Michael Williams


Painter said...

Michael Williams @
55 Chrystie Street

beachball said...

wake me when its over

Cross said...

..setting my alarm...

No Rush said...

I'm a middleagedhippy and I have no interest in these paintings.

I really liked those tantra paintings at Feature. Those were stunning. Hippy's dream

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Molly Stevens said...

is it's naive-ness on purpose? if so, why would someone pretend to draw like this?

Martin said...

have not seen for real, only on-line, but i LIKE!

his stuff reminds me - a little - of one of my favorite artists, sarah mceneaney... although his imagery is fantasy-generated. i wanted to say his stuff is like sarah's but more fantastic, but that might be misunderstood.

sarah's stuff is mostly small, all egg-tempera.

beachball said...

probably one of the worst on this site, why would anyone do this, i teach undergrads and they are all better than this on so many levels even the ones who show no promise make better work than this, when will this now academic naive style be over already?

zipthwung said...

The keyboard is good but the beard is bad. This basic inconsistency leads me to suspect the artist has no empathy for the figures, being neither a bearded hippy or a youngish girl, nor inhabiting those images in any meaningful way.

This is a cartoon, which I have criticized in the past as being "illustrative" - meaning it lacks real insight, or even the illusion of insight.

One might compare such sensibility to even the well crafted (Richard Prince) who's detatched air (but insistent participation) belies a will to power above any real content.

I this sense, maybe it mirrors or apes the viewer in all of us, who, at least while viewing, make no significant mark.

The girl, by her cliched reaction, (MSNBC anyone?)shows us little more than a posture of moral outrage without suprise. She is neither Lolita nor victim, merely object. As an object she objectifies her villain, the bearded man.

Or is the look on her face merely an inept attempt at depicting longing? The ambiguity in facial expression leaves one feeling autistic, and in that, one is asked to return to beardless actionscripting.

zipthwung said...

check the fish at 00:53

zipthwung said...


is what they are listening to.

No Rush said...

if that's a girl...then i'm a girl. HA. thats an old lady and an old man dude. that's her boyfriend. he looks kind of familiar --like lenny bruce with a beard.

zipthwung said...

i feel stupid. There arent any crows feet on the woman though, is what usually clues me in to age in cartoons.

No Rush said...

double chin and wrinkly forhead...weird boobs. ugh. i was just visiting my best friend from the time I was 16. damn she's ugly. HA

zipthwung said...

was marc chagall ironic?

No Rush said...

Also liked the Peter Young show at PS 1. There's a real hippy for you

zipthwung said...

the sandman cometh

Idon'tbathe said...

Outstanding show, awsome after party.
Congrats Mikey !

zipthwung said...

And people say I'm crazy doing what I'm doing!

Nomi said...

I think Painter picked the most cartoon-y of all the thirteen pieces on CANADA's site. The color in some of the others is exciting.

zipthwung said...

Fuck'm, we're fuckin chug luggin.
soon my stomach I'm huggin I'm trippin or something
my coat I button, keep it down like a dungeon.
you could call me the cough medicine curmudgeon.
frankly, the feeling's fuckin fantastic
I'm tripping like jesus in the desert when he fasted,
Like it's the night before we all get drafted,
Like we're rowing through some rapids with Kevin Bacon, white water rafting
Like you're on epcot center on acid? Exactly.

Concrete Phone said...

Ha, i can go for this sort of off stuff. He's got the black rectangle there, which could be a square in real life. Who knows, there's mystery. There's that circle arc up there up a bit, a clock, or rubber hose the sort you get when you hit the 6 months and still don't have dental floss, nor the insurance. Yeah, I've been there.
The foreshortening: those pair of arms wearing falangies at the end, that's pure muck! You don't get that on the back of ™Sugar Puffs. You might ask what the green is doing to the ready violet? It's turning it blue. So there is mystery in there too. Blue looking right back at you.
The she is chatting with the him, the one in art, the one with one ear. We can see that at the right of the monitor. Wiggle it!
This is not dial up I can tell! Vince doesn't do dial-up well. Ok, well, he will if you really wish him too! This charmer is asking all the questions. The scooter is fixing the keys @ the speed of a Norton 'see what I can do!'. Ruff! I can read that stuff. Good to see Painter back rested and hot-started, breathless, heavy breathing too!

CAP said...

To dredge oh so deeply, I suppose is to note the levels of picture, from abstraction on the wall (half measure), to the screen (masculine) and the foreground (feminine), and that all are uh…frankly PATHETIC!

But is the pathetic ironic, you ask? The ironically pathetic or pathetically ironic are diminutives beneath contempt. Contemptuous pathos and irony, pathetically ironic contempt, ironically pathetic contempt are all microbes going nano meeting gramps and on to the unknown from atom. I will wait for the bus.

Note I resist casting aspersions on the name of the gallery, Nomi. I am nomi-nally discreet.

As his name cunningly suggests, Chagall was a rebel.

God the prospect of talking about this post all week is almost enough to make me do some work.

Nomi said...

Note I resist casting aspersions on the name of the gallery, Nomi. I am nomi-nally discreet.


webthing said...

there are only certain subjects that may be addressed in a painting, these include:

*landscapes, natural and urban
*portraits, bodies in scene
*objects on a table

scenes of which it was/is implicit that one comprehensively 'study' first.

allowed more recently:

*taped off sections for geometry

all of which desired to produce an 'effect' and emerged from the artist thinking very hard whilst fighting off interior decorators.

Please remember in the creation of new work to follow the painting guidelines, any submissions which include the following will not be accepted in first round application:

*Anything digital
*Anything currently fashionable
*Including Musicians
*And Friends of musicians
*Plus Fans of musicians
*Children with disabilities

for a comprehensive listing of what not to include please visit

la da da da da da daaa anything goes

his recent work made me smile a little, is that awful? i think he hits a weird note that takes a while to get used to. but by then it'll be standard practice. at least he seems alive! maybe he needs a bit more rauchy stiffness, but that'll come in time.

He was in a screening last year called 'The Internet is Helping Humans Shit All Over Art'. nice one.

fluffy said...

(Opinion)Naive work rocks!, cept when the colours don't match my feature wall and i can't explain any arcane literary meaningless-meaning without feeling superior.

Fuck I am that girl-lady-thing avoiding painting and avoiding getting drunk and doing drugs so I can.....

CAP said...

Hey Nomi, do you know Lee Maelzer?


Annie said...

Violet and green are the hot new colors for Sp. 08! This should go nicely with the new drapery.
Naive? Mais non! Right on trend.

zipthwung said...

violet is hard to impossible to mix, depending on the quality of your oils (too much "binder" or inferior pigment). Thats why you buy it straight. Like the beige desktop - its out of the box, but you're not thinking different, you're the same as everyone else.

But look - using white to lighten up your paints makes them pastel, and washes out the color. If you go to the Dutch painting show at the Met you'll see what I mean. Rembrandt uses yellow where lesser artists use white. And the mannerists use some sort of glazing shit that looks like a color photocopy, where the colors get averaged in the CMYK process.

So in effect this painting is made for reproduction - whichg is what I was thinking witht he Winslow Homer - and thats in fact the case, as well as with a lot of the Pulp Fiction cover artists.

I remember when you were definitely limited to under 255 colors in web - some of the colors were reserved for the browser window. The solution for the anal retentive was to create a dithered palette - relying on optical blending. That is just retarded, but you can do it. One thing that helps compress images is if you get rid of every other line - stripes. Businesses like that look, simular to scan lines on a CRT TV - remember those?

I'm going to go work on my phone phreaking skills.

oh and at the Dutch show if you look at the "hot spots" on the bling, you'll see they have haylows of shit. Thats because a bron halow makes it pop. If you look real close you can see the gradient in the poop. Thats fucking crazy, but I did.

surfkook said...

These paintings are really physical in person, impasto, wet into wet. The best ones he goes off into some abstraction and pattern like a freaky drug trip with a small paint brush.

Idon'tbathe said...

The short answer, which I intend to expand upon later is, they did, in retrospect, assist in shaping our understanding of how it is presently defined. As such, it may well be reasonable to suggest that the tail wagged the dog. Regardless of the process, it is what it is.

CAP said...

I'd add bicycles to your list Webthing.

Especially in installations! We need a moratorium on bicycles for about 5 years.

webthing said...

fluffy: Fuck I am that girl-lady-thing avoiding painting and avoiding getting drunk and doing drugs so I can.....

so you can....
chat with god?
google on jesus?
meet your bearded soulmate?
learn more about the beards of power?

i think we're all a bit of that girl-lady thing at times, especially if we're writing in here with a painting on the wall next to us....

(twilight zone music)

JpegCritic said...

OPEN the pod doors, hal!

JpegCritic said...

OPEN the pod doors, hal!

JpegCritic said...

OPEN the pod doors, hal!

Concrete Phone said...

• ) ) ) 

JpegCritic said...

ayt so forget about opening the door.
but hook me up with some green, brudda bu!

CAP said...

I think you might have had too much green already JPEG.

zipthwung said...

Right behind you I see the millions.
On you I see the glory.
From you I get opinions.
From you I get the story.
Listening to you!

CAP said...

Blogspot currently lists about 1200 bloggers who give their occupation as painter. And that’s just Blogspot.

I wonder if that’s a proportionally high number across the distribution of occupations? I couldn’t find any stats that compared us with rocket scientists or brain surgeons, or even musicians or writers. Then again it might include house painters or spray painters as well.

Are we especially craving attention?

Do we just have too much time on our hands, or do those nearer us shun us?

Is a blog a cry for help?

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
webthing said...

cap, i have imposed the moratorium on bicycles. you should hear of them no more. dontpaintabout.com has a toll free number to report sightings of any other faux objet d'art.

is a blog a cry for help? is a blog a toilet cubicle wall? just a place to put discussions, added to by the unseen?

to me it's got a captive audience, sort of, and it's with like minded individuals, sort of, so it's kind of like a focus group, and a place to feel like a columnist, and a renegade, or just an echo, the avatar, or something, or just somewhere to share, a thought. from wherever you are. without having to go and out, and like, talk.

painters have a lot of time, that's for sure, but judging by the 'blogosphere', so does everyone else. have you seen this?

also, just for whatever reason, apparently all outdoor advertising, in a very large city, Sao Paulo Brazil, will be banned as of Jan 1 2008!! Some people step away from saturation, good for them. Sorry to go off topic again, but by now it's probably clear that webthing is proponent prix of the non-sequitur

No Rush said...

some guys seem to be into it

i'm goin for alex

fluffy said...

