Vance DeGeneres


Painter said...

Vance DeGeneres @
Aidan Savoy Gallery
175 Stanton St.
NYC 10002

zipthwung said...

Sharpest forum for critical debate.

Lets talk art school!

So when you talk about the logic of the space - or the painting, you can talk about a formal logic - the elements that make up the painting - either harmonious or clashing - and you can talk about the "story" or concept. In theatrical terms - the dollhouse set, activated by the mind, following the visual cues.

analagous colors on the color wheel, lines delineating edges and wet into wet color fields are all devices that I enjoy, or have used - and off the top maybe you can visualize several artists who use the same devices.

Theres not much to it technically - you can do the same if you paint a buncha nd remember to keep your brushes clean and your palette cleaner.

stick to primary and secondary colors -


and then mix your flesh tones - yellow+red+blue+white maybe

or go with pink (red+white)

This will keep you entertained for a while, the magical alchemy of additive color. You might start to mix your own pigments and contract some nansty cancer or exhibit parkinsons like nerve damage. Smoking, drinking and grinding cobalt. thats hard core, and you are a true artist. When you die you will be remebered as the taciturn but rigourous true believer with a wit so dry it must be bound in linseed oil.

Do you have a heart? If so, you might stick to making wicker furniture in the adirondaks. Not all roads are paved with good intentions - you can pave them with horse shit and cigar butts, or starfish and marine resin. But if you buy drinks for 150 of your best friends, maybe you have a drinking problem.

I prefer paintings about vices other than overeating - such a lowbrow concern.

And finally, the punchline, not too shabby, but what does it leave you with?

Thats why they call this kind of work a one liner.

But in defense of that - what attitude does this painting convey that seems more engaging -what logic does it containthat seems more true, than anything by Anselm Kiefer.

survivourNYC said...

They are not going to cure cancer but they made me laugh. Simple, cute and funny.

Sharon said...

As Auguste Gusteau would say: Anyone can cook.

No Rush said...

I can't cook, but I can eat. Is that what this painting is about? I don't find these too funny.

Martin said...

UGH. i hated the last painting so much - like a horrible illustration from an old issue of rolling stone - but i shut up because i didn't want some guardian person coming on and tsk tsking.

but this is horrible. HATE. these two in a row are killing me.

milf-magic said...

I agree martin. Really a new low.

artgirl said...

this painting as well as the posted "art school" critique make me want to drown myself in a pool of alizarin crimson.

milf-magic said...

he's a kind of a rap i've been working on regarding this artist:

i go to art-school
i think that it's cool
to earn a de-gree
that cost richez and jewels

and buy lots of meth
and sit by the pool
with christoper wool

and talk about ween
from nin-e-ty-two
and tha hipocracy
of post-modern fools

from univer-sitee
of cal-los angel-eez
from nin-e-ty-two
that's nin-e-ty-t-t-t-two

break it down
huh-huh huh huh-huh-huh-huh

(drum beat)

so now i paint teens
in trainer tees
with robot tools
like i aint been to school

and mix up my greens
and oran-ges too
but don't use no blue

and i pity the fool
that don't go to school
and get extensive cri-teeks
from christopher wool
c-c-c-christopher wool

that's christoper wool


poppy said...

you can talk about the different aproaches theoretically of the last 5 or 6 paintings if you want.. but they're basically all the same doing the same thing..
Talking about them in terms of their process... is just cause we got nothin else to talk about.. so why not?

The Guardian said...

There does seem to be an agenda to some of the recent posts, from Boorujy and iconic portraiture/caricature to Guardian celebrity ranking, Jurczak’s good time fantasy to Krewson’s pet dead rock star album cover put downs and now bright little asides on self-image from DeGeneres.

Icon – fame – fun – indulgence
Realism – caricature – fantasy – faux-naif

Is Boorujy better than Krewson for being more serious? Would Krewson have been better off choosing Lincoln over Lennon? Is celebrity the same as worship? Or is the paparazzi more than just a pawn? Is Jurczak without satire for going for wild birds in the head instead of pet dogs below the neck? Is DeGeneres funnier or more sincere for treating painting as a cartoon?

If you really want to be a comedian, painting is never going to be quick enough or funny enough. And if you want to find something funny to paint, you’d better make sure that it’s more than just a funny way of painting.
Krewson and DeGeneres are all about punch lines and in a painting that pretty soon falls flat. If you think Krewson’s joke is as much on Peellaert and pets as John and Yoko, then it’s potted and precious and gone to the dogs.
DeGeneres might want to talk to more zombies or look at more science fiction before detecting or depicting robots.

zipthwung said...

You know I was going to try to not be snarky because art is a community, and we have to work together to build the community so because community is love and love is spooning on the couch of democracy and counting the change from beneath the cushions of compassion and then spending the change at the 7-11 of excellent adventure - but I don't think thats going to happen because art is not egalitarian like that blame human nature and besides, what a bore.

David Shrigley or Roz Chast?

Images or Text?
Dogs or Cats?
Beer or Wine?
Bordeaux or Beaujolais?
Chardonnay or Reisling?
Home Brew or Macrobrew?
Bourbon or Rye?
With or without salt?
Guns or Roses?
Jackass or Buster Keaton?
Status Symbol or Architecture of Doom?
Black or white?
Kill or be killed?
Life or Death?
You or me?
Thats what I thought.

Old Guy said...

The dualist and the duellist.

tumbleweed said...

i think it may be time for stream-of-conciousness writing to be banned
and stream-of-conciousness painting too.

zipthwung said...

Funny or not funny?
Therapy or Self Expression?
Populist or Elitist?
Stilted or flowing?
Self conscious or unconscious?
Calculated or computed?
Random or Ordered?
Found or conceived?
Barry WHite or Barry Manilowe?
Al Greene or Green Day?
Rolled Oats or Fruit Smoothie?
The Hamptons or The Adirondaks?
Kids or no Kids?
Profit or Not for Profit?
Organized and religious or Rugged Individualist?
Dim Sum or Prix Fixe?
Poor or Rich
Sickness or Health
Death after life or life after death?

Nomi said...

Zip -- Why does the opposite of snarkiness have to be boring egalitarianism?

zipthwung said...

ill answer that in the next post (patrick)

Camplin said...

I disagree with what the painting says. Both are great.

genuinewax said...

I like DeGeneres' piece, I think it is very funny and playful. I saw some of his other work on his website and I love his child-like palate along with the silliness of the women and robots, but the "adult" themes wrapped up in them. The pieces are a little naughty, but disarming and fun. The rough style that they are painted in works really well with the simple message. They feel a little like naughty kid's drawings from the margins of school note-books to me. Many of the pieces he has on his site and at the art show seem to deal with the shallowness and intolerance in society...it's interesting when you then read the intolerance that the bloggers on this art forum also display. I find this art very accesible and I love that you think it's one thing and it reveals itself the more that you look at it. I also love the expressions on the faces of the robots and women. I encourage you all to check out the other pieces on the Aidan Savoy Gallery website.

Aaron said...

Japanese girls love this shit.
No shit.
One thing is the colors are orange and green. You see that a lot more in Japan than in the U.S.

Also, it's low brow and genuine wax, tolerance is low brow, too. WHy? because intolerance separates you from the herd.