Katharina Wulff


Painter said...

Katharina Wulff @
Greene Naftali
526 W 26th Street #8

closeuup said...

too many germans--does anyone else paint?

zipthwung said...

The germans are pretty influential I guess - Polke, Hitler, Kathe Kolwitz

Richter, Holbein the Younger...
But its about humanity and stuff I guess. ALice Neal and her cookoo mannerish stuff, Inka Essenhigh and her taffyy pulled dalisime.

The folk dont really impress me much.

On the other hand, dividing up space is pretty much a folk art too nowadays. Sure there are people that can paint with their eyes all day and call it work, but how much actual paint slinging goes into a work? Is it the decisions that count? The "personality" and "experience"? The art market reflects that, I'm sure.

When computers can hold paint brushes, its going to be a great day. Chuck Close will be out of a job, but hes old anyways.

zipthwung said...

I think all art (the stuff called art, not "doodling") is essentially a performative


closeuup said...

That makes me think of my daughter. She says she gets Alfred Hitchcock and Adolph Hitler confused.

Also, if you make it in the studio and drag it out to view, its not performative. Have you ever been on stage?

closeuup said...

I do like these paintings tho. Elegant and rough..

what if it's not working

seymourpansick said...

"Dr. Ruppel" did it better.


zipthwung said...

i got stage fright when I was three. I had one line. I couldnt remember my line, I was looking out at the crowd. I think thats when I became self aware or something.

Hitchcock shot only what he needed so that no one could edit him without losing the story. So they say.

I love having a script. Can I put you in a new car? What radio station do you listen to? I can see you driving this - its not flashy but you know it was born on the autobahn.

Yeah man, I'd drive one but I lost my license so now I don't drive. Life's been good to me so far.

miss12 said...

zip, you are chasing other kids away from the playground. take a break every now and then. i'm starting to think you might be charlie finch.

closeuup said...

what do u think of the painting miss 12?

zipthwung said...


what do you think of the painting?

hitotsu55431877 said...

zipthwung said...
(the stuff called art, not "doodling")


closeuup said...

I was going to ask her if she was german, but i thot that would be rude.

arebours said...

I would like it if it was just the hair

seymourpansick said...

Look at this painting's redeeming values. It doesn't contain any crotch shots, no one has their breasts or teeth pressed against the glass, there is no 1920's bed or radiator in sight...it's not "EDGY", it wasn't done by a student at Columbia,...instead, it's what it is...a painting that will hang quietly, in a quiet den, in a quiet corner, in someone's quiet house.


You can't win Archy.


Nomi said...

Wait. That baby with the cobra is art? No. That's pornography.

zipthwung said...

Hmm art vs. porn, thats a can of worms. Sounds like a moral arument. care to make it?

3 : the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction the pornography of violence

It would suck to feel something.

I think that Kathe Kolwitz drawing I posted is more evocative than this painting. In a way I think thats the artist's intention - in an ambivalently anti-bourgeoise sort of way. Not sure though, because what is bourgeoise?

sven said...

zip i think i saw you at the stella Met exhibit shuffling through the magic with a ham sandwich and a hard-on.

dont lie

Nomi said...

I don't think I can define pornography any better than that Supreme Court Justice whose name I don't remember. But just like him, I know it when I see it.

That video is it, and not a pretty kind either.

Really, I wish I hadn't seen it. I wish you hadn't linked it; I didn't realize what I was getting into.

zipthwung said...

Nomi Im sorry I scarred you - be sure to avoid the links to the art below. Actually a defanged cobra is not going to hurt the kid - who might even be part of the caste that earns its living professionally "charming" snakes. Look it up. There are trash picking untouchables - also corpse fucking mystics. Is that too edgy?

Look up Iatollah Komeini's teachings on sex with animals and infants. fascinating stuff.

Or we can talk about this image of a woman with bansai hair.

I was trying to find a painting like the one hitotsu55431877 posted - but by a different artist. I make doodles like that but its on non archival paper with ballpoint pen.

Here's a pop quizz:

What Anselm Keifer (germans for 1000 years here) multimedia piece has something in common with the following three artworks:

Marcel Duchamp
Sinning Landscape

this album, cover by Andres Serrano


Dash Snow
Fuck the Police

Winner gets a free photoshop collage guaranteed to sear the retina.

Martin said...

oh, are you talking about the baby with the cobra? i just saw that earlier tonight. that baby is totally unfazed... even with the cobra striking his head. he is so cute.

defanged castrated cobra with sewed-up mouth must be like getting hit with a sock.

zip, are you reading drudge???

Nomi said...

Well, I don't know if it scarred me. But, yeah, it was disturbing.

You know, I was excited to find this site a few weeks ago. I though, oh good, maybe I'll find some work I like, some sense of . . . oh, wash my mouth out -- community, other people also just looking for the thrill of finding authentic work.

zipthwung said...

The cobra's mouth is sewn shut. I gather they live for a month or so with their teeth and glands ripped out until they die. That is some crazy shit.

what do you do after the thrill is gone? I think most of the work here is "authentic" and most of it reflects a degree of accomplishment either formally or intellectually.

Insert something about Jack Nicholson doing an impression of himself here.

I like to rip on Dana "most likely to move to the suburbs and have two kids" Schutz
- shes an art star created by Columbia and its supporters (Jerry Saltz). They can do that. It sells diplomas.

Selling diplomas is important. For one it saddles any radical impulse you might have with a sally may indentured servitude spiked metal collar. That shit is a rockin good time.

The times just had an article on how culinary schools are doing the same thing - only culinary schools are supposed to teach you a trade.

David byrn - hes got a blog - he thinks bloc party or whatever are authentic and gets blown away by that stuff. Doesn't make them good. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - an internet sensation. Who cares?

You can group all the work into genres - these genres used to be called stylistic movements. Now they are territories. You can colonize them - thats called postmodern or late modernism. They are recipes.

Like this painting.

no-where-man said...

ha! bitch pls. zip is not finch. i went to collage with zip. Finch is a bit of a poet and i give a shit what he has to say.. .... im over this blog (text wise) because of zip boringness.

love checking in to see the paintings however and popping in to mention.

Sotheby's has a sweet podcast!!!

zipthwung said...

I like this video better

arbeit macht frei

ricky said...

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