Go Sao Paulo! Sao Paulo rocks! 'cept......Nah forget it,... I'm that thing with one boob on top of the other again, gazing, Webby, at the rest of the world.
'Hi world!'
It just looks back.

Ah hah theres a thingy here: the world is just a reflection of yourself, oh....no, 'cept its a different sex- probably the same age and just as bored though.

Ok Sao Paulo you really do rock.

Now artists can paint on those billboards. Did they think of that? I'm going to partition a grant from that government so everyone from paintersnyc can have a billboard.

beachball said...

i liked this site better when you changed artists almost every day, this once a week is kind of boring, there are a lot of shows.

Concrete Phone said...

there are too many exciting shows out there to confine new posts to once a week. Painter knows that! She's been busy! Give her a break! The roll of images will be, um, soon, will, be OOOOooooo...
yikes, here they come. RUN!!!!

And that's very nice of you fluffy, a billboard for each of us. I might have to go with a guard rail as the dna make me not that high up but I'd love to put a hand out, paint something up, sales sure,
Look George, look at all these beautiful billboards, and that quizzical little guard rail, wow!

Martha, what are they selling!

Well, George does it always have to be about sales?

What else is there?

There's the soul George. Even you have one. We all have one.

OK that's what I wanted, Martha. They are selling souls. Fine profession.

Nomi said...

Hey Nomi, do you know Lee Maelzer?

No. Some of the images look potentially quite interesting, that tension between the bleakness and that kind of rich -- in paint and obsessiveness -- particularity. What lets them down for me, at least in the reproductions, is what you mentioned in one of your comments: they are distractingly photo-derivative.

CAP said...

So Concrete – Are you saying Painter has had a show recently? Or about to? Putting in the big studio hours?

Ah remember those?

Can we expect to see you and Zip serving canapés in the background of a painterpaparazzi post sometime?

Actually getting one post a week reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents would award my siblings and I some rare treat (extra allowance, sweets, etc) always followed by the stern admonition “And you have to make that last!” to which we would exchange bewildered looks, wondering how we were supposed to do that.

JpegCritic said...

This painting udderly SUCKS!
i expect z to smoke me out at the opening.
we are nothing but a hopeful little bit of hallucination

Cooky Blaha said...

this post blew
theres a spin skull hirst in the new jay-z video

zipthwung said...

Blue magic. Green magic.

yeah and its a takashi murakami -bodhidharma or some shit. Me I'm into the seven sages of the bamboo grove (the greeks have em too - ask Joe Campbell about it, I don't have a clue, maybe seven is just a cool number), or ethnic and racial minorities taking over art - that would be nuts! Like being in a kentucky fried chicken product launch. I hear Martha Stewart's wins hands down. Is that for real?

For her millions of devotees, it is no doubt hard to imagine a world without Martha -- a world without her next foolproof recipe, her next decorating idea, her latest palette of paint colors, some fresh uses for glue guns.

''Baby boomers have already accepted her, and another generation is rapidly coming along behind,'' said Karyl Innis, a career management consultant in Dallas whose clients have included Mary Kay Cosmetics. ''She could be an arbiter of taste well into her 70's.''

Idon'tbathe said...

So what are we to do?
The the danger of eliminating is irrelevant for all moral considerations that cannot be brought within the scope of pragmatic careerism. But the seeming impossibility of complying with these contradictory demands may lead to evading them altogether.
Thats the real test.

James said...

Art can be awkward. Being awkward just sucks, like this painting.

No Rush said...

i heard that erection song on the way to work--not TN but a cover by a bluegrassy band--brings a great deliverance quality to that number. awkward and embarrassing and cool. why fight it?

zipthwung said...

As, if a candidate could simply visit a website and purchase an assessment via credit card, prior to visiting one of our clients offices to take the same assessment, it would all but nullify the investment you have made in your assessment solution.

Concrete Phone said...

As DR says math is everywhere. And as it is it certainly is here as well as there. To understand a painting in a mathematical way would first require you to let go: math is not math and a picture is not a picture. The rest is not tough!

To put it another way the mathamatical appraoch to painting will only be understood when painting and math equations are out.

Idon'tbathe said...

Ha ! maybe but, as we servey the terrain to determine where we've been and where we are going, we clearly see that we could not have gotten where we are without coming the way we came. There aren't any other roads, no shortcuts.There's no way to parachute in.
Thats why win win is the only alternative in interdependant realities and math is of no importance.

webthing said...

Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa
(c. 1170 - 1250)
How funny that the golden man of math would end up having his hometown renowned not for himself, but for the impact volatile earth characteristics have had upon the architecture of math. Math is only a template. When it fails, I am glad. And when it succeeds, i am gladys beard, distorted picasso internet foul femme being. Unsettling work is important in the mix of everything else, else it'll tip too far into its own luxury.

Idon'tbathe said...

You're pushining a furnace. You're setting things off all over the yard. You play with your top till your eyes start to spin. Oh ain't that nothing
why don't you tell me somethig. Tragedy ain't that nothing.

amber said...

Some ideas are meant to be written, rather given a visual diagram This is one of those times
Please people filter your thoughts beofre painting :(

JpegCritic said...

And Jay-z said.....

check this out, tell me what you think
of this, right here tell me what you
think of this.

And I heard it, and I was thinking like,
man, I really wanted more like of the
simple type Jay-Z

I ain't want like the, the more
introspective, complicated rhy- or the,
in my personal opinion.

So he asked me, "what you think of it?

so what you thinkin?

And I was like, "man that shit tite

you know what I'm sayin', man what I'ma
tell him?

JpegCritic said...

stephen colbert says:
Frankly, I prefer emoticons to the written word,
and if you disagree :(

CAP said...

Still, we wouldn’t even be able to call Pisa’s tower leaning if it wasn’t for our faith in the geometry that determines perpendicular. Actually the exact degree of lean is just as much a tribute to math as the geological uncertainties that deliver it – and more recently the ingenious cantilevering beneath the tower that stabilized its lean, I’m sure would make any mathematician/engineer proud.

A mouse in the hand is always on the house.

JpegCritic said...

engineering feats aside...
Humans stand upright against the
y axis of gravity with our ear fluids
determining perpendicularity, that
is, our relationship between the y axis
and the x/z axis. -- even without
needing to know what a geometrical
axis is....

Not so sure it's simple faith. There's
the biological need for homeostasis,
or in the sense of standing sleeping or
even running -- the need seems to remain
functional; this elevates
perpendicularity from the realm of a
human belief to the realm of human
condition, does it not?

I know it may seem trivial to address
this point, but painting is so heavily
indebted to architecture, and architecture
so indebted to biological anthropology--
which is not so say that we haven't moved
beyond any of those limits, but.... yes, I'll
admit it.... there is something of a
fundemental truth that hits me on the
head like an apple falling from a tree,
or at least a pidgeon turd falling from
the Decker Building.... being always perpendicular
to where i thought i was headed...

CAP said...

The human condition as conditioned by whom if not humans?

But no one said faith was ever simple or pure.

Half measures are half the fun.

webthing said...

I'll Huff & I'll Puff

CAP said...

I refuse to disclose whether or not I have some sort of beard!

Idon'tbathe said...

The facts change and the circumstances get bigger and fancier, but the basic equations are about the same. I don't wake up in the morning mad at the world in general, I tend to have enough of my own problems to occupy me in a more balanced way. Life's exciting in that way. i guess if my life were a little more boring, I might be angry all the time at everybody. But as it is, I'm only angry at everybody maybe an hour a day. The rest of the time, I'm angry at somebody specific. I'm reallly actively pursuing that, because it's cool. It's pretty nice when that happens. Membership has it's priveleges.

No Rush said...

so if there wasnt MATH to define and therefore constrain what you think you are and what you think you can be, what would you be? would there be a cult of crazies who defied the inner ear? more likely without math than with it. math is murder

New York Jam Daily said...

you fuckin herbs babling. someone should reallysmack you guys around-yapping the way you do!!!----ya sound like pretenious idiots zipwhug and the rest of yuz... the show was great in person . it really makes me scared that the shitheads that have filled this blog up with rubbish actually teach art-------

zipthwung said...

What do you look for in a critic? faint praise? Empty praise? Insults? Negative energy? Gatekeeper status? Someone to knock you down off your high and mighty pedestal? Someone to see through your disguise and reveal the real you to the world of fellow sinners? A priest? A liar? AS salesman? A pitchman? A song and dance master? A dandy with a pen? A fall guy? A scapegoat? A scientist? A preacher? A poet? A prophet?

Why are there critics anyways? Isn't it better to have roaming wallets? Who;s keeping you from showing? No one right? Go show your work. Get it out there. Put it on a card table. Make a folding wall. Serve alcohol. Get arrested. Go to jail. you deserve it.

I'm a fucking cop. And the locks in my car have been sawed off. But I don't always have a beard. Or a job. Jobs are for queers. Your work sucks. Maureen Dowd can;t write with the voice of Colbert, because his name is Nation and that nation loves emoticons, or at least loves the semicolon paired witha parentheses. The sideways face, recognizeable through fundamental biology. My god that is powerfull shit. Use it wisely. Medicine for the masses. They need it. Art for art;s sake is for the birds. Make art to feed the souls of the living, not the undead. Before its too late. Not another after party like some after work happy hour. Make some deals down in the kiva with the real spiritual warriors, breaking spines like toothpicks. Or is that too threatening I could kill with a knife and not even care. Or words like switchblades in your eyes. You suck. Suck suck. I havent read Kristeva. Should I? I could sugar coat the pill. The human condition is lame.

No Rush said...

* Read what you want to read. Believe what you want to believe. But, to be the man, you've got to beat the man!

* I'm gonna stomp a mudhole in your toothpick-chewin', white, honky ass! WOOOO! Tonight! Tonight! TONIGHT!!! (during his feud with then-nWo member Scott Hall in WCW)

* "I am the real world champion woooo!"

* Learn to love it, learn to live with it. Diamonds are forever, and so is Ric Flair!

* Hey baby! Do you want to ride Space Mountain?

* I'm a limousine-ridin', jet-flyin', kiss-stealin', wheelin-dealin', son of a gun, who has kissed the girls... WORLDWIDE... and made 'em cry.

* Whether you like it, or you don't like it, learn to love it, because it's the best thing going today.

* I'm the dirtiest player in the game today!

* My shoes cost more than your house!

