Kurt Kauper


Mountain Man said...

I like your blog. You like a lot of the same paintings that I do. Thanks for posting the images. Painters need to stick together.

Painter said...

Thanks, do you have any suggestions of people I should post that I haven't yet?

Mountain Man said...

I really like Nick Lowe. But he does a lot of drawings. Some of his paintings are beautiful though, you can find them at John Connelly. He is not an NYC painter, I believe he is based in LA. Also Hernan Bas had a great show at Daniel Reich last year. There was one painting with flamingoes that blew me away.

I also ADORE Andre Ethier. Yes.

And I am curious what you think of Lisa Sanditz. There is something seductive and charming about the work but always wonder if it's too predictable.

Ellen Altfest has a show that opens tonight. Her new painting of a tumbleweed is kick ass. Sorry to ramble. Look forward to more images!

Painter said...

Thanks for the ideas. I love Nick Lowe and I will post him in the future and Hernan Bas who I have mixed feelings about. But I am trying to stick to NYC painters for awhile. It is just interesting for me to scroll down and see what is being made in one place at one time.
I don't know Ellen Altfest work so I will go see it, thanks for the tip.
I saw Lisa Sanditz past show and enjoyed it, like I enjoy a quilt. I like all the different bits and pieces but as a whole I am not to sure, or i just don't remember. But I think she has great skills.

Have I posted you yet?

Mountain Man said...

I totally agree about Lisa Sanditz. Well put. And Hernan Bas is problematic but can turn out a good painting when he wants to.

No you haven't posted my work. There are some drawings posted on my blog from a few weeks ago. I haven't had the guts to post my own paintings yet. How about your work? I want to see.

Here is the link to my drawings:


Painter said...

I tried to go to the link but it won't let me right now I will try later. I have already posted myself on my blog but I am not ready to reveal my identity I am sure I will in the future, but I am enjoying the freedom of the unknown. I hope one day I come across your work and post it. It gets harder and harder to come up with new painters everyday. So please feel free to direct me to anyone you know of and like.

mountain man said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I just went through all the images on your blog again and I realized you have posted almost everyone who will be in Hello Sunday at Sixtyseven gallery. Which I myself am going to be in. Which I am thinking you will be in too maybe? If so what a funny coincidence.