Kelly McLane


Painter said...

Kelly McLane @
CRG Gallery
535 West 22nd Street
New York, NY 10011

Cross said...

This one made me look at the CRG website for more. And I still would like to see this show in person. The drawings are revealing and nearly sufficient without the paintings, although the overall 'palette' does look good in the large gallery space.

But there are some awkward moments in the way the people are drawn... not in the style, but in anomalies that distract from the work. And I can't overlook the way-too-obvious puns in the titles. Downright annoying...

But, I still want to see this artist's work. And I especially want to see her show in about two years because I believe this style is shifting sand for an obviously talented artist.

zipthwung said...

too many deer. Get out of the headlights. Are deer the universal sign for grappling with the horns of the dilema - phoney vs. alienation? I think so. There's an alternative its a straw dog argument.

I'd argue this is not painting but drawing. It constitutes a "cartoon" in the sense of an under-painting for the real thing.

I like the busyness, though it doesn't hang together - is fragmentation the point?

I guess I like deer. I also like the mandalla the rorschach.

All tomorrows cornucopic bung holes.

Juxtapositions of sumo wrestling and helicopters and so on feel like spectacle without heart.

No reason for these to be so large.

M said...

I guess this leaves me wondering what reason anything has to be any size...

deer (as well as unicorns let's hope) have reached their zenith and will soon fade away...together they are the new bird which replaced the single chair...kinda like a meme-based disease that infects the global aesthetic community...antlers on anything also works...maybe we'll begin to see more bunny heads on human forms soon in the wake of inland empire...

all tomorrows cornucopic bung holes may be coinable

there's no rule that says anything has to be rendered in a specific way to be a painting...only that color is applied to a surface

zipthwung said...

They give me the same feeling I get when drawing and the magic isn't happening for me.

Like Arshille Gorky spinning his wheels deeper and deeper. Except Gorky scribbled like a madman and then his wife left him and I took a bong hit.

Like do you no longer know who you is? We didn't want to come down heavily on one side or the other.
Its a ring toss and every coin counts. But what's the prize? A shot glass?

Yes this is representative of a lot of work outside of NY. Its a "movement" of sorts - though its been going on for at least 20 years....things just move slower outside the city.

The style comes from a boredom with academic figure drawing but lack of access to live sumo wrestlers and a studio without windows.
Isolation without desolation.

seymourpansick said...

Someone likes Bacon.

zipthwung said...


maybe its the icy chill of CRG gallery. Brrr. And the lighting. And the layout. Its like they knocked a hole in the wall to lame.

Purely subjective. Maybe I'm wrong.

arebours said...

The combo of watery,washyness,white,and full strength ultramarine in many of the works,is ,to me,very unpalatable.

zipthwung said...

A really good picture looks as if it's happened at once. It's an immediate image. For my own work, when a picture looks labored and overworked, and you can read in it—well, she did this and then she did that, and then she did that—there is something in it that has not got to do with beautiful art to me. And I usually throw these out, though I think very often it takes ten of those over-labored efforts to produce one really beautiful wrist motion that is synchronized with your head and heart, and you have it, and therefore it looks as if it were born in a minute

Idon'tbathe said...

its all about the bucks kid all the rest is just conversation
Burn them! That’s right, don’t sell them! Instead, why don’t you just throw away the hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise you’ve purchased over the past several years of your life? . I’d really like to see the link between “the occult” and “rock music”, though. “It’s the beat! I can’t believe they’re getting away with drumming like that! Cover your ears, kids! The rhythm is gonna get you!”

zipthwung said...

Oh yeah, its a mile a minute when you got a piece of graphite or a brush.

Between my head and my hand, there is always the face of death.
Francis Picabia

All that head heart hand stuff was pretty fashionable before the internets. Now its all topography and mapping the constellations. I don't know, makes you nostalgic for the pastoral present.

Knotty questions not asked here but nonetheless present in their absynthes.

Like when the hillbilly's got satelite TV and started watching midget wrestling. Must've driven the snake handlers mad!

Shhhh! DO you smell that sound?

Glossolalia is of course context dependent. This is not a message.