* Space Mountain may be the oldest ride in the park, but it still has the longest line!

* The ladies are always in line to ride Space Mountain all night long!

* Because I'm Ric Flair - and you're not!

* This is Flair country!

* Three words: all night long!

* They don't call me the dirtiest player in the game for nothing.

* I'm every woman's dream and every man's nightmare.

* We drink a little harder, stay a little longer, party 'til dawn, and keep going strong.

* Girls, you can't be first, but you can be next.

* All the women want to be with me, all the men want to be like me.

* Come ride Space Mountain one time!

* I've won more world titles that you've had pieces of ass!

* You like that don't you, Wooooooo!

* Stylin' and Profilin', Woooooo!

* To be the man, you gotta beat the man, and I'm the man! WOOOOOO!!

* This ain't a Laid Out on Your Ass Match; this is an "I Quit Match." (SummerSlam 2006)

* My heart broken, my spirit broken, my career broken! I will not die, I will not cry, but I will always be fly. WOOOOO! (During his fued with Triple H, respectively)

* Please vote for a steel cage match! I'm begging you! Please! I want a steel cage match! (This was after he tried to attack Triple H and begged the fans to vote for a steal cage match at Taboo Tuesday).

* Shawn Michaels, I'm gonna make you my bitch!"

* Mirror, Mirror on the wall?! Who's the fairest one of all?! Tonight's the night that I go against 29 other men! And in order to beat the man that person is the man and tonight I'm gonna be the man! Wooooo! (Royal Rumble)

* You come to this world telling everyone that you are No. 1, but the only way to get to stay No. 1 is to be No. 1! And this is the only title that makes you No. 1! (After winning the WWF world title at Royal Rumble 1992)

* For all the Hulk Hogans, all the Macho Mans, all the Sids and all the Pipers; now it's Ric Flair and you all pay homage to the Man! Woooooo! (After winning the WWF world title at the Royal Rumble 1992)

* You know you can't beat me, because I am the Nature Boy! Woooooooo!!!!

* I've bled, I've sweat, and I've paid the price.

* You have to walk the aisle.

* Now! It's time to go to school!

kathleen said...

I like his style. Painterly, au courant, narrative. I can relate to what he's trying to say....I think.

vintagevixxen said...

makes me want to vomit.
in fact i just did. on my powerbook g4 screen. maybe i'll paint it now and be in all the galleries.

zipthwung said...

SPIN it.


I need a life coach.

m jameson said...

the way this guy paints is similar to the way a lot of people on this site write.

it's all contrived to look smart. it tries to fool you.

they need intuition, not more curse words to sound more provocative or hip, not more name-dropping or term-dropping or buzzwords. not some incoherent babbling, not some deliberate typos to look nonchalant, not some ignorant trying-to-be-authoritative criticism on winslow homer when you clearly haven't seen more than two winslow homer paintings in your entire lifetime.

please, all of you, stop talking bullshit. get some intuition and then come back so i can read something interesting rather than read your egos.

zipthwung said...


zipthwung said...

Ok m jameson. I said Winslow Homer painted for print. No one was all "OMG I'm so into CMYK" and shit. So I didnt pursue it. Fact of the matter is I have only a passing interest in second hand man-vs-nature tableaus (I AM White Fang!). Still it behooves me to be a little curious.

I've seen a lot of art, and I can intuitively grasp when a painting's artifice gets in the way of the conceit, as this one deliberately does. Want to say something interesting about that instead of berating the kids for lack of substance with insubstantial "critiques" of something you barely even red?

I don't give two shits about the conceptula nature of this painting. I do think the subject matter is a good idea. But why the faux naive style? Its like sandpaper on the retina. Thats fine if this is the last image you ever want to see, but you can't put the album along side all the others or it will destroy the finish.

So you wanna hear about what I googled about WH? He was trained as a lithographer. iNTUITIVELY© grasped that. Sometimes I fucking amaze myself. And all my mispellings are occidental.

I am brilliant and so can you. OR not whatever, its not my personal hell to be a pedant.

Entertain me or die.

No Rush said...

You know that Penn & Teller wouldnt even try to pull that shit on Ric Flair.

The gyro on the corner of 8th &14TH is the best food I had all week in NYC. That mayo sauce...mmmmmfuk thats good.

JpegCritic said...

This painting still sucks.

No physical blogger threat (pssh)
or irate rant about fellow bloggers
will change anyone's opinion or
shape their individual approach
to blogging.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Use your scroll button.

Or get up, have a glass of water,
a blunt, some lunch, a walk, or whatever
it takes to gain some perspective.
You're in control.

zipthwung said...

I like the tacos on 23rd and 6th SE corner. Grays Papya is always a thrill.

542 Sixth Avenue, a little north of 14th Street....

For while most people spend their lives trying to ignore death, Lester really did hate it, actively, just as he hated its philosophical counterparts, nihilism and solipsism. Scared, excited, sour, friendly, homely, cuddly, beat, weird, goofy, defenseless, guileless, seamless, motivated, skillful, old-fashioned, unreasonable, moralistic, angry, benign, phenomenally intelligent, and all lit up, he wished sometimes that he could disappear from the face of the earth and was all too aware of what a waste that would be. And he found in rock and roll's crude, spontaneous, eternally adolescent synthesis/confusion of eroticism and rage, transcendence and obliteration, the artistic counterpart of his own terrific vitality. For him, music and writing were matters of life and

threat level 11.

Picas said...

i disagree with M Jamison and Jpegcritic who both are saying that the painting sucks.

I think this painting is good. Who can say that a painting sucks? Quality is not carved in stone. All people can decide what is good or bad for themselves. for YOU the painting sucks, but for ME it is interesting. nobody is right or wrong.

Picas said...

i agree with jpegcritic, though.

M Jamison, you can't threaten anybody into thinking this painting is bad.

I happen to enjoy the aesthetic of the piece and will always do so.

Picas said...

Jpeg critic,

you should really lighten up and chill out. have a few beers or something.

it is only one person's irate post. just ignore it.

No Rush said...

tellin peg to have a few beers--HA

it's 80s week on kalx and they are playing the good stuff
The change will do you good
I always knew it would
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour

Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
The sins of the flesh
Are simply sins of lust
Sweat's running down your back
Sweat's running down your neck
Heated couplings in the sun
(Or is that untrue?)
Colder couplings in the night
(Never saw your body)
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
The change will do you good
I always knew it would
You know the change will do you good
You know the change will do you good

Damaged goods
Send them back
I can't work
I can't achieve
Send me back
Open the till
Give me the change
You said would do me good
Refund the cost
You said you're cheap but you're too much
Your kiss so sweet
Your sweat so sour
Sometimes I'm thinking that I love you
But I know it's only lust
The change will do you good
I always knew it would
You know the change will do you good
You know the change will do you good

I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
I'm kissing you goodbye
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)
(Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye)

JpegCritic said...

yo picas, it's cool.

JpegCritic said...

no rush, i'm coming back to cali
one of these days.... I miss the fresh air.

Idon'tbathe said...

what up wit dis new jack ?
Yeah, I FUCKIN' noticed! What the FUCK are you hauling, assbreath?
How's your fuckin' FUCKED up (ramano?), Paul?...
(He's asleep in the cab.)
Every time you pull in here he's fuckin' asleep.
What is he, a fuckin' pussycat?
(He drives as much as I do.
You run your station, we'll take care of our rig.)
Okay, I was just FUCKIN' wonderin!
Hold your FUCKIN' horses, eh? I didn't ask you for alladat!
(I checked the tires and oil, nevermind them. How much gas?)
70 gallons? That's fuckin' highway robbery.
(Whatever it is, I'll have to get you on the way back.)
What'd you say? You're gonna FUCK me from the back?
(I said I can't pay you til I deliver this load.)
Why didn't you fuckin tell me before that you had to stop and take a shit?
(You wouldn't have given me the gas.)
I'LL say I wouldn't!
I would FUCKIN notion to siphon it out.....I'll SUCK it!
(You wouldn't do that, Pete.)
Hey, you know you get your ass every time.
(Relax, I wouldn't jip you. You know I'm honest.)
All you mother-truckers are honest and always fuckin' broke.
(Relax, I told you.)
Sure, I'll fuckin' relax.
And the next thing you know, a man'll be suckin my dick!
Uh-uh. Ohhh no. Not MY truck.)
Hey, shit happens.
And, then you're out of business, and I'm, outta my dick!
(Don't worry about me and the installment man.
He's gotta CATCH me first.)
That shouldn't be too fuckin' tough. You always give him the shaft!
(Heh, he's had three months to try!)
Get it fuckin' right this time, stupid ass (lamer?)
It's all in you mind....every time
It's all in you mind....every time
Here we go......ready.....and....
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Remember, the "four, five, six" is in place.
Now let's do the girls' part. Girls, up....feet together...
Starting with the right foot....
Step to the side about six inches with the right foot, here we go...
One last question which is very important.
How does psychoanalysis do this?
(By probing the unconscious.)
What is the unconscious?
Isn't it yogurt?

zipthwung said...

You say you cant live with what you been through
Well, ladies you can be an asshole too
You might pretend you aint got one on the bottom of you,
But dont fool yerself girl
Its lookin at you
Dont fool yerself girl
Its winkin at you
Dont fool yerself girl
Its blinkin at you
Thats why I say
Im gonna ram it, ram it, ram it
Ram it up yer poop chute
Corn hole
Ram it, ram it, ram it
Ram it up yer poop chute
Fist fuck
Ram it, ram it, ram it
Ram it up yer poop chute
Wrist-watch; crisco
Ram it, ram it, ram it
Ram it up yer poop chute

Dont fool yerself, girl
Its goin right up yer poop chute
Dont fool yerself, girl
Its goin right up yer poop chute
(etc., repeats)

Aw, I knew youd be surprised...

Idon'tbathe said...

