I'd design my own, because what If I put Richter on my album and then later we became frienemies? Fuck that, keep it in the family. Incest is best.

rmut said...

In our age of "values" voters and globally distributed christian films, viewers are primed to see the diagonal fixture immediately for "what it is"-an industrial metaphor for the burden of the cross.


my apple pie is burning in the oven

zipthwung said...

what a sad person you are moralizing, i never did understand coreleone, Godfather had his own code, could have made bank legally instead he had to kill just to breathe like a shark swimming in crime, I got no time for the prime time, just trying to make it ryme, sort of, never got far but i couldve been somebody - a contender or a money lender, these are the obverse sides of the coin, smoke weed or get cancer, I'm a dancer - you know death and the maiden like iron, metallic or a band around your chest, a brand at best, signifying nothing or other - your mother, Im not a moral animal, I feel empathy but I am not intot he show or the faux, navel gazing when Im blazin but not shocked, dont taze me bro!

some people call me the space cowboy, I round up the dogies like bock choi, border collie to the hoi polloi, some people call me the gangster of love, looking up at the stars where the cars get parked, in the dark, headlights lighting the dog, more as a bite than a bark, more kite than a cart, you know I need a head start, even when its jsut a go cart I need police liek lies need fleas, some people call me maurice

CAP said...

And Thurston being such a keen collagist as well.

What truly high art is sentimental?

How about all those baroque ceilings by Tiepolo et al?

emil said...

I really like the comment about a dentist hitting a nerve without knowing Cap. I had a intro painting student that had an uncanny intuition with paint but absolutely no eye for drawing. He was taking the class as an elective, and as in many introductory classes, we covered basic blocking in etc. It was almost like this guy could not see at all or had some kind of shape disability. he was very nice and intelligent, but there was no understanding of perspective, value, shape relationships or scale. I patiently worked with him on measuring and he was very attentive. He would work the whole period with immense concentration. At the end of any session his support would have a completely flattened and distorted version of what he was looking at. However, the use of the paint was fantastic for anyone. Subtle edges, washes to impasto, strange greys that spoke to each other, and an overall sense of real intent. it was neat and he got a pretty good grade because in so many nameable ways his paintings were ahead of the rest of the class. I think he is finishing up his electronic arts degree this year... I think the class was really hard for him because his work looked so much less recognizable in a group crit, and I think his classmates had a hard time understanding what i saw.

emil said...

speaking of musicians making drawings/paintings..

"You have to paint abstract after you've been seeing Bill de Kooning" - Sir Paul McCartney

Paul credits the artist Willem de Kooning with being one of his greatest influences, as well as being a family friend. They met at the end of the seventies when de Kooning was a client of Linda's father's law firm.

Linda and Paul frequently visited the artist in his studio and Paul often became so fired up by the visits that he would go to the paint shop on the way home and buy all the same paints and canvases as de Kooning, or 'Bill' as he affectionately refers to him.

(Taken from the walker art center page on a paul mccartney show)

pretty funny but the paintings are only marginally awful

CAP said...

Yeah I’ve seen some of McCartney’s efforts in repro and they just look so art school or worse you realize he has no shame. This is all about indulgence for the once beautiful and still famous. It’s the same with his awful symphonies. The same goes for David (“Oh I can paint like Erich Heckel!”) Bowie.

If Macca had really bothered to look at DeK’s stuff, instead of just schmoozing, he’d have realized you don’t ‘have to paint abstract’ at all. At a certain point in all of DeK’s stuff he is definitely following figurative cues.

Actually I think we covered Star Art in an earlier post on Don Van Vliet – for any readers who have just joined us.

Teaching the young and untalented is a real education - for the teacher. But I found I didn’t know what to do with the humor – it’s so hard to explain some stuff. Even to myself! You certainly have to stretch a lot of categories to ‘stay even vaguely positive’ – and that stays with you. But I also resented getting all the dud students just so someone else’s classes could look good – but that’s careerist political shit that’s always in there as well.

No Rush said...

i was always thinkin

Yesterday I was going to post : "Julian schnabel isnt grunge cuz he's not abject" but I didnt. You guys are windy aintcha?

I like what yr doing with the cut ups. Can you fit this one in? "Sexual objectification is characteristically human and indistinguishable from the art impulse." Camille Paglia

No Rush said...

oh yea and i was going to say that JS is just a slob. i love slobs tho,dint I say they are all revolutionaries?

zipthwung said...

Sailing takes wind. Was jsut comparing Bourgeoise to Puryear in the sense that the viewer (human scale) is always important. I remember reading how say a six foot painting is obviously a person, in some sense. To exclude the idea of a viewer is of course ideal and pure and true. But to construct a viewer as bourgoise does, is interesting because it highlights her own particular pathology, just as McCartney does his.

