Dave Miko


Painter said...

Dave Miko @
619 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

Idon'tbathe said...

Propz too alll ladies pianting pictures of germanian intereiors !;

CAP said...

Dave Miko is the Steve Biko of rough interiors.


This author has been removed by the comment said...

The name of the gallery is Wallspace, incidentally.

Because it's got like, walls and space and shit.


And Dave is into refurbs and text! Ooh yeah.

And if that don't bust you out then you are still in Germania, paying for yo sins in some Hochschule in Berlin working on the 'tude and still comin' up girlie.

Whereas Dave is strictly Hanna Barbera, and as the name implies, of taciturn disposition. But a handy man about the house, never short of a bad word and can always do you an insto-lation if that ain't enuff.

What a difference a Dave makes!

Idon'tbathe said...

word up!;

On average, a person produces about half a liter of fart gas per day, distributed over an average of about fourteen daily farts.
Whereas it may be difficult for you to determine your daily flatus volume, you can certainly keep track of your daily numerical fart count. You might try this as a science fair project: Keep a journal of everything you eat and a count of your farts. You might make a note of the potency of their odor as well. See if you can discover a relationship between what you eat, how much you fart, and how much they smell.

zipthwung said...

This generator can be used when students need to leave your room during instructional time. Once generated, photocopies can be made. Each copy will generate three passes per page.


Please select a picture from the list below using the little Radio Button selector. You may only pick one picture per hall pass.

Dr. Arkani-Hamed said concerning worries about the death of the Earth or universe, “Neither has any merit.” He pointed out that because of the dice-throwing nature of quantum physics, there was some probability of almost anything happening. There is some minuscule probability, he said, “the Large Hadron Collider might make dragons that might eat us up.”

zipthwung said...


Dear Mum:

Last night we were having dinner with the President of America and Bono made a joke that I was "the edgy one." Everyone laughed, even Adam and Larry. Even the President of America. Even his wife. I bent my spoon in half and had to hide it under my napkin. The President of America asked, "Not enjoying the soup?" and when I said nothing his wife said, "Quiet, dear ... you're putting him 'on edge'" and everyone laughed again, hard, and I wished the earth would implode upon itself like a neutron star and suck me screaming into the eternal void.

The Edge

zipthwung said...

You know what a love letter is? It's a bullet from a fucking gun, fucker! You receive a love letter from me, and you're fucked forever! You understand, fuck? I'll send you straight to hell, fucker!

CAP said...

pro bono

webthing said...

his music kinda really bad, bad good. it's poetry i guess. annoying angry voice with ok words, cabaret voltaire dreaming, ny is not zurich in the war but it's close enough for those who like to fantasize.
gotta keep some balls rolling.

Breaking down the canvas into a tonal corner works most of the time. A toilet wall approach to the canvas, is real. Necessary? It doesn't seem concerned with the blowhard paintings, more personal and for that reason i hear it. For a moment. Lost the signal. Lost in the signal.

Schiele likes magazines, mags like her. She's cute.

Schiele + Miko = fun for painting.

Good. But not tight.

Martin said...

i liked this show... especially the metal stools and tables made from failed paintings.

wasn't too into the wooden things with all the drawers with small paintings inside.

Anonymous said...

The failed paintings tables caught my online eye too.
This is fun!

webthing said...

what do they share with history?
v. little, but...

CAP said...

That red triangle above the others - that one's the SUNY triangle.

Paul Pincus said...

I like this.

zipthwung said...

I like this better

Thurston said...

That was intense man!

zipthwung said...

private languages can be exhuasting. I'm exhuasted jsut thinking about them, let alone generating or interpreting them. Maybe I'm lazy, or maybe I havent had any coffee today.. Im going to check out my scientific hypothesis and get back at y'all.

zipthwung said...

I havent been to any art fairs I am saving my money for a meaningfull gift to myself of food or something. What is round? Thats something I like to think about, because round is good. Roundness. Well rounded. Not sharp, not checker boarded, not angular, not obtuse,not oblique, round.

I see a lot of animation palette - tints, in the jargon. What is it with the style of the thing of the dealio that rquires tints - esp in the midwest-west - its totally because of nostalgia based on TV - I think we are seeing the influence of tv writ large on the psyche of the peeps. thas something. Why does the Whitney Biennial ignore this important trend? Is it irrelevant or annoying? I think it might be. But if the whitB is a "core sample" or a :cross section" its a pretty piss poor one. Has slacker art become slacker curating? Are curator-artists going in circles around the mullberry bush? WHen its ashes, do we all fall upwards? Or down, down down. I';ll go get some coffee.

zipthwung said...