Drivin' in my Z down the avenue
Gangsta lean to the side and a 40 of brew
Hit my breaks (screeeech!), who could it be?
Some nice round thighs and a big boo-ty
I said "Baby, baby, I know what you like -
Turn that butt around and I'll ride you like a bike."
She said "Yeah, man, I know what you mean ... "
Then she pulled down those designer jeans
'Cause I'm the type of brother that just don't play
I waxed that butt from March till May
And just in case I get an overdose
I pass it on to my man Bimos
Stopped at the light on Atlantic Avenue
Aw, damn! Here comes that Squeegee crew!
Brothers on the car like rats on cheese
Get off my car, niggas, won't you please?
Stopped at the station to get me some gas
And here comes a girl with a great big ass
The closer she got, the more I knew
I had to take her to the crib and do the dew
Ran in the store to get me some brew
A 3-pack of condoms and a Charleston Chew
Back to the crib, didn't play no games
Had the fly girl screamin' my name
Finally realized the girl was a whore
Put my foot in her ass, she asked me for some more

JpegCritic said...

just because we ram it
don't we mean couldn't slam it
mfa's a gambit
vernacular's a damn-it

jus cuz we a blogger
don't mean we shouldn't log her
mfa a jip now
vernacular a slip - wow.

zipthwung said...

Well here's how it started
Heard you on the radio
Talkin' 'bout rap
Sayin' all that crap about how we sample
Given examples
Think we'll let you get away with that?
You critizie our method of how we make records
you said it wasn't art, so now we're gonna rip you apart
Stop, check it out my man
This is the music of a hip-hop band
Jazz, well you can call it that
But this jazz retains a new format
Point, where you misjudged us
Speculated, created a fuss
You've made the same mistake politicians have
Talkin' all that jazz

Talk, well I heard talk is cheap
But like beauty, talk is just skin deep
And when you lie and you talk alot
People tell you to step off alot
You see, you misunderstood
A sample is a tactic
A portion of my method, a tool
In fact it's only of importance when I make it a priority
And what we sample of, is the majority
But you are a minority, in terms of thought
Narrow minded and poorly taught
About hip-hop, playin' all the silly games
You erase my music, so no one can use it
Step on us and we'll step on you
Can't have your cake and eat it too
Talkin' all that jazz

Lies, that's when you hide the truth
It's when you talk more jazz than proof
And when you lie and address something you don't know
It's so whack that it's bound to show
When you lie about me and the band we get angry
We'll bite our pen, start writin' again
And the things we write are always true
Suckers, get a grip, now we talkin' 'bout you
Seems to me that you have a problem
So we can see what we can do to solve them
Think rap is a fad? you must be mad
'Cause we're so bad we get respect you never had
Tell the truth, James Brown was old
'Til Eric and Rakim came out with "I Got Soul"
Rap brings back old R&B
And if we would not, people could've forgot
We wanna make this perfectly clear
We're talented and strong and have no fear
Of those who choose to judge but lack pizazz
Talkin' all that jazz

Now we're not tryin' to be a boss to you
We just wanna get across to you
That if you're talkin' jazz, the situation is a no-win
You might even get hurt, my friend
Stetsasonic, the hip-hop band
Like Sly and the Family Stone, we will stand
Up for the music we live and play
And for the song we sing today
For now, let us set the record straight
And later on we'll have an informal and a formal debate
But it's important you remember, though
What you reap is what you sew
Talkin' all that jazz

Talkin' all that jazz
Talkin' all that jazz

CAP said...

A good critic is like your conscience. You don’t always follow it, but you like to hear it all the same.

zipthwung said...

Even the word “Blowout” might well refer to ‘fros, guns, blunts, streetball, reed instruments, or all of the above; the language of the record is often cryptic and ambiguous but it is rarely paralyzing.

zipthwung said...

Your best friend Harry has a brother Larry
In five days from now he's gonna marry
He's hopin you can make it there if you can
Cause in the ceremony you'll be the best man
You say neat-o, check your libido
And roll to the church in your new tuxedo
The bride walks down just to start the wedding
And there's one more girl you won't be getting
So you start thinkin then you start blinking
The bridesmaid looks and thinks that you're winking
She thinks your kinda cute so she winks back
And now your feelin really firm cause the girl is stacked
Reception's jumpin faces pumpin
You look at the girl and your heart starts thumpin
Says she wants to dance to a different groove
Now you know what to do just bust a move

No Rush said...

Oh, what you do to me, oh, what you do to me, little girl.
Ooo, have another hit of sweet air, come on, ooo, have another hit.
I want to know where you're going,
I want to know, sweet mama, where you're gonna go, yeah.
Ooo, have another hit of fresh air, ooo, have another hit.
Oh, baby, what you gonna do, oh, honey, what you gonna do, sweet thing?
Ooo, have another hit of sweet love, ooo, have another hit.
I love you, yes I do, babe, and I love you, I do, sweet lips.
Ooo, have another hit of sweet California sunshine, ooo, have another hit.
Take me home, take me home, take me home with you,
Take me home, I wanna go home with you, little girl.
Ooo, have another hit of fresh air, ooo, have another hit.

JpegCritic said...

vocabulary's tantric
why you acting frantic
im cussin no fussin just trust in how im bustin it yow
vernacular is tantric
intuition's frantic
im flittin no crittin just hangin and bullshittin it yow

New York Jam Daily said...

zipthung yur a fuckin bloated yodler-a WINDBAG
Ya problaly coudlnt compose a picture if a gun was pointed at your pretenious skull- plus rambling on how you do! you should be embaressed by yur pontifications and writing THE WHO lyrics is about the lamest thing. I am a painter---but the way you all go on makes me ashamed to be connected. YOU SHOULD ALL BORE A WHOLES IN YUR SELVES UNTIL THE SAP RUNS OUT!

New York Jam Daily said...

zipthung yur a fuckin bloated yodler-a WINDBAG
Ya problaly coudlnt compose a picture if a gun was pointed at your pretenious skull- plus rambling on how you do! you should be embaressed by yur pontifications and writing THE WHO lyrics is about the lamest thing. I am a painter---but the way you all go on makes me ashamed to be connected. YOU SHOULD ALL BORE A WHOLES IN YUR SELVES UNTIL THE SAP RUNS OUT!

New York Jam Daily said...


zipthwung said...

make them look real. Make them look evil in the face.

Oliver Officer.

Picas said...

new york jam daily,

do YOU create anything of worth?

It doesn't bother me if anybody is a shitty painter or doesn't make good work.

What bothers me the most is the way people on this blog talk, like they actually know something.

This is what everything sounds like:

"Um, Rembrandt mixed with yellow, that's why it looks good. Go to the MET and see. I'm smart by the way. I went to the MET, you haven't. Other artists used glazes that's why it doesn't look good."

People fail to realize that other people come from the same place that they come from. You read Dune by Frank Herbert and you need to quote it for us to sound like you know something special? Guess what, there's a good chance that many other people have also read the best-selling novel.

You can tell us something cool if we know about vector calculus, and too bad that we don't know about vector calculus? Guess what, zip, some of us might be math majors, does that surprise you?

You've got to spew all the details of steam-punk for us? Guess what dude, there's a good chance that a lot of us already know what steam-punk is.

guess what zip, i've actually been to the MET before. oh my god.

This group would be a much cooler place if you didn't have to tell us every single detail that you look up on wikipedia about some stuff that everyone already knows.

if I were you this is how i would sound like:

Guess what zip? Did you know paper is made out of trees? Well, I just told you, so I'm your teacher now, good thing I taught you that fact, because it's important. It's important because I knew it first and you didn't, but I'm spreading this knowledge.

zip, it's too bad you don't know anything at all about color theory, otherwise i would be able to run circles around you with cool ideas that are brilliant. one day if i have the time, i'll teach you the color theory, so that i can blow your mind even further with the ideas that require color theory as a foundation.

am i beginning to sound like you?

Picas said...

basically, zip, you sound like the girl on SNL that does that skit where she says she is better than everyone else at everything.

Picas said...

i've basically delurked solely to write that rant.

CAP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
webthing said...

it seems that a lot of commentary about art, in and out of here, can ascribe extra meanings to things, like why he chose to paint naive, but i don't think he really chose to do that, i think he just did it. you know like, that's him, that's how he paints. it's not like we all have a multiple repertoire, hmmm, i think i might paint photoreal today. ah, yes, today is a certainly my slacker day, let's just slap it on there impasto like a cooking show, there we go. and it's unreasonable to think that you have to be trained to paint, or to express in any way. it's not bad if you've been to the academy of grand theory and back, but just because somebody didn't, by choice or by nature or circumstance or whatever, either use some other other merit to see that, or, like, don't then. probably for the best, else we'll end up with the same painting style all over the globe. debate and argument seem all to persuade this way and that, it's nice when it's unanimous, it's usually boring when it's pretentious, occasionally illuminating, and in the end most of the time the disparity is very palpable, some might even say healthy. don't throw strawberry's unless you've already eaten!
(ohh man, now why'd you have to go'n do that for huh?) let the door swing. this painting is gaudy in most every way, but his other work has some energy, and so does this. it's almost funny. i don't really know what it is, and i like that. everytime i see a painting that doens't look like it's trying to sell itself i am relieved. you don't wanna think about that stuff too much though. verso recto.

webthing said...

seeing as ego's fly around in 'real' life, is it any surprise they should leak into hyperspace? maybe we should ask snowcrash. god forbid robots ever end up as individual as we are. fuck. a day without laughter is a day lost.

CAP said...

Wake me up before you go go


Idon'tbathe said...

Yeah, yeah yeah, thank you for having me.
MY girl is cheap. She's so cheap......
I told her to goes to Blockbuster,
[crowd laughs]
She come back with FOUR fingers!
[crowd laughs]
I was like "AIN'T THAT A BIP!"
You know what I'm sayin?
So, so I'm watchin' Barney, right...."OOOII LOOOVE YOUUUUU....."
And, and the nigga just have a heart attack!
[crown laughs loudly and cheers]
So....so, I go into Foot Locker cause I want some new shoes!
I take my shoes off, everybody fall out.
[crowd laughs]
Got me some new Timbs, some Nikes, some socks, everythang!
And lemme see, lemme see....
Oh yeah, oh yeah ohyeahyeah, I'm at the gas station.....
This nigga come up....wipin' my windows, askin me do I have 50 cents?
I told him 'no!'
Ahhh, ah, ah, eh eh, oh OOOOOUUURH....yeah.
Mister Shaquiiiiile O'Neal!
Give it up for this guy, ladies and gentlemen!
[crowd laughs loudly]
Boy got a shoe size of a milk carton.
Ten gallon hat wearin'......
(crowd continues laughing)
So...so....so I'm at Pathmark buyin' lightbulbs, right?
And I see this ooold girl I wanted to get back with in high school....
Still wearing those same curlers......
Slippers and a bathrobe.
Talkin bout "I'se hungry!"
[crowd laughs]
Uh, how come all the,
only the 500 pound women wanna go in the diet section?
(ha ha ha ha, I DON'T KNOW HOW THE ....)
Yeah, um, so, um....so.....
I saw your mother the other day, right.....right...
She had on this sweatshirt!
It said....U.C.L.A. on it!
I was like "Well GODDAMN! I didn't know YOU went to college!
She said "I didn't! My name is Ucla!"
[crowd laughs and cheers wildly]
Mother's feet so long....
she sit on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, and get her toes wet!
[crowd continues laughing]
Play hopscotch like this:
Big short neck havin'.....
so, so lazy, live on the 5th floor, got in the elevator...
Pushed 2 twice and then....
twice and then said "fuck it!" Walked up the steps.
Teeth so yellow I can make lemonade with it!
[crowd laughs loudly]
I mean....like Wu-Tang say,
"Sunshine falls upon a rainy day.....skies are grey"

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zipthwung said...