That Bourgeiose rather tediously hammers home the point over and over again to great acclaim in some circles is not only awesome but somewhat frightening, like a shizophrenic parent or a hydroencephalitic adult.

Fortunately her lazer beams are not pointed at me, too deep in the shell hole. More human than human. Thats my abjection.

wait for it.

No Rush said...

you know these stylists just troll youtube and if u think bono picks his own sunglasses u are niave. if the stylist doesnt, ali does.

scale-viewer-etc. Bourgeoise is always parent/child. That's classic. I like to get the viewer lost in the experience--that 's what I try for.

I think "Human After All" is the new thing. But, did you see the new directors cut?

zipthwung said...

Kids may find scat tracking especially appealing. After all, when else are they going to be allowed to talk about poop? Deer scat tends to be small and oblong; fox scat is tubular and tapered, a cross between cat and dog droppings. Rabbits and hares produce small, round pellets. Bowman notes, though, that scat will vary significantly, depending on the animal's food source.
The first, is that dialogue is minimalistic. "The unspoken comes into sharp focus" when Charles tries to embrace her before the ball, and she tells him he is wrinkling her dress. Does anyone want to share some other instances from Part I of subtle expressions, body language, and/or verbally passive aggressive ways in which Emma displays her contempt for Charles? He was himself, bourgeois, and by living among the people he acquired an innate ability to immitate the dialectical patterns and punctuation of the speech he grew up surrounded with. A few years ago, scientists found a biological explanation for this phenomenon: specialized brain cells called mirror neurons. There are as many forms of "attention" as there might be methods of attracting it; What, in other words, is the precise quality of the attention a novel asks of us? Culler connects the idea of stupefaction with Flaubert's notion of the experience of "reverie" and the incomprehensible as the goal of art.

zipthwung said...

zipthwung said...
“Yes, he’s a replicant. He was always a replicant.”

30/9/07 9:16 AM

zipthwung said...
reflections that cause acoustic interference and standing waves, and those are what affect the level of low frequencies produced in a room. When the reflections are reduced by applying bass traps, the frequency response within the room improves. And if all reflections could be removed, the response would be exactly as flat as if the walls did not exist at all.

30/9/07 8:55 PM

no-where-man said...

Analysis: Why Brands Should Skip the "Conversation" on YouTube

anyone in Miami?

zipthwung said...

I bet the conversation at ABMB is of a very high caliber.

Most people on YouTube who comment seriously use video, from waht I;ve noticed. The most effective viral branding campaigns invite this sort of interaction over text, which does indeed tend towards the purile, juvenile and redundant.

..the vlogging community is highly decentralized and exhibits a core/periphery structure, indicating that the group consists of a core group of active participants and a peripheral group of significantly less active participants. In addition, the results indicate that the characteristics of the vlogging community are similar to text blogging in a number of ways, including the community’s highly interactive and social nature. However, results also indicate that the rich nature of the communication afforded by the video medium allows for a more personal, intimate, and empathetic interaction. Further, the low barrier to entry enabled by inexpensive tools and web distribution is an important
motivational factor for vloggers.

zipthwung said...


links to art miami and shit

webthing said...

vlogging, clearing forests as cap once mentioned under a previous avatar.

For any spiritual concerns regarding video and consciousness refer to the now freely downloadable text from Gene Youngblood, if you don't have it already... color plates and all!

Expanded Cinema

CAP said...

More high calibre chit chat -


zipthwung said...

Truth at 24 frames a second huh?
SO if you are not seriously funded you are not taken seriously, as in art knowledge cannot be manufactured without the alchemical catalyst of money.

Ok, proceed to the next slide at the beep.

CAP said...



webthing said...

Europe is the head if the continents represent parts of the body. It is prone to migraine. Asia is the hands. America the shoulders, sore shoulders. It wasn't always this way. But for now it is.


Light is god. Light is painting, film, your computer screen, the sun, it's all the same. Diversions make it more interesting. Painting means "thinking while looking". In that case, staring at cheerleaders is an art for many. Life models just make it more sombre, but it's all there the same.

DIvert, SPlit, BReak, DIvide, SOrt, FIle, DIfferentiate, FRacture, CAtegorize, DIstinction

the elements of wo(man)kind.

or somesing like zis.

webthing said...

food is paint.
pixels are paint.
history is paint.
historic history is history.
its over.


zipthwung said...


mais je pense que oui

CAP said...

The European Graduate School for Rich and Stupid Americans is now accepting submissions for Spring 08.

Sergeant Schultz’s keynote address will cover the camps, invasions, press passes, and Shock & Awe – the hermeneutics of pre-emptive public works and extreme rendition.

Guest speakers for the semester will include Bruno Latour and Thierry Henri, doing their famous ‘Walkin’ The Dog’ routine.

rmut said...

