Yutaka Sone


Painter said...

Yutaka Sone @
David Zwirner
525 West 19th Street

zipthwung said...

Yeah, you are on the slopes with your kiddie skis and some nut blows by you like a pro - except its a bunny slope so who cares, go watch some ski movies and drink until your brain clicks the creative attitude to null. Thank fucking god.

zipthwung said...

oh and i believe i'll go with some form of kawaii on this one as well. Let me know if you know anything about that label or if you think its like the myth that there are fourteenzillion types of snow in eskimoland.

miss12 said...

i liked this show, but the paintings felt like merch.

zipthwung said...

I liked this

it wasnt very well constructed. I mean also ergonically it wasnt family friendly. But people tried. Oh how they tried.

Corny said...

loved these sweet and simple paintings, also the chairlift sculpture was perfect.

patsplat said...

I'm a sucker for these paintings. The perspective of the skis really puts you on the slope, and then the clumpy painting technique -- so cute!

The Rikrit Tiravanija next door was the talk of the office, but when I saw these paintings I felt pure love.

zipthwung said...

Irony. Its whats for dinner.

zipthwung said...

Two white horses in a line carrying me to my burying
Ground some need diamonds some need love some need
Cards some need luck
Some need dollar bills lining their clothes
All I need is all I need is two white horses in a line taking
Me for my farewell ride some may say this might be
Your last farewell ride
I don't see the face of
Kindness I don't hear the
Mission bells I don't smell
The morning roses all I see
Is all I see is
Two white horses in a line
Carrying me to my burying ground
Some may say this might be
Your last farewell ride

Martin said...

i enjoyed these paintings also... but not the sculptures. did people like the sculptures? corny's saying it was perfect makes me think i didn't bother with them enough... it is true i focused on the paintings.

the room of snowflake sculptures was like a room of paperweights. but they also looked like awards, or trophies. i'm into the trophy idea... it's hard to think critically about a show you've only seen once.

the paintings were so small..

Mark said...

The Rikrit Tiravanija next door was the talk-

and the aroma. Simple, wonderful paintings, see, it can be done.

artgirl said...

poor lil guy

zipthwung said...


100-150,000 estimate

artsygrrl said...

I like paintings and was initially intrigued by the sculptures but would've loved them more if they were glass or actual ice.

I ate Rikrits' food.