Idon'tbathe said...

about this chicks work, i'm thinkin'..........
Ecobots are normally found on farms and parks. In the past, they were charged with the task of caring for the land and animals on the grounds. They continue these tasks in the Gamma Age, though their programming is often corrupted.
Any android can command an ecobot to perform any menial or landscaping task, or to temporarily stop whatever it is doing. An android identified as a supervisor can command the ecobot to perform non-farm or -park related tasks, so long as it does not leave the farm or park property. Only an android identified as a programmer or military/civil authority can get the robot to leave it's territory. Ecobots do not recognize other species of creatures- mutant animals find themselves shooed off the landscaped areas or stunned and put into pens, and mutant plants might find themselves "trimmed" if they are "growing" in the wrong place.

Old Guy said...

In this one Kelly needs chopper lessons. I'd call in Steve DiBenedetto for air support.

arebours said...

mother,may i be thrillingly inept,and sneeze or belch,where others wept,can theresa duncan be the eyes on my pumpkin:so sue me ,i know thers only room for one obscure guy in his full bloom...

zipthwung said...

When the patent for Prozac expired in August of 2001. Coincidence?

zipthwung said...

Some artists are more equal than others.

arebours said...

when american spirit became dispirited,when a cd player becane a victrola,when my third leg became my only friend,when i became out of my league

arebours said...

which is always,besmirched,unflourished and envyous,howyouspelldatfkr-but have ananasfizz to aromatherapizze

JpegCritic said...

Is the helicopter wearing a sombrero? Allegory is way over my head.

zipthwung said...

arebours has been hijacked

just so you know.

bananasandblow. said...

There is a great amount of artistry in actually making the viewer care about what is going on in the 2d plane. When an artist fails at that there is a new face in hell.

webthing said...

fat white buddah
wandering the field
in amerijapan
hans bellmer'ing

i started to colour in the sky
and the ground
and someone came into my studio
and said "stop!"
its finished

Idon'tbathe said...

You can't always paint what you flaunt
You can't always hate what you want

You can't always grate what you stomp
You can't always date what you chomp

You can't always break what you crunch
You can't always fake what you lunch

You can't always vault what you spit
You can't always fault what you bit.

You can't always sack what you dug
You can't always back what you plug

`You can't always hate what you flaunt
You can't always paint what you want

webthing said...

get it let it
net it bet it
aw, forget it

fluffy said...

looks very Del Katherine Barton -ish
Which looks very female-ish
Which looks good to the people who influence buyers- Middle age female gallery directors with their husbands money showing like underpants that are flashed excitedly then guiltily hidden
I dont want this market influence to recommend to me what is good art in my magazines, the galleries i visit and to influence the artists of this time
Not sexist, but I feel its unfairly waited, so much so, that its not royalty deciding what is good art but sexually repressed toffies
Fuck that off

fluffy said...

Alright calm down angry
Dont be angry
I wasnt, i was just saying Who decides the great art of our time is a market that has densities in sex and age from my opinion of my experience and that is an interesting point to consider, no

Uncle Jesse said...

kelly mclane's work is freakin gorgeous! her imagery is difficult, challenging, and incredibly skillfully rendered. the acrid colors she chooses offsets the beauty of her drawing, but complements her unsettling subject matter. this work is fierce.

A.Painter said...

what's the value of a piece of work that is returned to the studio from the gallery...Can't help thinking of that Kippenburger painting of him in his underwear...big and bloated. Is Kippenburger stillcool or have the insitutional retrospectives faded his light

tony said...

The art of desperately trying meets desperately trying art - an unhappy union.

Sunil said...

Just back from a Chelsea gallery crawl and I must say that I enjoyed Kelly McLane @ CRG. Large scale works rendered in pencil, oil, acrylic with light hints of delicate strokes living harmoniously with bold swathes of paint. I walked around the large space first trying to get a sense of the paintings without reading the press release and understood that she was trying to make a statement about the industrial-agricultural complex. I turned out to be right in some sense although the press release takes it a whole lot further and the reading lends deeper meaning to a lot of the works. I liked the way she has combined pencil with oil, but I suspect a lot of air brushing additionally. The colors used complement the subject albeit in a little bit of a surreal way. Lots of three dimensional spaces were purposely left hanging free in the painting to instill a sense of incompleteness in the viewer. Altogether this show made my visit at Chelsea this afternoon worthwhile.