Its an insult to say a person can't change styles. And if you say its part and parcel of the personality well then some peopel are destined to file papers and work in the mailroom. Can't argue that.

Steam punk is only the tip of the ice berg. What about loss-leaders? Doesn't have to be a product. I don't even have to have a product, I can do a proposal.

"Premise art" is all the rage. No byline on that term, BTW, so I don't know who coined it. Guess that's an editorial.

Another term - COINTELPRO. If you could make steam punk pictures (thats a premise) about waterboarding and psyops.

Clockwork Tang for the Freeze Dried Soul: baby.

There are a lot of people who are very good with steam punk motifs who are stuck making pictures that amount to wish fulfillment (more sex, cooler stuff, more power). Fuck that noise - thats like praying to a jar of Jiffy for a Toblerone.

In the same way this dude is making a world for himself based on some idea of folk art. He's right next door to Fort Cruddy. PandD and RGB color cycling.

Can you imagine an art world dominated art school psych-folk art? Would you want to ride that bandwagon? Are you on it already?

Have you read the Foxfire books? Thats the real deal.

The series is an effort to document the lifestyle, culture, and skills of people in southern Appalachia in a mixture of how-to information and first-person narratives and oral history. Topics covered in the books include apple butter, banjos, basket weaving, beekeeping, butter churning, corn shucking, dulcimers, faith healing, fiddle making, haints, ginseng, hide tanning, hog dressing, hunting tales, log cabin building, moonshining, midwives, old-time burial customs, planting "by the signs", preserving foods, sassafras tea, snake handling and lore, soap making, spinning, square dancing, wagon making, weaving, wild food gathering, witches, and wood carving.

Nomi said...

Picas said...

i've basically delurked solely to write that rant.

Wow, if I ever delurked . . . well, you all should be really scared.

zipthwung said...

i don't know vector calculus. I'm glad its in your bio thoug. Gives you back story instead of being a cardboard cut out.
My back story is I know how to center a jpg in a pop-up window on your screen. But where did you get the idea you needed a pop-up window in the first place?

A Mochatinijito to the first person to fucking get with the program.

CAP said...

I was wondering what a Mochatinijito was.

zipthwung said...

Lemon Vodka
Dark Rum
Creme de Cacao, dark
Coffee Liqueur
Spearmint or peppermint schnaps
Carbonated Water

Try it and see. I dunno I made it up.

arebours said...

Try a pousse-cafe-successively lighter liquers on top of one another-grenadine-creme de menthe parfait amour creme de cacao blue curacao cognac-tres jolie-do not jolt or murky mixture may occur

Idon'tbathe said...

I don’t believe in using makeup to make things look smoother. How can anybody learn anything from an artwork when the piece of art only reflects the vanity of the artist and not reality? I think it’s pretentious to create art just for the sake of stroking the artists ego. That’s bullshit.
Many people claim you’re a perfectionist...
They’re right. I am. Some even claim that I’m a terror, a dictator and they’re right. But I’m also talented and I know when I created something great.
I’m too old to do things by half. I’m in this business for too long to be halfhearted about anything.
Did I really say that?
Because I never cared for trends, that never bothered me. I always believed that I have something important to say and I said it. That’s why I survived because I still believe I’ve got something to say.
I don’t really think about that. I’m an artist and that means I can be as egotistical as I want.

JpegCritic said...

you know if it weren't for that dark shape
of that painting framing her head.

That just locked it into the dead zone.

This painting.

Dont really know or care if that dark shape
meant anything to the artist, but that
prob was the thing that killed the painting
for me and prob prevented me from
going to see the show after my routine
sesame pancake run. I'm a lazy bastard,
prob, but i also value my time.

zipthwung said...

Verdict: Excellent book by a genius who will do anything to get attention

You're going to reap just what you sow,

You're going to reap just what you sow,

You're going to reap just what you sow,

You're going to reap just what you sow...

JpegCritic said...

man that shit tite. umm...

zipthwung said...

Where game players can learn to estimate the likelihood of other players defecting, their own behaviour is influenced by their experience of the others' behaviour. Simple statistics show that inexperienced players are more likely to have had, overall, atypically good or bad interactions with other players. If they act on the basis of these experiences (by defecting or cooperating more than they would otherwise) they are likely to suffer in future transactions. As more experience is accrued a truer impression of the likelihood of defection is gained and game playing becomes more successful. The early transactions experienced by immature players are likely to have a greater effect on their future playing than would such transactions affect mature players. This principle goes part way towards explaining why the formative experiences of young people are so influential and why they are particularly vulnerable to bullying, sometimes ending up as bullies themselves.

The likelihood of defection in a population may be reduced by the experience of cooperation in earlier games allowing trust to build up.[7] Hence self-sacrificing behaviour may, in some instances, strengthen the moral fibre of a group. If the group is small the positive behaviour is more likely to feed back in a mutually affirming way, encouraging individuals within that group to continue to cooperate. This is allied to the twin dilemma of encouraging those people whom one would aid to indulge in behaviour that might put them at risk. Such processes are major concerns within the study of reciprocal altruism, group selection, kin selection and moral philosophy.

New York Jam Daily said...

this is a forum to talk about the artwork at hand
not about your quaff quoting zwipthug
why not try listentomenotentertainanyone.blogspot.com . or why not creat zwipthwug.blogspot.com and juice your mind grapes there. pet vomit is more interesting.

isno't said...

You should no't have bane in such a hüry

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
webthing said...

changing styles will happen, but not overnight, just like receding hair, and as far as painting goes, when people do change there are still usually visual similarities, like the sound of your voice the approach of art making is coming from beneath your decisions of what words to speak, but from your given intonation, somewhere murky and bioillogical. and god forbid the world were awash with psych-folk', hip for now in some way, however all the perennial keep it realers around here hardly like anything except for their own hypocritical niche of which there are always very few examples - more vain seekers of the ever elusive masterpiece. masterpiece is ridiculous without the addition of time, don't you know? this site is to discuss current work, most of the time. draping velvet robes over a philistine won't make them sensitive to nuances, it'll just give them a rash.

webthing said...

here piggy piggy piggy :)

CAP said...

Webthing: You bank on art-making coming from ‘beneath your decisions of what words to speak, but from your given intonation, somewhere murky and bioillogical’ - but you can’t hope to reach that without dealing with what lies on top of all that, first.

If you want to be intuitive, it actually takes a lot of training! (as Zen and other mystics are the first to stress).

You want to appeal to biology? That’s an issue for psychology, and then philosophy.

To confuse naivety with spontaneity or sincerity is a common illusion. Actually it’s a bit like hunting for the innocent eye, the disinterested mind. The naïve are not more carefree or for that matter certain than the sophisticated – on the contrary they are less so because they have fewer options – they simply don’t know enough, can’t discriminate enough, - actually feel less, in this sense. They are only the sophisticated at an earlier, more vulnerable stage.

And this is true as much of personality as pictures. ‘Just who you are’ is not something static for a start, is something that living keeps building. You wouldn’t recommend to anyone that they remain a child, or in a vacuum, and I can’t see that the same advice holds for painting.

Williams has options, and chooses the lazy ones. He thinks he’s being funny but the joke - in as much as there is one - is on him. He thinks laying it on thick makes a joke on painting, but it just shows how little he knows about painting and a lot else.

We all know that if this stuff was submitted by someone from out of town – from Finland or Chile, say, no one would give them the time of day. Remember that Greek guy, Vlahos? Complaining about NYC galleries? He must be killing himself laughing when he looks at something like this. OK I wasn’t a huge fan of his hard edge geo approach to The Orthodox Church or whatever, but the reason that stuff gets rejected and this stuff gets a show is all about who you know, not what you do.

Check out Mikey’s busy busy resume of shows and performances! - I’m sure he’s a very charming and popular young man, but that ALL he’s trading on here.


JpegCritic said...

i think nyjd want's to be the
fuse that blows on this radio.

JpegCritic said...

oh yeah and this painting sucks.

webthing said...

ok ok, i'll back down. i can't believe i was standing in front of a picture like this, defending it as it were, in the first place. i have opinions certainly, but i keep them as malleable as possible. though what follows will certainly contradict that (marker of sophistication number one: the ability to see one's own hypocrisy)

yes, when it comes down to it, this appears to be a jokey kind of artist, full of half completed dadaist readings, buying paint tubes and brushes without really knowing what they are and how they are utilized (but he's certainly not the first painter to be doing it in the last century), i guess i can find a way to accept playing the juvenile card in a sophisticated world because it shows what's happening to young painters. And that also, most emotional outbursts are very juvenile, it's only the 'pause' or 'restraint' that indicates maturity. Was it all supposed to continue henceforth into the future in the manner of classicism? Classic punk? This painting does not contain all these questions surely, but it is a part of this thing that has been called slacker painting. What is that, and where does it fit in to everything? In many ways the impressionists may have been called slackers by their grandparents, or those war dodging artists hanging out in zurich performing 'poems' may have been called slackers by their own poetic forefathers (and sisters). Is the righteous pillar of meaning just getting fun poked at it with each and every wave, because inherently it's the first way to break out of a confine? (something all artists seem to share a subdued passion for). this painting may be an affront to a lot of people, but i could reel off a long list of works from 100 years ago that were an affront to people in the same manner then. And look what happened after that. Do we enforce a redux? Can we enforce a redux? The answer is no, we can't obstruct what they do. We can only sit back and fuss at it as a million others before us in the chain of age and youth. I don't like to feel crusty and as if i'm holding on the last bastion of meaning, coz to put it biologically, i know its just that the synapses in my brain have hardened to such an extent as to form strong opinions, something that the physical putty of a younger mind is not subject to. Hence repetitive learning techniques.