If Dad wants to polish off the duck sauce in a Chinese restaurant like it’s a bowl of soup, why not? If Grandma wants to help out by washing the dishes but makes a mess of it, leave her to it and just rewash them later when she’s not looking. Pull out old family pictures to give the patient something to talk about. Learn the art of fragmented, irrational conversation and follow the patient’s lead instead of trying to control the dialogue.

Basically, just tango on. And hope somebody will do the same for you when your time comes. Unless the big breakthrough happens first.

zipthwung said...

In the old days, Mr. Zhu said, students had a passion for art. “They viewed art as a way of life,” he said, “and Central Academy was a talent pool. Now, as society has changed, more and more students view art as a job. Students are more practical.”

zipthwung said...

I think many people find the art world profoundly alienating. I;m sure those that aren;t are somewhat perplexed by such sentiments, or see them as sour grapes. But what if the grapes are sour? What if the wrath is stoming on the vinyards of our discontent? What if the fould breath of reason has unleashed demons on the skunk cabages of our fruited swamps? Gas whores! Who among you will continue to drive at 4 dollars a gallon? Who among you will continue to visit the suburbs? WHo among you will light fires in the rotted hulls of abandoned shopping malls? WHo among you will camp out beyond the beltways of the new urban cemetaries?

And when the no-till no frill no kill farming communities cease to bother to ship it in, what then? Starving in the streets? Rabbid hoards of soul blighted death camp inmates roaming in packs through the hooded twilight?

Oh yes, love, love love, and you will die in a pool of it.

poppy said...

same painting as below but with little more overlap....

zipthwung said...

B.B. Bumble and the Stingers, Mott the Hoople, Ray Charles Singers
Lonnie Mack and twangin' Eddy, here's my ring we're goin' steady
Take it easy, take me higher, liar liar, house on fire
Locomotion, Poco, Passion, Deeper Purple, Satisfaction
Baby baby gotta gotta gimme gimme gettin' hotter
Sammy's cookin', Lesley Gore and Ritchie Valens, end of story
Mahavishnu, fujiyama, kama-sutra, rama-lama
Richard Perry, Spector, Barry, Archies, Righteous, Nilsson, Harry
Shimmy shimmy ko-ko bop and Fats is back and Finger Poppin'

Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie

FM, AM, hits are clickin' while the clock is tock-a-tickin'
Friends and Romans, salutations, Brenda and the Tabulations
Carly Simon, I behold her, Rolling Stones and centerfoldin'
Johnny Cash and Johnny Rivers, can't stop now, I got the shivers
Mungo Jerry, Peter Peter Paul and Paul and Mary Mary
Dr. John the nightly tripper, Doris Day and Jack the Ripper
Gotta go Sir, gotta swelter, Leon Russell, Gimme Shelter
Miracles in smokey places, slide guitars and Fender basses
Mushroom omelet, Bonnie Bramlett, Wilson Pickett, stop and kick it

Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie

Arthur Janov's primal screamin', Hawkins, Jay and
Dale and Ronnie, Kukla, Fran and Norma Okla
Denver, John and Osmond, Donny
JJ Cale and ZZ Top and LL Bean and De De Dinah
David Bowie, Steely Dan and sing me prouder, CC Rider
Edgar Winter, Joanie Sommers, Osmond Brothers, Johnny Thunders
Eric Clapton, pedal wah-wah, Stephen Foster, do-dah do-dah
Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda, Surfer Girl and Little Honda
Tighter, tighter, honey, honey, sugar, sugar, yummy, yummy
CBS and Warner Brothers, RCA and all the others

Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie

Listen--remember, they're playing our song!
Rock it, sock it, Alan Freed me, Murray Kaufman, try to leave me
Fish, and Swim, and Boston Monkey,
Make it bad and play it funky.
(Wanna take you higher!)

zipthwung said...

These two paintings wad up my gender and make a fruit smoothy out of it.

zipthwung said...

It being a slow death, however, the subject does invite running commentary. In late March, writing in his weekly Sunday Times column, respected culture critic Barry Ronge quipped: ‘While I was paging through old books of film, drama and literary criticism, I was struck by how namby-pamby critical writing has become. It is so politically correct and so evasive when it comes to expressing negative opinions that it has lost much of its bite.’

zipthwung said...