CONSTRUCTIVE: Circle around circle negative point against the unpoint positivve; blue vlog yellow; sign you. Crossing the Triangle. I's clamoring against Chao-unform.
JUST TAKE: 20-30% watered down cubism; dye it with Van Gogh and boil it all for 10 minutes in an easy to digest, thrown-out worldview. Shake the whole thing carefully around an Ingres and while you're doing that read Vanity Fair.

CAP said...

So you've been looking at Piers Secunda as well?

No Rush said...

so beautiful i could cry

No Rush said...

sail away

Sunil said...

Still loving Seurat.

zipthwung said...

For some time now, a large majority of you have been crying out for answers. We recognize that many of you have spent a significant amount of your time in our game worlds. It is this very reason for which we fought with great resolve. I have done everything within my power to fight for Space Cowboy, and I do not possess a single regret regarding my work here.

Unfortunately no compromise was able to be reached, and no transfer could be agreed upon.

No Rush said...

Gaff's 115 Dream

CAP said...

Gene Youngblood -

Never thought I'd hear that name again.

zipthwung said...

I thought Lev Manovich's "The Medium is the Massage" really wet's your appetite for ecological thinking. "Tight-lipped"? I'm thinking it might mean "ventriloquist." I'm not very collaborative. I like being alone. Working alone. I hate actresses. I don't like having to ask permission. A green light is not something I'd be happy waiting for. I remember one woman collector asking me who "anon." was. She was surprised she didn't know him or her, because they seemed to be listed in a lot of collections. The best thing about being collected is getting money. The Road Warrior. First Blood. Alien. Drugstore Cowboy. The Terminator. Did Blade Runner come out in the '80s? If it did, I liked that one--the original, not the director's cut. Do androids dream of electric sheep? Virtual reality. Cloning. Sampling. Substitutes. Surrogates. Stand-ins. It's either here or right around the corner. I'm not sure what "digital theory" is. I don't know who Gene Youngblood is. I never read Baudrillard. I read Christian Metz. I read Truman Capote. When my little girl falls on the pavement and her teeth go through her lower lip and I have to take her to the hospital and watch her get stitches, I don't really think about "almost real" or "really real." I don't think about what's real anymore. My response was kind of schizophrenic: I made a personal attempt to reconcile the two positions, merging the aesthetics of photographic truth and photographic lie. Today, the contested question of photography's truthfulness has lost its urgency. Photographers use conventions from both. traditions to construct their own subjective approaches to the medium.

zipthwung said...

A prisoner is waiting in line at the death camp. He finally reaches the front of the line and Mengle is there, pointing people to the right or the left. He sees the prisoner and pauses, it has been a long day. The prisoner says:

"Why don't you take a picture so it will last longer?"

zipthwung said...

Whos got the conch?

Attention all shoppers
It's Cancellation Day
Yes the Big Adios
Is just a few hours away

It's last call
To do your shopping
At the last mall

You'll need the tools for survival
And the medicine for the blues
The sweet treats and surprises
For the little buckaroos

It's last call
To do your shopping
At the last mall

We've got a sweetheart Sunset Special
And all of the standard stuff
'Cause in the morning-that gospel morning
You'll have to do for yourself when the going gets tough

Roll your cart back up the aisle
Kiss the checkout girls goodbye
Ride the ramp to the freeway
Beneath the blood orange sky

It's last call
To do your shopping
At the last mall

CAP said...

Christian Metz

Never thought I'd hear that name again either.

zipthwung said...

Primarily, most scholars follow the crowd in the academic world just as most women follow fashions. To buck the tide means social and professional ostracism. The same is true of the mass media. Most of us have had the experience, either as parents or youngsters, of trying to discover the "hidden picture' within another picture in a children's magazine. Usually you are shown a landscape with trees, bushes, flowers and other bits of nature. The caption reads something like this: "Concealed somewhere in this picture is a donkey pulling a cart with a boy in it. Millions of Americans are concerned and frustrated over mishappenings in our nation. They feel that something is wrong, drastically wrong, but because of the picture painters they can't quite put their fingers on it. Most intellectuals, pseudo and otherwise, deal with the conspiratorial theory of history simply by ignoring it. They never attempt to refute the evidence. It can't be refuted. "Intellectuals" are fond of mouthing cliches like "The conspiracy theory is often tempting. However, it is overly simplistic." "Ah, you right wingers," they say, "rustling every bush, kicking over every rock, looking for imaginary boogeymen." Everyone knows that Adolph Hitler existed. No one disputes that.

zipthwung said...

There appeared almost a terror, a sense of loss, at an inability to answer the query, “what is this film about?” as there was terror at the posing of this kind of question. What if it could not be possessed? What if it had no meaning?