Cross said...

Sunil, thanks for the eyewitness account.

zipthwung said...

Line portions of the character pattern in a character recognition device which have a thickness less than a selected standard value are thickened by a thickening circuit to the selected value. The line thickness of the character is then uniformly thinned by a thinning circuit and the thickening process is repeated. A correction circuit may be provided to prevent the continuity of the character from being broken in the thinning circuit.

The dead cannot contradict
Sometimes the living cannot
This is what you want
This is what you get
The purple headed mountains,
The river running by,
The sunset and the morning,
That brightens up the sky;−
Who's afraid of yellow?

The brazil nut effect is the name given to a phenomenon in which the largest particles end up on the surface when a granular material containing a mixture of objects of different sizes is shaken

zipthwung said...

This Being and Eye Witness Account from Memory.

When I got off the elevator, I was immediately dissoriented, an impule that threatend to turn me right into the wall and then right again back into the elevator.

The uncanny feeling of persisted as I turned left and walked further into the gallery - the elevator is the threshold, the vertiginous lift to the second floor.

There were several spaces, separated by drywall covered with spackle and painted white.

I noticed right away the large pieces of butcher paper tacked to the wall like murals for very large kids. There were no crayons and I left mine at home. There were people but I did not see them and they did not see me, though oddly we did not collide.

SOmeone had started to draw a landscape with a thin stick of charcoal as if from a cave fire.

I noticed helicopters, deer, sumo wrestlers and mountains. I did not recognize a narrative, a relation between the objects, or myself.

Not seeing myself, I felt alienated. Why was I not in the picture?

Black helicopters mutilate cattle - and yet there were no mutilations. What were they doing?

I only mutilate my breakfast, a pathetic drama that nonetheless fuels a narrative.

I realized this work was near the vanishing point, wrestling with inertia, no new tale to tell and losing itself in the darkness of the blank page.

The white of the gallery merged with the white of the work and I was fighting a blizzard, staggering against and anihilating wind.

The balefull blinking light of the elevator shone like a beacon, flashing 15 seconds to live.

Get in! Get In! The helicopters were buzzing around my head, a hurricaine of pink noise rising in frequency untill the high keening wail in my mind threatened to escape in a flood of fecal vomit.
Amniotic visions of viral loads pulsed against the membrane separating this world from the next.

Cut from the umbilicu, the surgical steel of the elevator doors welcome me like the lips of a robotic womb.

thanks mom.

Idon'tbathe said...

To create
Never create
Too much creating
Hoping to never create
Criticisms of creating
Hating to create
Compulsions to create
Having to create
Obsession with creating
Automatic creators of
Failures to create
Constantly creating
Difficulties with other creators
Differently creating
No more desires to create

Sunil said...

Interesting observation - and a nice writeup on your visit...

"The white of the gallery merged with the white of the work and I was fighting a blizzard"

Quisquilloso said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zipthwung said...

I shoot to thrill.

Cooky Blaha said...

she wishes she was the real kelly...

webthing said...

iunderstandit, ievencanlikeit

should the 'could you live with it' line be a factor in judging work..NO.

have you seen what saatchi has on his walls at home? oh my...

dear god,

take me and make me into the fur of your moth, the milk of your breast, and then treat me mean, don't answer the phone, and make me live under a mushroom.


fluffy said...

