Barnaby Whitfield


Painter said...

Barnaby Whitfield @
143 Ludlow St
New York, NY `10002

webthing said...

here we go

webthing said...


No Rush said...

left arm is way too long hands too big ha ha

CAP said...

Sounds like Webthing got a little over-excited.

Barnaby said...

It's me! wooohoooo!

Just like ol' times.. thanks Painter!

zipthwung said...

I know photoshop sir and you are no photoshop disaster

Might I point to thursday april 17th? As well as a soon to be located image of spider man and his beau, kirsten Dunst, who shares the identical hand deformity pictured here


But to what end? Criticality demands an answer. Are these your people? Or are you rejecting these people Or are you loving the sinner but hating the fashion.

You are what you eat. I prefer fascists with navajo "blankets" over terry cloth last supper wall hangings,

which brings me to would you buy this painting and warehouse it or maybe put it behind a secret panel to be displayed like a Courbet money shot? How risque!

I think so, but also I saw some dynaminte chihuahua art the other day - which I would never want nor do I like.

Anti esthetics - can you live with em? I do I suppose - by not cleaning my room, for example. But thats a question of entropy - which is interesting because Ivan Albright overworks his canvases too.

I guess Im more into wild landscaping than neat landing strips, is what im saying.

zipthwung said...

Russia! Russia! I see you now, from my wondrous, beautiful past I behold you! How wretched, dispersed, and uncomfortable everything is about you...

Barnaby said...

okay so.

I'll talk process. And photoshop.

I fucking love photoshop. I doodle. Find images that go with what I see. Put 'em together. Sketch it. Work out the kinks... try and get it closer to my "vision" ..go back to the photoshop document.... twerk it 'til it's as close to what I want as possible.... then "draw" the final piece looking at that....

No projector. Just my hand. I LIKE to show the fucked up shit that happens because of my good/bad photoshop skillz because obviously I am not drawing from life. With that said I HAVE to have some sort of "real" reference when drawing a piece in order to keep it from looking like a cartoon...

Yes it's illustration. Fuck you..
....Of my "narrative" (except for this piece which started off work for a music album about a song .. that was rejected so I turned it into something about my own life...I OFTEN do pieces from music as it is.. what it is.)

That's my best friend in the middle. I used my Mom for the putti.

Barnaby said...

oh and putti = Donatello's Cupid... absolute copy... but with Mom's head. Sometimes I see something and think "How the fuck could that work in a piece now?"

and so it goes.

And so it went with Lotto's pissing Cupid actually.. used it for a piece where I discover Ahn Duong is my mother. Pissed all over her with joy.

No Rush said...

your mom is pretty. so is mine

JpegCritic said...

nice drawing skillz barnaby

Thurston said...

31Grand is such a hot gallery!

Uncle Jesse said...

i love the little bob ross style winter landscape in the background. i also really like the sweatty highlights on the people in the foreground. it gives you a real bipolar feeling looking at it. this painting is rockin! but children really shouldn't work out like that. it'll stunt their growth, and they'll end up like iggy pop.

zipthwung said...

i googled it

I just thought it was hysterical that they felt the need to explain why Spider-Man obviously has no VPLs (Visible Panty Lines). But they have yet to explain why Spider-Man looks like a neutered Ken doll up front. While going commando?

It's the simple law of tight clothing, people: something's going to show. That's why Batman wears a codpiece.

zipthwung said...

O beautiful, for spacious skies,
For amber waves of grain,
For purple mountain majesties
Above the fruited plain!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.

O beautiful, for pilgrim feet
Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness!
America! America! God mend thine ev'ry flaw;
Confirm thy soul in self control, thy liberty in law!

O beautiful, for heroes proved
In liberating strife,
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America! May God thy gold refine,
'Til all success be nobleness, and ev'ry gain divine!

O beautiful, for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years,
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America! God shed His grace on thee,
And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!

Barnaby said...

Yes. I'm a fan of a distended limb.