Idon'tbathe said...

in sand and shit at art aositions beyond the concrete aaves exhibit or something, iggi poP and the fuckin stooges conitnued the counte/rclulture bibe one night with a lifely conceart for several handred fans or something.
who would've thinkedso many fuckinart basel poeple would be able to sang alung to So messed up I want you here
In my room I want you here
Now we're gonna be Face-to-face
And I'll lay right down In my favorite place
And now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Well c'mon
Now I'm ready to close my eyes
And now I'm ready to close my mind
And now I'm ready to feel your hand
And lose my heart on the burning sands
And now I wanna be your dog
And now I wenna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Well c'mon
and shit
the high/laght of the showw came when uggy Pop invated peoples onstage too fuckin dunce with ham during no Fun. A artistic statement and shit emndeed

no-where-man said...

missed iggy but enjoyed Basel, - is this fair an extension of museums or is it the other way around?

webthing said...

academic = academy

academy = defined

definitive = past

undefined = present +

the academy cant really touch it like they want to, the now thing. they can try, sometimes it works. but usually it comes from the left field. pillars can't house what the glass can't case.

isno't said...

my grad school Modern Art History Prof
was from Montreal
and she loved Philip Guston
and would pontificate, sound off if you will
often about the boldness and self invention
he made through painting ... reinventing
himself like Madonna
something pop stars celebrities politicians
do regularly now she would point out. YES.
I did not go to college for Art but something
else entirely .... so this no nothing about art
was very captivated by this painters images
and methods ...
but either her French accent or some French bias
The Art History Prof would pronounce his name
French as in
"Fee-leep Goo_stohn"
until someone corrected me just this year.
Thanks Jef
How many times I went to a museum and pointed
out the "Fee_leep Goo-stohn" to all the hot chicks
I hang out with I mean want to hang out with me
makes it very difficult to laugh ...
I like Art.

What is general to all
is specific to no one.

No Rush said...

iggys cool but he cant tuch r kelly

zipthwung said...

By the time the movie is over, the rescue site has literally become a carnival, with rides and entertainment.

CAP said...

When people say something's academic, they usually mean it's a waste of time.

no-where-man said...

ok.. well neither museums., or the market are "academic" as a rule -

what i was hinting at is mechanism.

take Basels "Art Kabinett" - any first hand impressions from how the market in 1:1 relations with the concept space came off? or what this could 4shadow?

pls. note which project and where - and how it made you "feel"

Idon'tbathe said...

"so:whatre you gona do now
is the question,in't it the only question he have. all otherquestions are suporting pluyers to that one ask yurself if you paid the rant last monthfuckin ask yaurself if you should leave your husbandor someething, ask yourself if you're in the mood for pista,and shit nbutt you bail it down you luft wiht/
What now"
this day the question is purticularly hurd. parhaps excruciuting is a better word.here wun't be other days for doing otherfuckin things. this, as they sayis it and something. whatever you do you better choose wisely, and shitand you butter do it right.or wrong. it really don't mutter in thegrund; schame fuckinof things.cause prety soon thare will be no shit grund schame of fuckinthings and shit.

Idon'tbathe said...

fuCKIN biG tumPorRery MUeZeum and stufF

zipthwung said...

Think of yourself as a writer and not god. Don't compare yourself to people with different backgrounds. You are not them, and when you think about it, wouldn't want to be them, would you? would you trade your life and experiences for those of these people? I don't think so. If you want absolute certainty, go into televangelism. You are a writer. Send your imagined critics to the Bahamas. Put your critics on a plane and start serving cocktails immediately; you can write while they're drunk, distracted, and intriguing to sleep with each other. Do free writings so you can get used to writing that you're not invested in. Every word doesn't have to count. Get comfortable with words that don't. The desire for eternal words, eternal certainty, lack of change--it's a death wish.

zipthwung said...

Warm leatherette,
See the breaking glass,
Beneath the underpass.

Warm leatherette,
Feel the crushing steel,
Feel the steering wheel.

Warm leatherette melts,
On your burning flesh,
You can see your reflection,
On the luminescent dash.

Warm leatherette,
A tear of petrol,
Is in your eye,
The hand brake,
Penetrates your thigh.

A tear of petrol,
Is in your eye,
Quick lets make love,
Before we die.

On warm leatherette,
Join the carcrash set.

zipthwung said...

“Certain things stimulate chimps when they paint, just like with us,” he said. “With them it’s often food, or each other. Which is like us, too, I guess.” “Some teachers say, ‘How do you know it’s art?’ I guess. But what makes a urinal or Campbell’s soup cans art?” he went on. “I guess if you’re expressing yourself on canvas, that’s art.” Ms. Allen said a pilot had offered to take her chimps up in his plane; he suggested that it might help their art, I guess. “Monkey painting is a total joke, I guess” said Damien Roman, a sales representative at the Vered Gallery in East Hampton. “It’s a disservice to artists who’ve, I guess, trained and studied for years to call it art when monkeys splash paint, I guess, on a canvas, even if it happens to resemble something and stuff.” The artist John Alexander, who paints in nearby Amagansett, expressed support for Ms. Allen’s sanctuary but found it difficult to weigh in on the chimp-art issue.