Its an interesting opinion uncle jesse
put right after mine like a corporate conspiracy advert, complete with hidden agenda to silence with distraction
I just want to see n experience something that helps me perceive something new. (Hang-on, strap in..) I feel the monetary exchange system sets up a system of chains from artist to buyer that ultimately skews creativity to produce a 'nice painting'. Sorry wrong blog. i've confused this with the secret anarchist site.(love u Bill)
I have nothing agaisnt kelly mclane. For all I know the artist has had to endure the long road and now the artist wants to be rewarded with financial security. We all have to eventually stand in line against our desire and say the right things
But art can be the only thing that lives outside this $ box. I say can be and when it does it inspires

arebours said...

do you remember when bookx were made of marzipan,christopher walkman was a black man,dogs were obscure,a riddler in every home,i like the mamas and the papas and james girl jones,bla nbla,you just keep on pushin my shit over the borderline-some mid nineties hip hop guys

arebours said...

send the mara salvatrucha,chupacabra and the bruxa

JpegCritic said...

I assume you're talking about Kelli Williams --
didn't she have a show that was strangely
absent from pnyc -- i believe she has a piece
at chelsea art museum... Too bad, I'm leaving
town but hopefuly it'll be ther e when I get back.

zipthwung said...

oh brother!
Still angry after all these years 12:00 dude? What for? I guess it doesn't matter much though its funny your bullshit still doesn't fly.
get a new broom.

JpegCritic said...

The time has come at last (Secret secret, I've got a secret)
To throw away this mask (Secret secret, I've got a secret)
Now everyone can see (Secret secret, I've got a secret)
My true identity

zipthwung said...

How nice--to feel nothing, and still get full credit for being alive.

The winning pupil will receive £2,000 and £10,000 will go to his or her school art department, with other prizes for runners-up.

We hope this will inspire children from all over the world.

Any reviewer who expresses rage and loathing for a novel is preposterous. He or she is like a person who has put on full armor and attacked a hot fudge sundae.

Styx and Stones may break my bones but the river Lethe is steep and wide.

Obviously this happens periodically
It’s not me it’s the God in me I’m rappin’ so melodically

zipthwung said...

ok im goin emo

could it be worse?

webthing said...

When this painting goes back to the artists studio, where 80% of them go after any show, i will weep, again, but before i can shed a tear, i'll sing. I'll sing like a filthy commie, "if it's gonna go back to your studio, make it so that at least you know why!" As all dogs know, how sad it is to roll over and then not be tickled. For a while i used to think of paintings as lures, collectors as fish, gallerists as fishermen, the ocean as history, styles as rust, and that acrid fish smell as the creative impulse that can not be washed off. Notice that the artist really has no part in the fishy tale. That's because I wanted to be clever.

zipthwung said...

Whatcha got cookin?

zipthwung said...

ever been on the road

in a blizzard?

Wild man, wild.

zipthwung said...

I like it how so bros and gangster kids have the time to make shit about scene kids but there is nothing on bros or ganster kids.

Idon'tbathe said...

She wishes she was the real Ellsworth

its just me myself and I

often copied

never duplicated

zipthwung said...

This chestnut is the intellectual property of the author and cannot be printed or distributed without the author's express written permission other than excerpts for purposes consistent with Fair Use.

I don’t think these people appreciate what we’re doing, I think all half of them wanna do is watch us die. What we have is not a quiet, kind, decent, bourgeois professor dreaming that he is a murderer, but a murderer dreaming, in his everyday life, that he is a quiet, kind, bourgeois professor.
In the same way that a computer's internal progamming reflects the mind of the maker, I was hoping to create a primitive universal language. Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed and in such desperate enterprises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.


If a chestnut falls in a forest how does a squirrel find it?

Old Guy said...

I don’t think the pencil and wash look is really working for the eco/globalist science fiction here. It just makes matters wishy washy. Maybe it’s got something to do with being based at the foot of The Sierra Madre and trying to reconcile the news on TV. She can’t quite bring herself to spoil things out there.

Can’t quite realize the links or get past the tasteful illustration. The style reminds me of an archaeology program I sometimes watch where they have an artist on site to sketch what reconstructed ancient settlements might have looked like. His style is the same as McLane’s. It’s a kind of standard ‘sketch’ style, or has the finish that a proper ‘preliminary’ drawing is supposed to have.

Theoretically, it should be kind of caustic, illustrating all this weird and topical stuff in such an attractive way, but I find it short-circuits the content; looks like a lack of nerve. It’s eco/globo lite, but too overblown to be right as ‘lite’.