Barnaby said...

oh mrs. o
will you tell us where the naughty children go
will you show
how the sky turned white and everybody froze
heaven knows how they got into the fireplace
but everybody's saying grace
and trying to keep a happy face

and oh mrs. o
can you teach us how to keep from getting cold
out we go and you watch us as we face the falling snow
what a show with our hairdryers aimed heavenwards
and fifty foot extension cords
you really have a way with words

the truth can't save you now
the sky is falling down
watch the vultures count the hours
april trains may bring strange showers

and oh mrs. o
will you tell about the time they made you go
all alone to the palace where they took your only clothes
we all know
there's no hell and no hiroshima
chernobyl was a cover up
the world is really all in love

oh mrs o
will you leave us hanging now that we are grown
up and old
will you kill me if i say i told you so
we all know
ther'es no hitler and no holocaust
no winter and no santa clause
and yes virginia all because
the truth cant save you now
the sky is falling down
eveything they ever told us
shakes our faith and breaks their promise
but you can stop the truth from leaking
if you never stop believing......

zipthwung said...

my angel is a centerfold

daddy's little girl

love the flood light - very noir.

webthing said...

barnaby most of your work has a strange treatment of proportion but usually most noticeably with the upper limbs, is your drawing self taught, and do you extend on the warping and disfigurement of your natural style, to push it out or in even further? or would you suggest it arbitrary to even bother querying it? it is definitely a hallmark of most but not all the works. eg/

Barnaby said...

well really the warping/disfigurement is just left over from a childhood of apin' Shiele's shit of Erwin Osen (yeah yeah) ..I've logged many an extra life study hour trying to get it out of my system.. but yes ... it's something I am stylistically fond of ...

..the lengthening hallway effect..

Most of the arms and hands are my own.. and in fact sometimes I will look back to older pieces and use the exact same limb again.. I love seeing studio props and favorite models in an artists body of work..

It's my big barrel o' prosthetic limbs. It is what it is.

An aside to myself.

And another..the gal in your link is the same as the one posted here.

as well...I am a University drop out. Twice over.

zipthwung said...

"Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand "

That's an innuendo right? A sports metaphor? Just puppets?

hide the kids!

Quisquilloso said...
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Barnaby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barnaby said...

Umm well I'm too old to be a Currin follower really... I was here in New York when he first started showing .. and I feel my own sort of language was already in place ...

and I of course see nothing but differences..

with that said I absolutely recognize why he'd be brought up.... that Currin piece .. which I'm finishin' up now is sort of a joke on that whole thing... I mean.. well shit i have to run right now but I think that answers it...

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No Rush said...

oh jeez. barnaby is camp. currin is greedy. that's the main difference I see.

Barnaby you're OK. I dont think Id like it as much if you didnt do the red skin thing. That's my favorite part.

webthing said...

thx barnaby.

webthing said...

is it true that most painters are still more concerned with studying historical european works as 'contemporaries', and because they aren't so much looking horizontally toward current peers, ending up producing a similar retrograde between them that is hiding the real connections of present day painting!? I dunno. Anyway Currin for a start is no good at painting a male, for some reason in each example it seems as if he never really wanted to. You can connect Barnaby to Currin in the sexual candor but the list goes on and on from that point.

webthing said...

the list of other painters i meant.

Barnaby said...

A couple of months back I discarded a piece for the show that just came down at 31 Grand .. it was inspired by some great banter with the artist Kelli Williams on my old blog to be titled Triba[l]ism.. about lesbians and tribadism and so on..(along with ..and mainly..being a redux of an ol' piece o' mine titled "Menfolk They Need Their Women But Women They Don't Need Their Men" ..another thing I am a fan of.. revisiting work. And often. And often again.)

It was two sort of well dressed albeit pantless pregnant women rubbing bellies. Something about it bugged me.. at one point while discussing it with another artist I said "I think it may be too.. dare I say Currin?" I was thinking of the.. umm.. pink tree piece.. way more baroque but still..something about the stance.. the way one of the arms was held..I decided to scrap it and go back to it at a later date..