Solidify those pathways my son!
No dad, piss off!

Everlasting Friktion.

I am the Father, I know!
I am the vanguard, no you don't!

How long has that been going on?

Despite all this, i can see how the ancient art of painting is suffering, and how this painting sucks. But where do i see it from? Now? then? I can never make up my mind what time to choose. And as much as i feel like everything is descending into a historyless madness at times, i just let it. Maybe something will come of it. The past was great, but with all of it's myths now destroyed, and in such rational heady self-conscious guilty ecological times as the early 21st century.... this is a little ill considered, make of it what you will.

Maybe he can help me...

webthing said...

Unfortunately he can't, coz he's insane

CAP said...

OK – point taken. What looks like a joke today may turn out to be profound tomorrow – today’s slackers may be tomorrow’s old masters.

But on the other hand most jokes stay just that, there’s always been slobs, not too many of them turn out to be revolutionaries. So how do we tell the difference, between slacking and ‘slacking’? To defer judgment is to wait for Godot-ly knows when. There’s no second-guessing history, assuming you can know tomorrow’s judgment without first submitting today’s.

So how to decide? What else can we use if not our custom and practice in art, and common sense? We may still turn out to be wrong, but this is not decided mysteriously, but by debate. Those that dismissed Tsara’s ‘poetry’ are finally won around by arguments about poetics and more poetry, not the final word from Above.

If I’m unfairly slamming a lucky young painter here – well my word carries no weight in the market anyhow and all I’m really saying is show me how? What I can see so far fails. If he can’t do this maybe others can, maybe the next paintings will. I mean I’m no seer or infallible judge – some stuff took years for me to ‘get’ – like Polke for instance, looked and looked at that stuff just couldn’t see it until I delved into some adjacent matter and sort of stumbled on it.

So I don’t mind being wrong, and neither should any artist, especially the young or new.

Quisquilloso said...
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No Rush said...

awww-everything was being so civil and almost resolved by the gentlemen, and then QQ has to go fuck it up with a really bad example. Because it's so sad/worthless to be discriminating like that. I don't think JMB and F2 would acknowlegge any Big Diff. ---this is james Watson territory.

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
No Rush said...

I was just kidding about the gentlemen- i think webthing is usually close to the mark and crap, well, its a good thing he doesnt mind being wrong. all slobs are revolutionaries but crap, he so sophisticated, he feel more than you

zipthwung said...

New and newer?

I, too, have a hard time looking past the bio on this one. Call me a philistine all you want, I can tune into nuance the same as anyone else. But PR is PR. Canada is not an outsider or visionary venue, because it is just fucking not.

And even if it was, which it isn't, then I guess I can't tell the difference, which there isn't one anyways, fuck you.

My taste runs to fucking fuzzy silkscreened edges and bronze fucking finished with the black oxide type bullshit - keeps at that smoothness from looking gaudy, even though it is and does anyway.
Sophistry! What else are you going to say?

Gold is like unto gauze to me?

I saw a dude looking at an otterneess (who I despise more than Kostabi or even Kincaide He fucking killed a dog) and the guy was saying what most people say when they look at an Otterness "that fucking sucks" but his words were "that [preying mantis] would look great in my back yard."

I killed a rat yesterday or so, I should have documented it for my show at Canada. Poor fucker. The cat brought him in trailing blood from a ripped ear. Young one. Sicked the other cat on it. No dice. After batting it around some, well there it was squeaking and cleaning itself like an upper east side matron powdering her nose. Or a really small (but totally fucked) donald trump fixing his comb-over.
This wasn't a large experienced ferile beast from the Red Hook Docks of yore.

So when I put it in a bag and stomped on it, I felt a little guilty. Not very zen or buddhist or whatever. I'm already a cockroach so fuck you, karma.

Patina is important I guess is what I'm saying. I don't get it, and I've been looking through duchamp's glass for a long long long long time. No one has kicked my ass out of the way yet, maybe I'm too engrossed in the spectacle.

Lawrence Weiner feels "social pressure" to show and THAT's why he's showing? Fuck you, my man. You are showing because it makes your dick hard. Anything else is just you keeping the rock of sysiphus stuffed in the keyhole of your secret garden. I mean that from the outside in.

Not because a bio is bad, per se, but if you are going to be a visionary outsider artist, I think you should at least try to burn your degree.

Lawrence Weiner, who lived on a fucking powerless houseboat for eighteen years with his wife and kid. See that's back story. Its a part of the liberal guilt thing, I think. That or refusal to work on the docks of his youth. Worked on the docks at 12? Doing what? A regular steveadore I guess. That will fuck your back up. Absolutely. I had a summer job (an internship! Fuck was I dumb) stacking 50lb boxes on a palette. Its all about shifting your weight and remembering the logos, if you will, or wont, fuck whatever (Hi sue debeer! I love your diamond studded shit aight?) of the stack. Like making a warhol every minute. Each stack four or five high a thing of beauty in its integral structure.

Aparently Gawker and it's clones make 10 to 12 million off of essentially Aderall© enhanced, user generated content.
That is sick shit. Its like farming people for use as cybernetic energy sources. IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE TO ME.

I think several people have alluded to the nostalgia this image represents or alludes to in the "scholastic book club" sense.

What is art anyways? A way to relive your childhood? Fuck that.

Why move to the center of the publishing empire (Bantam, Doubleday - as opposed to hollywood -Dreamworks, Paramount) If you don't want to mess with The Literature? At least subconsciously - naively. I'm a nobody, but you, you could fucking get a book into printed matter as an artist. Maybe have a signing party with some 98 point wine flaneur Chardonnay from Sonoma county.

Printed matter is a place to buy status gift books for people you hate as far as I know. I don't get it either. I'm guessing there's no money in it (not like Gawker money) or like little cupon zines for pizza and beer with some cultural crit to separate the pizza from the beer. A magazine shoudl tell you how to dress, what to say and what to do, that's a good magazine.

Oh yeah, life has meaning, you just string this shit together like Carnival beads. Don't let the tent collapse on you! Blow motherfuckers blow!

santerip said...

I went by the gallery. This painting isn’t even in the show that is up right now. I think it must be “older work.” The new paintings aren’t as jokey as this one or at least the jokes seem more complex. Also out of the entire show I’d say maybe only a third can really be called “jokey.” The rest of the paintings are more contemplative and earnest. Not to say that just because something is jokey that it can’t also be earnest because obviously it can. Also there is a compulsion to the way these things are painted that to me makes them transcend the realm of the mere joke.

JpegCritic said...

thanks santerip!

ok i think it's time for a pankake run.
I'll try to check it out.

... oh for those nyc visitors want great sesame
pancakes (tuna)-- Eldridge and Hester, on Eldridge.
Sorry patrons, it's not an outsider anymore.
But hopefully, they'll keep the prices down
for a while.

CAP said...

R B Kitaj 1932-2007

Aaron said...


miamigirl said...

Does Chris Ofilli post here? Does anybody have his e-mail address? I used to know him and I really need to get in touch with him again but I lost his number. It's important. Thanks in advance.

zipthwung said...

For such a simple headline it accomplishes a lot, a quadruple entendre in fact. The first meaning refers of course to the verdict of ‘not guilty’ in Jackson’s molestation case. He beat the wrap. The second meaning is sexual. I won’t demean your intelligence by explaining it. The final two might be combined into a single meaning because they both refer to Jackson’s song by the title “Beat it” from the late 80’s. The song used the term ‘beat it’ to refer mean ‘go away’ and as a play on the use of rhythmical music as a means of conflict resolution. By allowing the above headline the editor must either have a pretty good sense of humor (doubtful), or have not realized the second meaning (and therefore have the mind of a child).

fluffy said...

I actually thought to look out for this artist when on my longer second impression
In his naivety he makes me want to stay longer. It's paradoxical, k

zipthwung said...

If the meek inherit the earth, push them down and take it back.

Chris Ofili said...


And you can never hope to email me, puny miamigirl!

zipthwung said...

And he went and hanged himself
(Matthew 27:5).
Go, and do thou likewise
(Luke 10:37)

I got cotton mouth

terribleidea said...

The memory of falling on one's coccyx bone and spraining it, rendering one unable to walk for several days, is more endearing than the knowledge that this asshole of a painting is somewhere where many people look at it and think about it.

I also don't like how it's been up for several days and how every time I click on my link to this site, hoping to see something new, I just see that stupid fucking lady with her stupid fucking purple shirt and that stupid guy's fucking stupid smile, although his beard sort of looks like a two-dimensional valley which is sort of cool.

terribleidea said...

Also I hate those wires. The painting would be cooler if it looked more like the painting in the back on the wall.

zipthwung said...

LOT 103


100,000—150,000 USD

LOT 110


7,000—12,000 USD

You do the math.

zipthwung said...

One thing to remember is that these comments are really relevant only if you have seen the show in question or are pretty familiar with an artists work.

zipthwung said...

So if your gallery pays 154,000 in rent a month.....

CAP said...

I notice that when I comment now there's a box I can tick so that people can email follow-up comments to me.

When did that happen?

zipthwung said...

Dunno. I just click like a rat until I get kibble.

In Blogger, there is provision for email to be sent to you whenever someone leaves a comment on your blog. To set this, in the Dashboard, go to SETTINGS > COMMENTS and fill in the email address at the box for COMMENT NOTIFICATION ADDRESS. There is also a provision for an email to be sent whenever a post is published. Go to SETTINGS > EMAIL and fill in the email address at the box for BLOGSEND ADDRESS. However, only 1 email address can be filled in for either post or comment, so if you have a team blog, and each team member want to be notified, you have a problem. Here is a workaround.

zipthwung said...


I've seen done in various formats, if not so ambitiously. I know a lot of peopel are probably like, so what, it's not exactly a google hack or artificial intelligence.

But I think it has something to do with this Chinese Box thought experiment stuff.

CAP said...

I guess even Blogspot update their format, now and again.

fluffy said...

I love it when you read those spouting hatred and ostracism under the guise of higher supreme understanding and love. They go something along the lines of 'you suck, you are stupid, you will only create bad vibes and chaos. You should seek peace and love like me. '

I like it. It just shows their inadequacy and feelings of competition and inferiority. You should follow them in their hollow spirituality that has no basis in anything, is the unsaid. Fuck its everywhere

How are you contributing to those ideals you spit by attacking others
I like it, cos to me thats naive art and it makes me feel ahhhh so superior

zipthwung said...