Then again reading the press release afterwards it seems McLane is anxious to connect Sumos with American obesity (!) but there’s not much mixing of the two from what I can see. Maybe they need cowboy boots and burgers or something. It’s the same with the corporate agriculture/tourism issue. Even pencil and wash could press this a bit harder – how about some product placement or corporate logos? Some mutant Alpacas or other modified crops? Some gigantic waste-removal robots?

I like the themes (as do a lot of artists) but end up wondering whether the pictures don’t just glamorize the whole thing, and whether something cruder or less familiar would really get at the issues anyway?

I don’t know what the answer is, but I hope she gets bolder.

zipthwung said...

i was gonna say william blakeish because everyone likes the Warner Brothers you know? It like all the CNC router art. Watup? Cuz then you go next door and voila! Everyone knows what a CNC router is.

Same with words, WB or Derrida, it don;t matter, its all getting saved to the tone of terrabits on terrabits. WIld man, wild.

SO how do you index it bro? I mean, these google storms come along and re-sort things. You need private web crawlers to separate the wheat from the chaff. Information farming. The ontology, the rhizome, the topography.

In the same way, this painting doean;t ahve enough flower on it to reveal the invisible mind.

zipthwung said...

Dana Schutz is in the house. (I just can;t get enough)

Idon'tbathe said...

I posted some thoughts about this painting and her workin' general
Thats all there is to it.
I'm not angry , I never was well, i get angry in real life sometimes we all do
real life

Idon'tbathe said...

old guy why do you hope she gets bolder?
I mean she should absolutely
If she does'nt I don't care though

No Rush said...

Let fury have the hour, anger can be power
D'you know that you can use it?

anthony said...

William Blakeish?

Old Guy said...

Why hope for bolder?

I suppose because I like the theme and like Cross, get the feeling she's still developing the style.

It'd be good to see her mix up the pencil and wash with a bit of CG - Ben Edwards on a new Agri/Tourist mountain complex say.

She's got the air brush going, let's get a bit more 'architectural' maybe?

zipthwung said...

Blakeish! Yes emphaticly secularly though not religiously so.


There typically is a tossed salad bar with soup, a prepared salad, fruit, and bread bar, two entree and sides bars, a carving station with two to three meat that includes another entree and sides bar. There is a dessert counter with hot deserts and baked goods, two ice cream machines - regular and sugar free, and a sundae toppings area. There is a two-sided beverage bar with sodas, ice tea (sweet and unsweet), coffee, milk, chocolate milk, and water. There is also a condiment area. There are two soups offered - one always being chicken noodle or chicken rice plus one other. The carved meats include ham, turkey or roast beef There are recent specials that include steak on Thursday and Saturday night and salmon on Wednesday and Friday nights.

anthony said...

Sorry; still not clear. I don't see the connection. Are you comparing the McLanes to Blake or what?

Old Guy said...

I think Zip meant the pencil and wash, linear side to Blake, more than the visionary mystic. Then again the most muscular Neo-Platonic ideals seg into Stan Lee gymnastics, when not WBros cartoons, after a whilet. Plunge some of us into Frazetta dungeons for dragons and dames of warcraft for Leroys, I fear.

To see the world in a grain of sand, film speed or airbrush spray is one thing, to find heaven in a wild flower another. Zip wants McLane to go for the flower as well. I’d settle for her getting down to the nitty gritty grain first.

zipthwung said...

flour. I mean flour. Old trick. Throw some pigment over your shoulder and it'll stick to them like a blue man groupie.

Plus the pigment absorbs water creatign interesting patterns. Same with salt. Spray bottle. Sponge. Rag. These are all tools.

Here we get the puritanical application - just the fact ma'am, nothing but, hash marks to fill out the redundant info, if that...

Yeah, economy of means. Yet labored. intensively. Tired just looking. Take a look at the slacker trustafarians - they use their extra time to smoke pot.

Me I'm more into high anxiety and all you can eat insulin shock (them not me).

anthony said...

I gotcha.

Oh, if those copters were rendered like the ghost of a flea.

anthony said...

