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Painter said...

Amy Cutler @
Leslie Tonkonow
535 W 22 Street

Aaron said...
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zipthwung said...

From April, 23 to April 27, the elite echelon of the military are running Noble Resolve 07, a four-day marathon of “simulated” terror attacks across the US and Europe. This includes a simulated detonation of a “loose” ten-kiloton nuclear weapon Virginia harbor, smuggled in by a “foreign nation.”

Nuff said.

I'll be in Baba Yaga's Hut scrubbing the floors.

zipthwung said...

One fine morning in the middle of the Precession of the Equinoxes this 'satiable Elephant's Child asked a new fine question that he had never asked before. He asked, 'What does the Crocodile have for dinner?' Then everybody said, 'Hush!' in a loud and dretful tone, and they spanked him immediately and directly, without stopping, for a long time.

By and by, when that was finished, he came upon Kolokolo Bird sitting in the middle of a wait-a-bit thorn-bush, and he said, 'My father has spanked me, and my mother has spanked me; all my aunts and uncles have spanked me for my 'satiable curtiosity; and still I want to know what the Crocodile has for dinner!'

Then Kolokolo Bird said, with a mournful cry, 'Go to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, and find out.'

just so

JpegCritic said...

have always liked.

but ok. I'll say it. the royal art faction (RAF)
must be an expansionist element indeed.

Guard your borders and your negative space.
Stand your ground and hoard it like ivory!

Honestly, I do think Cutler has proven she
can do better than this.

Ground is overrated.

JpegCritic said...

what the hell is wrong with google and blogger?
or should I say goober? bloggle?

it sucks.

Am having a difficult time posting or logging in.

JpegCritic said...

ever hear that vacuous voice-over voice --
like in desperate housewives or something,
with that faux-breathy sound that wafts from
the room with the TV? All tired and worn and formulaic and ever-so commercially-hyperbolic--
and tired?

Negative space.

Here. Have some oxygen.
The new drug.
We're all on it!

JpegCritic said...

O2 said..

Sorry didn't mean hyperbolic...
I was going for histrionic, but it didn't have
the same effect yo.

zipthwung said...

fervid space. Yes! Whats the deal with print friendly Marcel Dzama - is it the childlike playfullness? Because these allways feel like they have a moral to the story.


Short Poem or Else Not Say I

True pleasure breathes not city air,
Nor in Art's temples dwells,
In palaces and towers where
The voice of Grandeur dwells.

No! Seek it where high Nature holds
Her court 'mid stately groves,
Where she her majesty unfolds,
And in fresh beauty moves;

Where thousand birds of sweetest song,
The wildly rushing storm
And hundred streams which glide along,
Her mighty concert form!

Go where the woods in beauty sleep
Bathed in pale Luna's light,
Or where among their branches sweep
The hollow sounds of night.

Go where the warbling nightingale
In gushes rich doth sing,
Till all the lonely, quiet vale
With melody doth ring.

Go, sit upon a mountain steep,
And view the prospect round;
The hills and vales, the valley's sweep,
The far horizon bound.

Then view the wide sky overhead,
The still, deep vault of blue,
The sun which golden light doth shed,
The clouds of pearly hue.

And as you gaze on this vast scene
Your thoughts will journey far,
Though hundred years should roll between
On Time's swift-passing car.

To ages when the earth was yound,
When patriarchs, grey and old,
The praises of their god oft sung,
And oft his mercies told.

You see them with their beards of snow,
Their robes of ample form,
Their lives whose peaceful, gentle flow,
Felt seldom passion's storm.

Then a calm, solemn pleasure steals
Into your inmost mind;
A quiet aura your spirit feels,
A softened stillness kind.

JpegCritic said...

Dzama I give an A+ for usability.

Hi. I'm a Mac...

zipthwung said...


closeuup said...

for the last two:

We serve an old moan in a dry season
A lighthouse keeper in the desert sun
Dreamers of sleepers and white treason
We dream of rain and the history of the gun
Theres a lighthouse in the middle of prussia
A white house in a red square
Im living in films for the sake of russia
A kino runner for the ddr
And the fifty-two daughters of the revolution
Turn the gold to chrome
Gift...nothing to lose
Stuck inside of memphis with the mobile home, sing:

Mother russia
Mother russia
Mother russia rain down down down
Mother russia
Mother russia
Mother russia rain down

zipthwung said...

Goal lines gonna tell me where the line is

Is surrealism ok now? Ive got a huge fully grown albino rat-man in my rectum.

arebours said...

democracy in russia caused chaos ,they are saying-was there a song by rennaissance-something about "black snow,blablamother russia is calling...

zipthwung said...

i like these a lot more as political commentary than as gendered personal stories. I hope its polysemic or polyvalent that way.

WHen i was worried about what fine art is, or should be, i thought about that. Personal to political. for the artist its personal. For the public it's generally political, unless they know the artist, then its personal and political. Its impossible to do anything without it being political though. Personality is politcality.

So I have a problem with people who thought of art for arts sake or whatever. Are they serious? I hope not, because then they would be idiots, and I don't suffer idiots gladly.

For example, i was talking to someone who thought they knew Chinese art, and they said I didnt know anything - but they didnt even respond to what I had to say. Asshole. asshole asshole.

thats what I imagine amy cutler would say to my read on her work. Maybe not though. Maybe she's smart.

closeuup said...

This is life. and it's even my life: I've seen those very things, been in those very places. for fuck sake.

zipthwung said...

Thats like dash snos stuff or you know, any of the legion of contributors to Vice magazine. Dig it.

feed the world

zipthwung said...

tiny vices

but you knew that.

closeuup said...

dash snow is a tourist

closeuup said...

resurrection in 30 seconds

zipthwung said...

.................. .. ... /´ /)
.................... ..,../¯ ..//
.................... ..../....//
.................... ..,/¯ ..//
.................... ./... ./ /
............./´¯/' ...'/´¯`•¸
........../'/.../... ./... ..../¨¯\
........('(...´(... ....... ,~/'...')
.........\.......... ..... ..\/..../
..........''...\.... ..... . _.•´
............\....... ..... ..(
..............\..... ..... ...

zipthwung said...

ward policy

closeuup said...

the pain is getting worse

Tell her try your best jest to make it quick
Whom attend to the sick
'Cause there must be something she can do
This heart is broken in two
Tell her it's a case of emergency
There's a patient by the name of Gregory

Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse, oh gosh
Oh the pain it's getting worse

I don't wanna see no doc
I need attendence from my nurse around the clock
'Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse
Oh the pain it's getting worse
I hurt my love

I don't wanna see no doc
I need attendence from my nurse around the clock
'Cause there's no prescription for me
She's the one, the only remedy

Night nurse
Only you alone can quench this Jah thirst
My night nurse
Oh the pain it's getting worse
I hurt my love

And I'm sure
No doctor can cure
Night nurse
Night nurse

zipthwung said...

freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose