Amy Talluto


Painter said...

Amy Talluto @
Black and White Gallery
636 West 28th Street

Group Show

pinkandlacepony said...

Gorgeous painting in person. I love the drawings too.

Hungry Hyaena said...

Amy's work continues to grow stronger and more complex. She also has a range that many young painters do not, and playfully/intelligently combines these in many of her pieces.

I like that you've included her just after Rauch. Though Rauch is a champion of, as critic Schjeldahl puts it, the "contemplation of impotence," Talluto uses equally competent skills to celebrate contemplation of Nature's animating forces. Some contemporary viewers may shrug at that notion. To them I roll my eyes and say, "Whatever."

Quisquilloso said...
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milf-magic said...

I hope she didn't write this bs:

Amy Talluto’s paintings are dynamic, evocative and incredibly personal. While on the surface these works may appear to be conventional landscapes, in actuality they are anything but. Instead of creating work through direct observation, Talluto uses photography to initially capture her subjects. Talluto’s painterly technique and startling palette illuminate the internal landscapes of the artist. As a result of this process her landscapes have been invented as much as they have been observed.

Thousand Points of Light said...

How can you get away with this stuff?

Talk about conservative. Makes Rauch look absolutely radical.

No Rush said...

painter B wicked

Nomi said...

Conservative? Maybe I don't understand what that means. How are these paintings conservative?

Anonymous said...

it's based upon long established principles and well trodden notions.

nat said...
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zipthwung said...

I'm underwater looking up at the skate bugs, and you are above water, skipping stones.
You are looking for a flat rock to skip, heavy, smooth and easy to palm.
I am rotting , stuck on a snag like a plastic bag on concertina wire.

You are drinking a beer, full on barbq

I am giving up my teeth to the current one by one.

You are stoned, standing on the deposit bank, agog at the flourishing undergrowth.

Eells have eaten my brain and intestines and are using my skeleton as home base.

You are wondering if you can get a ride home with the love of your life.

zipthwung said...

You know, Doig was not the first, nor the last.

seymourpansick said...

So Amy

A few cautionary notes:

---If you work small you'll end up in people's hallways next to the porcelain bluejays.

---You're ten years early but at least you get inside the big tent.

No Rush said...

every picture tells a story dont it

Aaron said...

classical score

You know, they play vivaldi a lot in stores - the four seasons really gets me psyched to buy stuff.

Ellen Altfest has a better pedigree, although the deep south has some cache nowadays what with katrina - even if you live in Brooklyn now.

I'm not sure why Doig is big though, aside from hanging out in the Tropics and being a film nut son of a Diplomat.

I demand back story from my artists, is what I'm saying.

survivourNYC said...

Aaron have you met Zipthwung?

Nomi said...

"it's based upon long established principles and well trodden notions."

I don't know . . . I think there's a fine line between, say, old fashioned, and traditional.

I guess these paintings are traditional in the modernist sense. But I find them fresh and exciting to look at.

Aaron said...

I'm the Antenna
Catching vibration
You're the transmitter
Give information!

Wir richten Antennen ins Firmament
Empfaengen die Tone die Niemand kennt

I'm the transmitter
I give information
You're the antenna
Catching vibration

Es Strahlen die Sender Bild Ton und Wort
Elektromagnetisch an jeden Ort

I'm the Antenna
Catching vibration
You're the transmitter
Give information!

Radio Sender und Hoerer sind wir
Spielen im Aether das Wellenklavier

[repeat to fade]
I'm the antenna catching vibration
You're the transmitter give information
I'm the transmitter I give information
You're the antenna catching vibration

mattsky said...
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bob said...

This really needs to be seen in person. It is a wonderful piece.

Nomi said...

I bet that's true. ^^^

I am not able to see it in person right now. But I don't understand why more people (on here) don't think this is good work just from the photos.

Martin said...

i went, it didn't look that much different in person to me. i can't say i'm too interested beyond the fact that it was featured here, if not for that i probably wouldn't have looked at it for the few extra minutes i did.

there is something redon-ish about this image.

they had some randy wray in the back, he was featured on here not too long ago... those do benefit from being seen in person.

Amy said...

We are common-law, tangled up in dirty Egyptian cotton sheets.