Or Boris Vallejo.

zipthwung said...

whats happening is the paper is absorbing the medium (water, turp) and somehow KM has decided it works for her. Maybe she's aping or satyizing the local vernacular (sublime watercolors, boris vallejo) but its not savage enough.

zipthwung said...

someone said childrens book for the previous - and this to me triggers memories of that sort - I can't place it. Coupled with the installation I find this hypothesis credible - that its a "big kid" sort of conceptual dealio.

zipthwung said...

satire - like Day of the Triffids or something.

Old Guy said...

The ‘big kid’ scene sounds like Dana S on campervan trek thru The Rockies (with friend).

But yeah children’s story illustration – not the retro Rackham bit – the generic ink and wash, sponge and tricks, artsy craftsy deal – may be a good start but not quite getting there.

If you go after Black Hawks up, cloned herds down, among global chubbies, I think the ‘local vernacular’ needs to be stretched – and then some!

The ghost of a flea in baseball cap and nikes is another start, but global positioning on geography, the new Dick Cheyney: Frontiersman Lodge with chopper pad and valet parking by trained sub-humans working on that green card, (get it?) is really going to give the delicacy of the ‘dispersed medium’ a run for its money.

zipthwung said...

‘dispersed medium’ you mean gas or gass I forget?

Just remember, if you get tasered, scream like a butch, because you'll get more sympathy, and because you are one.

Now go party.

tony said...

Bringing in Rackham was a good point although I would argue that his compositional ability was stronger in respect of the contained energy in the line and the interplay between dark masses and light. Having said that I would suggest the inherent weakness in these works by McLane is that they are illustrations masquerading as paintings and that they work neither as one nor the other. PS For God's sake don't bring poor old Blake into this trivia - he deserves better than that !

anthony said...

What makes these more illustration than painting? Is it the straightforward representation of figures and objects, or as mentioned before, the emphasis on line that lends the look of manual or pamphlet?
Illustrations masquerading as painting...

anthony said...

Sorry to move backward, but Old Guy:

"Then again the most muscular Neo-Platonic ideals seg into Stan Lee gymnastics, when not WBros cartoons, after a whilet. Plunge some of us into Frazetta dungeons for dragons and dames of warcraft for Leroys, I fear."

That's just a really funny, peculiar, and true thing to notice.

tony said...

Why "illustrations' more than 'paintings' ? Maybe because they look like they need something to substantiate their existence - that something being the 'word'.

anthony said...

I understand...Text, context. I find most art needs a little of that in order to function. The paintings in the last post also look as though they might be narrative fragments, but they look less like illustrations. It's an interesting contrast.

anthony said...

Both artists are cutting off heads, too.

Anonymous said...

Jeep, i just thought the whole thing was a yesterday, but not like the song, but like a child's tale. It's interesting for that, but painted appallingly, sorry [means in good taste].

tony said...

Anthony, it's my fault - I hadn't clarified what I was trying to get at and I apologise for that. When I used the 'word' it was meant to suggest the idea of a literary narrative, a tale to which these paintings could be attached as ways of 'illustration'. "Context" could be another thing altogether - Duchamp's urinal, Andre's bricks and Buren's stripes depend almost entirely upon their siting - i.e.the visual 'context' of a gallery - to give them relevance. There is again another sort of context which is the verbal package which is an intellectually constructed fabrication around a visual or conceptual work which tries to anchor the image, object or idea onto some 'reasoned and rational' base. I seemed to have boxed myself into a box - can someone show me the way out ?

zipthwung said...

i dont know, but one idea is that a work has "clues" that must be :deciphered" or "analyzed."

I knwo there is an oposing camp to this, which I think i probably the better one, because then it;s all about the senses, which is pretty good.

But there is the invisible spectrum.


paranoia is an esthetic.

anthony said...

The info is either inherent, or must be provided by some external source.
Would that be modernism vs. postmodernism?

anthony said...

Or painting vs illustration?

zipthwung said...

Nomadic vs sedentism. I think it goes back that far.

Obviously its got a few wrinkles in its pajamas, but you get the idea - heres a relatively recent suppository body without organs.