War is peace, Freedom is slavery, Ignorance is strength, party like its 1999 or whatever.

It's easy to take advantage of the ignorant if you know what they desire. The thing about the art world is that some people want recognition (love - parent? THE OTHER? I know I do, my god the hunger oozes out of my pores like last night's bourbon) or whatever. Thats cool but it puts you in the seige perilous pretty much trussed up and ready to go. Don't forget the apple in your snout, gimp!

I know all I want is a studio with a duck pond, but that, apparently is total vanity (I don't want the duck's shit, just the ducks). I don't get it. People shit on you for wanting the upper middle class dream, or even the lower upper class dream. ANd I think its the perception that a new class of professionalized kids has ruined the art system, encouraged to fly like moths at capital.

Thats true, but its not really any different than flying like a moth at French philosophy. Only the strong survive.

And who puts the kids up to it in the first place?

When I was three my brother convinced me to walk through a briar patch. I was a fucking retarded 4 year old. I deserved it. And so do you fluffy. You are a retard. Or ironic. Its hard to tell. And so does this painting, because it is ironic, even if the paitner thinks it isnt (which would be even more ironic, but in the cosmic sense, not the brittle man about court sense).

Historicly, most valuable (at auction) artists lived in abject poverty wondering where their next Cosmotini was coming from.

Thats fine if you find a good AND reputable dealer (I dont even care if you get a child molester, as long as it doesn't interfere with sales), but those are hard to find, look at Salander O'Reilley, pillar of the upper east side, they sure went rotten or "corrupt" as my source says. I speculate it wasn't hard drugs, just the impossible rent and the lifestyle (you have to pay to play and the Ponzi scheme that is the ART WORLD will only stay afloat if the vacuum cleaners play in reverse.

Hard drugs can do you in - thats a good sand trap. Look at Basquiat - though that was AIDS more than drugs right? I mean that AIDS shit moved AND melted the cheese.

Blanket statements about negativity or even positivity in critics is are really naive or at best a smokescreen. I've been to the land of EVIAN, wherever it is, and I still am naive. I dont paint much now obviously, but I can paint, you don't forget how - it just takes time and effort, like any other craft. Lots of famous artists burned their shit or took time off. In fact it can be a good career strategy. Thats all to say painting is both a sign and embodiment of luxury.

People have said a lot of stuff about my work in and out of my schooling and what I learned is that everyone is different, and that good work is a perfect mirror for whoever walks up to it (because good work sells!)

A slave is one who waits for someone to come and free him, adn if you look to others for compliments then you are probably going to be lost in this endless maze of ego (and doing something you hate).

That said, this artist is showing at a gallery that wont let any schmo in - the wagons are circled. thats why I can shit on them. Its no fun to shit on Agora, say, because they are clueless and naive. Outsiders really.

Canada is an insider because money says so, and yet the work isn;t much more than 10% better than at Agora, is it? Really? Look harder.
The fact is there are tons of people in the 99th percentile and VERY minor differences can make or break an artist.

That's the oubliette we love.

A gallery has a stable of artists like a baseball team. How many people you got hitting? What's inn fashion? What "arguments" are you putting forward? What eternal truths are you embodying?

Thats what's at stake when people say simplisticly that a naive painting by an insider SUCKS on many, many, many, many, levels.

In conclusion, oatmeal in the morning and spinach for lunch clears your head pretty good. Won't you agree?

zipthwung said...

Actually Agora is just fucking pathetic. But at least its all out in the open.

spot the 101 problems with this picture

Oh but it looks great to you? Let me tell you about the time my brother convinced me to drink irrigation water (I got really sick).

fluffy said...

'How is it that I make you feel inadequate' was my response to physical bullies. It always stumped them because of my show of confusion in their behavior.

My points were:

1. You can not make someone feel anything. You can manipulate them into feeling something, but not really make them feel and so I was honestly wanting to know how I did this rather smartly, but also out of the concern that I may be behaving in a way that was leaving another insecure and that I would stop doing what that was if they specified.

2. That by interpreting their obvious show of physical threats as inadequacy they felt compelled to stop it in embarrassment. As threatening and abusing others was their way of feeling secure or adequate they acted without thought, but by habit, until I said it did the opposite.

I am a retard I know.

fluffy said...

Most people respond to paintings similarly with strongly held views until you point out that there views show something opposite to what they want to convey
Oops. Years of research from the Tavistock institute leaked within seconds
Now everyone must be re-brainwashed

zipthwung said...

I had an interview at a place financed by BIG PHARMA and my view of the subject is just legalize it, bro.

But the dude said something like "we studied the doctors and they like their info in short little factoids and then a good dinner and lots of booze," which if you know that BIG PHARMA spends 3,000USD per head, then you realize how a pill can be art with a wide audience.

That said, I don't feel inadequate at all, I am just using the most subversive tool I have, my writing, to keep my intensely moral posture without my Chuck Taylors wearing out before I can get some Timberland's to kick a new cat door into the Chelsea Art Museum.

Yeah I fucking blew an interview and not because my skillz suck.

Wild man, wild.

beachball said...

can we get this image off already? i am so sick of looking at it.

zipthwung said...

I didn't get what you were saying exactly about inadequacy. I'll read it again and get back to you on that.

Are you talking about an appeal to reason? because in my experience only intellectuals do that. Which isn't very smart because it means you aren;t smart enough to fit in like everyone else.

zipthwung said...

im going to drink right now you knw? Fuck it its almost five.

Anyone know why a True type font wont show up in illustrator when I install it in windows? Fucking duh and shit. I need a mac.

A.Painter said...


very much inspired by this site

Concrete Phone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
webthing said...

People who say keep it real, they're the ones who end up most often with the soles of their feet on their tongues. Really. Coz it's just another absurd concept in the end. Where the hell are we going to get the images of these works that are never exhibited from? That'd be game over. Raw Vision is nice, but boring by itself I know you would agree. The galleries are not so exclusive as you all make out. Of course they have a few smokescreens. That's just to scare off the fools. You know how strange it really is that glass, a transparent easily breakable screening material is all that stands between the poor and the rich, everytime. Talk a walk and see. It's almost funny. You know what gets you in to the art game, fucking work, in artist run spaces or on the pavement, wherever, there IS ROOM FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SHOW. Yes, amazing isn't it. Is a bad attitude really that much of a cage? Damn right it is. The longer you sit around cussing at the inside circle, well, you drew the line to scare yourself out of it in the first place, and that's where you stand, now that's retarded. If you make enough noise from outside of the circle, if you believe there is a circle, well just WATCH THEM WATCH YOU! YOU ARE IT AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. That's what's annoying. This painting is not so long lasting i'll admit, but that's just for now, however it stands aloof to the whining each time, it rules you if you sit around wasting time and feeling left out. And especially when you should be smart enough to know the fact that EVERYTHING IS IMAGINARY ANWYWAY, the wall, the cup, the jacket, these words, all of it came from someones head, thank god we have art to remain aligned to this often forgotten human fundamental, i get so annoyed when artists sit around throwing shit at each other and then wondering why we are so easily overpowered in this 'society', the only way to getting into this cycle of fundamental imaginations is by MAKING THE WORK! In the end, so what if some success is luck, luck is exactly how the first single cell beings crawled out of the primordial soup - you are a recent link in that chain, IRREVOCABLY LINKED TO IT. Luck is how we got here. At the risk of sounding naff, we were all connected before the internet, look at your two hands, we've all got them. There is no circle inner or outer unless you say so. Luck is God. Perhaps to some PNYC is a catchment for the disaffected, the ones who couldn't make the baseball team. Screw that. It's not really like that. But the myth perpetuates everytime someone says that. Take your disaffection and pulse it down a brush for gods sake. You don't know the answers, or anything about Williams, and neither do i, but at least i know one thing. Celebrate and enjoy as much art as you can, coz life is short. You know what's really changed since the golden days of painting, the ability to appreciate it. I'll not be writing here anymore, goodbye.

webthing said...

had you going for a second there huh? hehe.

fluffy said...

I was also meaning - keep going Zip, as I know you will. You entertain. Often it takes the confused, unaware or those lacking hope, foresight and vision to ironically show the best of us in our responses to their shite. o.k. group hug, (forced cough) shake it off, change of subject.

Hehe, va bene Webby.

Concrete Phone said...

You have a good sense of humor webthing. I think that counts.
I think that after Wednesdays, after the Monday or Sunday evening when a new image gets posted posters and painters should feel free to talk about... whatever there is to talk about!
I think it'd make it more interesting. Trying to pinpoint a single image really doesn't serve anyone.
That's how I'll be proceeding.

SisterBee said...

Does anyone have advice for an out-of-town painter who'll be visiting Manhattan this weekend? Sunday's already dedicated to "Impressed by Light" and the new Ab Ex exhibit at the Met. But I've got time to roam in Chelsea on Saturday... and I'd love to hear your thoughts on where to go. What do you like there right now?

Annie said...

This blog seems to be suffering from the publish or perish syndrome, a new image to discuss would bring some much needed fresh air to what has become stale, musty, repetitive.

New Image Now!!! Wave your torches, rattle your sabers!!! New Image Now!!! New Image Now!!!

JpegCritic said...

sister bee,

apparently, a lot of hunter students like the Carsten Nicolai at pace. I myself am not interested, and wanted to see the tyson show that was there, but the line was too long for me to wait, and now it's gone.

I know I "...should not have bane in such a hüry...."
I might check the Nicolai show it if i happens to be there --to see what the buzz is all about and if I'm not in such a hüry.

I know the feeling. I just want a bone.
just want a bone man, just a bone...
cmmon, just a little speck, cmmon man.....
i'm ghost-bustin here. cmmon man.... jst a
crumb... you can drop it and look the other way,
i won't mind, no one'll know, yo. c'mmon P....

JpegCritic said...

c'mmon, a little pometus luv'n... some lamé
some drop of wild mountain hunny
c'mmon p, just a little taste


dedings said...

i prefer this one.

zipthwung said...