It was only just now when I googled him to verify how just entirely different I see his work.. and enjoy it.. that I realized he'd done the 'Patch And Pearl' piece.. which I did not remember at all.. but I did attend the opening of that show (tho' never went back) I don't think the idea came to pass because of seeing the Currin .. it was way more the idea of pregnant women and tribadism that I found entertaining..(it was also supposed to be a funny companion piece to one i did of Nicole Eisenman and Tom Sanford) but I was aware enough to be wary of it. So yes of course.. I look to and connect with other present day painters.. but to be perfectly frank I think that is reflected more in the shit I try with the backgrounds ..the surrounding landscape.. what I was trying to do with the american flag motif (with the rest of the show)... color.. etc.. I am excited by peers that are doing shit I never would ...

I am not sure why I began this ramble .. umm .. maybe because I thought the camp/greedy comment was silly. But whatevz. Opinions are guh-reat. Especially when ya don't know who is saying them. Tom Sanford is one of my closest artist friends but he isn't the person I would ask about my own work...etcetcetc..is what it is...

Just wanted to participate around here some what for Painter's sake. I leave now. And get back to my John Currin.

webthing said...

hehe, funny. valid. i like your landscapes and scenes and tend to dwell in them eventually, but thats just me. its a good show you have going there for sure. sample only - not for individual resale

Martin said...

i liked that sweaty patches comment... curly-cheese-fry-hair lady looks so clammy, straining to keep her smile.

Anonymous said...

While I don't really dig this piece I looked up Barnaby to see more of his work and I'm glad I did. The guy is unbelievably talented.

Anonymous said...

Ha Barnaby, you got it!
...Just for the record give me a minute. You are an original, that's for sure. And one thing I know behind this image, or inside it, is one big mother vinyl black disc. The original sin!
it'd be interesting to know a little more about the long limbs, from you or from anyone? I'm kinda focused on that. The kids are great! They plucked out of your garden?

JpegCritic said...

where's professor mouth?

zipthwung said...

Camp is a way of saying low or bad taste is ok to enjoy so long as you add a layer of mediation or appreciation based on the discomfort or cognitive dissonance one feels upon allowing such feelings to inhabit one's psyche.

I just don't like it. I wouldn't want to live with it. But if I could see one in every box condo in NY, I'd gladly crawl across a football field of broken glass in nothing but a pair of spidey underoos.

I think many people would.

These feelings of agression are undeniably anti social as much as they might be an entre into a world of fellow misanthropists.

Many artists are not attuned to their multiple markets, being somewhat involved in theri own personal obsessions (obsession meaning merely that which holds your attention for long enough to make a painting).

Style is a style - and the constraints of style - which are bound inextricably with personality (insert nature nurture argument here) are what make tastes.

John Currin, who cannot or will not indulge in extended narrative (pejoratively called magical realism or in art, surrealism) as an affirmation of an artistic belief that such fantastical ideas are immature or worse, powerless - is decidedly more facile with the brush but far less sympathetic - and far more so because of his positioning at Gagosian. In short, John Currin is nothing more than a Will Cotton with a cod piece.

By fetishizing the technique, currin proves he's the tool I always thought he was, and by which he admits his essential nature - or essence.

In the same way, Barnaby is, as much as Ashley Bickerton, asserting something in his nature.

At the root of this is power - or the effacement of power - but this tootie roll is generally wrapped up in the specifics of personal biography or immediate environment (as oposed to the more refined painted chevron, for example)

But that honesty does not make this work good.

Mistaking honesty or enjoyment for quality is what makes those who appreciate the concept of camp to find high irony in such work being called fine art, when in fact it is fan art.

To the extent that all work can be appreciated as fan fiction - or derivative, this work derives its essential nature from an impure, dirty and ultimately disgusting human state of abjection.

Where is the noble truth to this work? When Adolph Hitler shewed his true colors by admiring the perfection of the pure maleism of "greek" statues - notably a discus thrower, no one remarked that his latent homosexuality might preclude him from the homourable job of purifying Europe.

And again, in China, when Chairman Mao, with his Montessori education and deep distrust of intellectuals, showed his naive childlike belief in magical thinking in the equivalent of cold fusion - home made foundaries capable of making surgical steel - were we not awed by his audacity? his vision?