I mean how behind the curve is Barry?
Old criticism was tougher than PNYC? Fuck you. Have a nice tea time.

zipthwung said...

Briefly state your position, state why the problem you are working on is important, and indicate the important questions that need to be answered; this is your "Introduction." Push quickly through this draft--don't worry about spelling, don't search for exactly the right word, don't hassle yourself with grammar, don't worry overmuch about sequence--that's why this is called a "rough draft." Deal with these during your revisions. The point of a rough draft is to get your ideas on paper. Once they are there, you can deal with the superficial (though very important) problems. take that crock pot that you make cannabutter in, clean it, then drop in a big fat roast. add some potatoes, carrots, celery, water, seasoning. set on low for 8 hours. enjoy.

Idon'tbathe said...

;This morning I was next in the toilet after Bono's friend Salman Rushdie. He forgot to flush.:

CAP said...

Rosson Crow went to LA. Faris McReynolds went to NY.


Get it

CAP said...

The amazingly versatile Miko also showed in London last year at F.A. Projects. I forget what FA stands for.
More incisive blog commentary on this Renaissance legend can be found at –
Dave’s mastery of failure is demonstrated there at
or for those who can’t bear the whole nine yards –

Just so as you know.

webthing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
webthing said...


you can take one little thing, a tiny little thing (6 seconds), and turn it into an entire sub-genre.


scientific reality remains disjunct from human perception


"painting is about the spectacle of peace (contemplation)", said dumbo

CAP said...

People keep saying Marden does dope.

But why?

JpegCritic said...

what's a mulberry bush?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how exotic painting is still perceived to be!
I think, whether it be an Elephant @ the helm of this predicament, or a loaded gun painting, painting should be less indebted to the stereotype of the 'exotic module for expertise', less comparing ED [that would be Elephant Done] and ER [that would be Exotic golden or silver Ricochet}, as the two most dominant agreements in Contemporary painting.
While this canon is something that the fairs are continually still serving up, and it has been well suggested that that is what has happened at The WB, as far as painting goes. I think Zoro and Amigo had a little chat about that.
There is plenty of wander still out there. Though, to my way of thinking, It's the stride, still, that will get us there.
Go forth, and forget the target practice. Oh, and Mary does it too!

elephant man said...

Them art fairs is just a fancy way of saying car trunk sales.

zipthwung said...

Does your organization provide the type of environment that millenials want? If not, get started. Boomers are retiring and that will only accelerate. If you're not already implementing changes to update your workforce to reflect the needs and wants of the millenial generation, then you're guaranteeing yourself a talent crisis. Whether you agree with their values or not, millenials are the next generation of leaders in your organization. Adapt or perish. someday a real rain will come and wipe this scum off the streets

JpegCritic said...

is a mulberry bush like a dingeberry bush?

y'know like the nether regions...

Where freudians like to look awry
and spout how erogenous these
these are and how is this where art
comes from....

I just see berries. Or tangled bushes.

Is chelsea fullof mullberries or dingleberries?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
zipthwung said...

marionberries are popular, (to me) if only because of the associated elves. Snappy!

CRAP said...

A Mulberry Bush is one that gets picked on in its final term, provides a habitat for caterpillas that can spin silk, and shit...

I forget

In the end you get your thrill on the hill with two others, before the sun goes down on Elton John and the good klansmen. You've lived your life playing here we go round, and there's not much more to mull over for a few berries more...

Anonymous said...


CAP said...

Time for a new Post, Painter!

Anonymous said...

ahh the satisfaction... it's late the lights go out..the trip to the bar to talk about the day's work. Dear Dave...what'd it take to mix that pink...you are clearly asking too much of yourself... relax..nice violet.

Idon'tbathe said...

Hey shithead. that's the last time I get
you high and watch you freak out -
motherfucker you tore my coat and I lost
my lucky piece of blue velvet, man.

zipthwung said...

For a long time, I had liked the building, the location and the beer, Now he is home safe and has produced this riveting and moving account of his torture and abuse at the hands of the U.S. government to shine a light in a dark place and try to help all those still languishing without hope.

Anonymous said...

Bit of a sidetrack here, a few minutes break in studio time, and while we are getting ready for that new spring time post, I'll give an honest opinion of what i think how this painting works, and the below-- both are very interesting.