Is space the place? Anyone can show, or write, yes, that's why people wear trench coats in the summer. I know what time it is, I don't need your condescending advice on how if you just sort of make work the opportunity to show will magically appear at your doorstep like the demon child. A gift from hell. As if showing means anything. Can't you see it? Its allready there! A knife in your back, a pruning shear to your nut sack! My work is more precious to me than a thousand year old golden egg. Giants! Not one not two but but Three beans and a weenie to the wind! Throw the baby against the tree trunk and watch it melt into sap like every other gift from a stranger. Titans! All the kings men are fucking assholes. What do I mean by that, as Zizek might say, and does,if he's trying to backtrack on some stream of amphetamine construct of BS. But the underlying pathology is that he can't take the love of the other because he's fundamentally opposed to the power struggle. It makes you stutter and have facial ticks, a walking pathology. I know because I am crawling through the 100 acre flood. You know, the sad little manatee in the ointment, while the power boats cut my ideals to ribbons. Thats the fucked up shit. Wallowing like a sow in black pearls! Editions of 12! oh but this one's a gift! (Should one price by size? Every one does!) Like tearing signs off the walls as if by collecting you can turn back time. Or somehow (apohenia!) make a connection to something that isn't there. Which it isn't. And thats what separates the haves from the have nots (semicolon) That and food. Glorious food.

You know, eat their brains first then hard work.

Is it worth the waiting for?
If we live 'til eighty four
All we ever get is gru...el!
Ev'ry day we say our prayer --
Will they change the bill of fare?
Still we get the same old gru...el!
There is not a cust, not a crumb can we find,
Can we beg, can we borrow, or cadge,
But there's nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
When we all close our eyes and imag...ine

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we're in the mood --
Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloys!
"What's next?" is the question.
Rich gentlemen have it, boys --

Food, glorious food!
We're anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day --
Our favourite diet!

Just picture a great big steak --
Fried, roasted or stewed.
Oh, food,
Wonderful food,
Marvellous food,
Glorious food.

Food, glorious food!
What is there more handsome?
Gulped, swallowed or chewed --
Still worth a kin's ransom.
What is it we dream about?
What brings on a sigh?
Piled peaches and cream , about
Six feet high!

Food, glorious food!
Eat right through the menu.
Just loosen your belt
Two inches and then you
Work up a new appetite.
In this interlude --
Then food,
Once again, food
Fabulous food,
Glorious food.

Food, glorious food!
Don't care what it looks like --
Don't care what the cook's like.
Just thinking of growing fat --
Our senses go reeling
One moment of knowing that
Full-up feeling!

Food, glorious food!
What wouldn't we g

No Rush said...

Sheed speaks the truth--it's the way it is with all pro sports. It's been this was for a while and all began with free agency, years ago. (Remember when Jack Morris went shopping for a new team?) Hey, it's a money game and the players earn theirs. The owners, leagues, sponsor companies and medias make one heck of a profit on the games, too--duhhh! Yup, that's entertainment. YMCA, summer leagues and pick up games are where the true love is now. My, how the world changes. And it never spins backwards. Thank God for mem\ories!
great DETROIT sports fan posted on Saturday, Oct 27, 2007 7:55 am EDT

No Rush said...

In an already fully corrupted world, one in which consumerism holds sway, commercial images provide a standard for production. In an administered world such as our own the purpose of aesthetics—the awareness of artifice, the appeal to pleasure, beauty, and imagination—is a necessity in its own right. It cannot be harnessed to another purpose. The sites and sights of “resistance” are almost gone. But aesthetic effects still provide a momentary disruption in the cycle of sheer consumption through the very undirectedness of artistic work. The negative, critical charge has diminished. It depended on rhetorical and actual strategies of opposition, both of which have faded. That rhetoric has gone formulaic. The oppositional resistance has become aligned with entrenched interests, including its own. Artwork termed “political” often serves a stabilizing function, helping to maintain the cultural status quo. The twilight in these works announces a change, one that has been long in coming but now falls fast. Recognizing the character of this new art, how can we respond to its condition—and ours?

webthing said...

no rush, and zip...

yes. yes.

webthing said...

no rush did you write that yourself? it's brilliant.

JpegCritic said...

i want food! ...(other than rozini and ragu)
howz about it mama?
ok, i'll take Ragu.

no-where-man said...

no rush... i respond threw a deeper level of being with the machine.

both as a medium - video, net...

but also a means to understand myself socially and establish monitarly,

re: the ragu's articles nod to gabo's .biz - anyone here at the urs fischer opening?

fluffy said...

-My conflict with deciding a selling price.
-Michael Williams.
-principles and suicide.

I'm trying to decide on what price I should sell a pic for and what exactly is a fair price to all parties
Of course there is no rational to this, just as there isn't to any neoclassical capitalist economic formula. Capitalism forces all artists to compromise on our principles and to give in to those that have the power - the owner class and the coordinators (the new-ish professional class), so they can get a price that suits them. They compete with themselves in obtaining art and that drives the price up and results in making an artist famous. The artist doesn't consider a price based on how many resources have gone into a painting if they want to legitimately sell and find they have enough for food. Yes wanting to eat is a major consideration for most artists that are looking to develop a career, as to wanting to continue to paint. Such an estimate would have to consider every hour spent on the learning of the art before creating something to sell and for some thats decades. But with even this period of learning the art to enhance ones skills, it is not the ability or skill that gets an artist recognised as such but the owner class and coordinator class deciding to reward one painter over another. They decide what is appealing to them and they decide what is not. Don't try to paint something that causes these classes to recognize their ignorance or the suffering caused by their acceptance of norms that suit themselves and no other. That is not going to sell. No they would prefer something positive or 'cutting edge cool' or obscure, but more so they want something that will be an investment that will increase in value. Something that will continually appeal to these two classes through generations. Something that can always stay in the hands of the elite
In my indecision I've looked at changing the name of the piece and my selling price to be more acceptable. I'm comprising my principles and it makes me want to take alcohol or drugs or to do something that takes my mind of this inner conflict
Michael Williams may be brave enough to feel similarly, an likes to give a big fuck you to these classes. 'Fuck you to tell me what i can paint and what is art and how much i can sell this for and so forth. i like what i'm doing and i know most people don't but hey, thats a niche market i'll create at their expense!' I know Basquiat felt the same with his 'Five Thousand Dollars' piece which of course didn't ever sell
So who knows whats going on here with Williams. If he made it obvious to everyone then they wouldn't sell. He could have respect from those that feel similarly, but thats not food or future food
Think I'll write a book on why to suicide (that means I'll have to stick around to write it of course so don't worry about me), but i do understand why people do it and I think there are some good arguments for it. I don't mean to discount the pain caused to loved ones or to endorse suicide, but if you're attempting to live with principles while those around you gladly give theirs up in surrender and then ask or expect you to do the same, while smiling, then what they and society are asking is too much. And with very little places to hide and no social support for someone with principles, you will be hungry and you may end up dying, so suicide is the quick way
R.I.P those with principles of fairness, equality, justice and freedom

fluffy said...

I read too much to think it's a lost cause

fluffy said...


zipthwung said...

1. responding to danger without thought of retreat
2. applying the resources one has in creative ways when faced with overwhelming odds
3. following difficult instructions in the face of danger
4. confronting an opponent with the confidence that one will ultimately succeed.


unless art is a commodity, then i suppose it created a system where art cant be anything OTHER than a commodity.

One could argue that those that make art FOR MONEY, in all senses of the word, are not really making art. But what could be more pure than commodifying desire?

Sitting on the throne of ultimate disposable income, one could well destroy art as a commodity. In this scenario all art becomes functionally priceless and therefore unobtainable to all but the 100 wealthiest individuals in the world.

An art themed island chain off the shores of the UAE would serve as the last preserve and only place to see, ART.

It is an accepted fact that the craftsman is not always able to afford the fruits of their labor, many chefs going home to a life sustaining diet of hebrew national hot dogs and day old buns gleaned from a dumpster. Purity!

I get it I spend it. You want it you got it.

Make it to sell. That's purity.

slippingglimpser said...

These paintings are, for the most part, figurative, the technique or brushstroke is fairly obvious as Williams chooses to use lots of paint and a big brush creating heavy canvases. Many of the scenes (and they are scenes) in his paintings show a moment of transformation or disfiuguration, not in the Cronenberg sense, but in a way that seems strange to sophisticated criticism: as adults, we know that a deoderant stick will never grow a face, but we are asked to contemplate this possibility. I don't understand why this is so threatening. The hilarious or absurd nature of these pieces, and the fact that they often depict a scene, and that the process is so obvious, plus the artist's bio, make me think of the paintings as performative. The artist is using props and costumes, personae and staging, lighting and decoration, to create moments that position the viewer as interpreter without offering any explanation. As procedures, they are unfinished and thus point to nothing other than their own strangeness. They ask us to perform, not rehearse rote intellectual exercises. Try it.

zipthwung said...

It is always possible to face up to any experience (to excuse any guilt), because the experience always exists simultaneouslly as a fictional discourse and as empirical event and it is never possible to decide which one of the two possibilities is the right one. The indecision makes it possible to excuse the bleakest of crimes because, as a fiction, it escapes from the constraints of guilt and innocence.
-Paul de Man, Allegories of Meaning (1979)

Is what performative practice means to me. Im not real, in fact I'm not even here.

zipthwung said...

I'd say I'm going crazy, but that presupposes an artificial barrier between societally preexisting concepts of 'sanity' and 'insanity' which themselves represent another false dichotomy maintained for the preservation of certain entrenched elements of the status quo

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slippingglimpser said...

I like this excerpt.

The paintings may fail. Redux: if the work as performance only draws attention to itself as artifice, then it fails. It escapes "constraints of guilt and innocence". If you, the viewer, somehow become implicated in its creation (through its being unfinished or processional)even if in the end you judge the work to fail on its own terms, then you have at once made a movement outside of self, a prosthetic imagining enabled by this "false" experience. That's what I like about these paintings, they are immature and set up to fail but not on their own terms. Lots of residual markings, trails of paint, childish scenes. Though the handiwork is messy, it would be a mistake not to think of this mess as intentional.

zipthwung said...

i dont like it when the fourth wall is punctured. It harshes my mellow.

shifferetish said...

From Yesterdays New Yorker:

Imagine the Post-Impressionists transplanted to the future, and high on hallucinogens. Williams uses Pointillism, acid-electric colors, distorted perspectives, and visionary subject matter. In lieu of portraits of Breton peasant women or views of the artist’s bedroom, Williams offers a tiny bearded face emerging from a stick of deodorant, and an anthropomorphic Heineken bottle writhing on a tropical deck. There’s another crucial distinction between Williams and the Post-Impressionists: there’s little anxiety here. The world, shown through his paintbrush, is just happily and wildly weird. Through Nov. 18. (Canada, 55 Chrystie St. 212-925-4631.)

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And NOTHING on the sesame pancakes?