And when Barnaby shows work he denies is camp along side the works of fellow fans of fluffery, do we not wonder how much more of this celebratory work this epoch needs?

When Jeremy Bentham envisioned an instituional edifice that even the insane could run, did we not all clap our hands and ululate with sheer joy?

The misanthropic edge to this work is aparent - as it is indeed in Currin and Bickerton. This "edge" is blunted like a steak knife honed through an eternity of stale goat butter. And when we examine the surfaces of this "creative circle" we find it chalky, limpid and sometimes altogether lambent.
Hardly fetishistic.

This despair - the underlying darkenss that is a universal felling, (as is an appreciation of chiseled discus throwers, whatever the "in") is of course a hammer with which you may sell art, but as I say, my taste runs entirely towards work with less an analogue to the nostalgia for the gutter, and more toward the smooth refined mirrored obsidian of an epoch ending sacrificial dagger.

Or to aproach at another angle - the hallmark of domesticity is a concern for humanity, which is apparent in the rouged faces of the fashionista models who enjoy playing dress up but refuse to gain weight.

zipthwung said...

"The dogs bark but the caravan rolls on"

zipthwung said...

None of the presidential candidates want to be seen as snooty or overeducated, which must be why on Monday all three provided taped greetings to wrestling fans watching “WWE Raw” on the USA network.

For example.

zipthwung said...

one week only

funny how stuff looks good wit music over the top of it.

Has Michael Fried repented yet?

webthing said...


zipthwung said...

I mean you could take a still shot or "painting" and "look" at it with some auditory help and maybe some shrooms.

Thats the way the cave people did it.


Barnaby said...

Uh. Never denied a camp 'element' to my work Zip. I just didn't get on here to defend it. I don't need to. That bus finally hits you tomorrow I still keep on keepin' on. I have to. If you don't see the 'noble truth' well bully for you.

zipthwung said...

How seriously do you take yourself?
10 grand?


Taste is nothing.

No Rush said...

Camp is blissfully elusive and cant really be pinned down or defined. Zips def is bizarrely off base. Camp is a strategy that he is unable or unwilling to participate in so shits on it of course. You shit on it and John C. makes money off it. Put on the dress and the heels or shut up.

Moralists like to blame the current political insanity on Camp but I wont buy that. The WWF presidency is someone else's lie. Our fantasy is our own.

Martin said...

i'm not sure what camp is or isn't exactly... i think i know but then,.. is h. bosch camp? what about the arnolfini marriage portrait? i guess not? does something have to have been made since the term was coined to be camp?

barnaby's weirdness and luxurious grotesquerie makes me think more of pre-camp stuff, stuff that if it were made today might be called camp.

zipthwung said...

If camp is "blissfully elusive" then why can I find several complementary definitions for it?

Even accounting for Wittgenstein's drifting shibboleth's, I think it would be nihilistic to assert that no communication on the level of taste is possible.

Currin is expensive kitch (gagosian has the midas touch in that respect), as are many of the farm bred hedge fund tchotckies or "art fair art".

maybe my tastes have changed, but I dont think i have to defend against lack of feeling, insight or even intellect based on some idea that wearing heels is fun or that guiding an artificially hobbled fashion victim is entertaining.

One day you will wear the uniform of the people. This painting reminds me of old fly strips and sun rotted tomato stained tupperware - which is good, but also, bad.

We must make art for the new world order, not work that documents the past.

Fagswell said...



Anonymous said...

Cargo! I'd call it Cargo! If you want to get the alliteration then Cargo Cleavage Courts. Informed by Love leaving Pysche by Quentin Bell, then Head of the Rococo school at Slade on David, the place where Room with a Pool's LA's Virginia Woolf held naught but parties. The everyday, the ornate, design, illustration, gets plaid pastoral Prince peppermint dream--aching arcadia hot wet flesh--hotter, dry allergen red.
We don't know much about the long limbo For that I may need to continue the research in Napoleon, Bulgaria.

zipthwung said...

One Weasle is not enough

New World Order

CAP said...

One weasel is never enough.

This one reminds me of Peter Greenaway films.

Anonymous said...