YOu say productive, I say cancer. Lets call the whole thing.


anthony said...

Artaud and Heidegger should have written something for television.

zipthwung said...


Lord make me an instrument of total fukin kick ass!

# M61 Vulcan, a 20mm six-barreled gatling gun
# Vulcan M-11-9, a semi-automatic, closed bolt pistol manufactured by Vulcan Armament
# The Vulcans, an informal name of George W. Bush's foreign policy advisory team for the 2000 U.S. presidential election

Hephestis this bitch!
Jesus was a Blacksmith!

Shock and prod!

anthony said...

That is just terrible.

And I quote:
"Seriously, when this movie opens to theatres it will probably be one of the most graphic movies of all time. It's probably bloodier and gorier than all the Saw films and The Passion of the Christ."--you tube poster

As a younger man I used to say "Come on superflu".

In a weird way I am starting to love the painting we should be talking about.

I don't feel 'tardy.

zipthwung said...

im just saying there's somethig cinematic about it. Or theatrical. Whatever. I need to study u0p on that.

I'm into torture porn as much as the next bro though - its cheap drama, like textured soy proteine. Monsanto a go go. Fortunately they can;t copyright the genome - too many words.

zipthwung said...

He was the blacksmith of the gods and a god of the underworld. If he stoked his furness too hard volcanos might erupt. He was the god of blacksmiths and volcanos.

Why isn;t there a volcano in the background? Because there are no volcanos in the Sierra Nevadas?
Or because there is no volcano in your soul?

Honestly, I am stoked to see John Rambo movie, it looks gnarley!

anthony said...

A snapshot of the audience would be pretty gnarly, too.

anthony said...

Turbo Gnarly

anthony said...

Why art thou silent & invisible
Father of jealousy
Why dost thou hide thyself in clouds
From every searching Eye

Why darkness & obscurity
In all thy words & laws
That none dare eat the fruit but from
The wily serpents jaws
Or is it because Secresy
gains females loud applause

zipthwung said...

just my type

death from above!

zipthwung said...



Old Guy said...

There's probably an X-Files episode that covers this.

No Rush said...

Is it so hard to contemplate that the end may come with a sigh, not a bang?

anthony said...

Yes. The end-exhale is happening even now, as we sing (with our plastic vampire teeth firmly in place) of Rambo, the bloodthirsty shirtless giant ravaging the land.

No Rush said...

yes and you know sylvester stallone is quite petite, were you to actually stand next to him...

i think this painting is mocking boldness.

zipthwung said...

do you speak the language?

I'm pre-literate.

anthony said...

Who we got for bold in these matters? Is it Carol Dunham?

No Rush said...

Released in 1975, Lou Reed Live contains six songs culled from the same two performances as 1974's Rock and Roll Animal. Recorded at Howard Stein's Academy of Music in NYC in December 1973 and featuring Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter from the Alice Cooper band, Lou Reed Live presents Reed as a bombastic arena rocker. Where Rock and Roll Animal had mostly contained performances of Velvet Underground songs with just one solo tune thrown in, Lou Reed Live contains just one VU song ("Waiting For The Man") and five songs from Reed's Transformer (1972) and Berlin (1973) albums. It may not be the best setting for Reed's songs, but the heavy metal performing is undeniably thrilling. Although nothing here is as good as the Rock and Roll Animal version of "Sweet Jane", Lou Reed Live is a useful companion piece to that album. Note: this album is currently available under the name Extended Versions, packaged as part of BMG's Encore Collection.

Track Listing:

1. Vicious
2. Satellite Of Love
3. Walk On The Wild Side
4. Waiting For The Man
5. Oh, Jim
6. Sad Song

No Rush said...


anthony said...

I would have picked Fugazi, but okay.

arebours said...

too obvious to think western pedophile,viet nam baby rescue crash-we can't assume the painter really knows about these things-or has any real idea of what is going on in their mind-topicality,dreams...a love of helicopters-helicoprophilia..i have been listening to bach for fetuses

zipthwung said...