Both play with this flattening out of surface, or surface/plane, while enhancing, or making more plain this sense of space, the immediate below, Kristen Schiele via architectural rendering and flattening. The composition is very calm and most parts relate to the shape of the canvas. The major focal points is the chair, and the other is us, outside the picture, thus this brings in portraiture as an aspect of this painting. The receding 'counterbalance' the two dark architectural vanishing points creates our visa. Here we get the sense that the painting has distance within the painting. We are also part of the painting though the painting space remains intact, the viewer at play making further sense to the image, building their own narrative out of the props. The viewer somehow integrates with this rectangular and perspective play. However there is a growing sense of 'strange' scale. Distance sometimes expands or unthreads from the weave. The connection between us and the chair becomes not only a psychological one that is hot, it also turns very abstract. This abstract heat is not a nebular, instead it becomes a conduit for an 'emotion' and suggests, almost, a religious fever, hierarchy. One senses in this play that it is lonely at the top. A superior being, which of course is us, is looking down at their own invention, at us. They, we, are not at all sure whether to be satisfied, though are amused being given some soul license for invention. The picture does not make us look out, we are submitted to looking in.

The top painting by Dave Miko does a similar thing. It keeps to the architectural space and line, this time by adding the magic pyramid to give the picture a sense of tangible space. The connection this time is the color rectangle sitting upfront. The connection this time is gained through the rectangle's similarity to the edges of the canvas, almost squared. So the magic pyramid/room illusion sits and works underneath, with the colored rectangle sitting on a transparent sheet of glass.

Of course both pictures are not abstract, they are part of a figurative trend fascinated with abstract notions of plane and space. as it relates to a long tradition of picture composition.

CAP said...

OK, now back to work.

CAP said...

I just googled endorcrine disruption and got over 503,000 results.

So now I'm doing a stack of paintings about bad hormones, that hang out with the wrong chemicals.

They will all have frowning faces and I think I'll color them pink.

zipthwung said...

Well its all right, everyday is judgement day

Maybe somewhere down the road aways
Youll think of me, and wonder where I am these days
Maybe somewhere down the road when somebody plays
Purple haze

webthing said...

dave miko paints a romantic version of a room in a factory squat in berlin in 1982 via the present re-disco fantasy

kristen paints a romantic version of a room inside Id magazine via sofia coppola's k.dunst bla + ol' rauchy east german povo fades

both stylised fashion mode 80's throwback pre-worn to be at one with the jaded non-glossy time eaten walls they dream of, on canvas, in contrast to the freshly painted disinfected walls of the gallery space they get shown in


"The king of acrylic sealants is a German product called Klasse. Klasse All-In-One generally provides 4-6 months of protection. Not long enough in our opinion. Works out to be fairly expensive too."

webthing said...

sall downtown 81 fanta c g

zipthwung said...

1. By truncating the bottom of a line or bar chart, one makes differences seem larger than they are

2. By representing one-dimensional quantities on a pictogram by two- or three-dimensional objects to compare their sizes, one makes the reader forget that the images don't scale the same way the quantities do. Two rows of small images would give a better idea than one small and one big one.

Giorgio de Chirico's early surrealistic paintings - piazzas, arcades, porticos, columns, statues, squares, mannequin figures in empty space in an atmosphere of loneliness, agoraphobia, mystery - are easily recognized and more than difficult to forget. The artist called these early works metaphysical painting. Now we have an excellent translation of de Chirico's only novel, Hebdomeros (1929). To this edition is added "Monsieur Dudron's Adventure...

zipthwung said...

Bar code - You need the clear coat, right? Signs of the times - like vampire weekend is "topping the charts" as a "good band" with "lots of cred" - yep and grape jello is the new napalm. Boat shoes are the new work boot. Chimps are the new chimps, same as the old chimps.

I noticed Bjork is finally down with the Dark Crystal esthetic. I love that Henson shit.

- like that deitch "project" dude with the fantastic mall pieces posted here - or michel gondry - guess that's look of one of the deitch "brands." Good for him - he really is the magic kindom of art, i'll give him that. Need more vacuum formed/fiberglass looking cartoon characters though (preferrably motorized) - lure back koons with a bigger budget than god. Do it now. I'll bring the acid and shrooms. Lets do it. I need a vacation from my vacation. then lets torture some enemy combatants in cells made of modern art. Get a government grant. I also want to sponsor a book burning. Anyone want to drink strohs and burn david sedaris and shit? I mean reach a wider audience through triumphal spectacle. I mean you can go ahead and do the insipid fucking assinine stand on a soap box sell tchotchkies to collectors type art fair stuff. Oooh whos going to sponsor the champagne? I need a fucking magnum just to get up in the morning.

zipthwung said...

if you think that such a character, upon finding her youngest child dead in the cradle, could say something like, "I had never forgotten the weariness that overtook me after my parents were killed, nor the savagery of my tears as I walked with my grandmother to the refugee camp, so I was able to meet my grief with a kind of recognition."