The mom, the dad, the boy, the girl, the maid, and a handkerchief was the nail in the coffin, the final rest on the bar of an Era! Reminds me a bit like early Beat Takashi before he added all the west.

no-where-man said...

what the deuce.

No Rush said...

All women become like their mothers, that is their tragedy; no man does, that is his. -Oscar Wilde

webthing said...

the past cries for the future, and the future cries for the past.

Jimi said...

And the wind cries Mary.

webthing said...

anyhow, why expect every artist to go for the same trophy?

the zeitgeist in painting is coming, 2013 will have it spelt out nicely for you, if it isn't already visible to you now.

this guy

webthing said...

identity is what holds painting back so far to now. signature styles must die. sigatures themselves will soon be a relic of what was once foolishly considered proof of the original and imitable. bah...
get some here.

webthing said...

you will know a thing, and not need to know who signed it, to know it...YOU WILL KNOW

webthing said...

everything will be oblique to all but the fresh

webthing said...

maybe we will stop borrowing from the past when we can stop walking around in names from the bible, get it?

zipthwung said...

People who play Tetris for a long time might then find themselves thinking about ways different shapes in the real world can fit together, such as the boxes on a supermarket shelf or the buildings on a street.[1] In this sense, the Tetris effect is a form of habit.

What negative, narrow, closed-minded thinking! You’d think if he knew enough about the subject to comment on it, he would have learned something about it along the way! It’s a good thing we’re smarter than that!

purple haze

CAP said...

Excuse me, did you just kiss the sky?

webthing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
webthing said...

toast anyone?

We must make art for the new world order, not work that documents the past.

Was only trying to throw something with that.

Oh well.

Mind the gap...

webthing said...

the message of social transformation is the artistic concept. wherever there is this concept, there is art.

webthing said...


zipthwung said...

Have you ever felt that older people didn't understand your problems? Do you feel like younger people have no sense of what's really important? That's probably because there's a generational gap of experience. Because they're older, or younger, it seems you share no common ground. Despite the fact that most beverages, including juice, soft drinks, and carbonated drinks, have some form "Fools," said I, "you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows
Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you" But my words like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence of water in them; water itself is often not classified as a beverage, and the word beverage has been recurrently defined as not referring to water.

No Rush said...

Not to make the whole thing about camp-but its a strategy against oppression--and it works. It's rather uplifting to me. Bridge the gap.

zipthwung said...

keep it real

Barnaby said...

I have that jacket.

Barnaby said...

If anyone cares that didn't see this piece in person. Those're gold teeth that say Orlly? hanging from large strands of hair around her chest.

Barnaby said...

The fabric her dress is made from also inspired the setting for a piece I did titled Tipperary about the tumor removed that was attached to my skull (forehead.)

Barnaby said...

Vultures have been in my work for forever it seems.
I was the victim of a pretty brutal crime in '92 that took a long time to recover from. I ended up healin' at a place my Mom had in Key Largo. I would have severe sort of paranoid reactions to all the bird paradin' by as I sat on the front porch. Birds in general have been an obsession ever since.
But vultures are known to throw up on adversaries. I throw up when stressed. Which is always.
And so there they are.

Barnaby said...

I wanted to invoke Thomas Kinkade for the background. It's a train leading from Holocaust incinerators into the flooding of global warming ..

It's Christmakah,

It's bawdy and earnest which is all I know.

Barnaby said...

oh and No Rush's Wilde quote was spot on for who I used and why actually!(and the the whole fabric from Tipperary for the dress)

Barnaby said...

that's it I swear.

LEMMY said...

The truth does not lie.

zipthwung said...

You know i went through exactly the same time, you need to just bare with it, i think its like your mind is maturing, all the things that used to matter dont anymore. I would book a vacation by yourself and go somewhere where you dont have to worry about anyone but yourself and focus on all the issues in your life that may be affecting you, thats what i did and not only did i have the best holiday of my life i came back fully charged and refocus. Dont think that anything is wrong with you, its life people grow up and need different things from life. You need some time on your own to relax and refocus, take care you can go and brush your shoulder off nigga I got you ya ghetto, throw ya hood up, If ya ghetto, throw ya hood up

CAP said...