“If it’s beautiful and touches people in a magical way, I guess that’s art,” he said. “But I guess beauty alone doesn’t necessarily make art. Neither does self-expression; I guess it has to operate on more than one level. When a bird does its mating call, is that music?” I guess. “There are so many chimps that people have hidden in their garages and their attics, i guess” Ms. Hess said. “They need sanctuary, and a lot of stimulation — like art I guess.”

zipthwung said...

"bro, One line came out, 'It's like picking stars out of a coffin," ' he said. "I don't know what I said brah, but I didn't say that. Dude, It sounded so weird that I kept it."

The hospital is an extraordinary place dude - it looks like an antonioni set, man ...it totally looks like the moon out there [on the beach] so we stuck him in the middle of the image brah. He can totally breakdance dude. Bro, If you stay still that long it totally has an effect on you. I could never do that bro. He had a gnarley patch over one eye dude. This man is extremely gnarley - very tough. dude, he went in the diving bell also. Dude, I totally resisted making this movie. Brah, he had prostate cancer..never been sick in his life but he was very young inside of his body. Sculpting in time life contains death art unlike life does not contain death, bro. I never thought I was going to be a movie director dude. I have been a painter since I was a child and I am a painter. That;s my day job brah! I would paint. If I were god. You can paint by yourself, god dude! - because without the freedom I have because I'm a painter I could never have done this, man. The thing about painting is you don't have to be good or bad when you are doing it, brah.

If god came to you and asked you to choose between painting and directiong, which would you choose, bro?

Brah, I'd totally ask him who gave him the right to ask me that question.

I paint outside. Summer is synonymous with life and painting is synonymous with summer, brah.

I could have ninety summers, total freedom bro!

webthing said...

if seurat were alive today he'd be a vj in some retro throwback. he'd be obsessed with vinyl and probably listen to marnie stern. it'd be her on the stage in this drawing, he'd always practice at drawing guitar pedals with his eraser.

zipthwung said...

i mean bro, I would paint, Its sort of a trick question, dude, either or. Thats totally a straw dog or something bro. There was this painting I was thinking about that had this kid of surfer in the curl, shredding a gnarley tube, you know? Not like Pettibons, I was doing waves long before him and Longo, but its not aobut the wave, good or bad bro, its about chillin' with a brewski brah! If I take two vacations every year, dude, to places where its summer, then I like double my summers, bro! Dude that is killer.

webthing said...

when we preach to the converted, the feedback signal produces an axial emulation, but whereas in the past it was across the coffee table first, now it echoes right around the city and the earthball and comes back to the speaker in the voice of another, and with a few words altered, the meaning has changed. the greatest slip is knowing and the cycle is chained to a paradox, wanting things to complete but never be completed. to each elder the whole thing must appear to periodically reset, all the teachers retire, and all the students come to learn it all again. the lineage gathering it's things to move out like a dumped ex lover. when toward us the wall does not come, silent and still, we find a way to adorn failure with the trope of sisyphus..

webthing said...

Albert Camus, in his 1942 essay The Myth of Sisyphus, sees Sisyphus as personifying the absurdity of human life, and concludes "one must imagine Sisyphus happy" as "The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart."

webthing said...

maybeno rush?

zipthwung said...

We breakin egg through these days God
YouknowhatI'msayin? We got the fuckin way
We got the medicine for yo' sickness
Out here, ya knowhatImean?
I was telling Shorty like --
Yo Shorty, you don't even gotta go to summer school
Pick up the Wu-Tang double CD
And you'll get all the education you need this year
(Their poisoned minds can't comprehend this shit)
Word man, it's Wu-Tang Forever God
Niggaz can't fuck with these lyrics God
YouknowhatI'msayin? Knahmean?
(Oh hell no, none of this shit)
C'mon man -- beats, lyrics man, y'all niggaz
(Niggaz can't even understand half this shit)
Nah (man, no)
I think niggaz ain't gonna figure it out til the year Two-G
(Wax niggaz ass for free or fee) Word
Yo, you know what? The next Wu-Tang album ain't even
comin out until Two Thousand
YaknowhatImean? That's just gonna come back with a comet
You hear, we gonna bring a comet
(Check for that shit in the millenium)
YouknowhatImean? So, yo, y'all niggaz man
(Be the ressurection) The Gods is here man
Born Gods is here
(Born God)

zipthwung said...

Think about it. If someone were to come to you and say, "I am God!", wouldn't you want proof? Yes, you would. Of course you would. And you would not want goofy proof. You would not accept something that looks like a faith healer's show at a tent revival, and you would not accept something that looks like a magic trick. You want real, solid proof. You want any person who claims to be God to do something that is clearly impossible, like picking up a skyscraper, levitating it through the air and settling it into the middle of Central Park.

Mara said...

More dots than substance by today's standards. The technique is commonly practiced in basic art courses and its merit lies mainly in the context of the Impressionist movement; it had not been seen before and was the rock star of its time. Anatomically, no person with those proportions would be standing upright, ie., Barbie. Overall, I'm unimpressed and unmoved.

zipthwung said...

Fo sho, Nuttin' stays da same; no triumph be the eternity, he done warns; his theory, fo sho, fails to take into considuh-ration Herodotus' own followup, wherein some uh deese heah "marmots" are said tuh chase and devour duh full-grown camels, howevah this could be some kindah example of a tale told to keep uthas from seekin' dis relatively easy tah access source of dis "gold dust" . But Persia’s heritage of tyranny — untempered by reflection — means that its huge army and empire composed of scores of differing cultures are never really bound together by anything but fear. Tyranny done got its frailties.

Idon'tbathe said...

after his puinting was rajucted by fuckin the poris Saloon seurat turned and away and shit from such establishments or something unstead allying hif with the indapendent artists of puris.a lttle man walked up and fuckindown he fund a eating place in town he looked the munu through and through too see whut fifteen cents could do
One meatball, one meatball,he culdn't bought but one meatballor something e told the waiter near at hand the simple dunner he had planned.The guests were startledand shit one and all and stuff to hear that waiter odly call one meatbell, one meatbull,;this here gent wants one meatball."The little man felt fuckin ill at ease,
Said Some bread, son, if you please."The waiter hollered down the halland shit Ya gets no bread with one meatball! !one meatball, one meatball,Ya gets no ;bread with one meatball!"and stuff scientifuc beckground and anfluences
' Seurat's fuckinmelding of science and emotionand shit
the ;crowning fuckinachievemunt

No Rush said...

I tink duh sex unt technology questions waised by Cwash awe intewesting to apply to electwonic music. A lot of pipple tink of techno music as cold, unsexy, which I dunt, at all. Some is cwap, of cose, but I tink good electwonic music is vewy expwessive -- tho not by using wock language, wock dynamics. U dunt physicwy hit duh instwument, so pipple might not tink dat it's physical. But I dunt tink you can equate duh sexiness of a twack with how hawd you hit duh dwum. Dare's emotion expwessed in gud electwonic music dat can be vewy attwwactive, ewotic.


Idon'tbathe said...

Without the gravy
One meatball
Or nothing at all
One meatball
Without the gravy
One meatball
Or nothing at all
Oh fairest bullet
Of the bullet race
How sweet thou art
And what a taste
Oh my sweet lard
I see you make haste
Your fists are looking full
And there's blood on your face
Where's the bread
Down the hall
You get no bread with one meatball
We belong together
Like bacon and ham
We belong together
Like faking and sham
Old daddy wolf
He does the cutting
Put a weasel in the coop
That devil left nothing
Break the bread
Bicker and brawl
Stir don't shake your highball
I've wrung every drop
From the truth that comes out of me
Milked you dry on lies and dishonesty
There's a stain on the shrine
A nail for each crime
Down home delicious
Honed down vicious
Vultures lying in wait with the guilt
By a hot wet river laden with silt
There's many a slip
Between cup and lip
Down in the pig iron
With the shaven raven
Dragged kicking and screaming told
You ain't worth saving
The light of this life
Is a stanley knife
I've bled myself dry
I'm my own parasite
Where's the bread
Down the hall
You get no bread with one meatball
My heroine is heartbreak
A two-timing liar
She made me sweat fuel for my funeral pyre
A foul belle she's foul mouthed
Fingered on the trigger
Trigger on the lip
Where's the bread
Down the hall
You get no bread with one meatball
If you get to heaven before I do
Make a little hole
And pull me throughand shit

zipthwung said...

Clinton Road one Saturday night
Towin on a cheeba I was feelin alright
Then my homie-homie called me on the phone
His name is Chief Keith, but we call him Bone
Told me 'bout this party on the Southside
Copped my pistols, jumped into the ride
Got at the bar, copped some flack
Copped some cheeba-cheeba, it wasn't wack
Got to the place, and who did I see
A sucker-ass nigga tryin to sound like me
Put my pistol up against his head
I said, "Sucker-ass nigga, I should shoot you dead"
A thought ran across my educated mind
Said, man, Schoolly D ain't doin no time
Grabbed the microphone and I started to talk
Sucker-ass nigga, man, he started to walk

PSK, we're makin that green
People always say, "What the hell does that mean?"
P for the people who can't understand
How one homeboy became a man
S for the way we scream and shout
One by one I'm knockin you out
K for the way my DJ kuttin
Other MC's, man, they ain't sayin nothin
Rockin on to the brink of dawn
I think, Code Money, yo time is on
Ands shit

zipthwung said...

