Julian Pozzi


Painter said...

Julian Pozzi @
Jeff Bailey
511 W 25TH ST / NO. 207
NY, NY 10001

surfkook said...

You'll never see the crazy detail and color from the jpeg. They're much more graphic in person. ANd the scale is rather large compared to the .001 brush marks.

Aaron said...

Arts n crafts day again. it is the style of the times. I mapped this kind of architectural inside outside multiple perspective territory myself a while back. Left a lot of trash and burger king wrappers. Sorry. But the campground is nice. You are welcome to it.
Whats with the pastel palette _ maybe its just that it stands out but I feel like its a thing - a signifier for a certain crowd - a statement of vibe rather than individual vision.

And it comes across as jokey, lite. Easy going yet fey. Alternative but not edgy unless you think David Sedaris is heavy. Then I might give you a loaf of bread and a story about gingerbread houses and have a nice life, kid.

because you married it.

Aaron said...

The thing about gelatinous cubes is that they are hard to see, and they fill the wholehallway

Where is your 12 sided die?

casinohost said...

Awesome work, reminds me a bit of m.c.escher


Old Guy said...

This jpeg sure isn’t giving much away, even double clicked.
Pozzi’s website has an installation view and they look mostly medium to small watercolors, on a colored ground.
In this one the project of redoing Escher in Lego was always going to struggle for uh… rigor.
I guess going frail and pale was to try and lighten up, give the thing a playful spin, but the problem is, as Aaron noticed, 3D modeling flipflops are just a bit old for the game, as a game. In the big work with figures, he does something different with the bricks, (the main jpeg for the show at bailey.com) but I can’t tell anymore from the jpeg.
If the thing is ever going to fly, I suspect he has to find something more concrete to do with the bricks – something kind of Lego. Maybe model an F-35 or The Starship Galactica or something – they can still have the more abstract planes and twists over and around them, but somewhere in the mix it would pay to get more solid.
Even then of course the thing is going to look kind of funky west coast and that retro look might count against him.
Klansman Zip for instance is currently conducting a house to house for any known associates of WT Wiley. He tells me he has the interests of art history at heart but I suspect there are old scores to settle there.

closeuup said...

how can you like kurt vonnegut and not like wm wiley? they are like exactly the same thing...

zipthwung said...

i'm down with richard Brautigan, but fucking grow up! Or dont, see if I care.

I taled to a drunk who is in a cover band with the drummer from Television . TELEVISION!!!!

Old Guy said...

Mark E Moon
They all come after that guy.
Did Brautigan read Verlaine or vice versa? Does Falco and Panther Burns make it as Southern Gothic?

closeuup said...

monday, may 15 2006

Nomi said...

I like that Annie Costello ^^^

zipthwung said...

I said to, keep on rollin, keep on rollin
Keep on rollin, keep on rollin,
Keep it rollin, keep it rollin baby
You can look back if you wanna
Go chase that, keep on rollin, keep it rollin
Yeah, yeahhh, yeahhhh. Whoooo.

Cooky Blaha said...

painter loves jeff bailey

zipthwung said...

marble madness

thats a sweet pic - someone should paint that. Then Ill compare mine to yours. May the best painter win.

crystle castles but not hte arcade version, the atari 2600 version

jpegs do not lie.

tron is probably one of the bst movies ever made by disney after a long slump of derivative crap.

ok gerbils, thanks for participating in the habitrail.

Nomi said...

I really have the feeling that these pictures are likely to be far more interesting in person. I know someone above who's actually seen them has already given this opinion. I'm just saying that the photos really feel like they can't do these pieces justice. The paintings are just too delicate, delicate in a way that is hard to photograph, in a way that makes them seem distinctly weaker and less compelling than they are.

All this is just guessing, but I bet I'm right.

surfkook said...

Nomi is right.

surfkook said...

Actually it's watercolor or ink on paper so really it's not a painting either, it's a drawing.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like being at one place twice, at different times. Trying to mesh the two involves this building and dissembling resulting in a kind of midway structure.

Mailed a friend about the word slight in terms of 'light' and 'sight', between something which is barely manageable or hard to distinguish.
Language is this thing, too, that you pull apart and reassemble to resemble something that you mean.

Surfkook obviously feels that it's worth a view. I'd go with that!

Aaron said...

I dont care if the entire text of melville's moby dick is inscribed in ink uppon the surface, I'm still gong to be an asshole on this one.

Its pattern and decoration.

On the other hand, as I said, if thats your thing, feel free to park the camper, use the pumping station and check the mini fridge for weed.

Aaron said...

read the runes

what do they say?

Every possible combination.

Now again, but this time with feeling.

Barnaby said...
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