Complicating things is the arrival of Anton Chigurh, a violent sociopath hired to recover the money. Chigurh uses a captive bolt pistol (called a cattlegun in the text) to kill many of his victims and destroy several cylinder locks in unhelpful doors. In one of his final murders, he gives a long speech about causality and fate to his victim. But hype will get you only so far. Male figures in the paintings tend to thematize weakness, mock a convincing or assertive role. Women encourage a grotesque, calculated presentation but men simply fail the test. There is no way to present them, because presentation has become entirely a feminine domain under this psychology. And as subsequent work confirms, that is all there is to femininity here. Beyond that women are simply men dressed-up or effete, men, are never comfortable in any pose. Reviewers of the 2006 show often observed the lavish attention given to crockery and tableware, the ostentatious demonstrations of technique, compensating for any more acute grasp of setting or context, of anything beyond private anatomy, cosmetics and fashion.

Carsten, a rival hitman and ex-partner of Chigurh, is also on the trail of the money. He appears regularly at prestigious gatherings as consultant and compere. Market forces and critical backlash stay close to the bar; keep an eye on the door for him. The word is out but avoids the street. The buzz is small but cozy, too cozy. Zoolander feels betrayed and immediately sinks into a pharmaceutically assisted depression. It is here that Mugatu a world-renown fashion designer who has, by the way, never worked with Zoolander before, for some reason, comes calling. Mugatu has a secret plan. He uses male models to carry out secret missions to assassinate key political figures. He has decided that he will brainwash Zoolander to solve the riddle of the sphinx. Both Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones are seen to better advantage in The Valley of Alas or something where the steady attrition upon middle America by a Bible belt and braces groans old.

If all of this makes zero sense – then the satire is working. Why the Prime Minster of Malaysia?

Who cares!!!

It may be unfair to say – but hopefully Stiller isn’t becoming a one man penis joke.

By the end there’s no one left anyway and the border or frame are like the end credits in fast forward.

webthing said...

Barnaby what interested you from a curatorial perspective in the back room?

By the way Currin recently featured on the cover of art review looking fairly unknowingly, the interview sloping to say his is painting at its most basic - occurring mainly in its application and leaving little to resound.

In your work, and as you have mentioned recently, there is a personal mythologizing element, inviting extended readings into the narrative. Thanks for the insight into some of the symbolism.

webthing said...

i grew up with neil young

Anonymous said...

I wish I could paint like that. Barnaby not only has talent but also a hilarious blog!

webthing said...

high noon

webthing said...


zipthwung said...

Somehow some way a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.

CAP said...

"Woohoo" indeed.

antipodean said...

is anyone else BORED SHITLESS with Zipthwung

Barnaby said...

thanks for askin' Webthing..I was thinking of doin' a post on my blog about the group show eventually...so people that give a shit can read it. I don't know. I was really proud o' that....

Got to get back to work.

I just wanted to come in here for Painter... who really loves to hear what artists have to say about their work.. process etc..although frankly I think this place works better without the artist's input ..

Anonymous said...

na, B, you did good! Thanks for the effort!

zipthwung said...


A single death is a tragedy, are million deaths is a statistic.

No Rush said...

Check it at 2:17...my son

zipthwung said...

i could be your bumper car, bumpin`

zipthwung said...

Immaturity, self-importance and a certain confused earnestness will always loom large in student art work. But they will usually grow out of it. What of the schools that teach them? Undergraduate programs in art aspire to the status of professional programs that award MFA degrees, and there is often a sense that they too should encourage the making of sophisticated and challenging art, and as soon as possible. Yale, like most good programs, requires its students to achieve a certain facility in drawing, although nowhere near what it demanded in the 1930s, when aspiring artists spent roughly six hours a day in the studio painting and life drawing, and an additional three on Saturday.

Given the choice of this arduous training or the chance to proceed immediately to the making of art free of all traditional constraints, one can understand why all but a few students would take the latter. But it is not a choice that an undergraduate should be given.

CAP said...

