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jpegCritic said...

For those still in NY,
don't miss the (mostly) Rajput manuscript
paintings at the met. You'll be blown away,
and won't be surrounded by the throng too
busy with theTurner show.

Krishna was one lucky gopi-soaked avatar.

arebours said...

not to dump on her,but her work is so agressively ugly,it should get something more than"the work looked great"-which means what,anyway-it "looked" great,or was-and am i just saying this because we have a pact to be frenz ?But am always curious to see what comes next-seems like an end game,yet agnes matin went along with few elements-hope this doesnt pollute the purity of this blog

No Rush said...

Having to jump to another page really sucks. This is when even I am asking for a new post. Know you're busy PainterMo but please?

Hey Peg. He's a GOD. Luck does not apply.

jpegCritic said...

Well at least Rama had to work a little
more for his putang.

jpegCritic said...

areborurs, I am glad you pointed out
this issue of painting as an end-game.
It is something of which have been
obsessing of late, but have no defining
thought about how to deal with it.

Ugliness has been just one of many strategies,
of play -- the kip and jorg brought good play
but then Oehlen made ugliness-is- beautiful
'sike' kind of basketball move that powned.
-- and left Messe wondering w/the fuck just

zipthwung said...

im not freak folk so no garrison keilor, whatever you bored you excited by what dramamine? me to aint got none, you settle for whatever, its no drugs-you are prtty boring yourself man dude, what makes you so superior "im bored" fuck you, Im morfe bored, Ill kick your ass with boredom or superior linguata non compose mentis demetis I am an entered apertice, like a fucking shark dentist, twisted like jaws vices and splices and filmic devices you got nothing but mccormic spices no bbq just spew and chew like kodiac all fiberglass no nuance and no gum to chew on this - you are ignorance, I own bliss, fat kids got nothing on this. Double your pleasure with multiball, I pin your butterfly like a kepie doll, dime toss or three card monte,the game is stupid, like ponzi, ayyyyyyy its all cool right? I am tv to your two bit Fonzi.

jpegCritic said...

that was fuckin tight.

No Rush said...

sounds like he's been huffing the Dust Off again.

Daniel Tierney said...

yeah. wow. im standing up applauding. just when i thought hip hop was dead. you go and bus it in.

I havent been back here in a couple years. and its still the same blow-- hard time, same blow-- hard channel. maybe youre a nice guy. what the hell do i know. but youre fucking exhausting 'naw mean?

oh yeah and your rap sucked.
if art isnt working out dont make hip hop your next victim.

get awesome.

you may be morfe bored than me.. i think that was exactly my point. so much for reading comprehendo amigo.

jpegCritic said...

i understand turf wars and all but last
i remember coke's now cheap and this
turf's value just doesn't justify the strife,
now does it.

CAP said...

Google's gone all Chagall on me. I suspect the hand of The Zip!

zipthwung said...

ok danny boy, so you are the great assimilator? Good for you. Your loosey goosey painting mojo might work on lesser mortals, but where I come from thats old hat art school slack. I mean, you sweat, but we see a uniformity based on your all over the mapness. That may slide on by, but like I said, even a donkey could do it, given the paint. Like threaading a doughnut or maybe bbqing rimbauds cancerous leg. Makes as much sense to me as anything.

I was never fat. Beck got a writeup in the times did you see that? or were you responding to the zeitgeist? beck is as boring as I am, but oh, he sings it and uses puppets or whatever. good for him. Dance monkey dance.

zipthwung said...

exhausting. Thats a good one you know? And you want reading comprehension at one oclock int he morning my god i feel like I'm a cow, and you are an ant, and we are having a conversation, only I can;t even see you.

webthing said...

never fall in love with your own airship

:) :(

Daniel Tierney said...

zip- i recommend avoiding this blog as the last thing you do at night and the first thing you do in the morning. theres got to be more out there than this.

No Rush said...

Aww man Daniel Tierney. You're like a blind date I brought to the party and you throw up on the couch. Too bad...

Daniel Tierney said...

well everyone has to leave their mark. and yeah no rush...fuck the couch if the party is full of aholes. shoulda left me out of it. were the hell did you get me from anyways.

maybe this just isnt my scene you know. the kind where you show up with a real name put thoughts out there standing for something instead of ghosts pointing to it. its a bunch of bathroom swordplay but nothings under the sheet.

zip.. i never asked you to like my paintings. was never even part of our disagreement. and really we didnt disagree at all. i just asked you an honest question. but you have the temper of an addict. go ahead. keep being angry. you could shoot holes in anything if you wanted to... the great asinator that you are.

what a drag. it was an effin honest question.

jpegCritic said...

all is full of love

No Rush said...

It was a passive agressive question and I'm sensing a lack of honesty there. Let me ask you a question: the fat kid. Does that signify our collective greed or a personal abandon and lack of control. Are you the fat kid, or are you "Fascinated" by him? Putting yourself above him?

jpegCritic said...

Before you answer Daniel Tierney,
just remember that all this stuff in
the blogosphere is archivable. And
so attaching your name to posts
requires an extra dimension of comportment...
a dimension that does not exist, for example,
for those who post by pen names... i.e. for those
who want to separate the professional from
the private while gaining a freedom unlikely to
be found elsewhere.

You don't have an advantage here by engaging
in the current thread by posting thru your
professional name.

No Rush said...

thanks dad

Daniel Tierney said...

it was perceived as passive aggressive. I still stand by the honesty of that question. There is a thread to this blog that suggests a joy of feigned ignorance, and ineptitude and im wondering if that being defined as marginalia might have a significant import.

I admire the fat kid.i have been the fat kid. the fat kid doesnt have to wear size husky. too much knowing now to rep fat kid myself. the work can be the fat kid. it is many things at may times. its a bloody knife. other times its polio in a field. schizo in 4 dimensions.

and jpeg... i have no interest in anonymity, and i certainly do not feel having my real name on here to be any sort of advantage. i think its obvious its the opposite. but i love the underdog as much as the looser. You just cant tie an entire body of work to hey its all about the fat kid. that's dismissive and disappointing.

I would also argue that running around with a real world name in a world where everyone else lives in fame or infamy or as blips in a void has its own liberation.

i can respect other peoples needs for becoming nameless. there are jobs at stake. friends. aliances level 4 green orcs.

this place might be a bit to zen.

I think this is as important topic and i've enjoyed touching on it briefly.

jpegCritic said...

I've enjoyed your visit.
-- Level 10 Orc

No Rush said...

no sense of humor it turns out. and a puritan. oh well.

No Rush said...

too much knowing indeed. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Daniel Tierney said...

too much knowing indeed. zzzzzzzzz?

whats wrong with you? what is this a charlie brown episode?

no sense of sarcasm it turns out. and a Lutheran. oh well.

No Rush said...

now he's insulting charlie brown!

zipthwung said...

Im already on to JWM Turner. Orcs are a JRR Tolkein construction, or if you will, a race created by an evil wizard by twisting the DNA of Elves or some shit. I forget.

No Rush said...

i'm going to leave him to his feigned heirarchies. he'll be back im sure

Daniel Tierney said...

i like how you turned from addressing me.. to addressing the group. nice inside/outside club.

im obviously the ross perot here. the ass and the elephant can have their ways. im fine being the closest to the ground.

carry on, and so will i. im sure no one will be the wiser.

zipthwung said...


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