"Our study suggests that people who are lying to another person in a chat room or in instant messaging use approximately one-third more words, probably in their attempt to construct a more cohesive and detailed story in order to seem believable," says Jeff Hancock, assistant professor of communication in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Cornell.

"Perhaps more important is the finding that people being lied to also change the way they talk, even though they don't explicitly know they are being lied to," says Hancock. He found that targets of lies on the Web ask more questions and also use more words than when they are being told the truth. "Even though they were unaware of the deception manipulation, the data suggest that they were implicitly aware that they were being lied to."


Speak directly into the lamp.

Thank you.

arebours said...
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anthony said...
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anthony said...


cathy said...

So what is with the deer trend?
Not to mention chandeliers.
So this painting is missing chandeliers...

zipthwung said...

Well cathy theres an open question in chandeliers. As a common signifier no one owns the chandelier. that in itself is reason enough to do a kick ass chandelier.

I think all serious artists have done a chandelier of some sort. Its a rite of passage.

The deer trend is interesting because it is a signifier for the great outdoors, and by association, the peopel who live there. People of the deer have certain values. I think it behooves us to think of this as a tribe.

The children of this tribe, on entering the city, paint what they know or what they aspire to be.

The deer is a signifier for the infiltration of the city by an exterior social group. I don;t think its an aristocratic nostalgia trip for the Weimar (though its audience may see it that way).

Most artist making deer did not grow up in the Black Forest.

What's weird is when Germans and Americans mix - the deer becomes something else entirely.

This is not to discount the millions of German ancestry in the US - many of them made a living planting tubers such as beats and potatos. Some of the children of these farmers may well be answering back to the Homeland, like television snow from the big bang.

The chandelier creates an interior space without requring a ceiling. It may also reference Guston ad his dangling lightbulb, thought to be a reference to his father;s death by hanging. I don;t know how far you can go with this stuff but often I think it says more about the viewer than the artist, and that's ok. Thats a good painting.

We have all been hijacked.

webthing said...

Lettuce all rejoice, for news has come from the mountains. The farmers have all agreed to kill themselves, so the city must feed itself.

Fat ten up yourselves, for we will not outlast the insects - unless we learn to harvest them. Fly soup anyone? It's a protein packed and tastes delicious. Helicopters can fly.

Meanwhile, little Jimmy was reading to his emaciated parents, as they lay sleeping in their bed. Though they could hardly breathe, he told them their beloved sport results. Sumo wins.

But before they could fall eternally asleep, Marnie Stern came in and shredded the whole thing to blits. Young people live at the gates.

Answers always evade. In wisdom, not intelligence.

webthing said...

we cannot know
because we are inside it
everything goes
because everything goes
we gather
we gather
we gather

don't really hunt anymore hey...

oh deer!

zipthwung said...

dayyzed and confuzed

Anonymous said...
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zipthwung said...

oops morning!!!

zipthwung said...

"I'm a fool!" he said. "What's the use of drawing a boundary line and
then overstepping it?"

"And where"--Nan's voice was very low--"where do you draw the line?"

He stood motionless a moment. Then he gestured a line with his hand--a
line between, himself and her.

"There," he said briefly.

zipthwung said...

Helium was up. Feathers were down. Paper was stationary. Knives were up sharply. Pencils lost a few points. Hiking equipment was trailing. Elevators rose, while escalators continued a slow decline. Light switches were off. Mining equipment hit rock bottom. Diapers remained unchanged. Shipping lines stayed at an even keel. Balloon prices were inflated. And batteries exploded in an attempt to recharge the market.

No Rush said...

i think I meant that you cant put a real artist in a box. You can say kiss is rock and roll.And you wont be wrong. But you cant say lou Reed is...anything. because he deoesnt fit in the box.
You cant brand a force of nature and you cant disinform about a truely meaningful social movement. Sure the dizzy minded will play around with it. A lot of good comes from that and thats what I like about you. But the Earth Abides. Some sci fi's not so bad after all.

zipthwung said...

don;t chew the oxycontin

thank you.

Sławomir Mściwoj Gębczyński said...

Heavy image.
Forms and colours are so dominating. He is chaining the attention.
I am greeting.

Adi said...

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