CAP said...

Hands up those who want to die!

CAP said...

OK now the rest of you I'd like to thump out the opening bars of Smoke on the Water on your desks, while I go over to the supervisor and ask if I can leave early today.

Laura said...

Ack! What's up with painters who write on their paintings? Isn't the image alone enough?

zipthwung said...

Wittgenstein's ash grey world on fire yadda yadda yadda

What about "no locals included" spray painted faux rock at last years whitbee- I mean a painting of spray paint, or a painting of writing like twombly, whatever. Keep it real and shit.

Is this protest art?

No Rush said...

fear of a black feeling

zipthwung said...

i can dig that. Dont do solvents. Eat right. take a break or two,m da doo run run.

There it is!
The Bridge of Death!
Oh, great.
Look! There's the old man from scene twenty-four!
What is he doing here?
He is the keeper of the Bridge of Death. He asks each traveller five questions--
Three questions.
Three questions. He who answers the five questions--
Three questions.
Three questions may cross in safety.
What if you get a question wrong?
Then you are cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.
Oh, I won't go.

No Rush said...

how if at all can art be hardcore?

Idon'tbathe said...

fGuckin tHis IS some of tHe BEst PiaNntig out righjt NOw anYonwe whO doesN;T tHinK so iS drinking to muCnch gatorade;anD shit
Oh this is Hardcore -
there is no way back for you.
Oh this is Hardcore -
this is me on top of you &
I can't believe that it took me this long. That it took me this long.

This is the eye of the storm.
It's what men in stained raincoats pay for but in here it is pure.
Yeah. This is the end of the line.
I've seen the storyline played out so many times before.
Oh that goes in there.
Then that goes in there.
Then that goes in there.
Then that goes in there. & then it's over. Oh, what a hell of a show
but what I want to know:
what exactly do you do for an encore? 'Cos this is Hardcore.

No Rush said...

yeah when I think of hardcore i always think of jarvis. hmm

ok but i thought the release was well put and if you are putting neil jenny in a hardcore punk show, you have my attention

zipthwung said...

Some fans of traditional doom reject some hybrid doom styles like drone doom, questioning whether they're doom at all; He even got members of the U.S. Supreme Court talking in chambers about bong hits.

stay the curse

CAP said...

Neil "Nothing-leaves-my-studio-unless-it's-paid-for" Jenney -

Didn't he used to publish a baseball magazine, with his profits?

Hard Core!

zipthwung said...

if this
is about "the vanishing," thats sort of core is a Jungian peter doig golden egg kind of way.

zipthwung said...

I mean if you could reverse the completion times and fudge the intent.

CAP said...

Well yeah!

A '69 blowback on the 69th comment:

There must be some kind of way out of here...

Peter Doig, how did we get on to Deputy Doig? Or back onto him? Is it the market?

It's always the market!

webthing said...


* Arte Povera
* Ascii Art
* Body art
* Artist's book
* Feminist art
* Installation art
* Land Art
* Lowbrow (art movement)
* Photorealism
* Postminimalism
* Process Art
* Video art

[edit] 1980s

* Appropriation art
* Demoscene
* Electronic art
* Figuration Libre
* Graffiti Art
* Live art
* Mail art
* Postmodern art
* Neo-conceptual art
* Neoexpressionism
* Transgressive art
* Video installation

[edit] 1990s

* Cynical Realism
* Information art
* Internet art
* Massurrealism
* New media art
* Young British Artists

[edit] 2000s

* Pluralism
* Relational art
* Software art
* Sound art
* Street art
* Stuckism
* Superflat
* Videogame art
* VJ art

webthing said...

three simple realities: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect."

CAP said...


CAP said...

What about China Art, Webthing? Where do you class that?

Globalist market capture by subsidised dumping?

What we have here, is a failure to qualify...

No Rush said...

ted turner said we will all be cannibals. first lets eat the rich. but americans will only do that if they are served at applebees. right brain?