I hear the dog is barking tonight
The first foot forward is the right
The blood in the sands and the broken crutch
The blood on my hands whose magic touch?
Yeah, yeah my, my, my, -gasoline is burning
Yeah, yeah, my, my, my,
Listen to the mother cry
Yeah, yeah, my, my, my - gasoline is burning
Yeah, yeah, my, my, my, - listen to the mother cry
That's our gravy train
To the place where desperation reigns
Deliver me from evil
For slime is this kingdom
The incubus waiting to fly
I've been ground down honey
I've been wound round your little finger
I hear the dog is fighting tonight
The first fist forward is the right
I see the would of lies through Judas' eyes
My life in your hands, your knife in my glands
That's my gravy train
To the place where desperation reigns
Break the daisy chain
The is the place where Desperation rains

webthing said...

I met a caribbean man at an afternoon bar near the big lane market in london some time back, who told me he was god. he lifted his shirt and he had no belly button. this was within 15 seconds of meeting him. i looked twice and stared and he saw something outside and followed it. i stayed seated, and sipped my irish coffee. he had a very far away look in his eye and his eyes were extremely large and white.

electronic music is for other times when the standards are playing thin. there's a netlabel called www.thinner.cc where you can download the entire catalogue of artists work as creative commons license, in high quality. some great music, top presentation. the sister label is www.autoplate.cc, for the ambient side. fantastic free labels from germany. hours of enjoyment. my ipod is crammed with the entire catalogue of many netlabels and podcasts. www.myspace.com/arepeoplereal is a n interesting place to find fresh cuts.

CAP said...

Any Extreme Noise Terror?

rmut said...


webthing said...

downloadable ENT eh? would've thought you were a subtler type listener, but try spook core for albums...

webthing said...

rob banks

ditchburn said...

We is all still bumpin to glitch down on this farm.

zipthwung said...

The samples are not used directly however, they are split in small pieces of around 1 to 50 ms (milliseconds) in length, or the synthesized sounds are very short.
A dead end void, puerile existence
Killing time, ambitions now just a vacant urge. These small pieces are called grains. Multiple grains may be layered on top of each other all playing at different speed, phase and volume. Lost aspirations
Buried in the past fast sinking in the the existence of mind scenes still breed inside The result is no single tone, but a soundscape, often a cloud, that is subject to manipulation in a way unlike any natural sound and also unlike the sounds produced by most other synthesis techniques. By varying the waveform, envelope, duration, spatial position, and density of the grains many different sounds can be produced. The gimmick that when warm water is added to the dry kibble, a brown gravy forms when mixed with the kibble's powder coating. The gravy supposedly makes the food more palatable for the dog.

The result is usable as music, sound effects or as raw material for further processing by other synthesis or DSP effects. The range of effects that can be produced include amplitude modulation, time stretching, stereo or multichannel scattering, random reordering, disintegration and morphing.

No Rush said...

And by the way: The latest instance of subliminal advertising, an NYC billboard for A&E’s Paranormal State uses technology that transmits an “audio spotlight” from a rooftop speaker that makes passersby feel like they are hearing voices in their heads.

zipthwung said...

It just seemed like it was me, the gunman and God. My hands weren’t even shaking. I said, ‘Holy Spirit, please be with me, God was with me, He never left my side - The shots were so loud, I thought he was inside. The group members approach the target person as if they were their best friend. Whatever the person says is considered remarkable and interesting. I identified myself and engaged him and took him down, down, down, down, said Assam, who described feeling weak as she approached him because she’d been fasting for three days. Their attention and the preaching within the group may well be about love, but it is now on a diet, and they are taught that affection is a just reward for correct behavior. And that land that I live in has God on its side.

No Rush said...

I hate it when they do this--seems so tacky.

zipthwung said...

Too much invested in the artist.

"They discovered Mr. Blake’s labeled folders in Adobe Photoshop, the graphics-editing software. Each folder contained sequential picture files with titles. But within each dense file were numerous layers of the artist’s “moving painting” imagery, their intended direction and flow indecipherable."

From this we may infer that Jeremy Blake, like many artists, was an absent minded professor type, and that his process was disorganized and fragmented, mirroring perhaps a mind on the brink or a mad-man genius working without a story board or script, intuitively and on the edge - where rationality cannily meets the non-rational.

A disorganized mind and work-flow would make the work much harder to decipher as well as archive.

The journalist Choir Sicha proposed that crack was the culprit, and given the facts, it seems likely that a shared drug induced psychosis (methamphetamine) is not beyond the pale and consistent with the symptoms. Is that what the article is hinting at?

People who don't know anything about photoshop (or computers) are prone to hyperbole.

A while back Roberta Smith called using Photoshop "programming," I believe unironicly. Photoshop does not have that funtionality unless you consider "actions" as a rudimentary "program" - not what RS was describing though. Maybe she was quoting the source indirectly, as many reporters do.