In a Walk-off between Ashley and Barnaby, who takes the underpants?

zipthwung said...

chunk of funk

oh baby you, got what I need, and by you I mean Rober Storr.

zipthwung said...

I mean sweet sticky thing

by chunk of funk.

Rubber Store said...

Are We Not Men?

webthing said...

Barnaby everything needs a touchstone now and then, and so it goes. Though i can't help but notice the din and tremor of some of the usual suspects has been rather subdued concerning your work in your presence. Not sure why that is, but in any case, the circuit always needs to be earthed and having the artist amongst it should at least provide the conditions for a good discussion.

Zip i'm not a student by the way, been producing for what feels like a long time now. The nature of avatars allows one to take various scenes and dramatize them to suit whatever whimsical thing we may call the discursive impulse, but in the end its all smoke and mirrors in the age of anonymous publishing. For one though, I do try to stay on topic when possible. Digression is natural.

Besides, nobody really wants to see what's behind the curtains no matter how much we are led to believe otherwise. This statement is a double entendre i guess. Curtains are all over the place. Who and when pulls the rope?

zipthwung said...

Note that Herpes, that FILTHY FUCKED-OUT RACIST PUSSY, is expressing interest in "kid touching" and "pedophilia" now.
This is not an acceptable project in a community where the consequences go beyond the individual who initiates the project and may even endanger that individual NOTHING DOING, PUSSY! You keep your ROTTEN CLITORIS LIPS AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN, you perverted COWARDLY PUSSY!!
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In the other, an adviser should have interceded and consulted others when first given information about the project
Get ready for us to DOUCHE THE HELL out of you, you COWARDLY KEYBOARD RACIST PUSSY!!
I started out with the University on board with what I was doing, and because of the media frenzy they’ve been trying to dissociate with me We can't WAIT, you NASTY STANKY-SKANKY PUSSY!! Ultimately, I want to get back to a point where they renew their support, because ultimately this was something they supported

zipthwung said...

Do I have anything new to add? Yes, I do! Maybe you've heard all this before, but I doubt it. Just this week for example, I was listening to Brian Tracy's classic tape series The Psychology of Achievement. . . I picked up several concepts that were new to me even though I have listened to it several times. My thinking and outlook changed. So maybe I've put a new spin on an old philosophy or maybe the seeds will now fall on more fertile ground; I had to hear the message many times before it made sense to me, and I've found that to be true of most people. Sometimes it takes a new messenger, sometimes a new message.

CAP said...

If Barnaby's post hasn't drawn as deep or interested commentary as last time (Sept o6 - 154 comments) when he also gallantly answered questions here, could be because it's hard to think of anything that hasn't already been said about the work.

He was definitely in a more confident and relaxed mood this time, and the use of pastels was excellent, has possibly speeded the works up a bit, beyond that, he remains pretty consistent.

I was surprised he bothered with the Photoshop compilation step, and didn't just assemble the photo sources in the studio/on a picture and combine them by hand, since as he admits, he likes the way things get a bit skewed that way. At least as far as the drawing goes.

Bickerton, obviously is not satisfied with just drawing, but wants to include the Photoshop stage through to inkjet. He can afford it. But either virtual brushwork or actual brushwork is not something that so far interests Barnaby, and I think in a comparison between them, Ashley has a more expansive view of depiction, but Barnaby has a more efficient one.

Barnaby happily skips the inkjet transfer, but has no place for brushwork or looser drawing. Ashley looks cramped in drawing for combining inkjet and brush.

Different strokes for different folks, as they say.

A dead heat, in every way.

webthing said...

Well said Cap.

zipthwung said...

Often people will triumphantly hail that the medium is "no longer the message," or flip it around to proclaim that the "message is the medium," or some other such nonsense You may even reason: `It won't affect me; I'm too strong in the truth. And besides, if we have the truth, we have nothing to fear. The truth will stand the test.' In thinking this way, some have fed their minds upon apostate reasoning and have fallen prey to serious questioning and doubt.
We sometimes call these effects "unintended consequences," although "unanticipated consequences" might be a more accurate description.

CAP said...
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Anonymous said...

this is really worse than murakami, isnt it?