I have no doubt that combing through Jeremy Blake's files was time consuming, but photoshop is pretty easy to deal with for a hobbyist or professional (but everything takes time - for example you might spend a week designing and tweaking a web page so making an animated movie with refined animation "S" curves could take months, even with a storyboard)

No mention is made of the way the animation was created - I assume the photoshop document was imported into After Effects as I read was done in the past. Did JB do all his own animation or did he usually direct it as the idea guy?

"With a deadline looming, Mr. Binstock approached a friend, David Sigal, a documentary filmmaker and videographer"

Clearly the article works to create a sense that this posthumous work has value, and that the process was intriguing and valuable because it illuminates JB's process. But is Mr. Sigal qualified to make command decisions in animation in a work that apparently had no storyboard?

I think this article leaves a lot to the imagination - and that smells like PR to me.

This reconstruction is not the same as Editing Anne Frank's Diary to reflect a more positive outlook, or Nietzsche being made into an anti-semite. But still, one has to wonder what the work would have been.

zipthwung said...


is where it's at I guess.

zipthwung said...

i think sigal was a former collaboraborator/craftsman downplayed as a technician, as usual.

Some people like being session musicians.

CAP said...

I suppose we might just get one more post in this year.
Looking back my three favorite posts for 07 have been:

1) Donna Huanca
2) Don Van Vliet
3) Neo Rauch

Not because they were great shows, but because participating in the commentaries was a lot of fun.
When there were two or three posts a week there was definitely more momentum.

Now it’s a kind of chat-room, basically.

People think yeah it’s gonna be like a kind of on-line Cedar Bar Tavern thing at first.
After about 50 comments, they realize, naw, it’s more like a stoned version of Cheers.

zipthwung said...

Here's another very serious gallery, which has represented famous and now very expensive artists but do people understand that? Are new buyers unwittingly being siphoned to lesser fairs and buying what is, overall, inferior stuff? The stories can be traced back to trickster figures in Africa. You'd have to have your head in the sand to say it's not happening. It's a war of attrition. I don't think it will be as dramatic or as nasty as the previous buzz about a young painter's vernacular pronunciations of the words "corporosity" and "sagaciating. When he wakes up, he goes to the mountain, where he sees the dead parachutist. For those who have not read an updated version in recent years, this is a reminder of why, in the words of Fortune magazine, "PARACHUTE remains the gold standard of career guides.

Aaron said...

Turbulence causes the formation of eddies of many different length scales. Most of the kinetic energy of the turbulent motion is contained in the large scale structures. The energy "cascades" from these large scale structures to smaller scale structures by an inertial and essentially inviscid mechanism. This process continues, creating smaller and smaller structures which produces a hierarchy of eddies. Eventually this process creates structures that are small enough that molecular diffusion becomes important and viscous dissipation of energy finally takes place. In nonscientific terms laminar flow is "smooth," while turbulent flow is "rough."

R.W.Chamberlain said...

zip - hey, (hi) We're hanging out enjoying a lager (Brooklyn) and we see A) No new works up on the site and B) you're still ranting. Please continue. We love that shit.


zipthwung said...

"Everyone” doesn’t appeal to everyone. No one says, "Just say all the food was good. In the present moment, artists are better off training themselves at home. The art world has gone from being a community to being an industry. Its success has signaled the dawn of the Age of Acquirers. Eighty or 90 percent of them will disappear back into the woodwork. When the student is ready, the master will appear. It’s a very opportunistic thing, and when the opportunity is gone, they’ll be gone. You can’t hope to succeed in New York unless you are a fashion victim - never be sanctimonious or dull, and be written in a distinctive, readable way. This can be exhausting.

I fashion my future on films in space
I got the electric blues
I got the electric blues

webthing said...

phonetic: suckseed
picked up and dropped,
picked up and dropped.

a bright spark, or a slow candle.
or both.

cap i agree with you on the discussion side of neo. on the cedar bar/sitcom thing, well, discussion moves in peaks and troughs. i'm sure pnyc might return to that commentary, somewhen. for no reason at all, i'll add that before i wrote a single word here i read every word for every work prior to that point, it took some time. initally i wrote to address concerns with painting, until somehow it became abstract and conversational, wider. i had a funny thought yesterday that if for some reason this blog were to disappear, it would do so without a trace. i'd have no knowledge whatsoever of what it was, making it dreamlike.


CAP said...

Hey Webthing, did you know there was an http://expandedcinema.blogspot.com/

Don't think it's Gene though.

webthing said...

Mmm, seen it printed somewhere in a search but never went to it - just did. Worth a revisit now and then perhaps.

Last thing i heard of gene was teaching in santa fe. When I showed expanded cinema to a good friend some years back, he reprinted an entire copy, canvas handbound for me as a thanks, so now i have this one off edition thing.

one day i might actually read it all...

the preface by old buckminster fuller is a classic

thanks for the hedzup

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